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Elarya Kingdoms is a brand new Discord Server for a medieval roleplay experience. We are half a week in the making, though a vast majority of our in-depth lore is already done. We are looking for staff! The requirements to join staff are pretty easy, and you may be able to have special events if you put the effort into it.
(We have at least 12 people, I'm unsure why it is showing three)
Hello! We are a Star Wars roleplay community set in the year 329 ABY.
Here is what you can expect from this community:


• A very active and friendly community.
• Very helpful staff who are always willing to help you.
• Giveaways!
• Advertisement friendly!
• We are always on the lookout for partners.
• We have cool bots!
• A well set up economy where you earn money for being active!
• And, of course, our roleplaying system. You may make your own character and roleplay as your character! You may also pick a faction or go own your own. You choose your destiny here!


If you wish to partner, Direct Message Vyyron#7337.

Join today and may the Force be with you!
➤ Welcome!

𝕴𝖓 the beautiful landscape dominated by a moderately sized mountain range, Oblitus remains forgotten by the kingdom of Remnant, overshadowed by its nearby city of Atlas. The town is centered at the foot of a mountain, one in which a school is based and built directly into the stone. The weather near the foot of the mountain, in the town itself, facing the sea fluctuates between the warm winds brought up by Mistral and the cold air that is brought by the Atlasiam Ocean. This weather considerably cools as it heads up and over the mountain, leaving the outer edges of the school with damp, cold air. Thanks to the genius of the first Headmaster, the school has four distinct levels, each with their own weather levels, powered by dust that lingers throughout the stones. In the lowest level live some grimm that are atypical from those that many hunter/resses would be familiar with...

Some of the benefits of joining are as follows~

⇀ Safe atmosphere for LGBTQ+ people
⇀ Active members of all ages allowed
⇀ SFW environment
⇀ Well thought out lore and a creative setting
⇀ Pokémon turned grimm that have the potential to be partnered with experienced students
⇀ Server events and classes held on a regular basis - most following plot with the options for your own characters to benefit
⇀ Amazing staff that assist you with anything you may need!

So please, join us! Just by clicking the link below, you can join all your other RWBY fans in the amazing school of Gãdo!!!
Dc's finest is a DC rp set in Batman's fourth year, most groups like the Teen Titans and the Justice League are formed! This server does not strictly follow any canon timeline so flexibility is allowed with characters! (Plus OCS are allowed!!!)
I hope to see you joining soon!
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<💜*Welcome to Everdale College!💜>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
We have many things to do here, such as:
💜A loving community who'll listen to your vents
💜Suggestion places
💜A verification system so those thot-bots won't bother you
💜And more!

You can join to just be in the community, or be there to roleplay!
Your choice!

Everdale College, what a great place to be in. You've moved on from GPA? Right? Well, let's hope you have because it's time to start your college life! Everdale is great, the city it resides in is bustling and happy. The students there graduate almost 90% of the time! The staff is friendly, and will ensure you get an education. Sounds great, right?

Well, sorry to rain on your parade but well it all started in the rain during a parade. The mayor of San Fransokyo was on a float, everyone was having a great time. Until...the gunshot was heard.


The mayor fell off of the float and was barely alive, until he was crushed to his death. People screamed and cried as more gunshots fired. When they all finally stopped, a note was left next to the mayor's mangled body. "Bigger, Better, Barmona." Barmona is a group of assassins who lurk in the dark. It is unknown how to join the group, but it is known how to be killed by them. Just be an authority figure. More students are being accepted into Everdale to try and make them learn weaponry and different languages. Just anything to get them to help out on the Barmona situation. But, nobody has wondered this...could Everdale be attacked too?
◇Domain of the Empress◇
[♡] ー| NSFW Category of Diff. Genres.
[♡] ー| Erotic Roleplay.
[♡] ー| Granted Color Roles.
[♡] ー| Self-Assignable Roles.
[♡] ー| More To Come!
The Empress herself is the best part.
Hello person scrolling through servers! This is StateHumans RP! As the name says, this is a place where you RP as US states/Canadian provinces. We hope you join this server, and if you choose to do so, have fun!

[Keep in mind that this is an Alternative Universe server taking place the same time around the game.]

*Its been one hundred years since the Hero of Time’s defeat by Calamity Ganon. It was on this specific afternoon that he was scheduled to awaken. But... in his sleep, he passed away, as the regeneration process failed. The shrine’s energy was weak, and it trailed across every single one across the lands. The Guardian’s were completely controlled by Calamity Ganon also. The decline in energy was sensed by the monsters that attacked innocents, and they became more powerful. More fearless. At the level of power that Calamity Ganon held, it would take an army to defeat him one last time.*

*And that’s where you and the assortment of settlers and adventurers come in.*

*Do you serve Ganon in the enslavement of the planet, do you resist his red hot iron fist grip on the land, or do you flip flop between whichever seems more profitable? Your individual fate, and the fate of every living thing lies on your shoulders.*
Mobius: Uprising is a dark and mature roleplaying server set in the Sonic universe fifteen years after Robotnik's victory over the Freedom Fighters. Since then, the Robotnik Empire has taken over Mobius and destroyed its atmosphere and having had enough, the citizens of Mobius have had enough and band together behind either the Freedom Fighters and GUN to put an end to Robotnik's regime.

We offer:
💍 A story set fifteen years after Robotnik's victory
💍 NSFW and SFW RP channels
💍 Ability to play as not just original characters but as canon characters as well.
💍 Play in six major regions.
💍 The Sonic universe complete with mature content
💍 Join four canon factions or become part of two custom factions offered.
💍 No stat-based character creation.
Ceci est un serveur avec une ambiance spéciale!Passant de la détente à du fun.....comme des Events/Sondages!Salons Gaming comme du général!Une communautée active et accueillante puis des règles bien appliquées!En plus,vous n'aurez pas à vous souciez de votre sécurité car un "Staff" des "Enfer" vous protèges!
À Présent,Bienvenue En Enfer
🎭The Voice Acting Guild🎭
Wanna learn how to voice act? Or do you have work that requires a voice actor? Join us! We can help you find the people you need!

What do we offer?
• Jobs for all ages & genders
• Adult based work (horror, sexual, etc)
• Channels to post your work and ideas
• Channels to interact with other voice actors
• Quickly help find you a role or job you can fulfill
• Helpful and caring staff
Welcone to my kingdom

Towns person

We have many jobs for towns pople and have fun
The truck runs over another pothole and you ram your head into the roof. Again. Rubbing the sore spot slowly, you wonder what horrors will await you once they take the blindfold off. You’ve heard the stories. The statue that only moves when you look away, the infinite staircase, full to the brim of horrors, the son of Satan himself.

You shiver in fear. It’s been one hell of a journey to get here. A plane, then by car for a couple of days, another plane, train travel, then finally this cube van.
The guards in the front seat laugh over something on the radio. Frankly, you’re surprised that they can even get a signal up here.

Where is here anyway?

The bumping stops and the vehicle slows down. Your heart pounds in your chest. Is it time?
The guards yell. A hearty laugh in return. The sound of amiable chatter in a language you don’t know. Finally, the van moves again.
A wailing siren and the sounds of metal grinding against pavement fills your ears. Gates open. Intercom sounds.

You wring your hands, the panic setting in. Why the hell did you think accepting this job was a good idea?

The van door slides open and a blast of cold air hits your face. A strong hand helps guide you out of the van, and you take in what you can of your surroundings.
The hand pulls you forward, and you can do nothing but stumble forwards.
There are doors opening, keycards being swiped, passwords being inputted. Everything is busy, everyone is busy, all working towards a common goal.
To Secure.

To Contain.

To Protect.

You’re lead into a warm room, then down what seems to be an infinite amount of corridors. A door opens, and you’re lead inside.
The hand guides you around a metal table and takes you to a chair. You sit down and take a deep breath.
The blindfold is removed, and you blink to clear your eyes. The room is dimly lit, and a figure stands in the corner, smoking a cigarette. He does not turn to face you but continues to stare off into the distance. He turns his head slightly and glances at you, most of his facial features still hidden by shadow. A hint of a smile tickles the corner of his mouth, obviously seeing the look of fear on your face.

The only words that exit his mouth are, “Welcome to Site 86.”

Welcome to SCP: Dark Zone! We’re a fairly new roleplay, so original lore for the roleplay will be on its way soon. If you would like to submit lore of your own or help out the server in any way, make sure to contact the owner or an admin. We are accepting of everyone and will do our best to make sure you feel included in our community!
Welcome to caprise
Caprise is a server from ages 16+
Is lgbtq+ friendly
Nsfw 👁👅👁
And many bots
Enjoy 💋
Krusty Krab Pizza for you and me!
Don't be afraid to join<3
Server in progress but it's getting thereXD
Join to meet new people to game with:)
Hello and welcome to World Football Discord! Here you can discuss all things football including your favourite players, teams, leagues etc. We will keep you up do date with the latest football news from around the world, including the latest transfer news, and scores from all the big games around the world. But to prevent raids/spam, please complete the simple verification. Just a few simple clicks and boom, you will have access to the server. You will have 45 minutes to complete verification or you will be muted and wont be able to send messages in the server. If you have a question, suggestion, or anything like that, please DM an owner, admin, or moderator. We are also open to partnership.


The World Football Discord staff team.
This server is a place to engage in sexual/erotic roleplay with others! We have a fantastic community and are very friendly to newcomers! Regardless of their identity or sexuality, all are welcome in the SRP/ERP Server!

We have channels for art, for venting, for bot commands, for public roleplaying and of course just general chatting! So come roleplay and make some friends today in the SRP/ERP Server!
Panda's Galixica server is a server where all are welcome to do what they please except for start drama. The server is a rp, anime, music, art, gaming server for all so if you join feel welcome to the server, and feel free to meet the rest of the people in the Galixica. Last of all have a nice day.
Tea is sent back in time to the 1340s! The black death is arising and he might die. He calls for help with the crystal he got from the witch and it reaches Noah a kid who is inviting 8 friends to go to his grandma in the hospital. The grandma reveals that it's a trap and sends them to the 1340s to die! @Memebers Can you make it out alive?
Hiya! Welcome to DC universe, a new RP server that’s looking to grow! Here’s what there is to know:
- Always looking for new people
- Open to suggestions
- Looking for good/decent roleplayers
- We’re a chill community with nice staff
- LGBTQ+ friendly
- You can play as a cannon or an OC
- Plot based loosely around DC comics
- Entertaining bots for use, nsfw, memes, and more
- The owner is always active

Join now before your character is taken!
Hello, this is a role play server for the Greek Gods and Goddess it takes place in 2019 in a city called Eirene What does it mean? Eirene means in Greek. Eirene, is more commonly known in English as Peace. that's right a city where all the greek gods live in peace but at last there is always drama brewing in the godly world.

--- What we offer? ---

50 gods to choose from and if there isn't one on the list you would like to be then just tell me and ill add it to the list!

Oc's as Nymphs Sytars or Centaurs.

Loving Owners, Admins and Mods.

Roles to react with.

LGBTQ+ Friendly, fun fact the owner is gay Lmao

A lot of role play channels

WARNING: There is ERP (Erotic Role Play = Sex)

And you don't have to join to role play you can join and just hang around and chat! we are always open to suggestions and advice to make the server better.

(The server has little to none people at the moment but i hope if you stay around you will love it.)
History of Miyoku’s Magic High School (MMHS For Short)
224 Years ago, a lovely girl named Miyoku was the first human born in a thousand years who had magic. Her family never liked it so they forced her not to use it for the majority of her life, but that didn’t stop her from trying. She tried her best to practice her magic without her parents knowing and a few years later she left the house and went to explore the world. She noticed that there are not just humans and the animals science discovered, but magical creatures like fairies, elves and sprites, etc, and that gave her an idea. She asked all over her home town for them to help her build a high school but she never told them it was for magic users because she knew that they wouldn't do it for that. At last, 1 year later the high school was finished and she applied all her magical power into making it a safe place for future mages and magical creatures to come and attend and become the greatest Grand Mage that ever was.. The school focused of improving student's magic and spells but also functioned as a great way for you to make new friends and possibly meet your true love. A good few years later Miyoku sadly passed away and as she did, her magical energy, fuelled by her hopes and dreams spread across the globe, and entered new born children, who grew up to be wielders of magic. Will you come and be accept to the prestigious 'Miyoku’s Magic High School'?
Hi! Looking For people That are country? Well he is the place where you can talk about Country music and mabye find someone special....
A fun server where people can hang out and play games or just generally talk to people you can do anything here except dating.