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Come join us at the Lewd Roleplay Hotel!
We're a brand new community focused on casual roleplay with NSFW content, we welcome all kinds and are open to suggestions for improvement!
This server is only partially complete and I am unsure of what to add to it because I am trying to let it grow. After this server is less dead I will edit this desc. to the best of my ability.
Edit: Fresh new start, up and running again as of 12/6/18!

Welcome to Kalos!

A hundred years have passed, and the multi-regional land is thriving and bustling with as much style as ever. Team Flare has been disbanded completely, and during the aftermath of their ultimate weapon and news of other Teams throughout the neighboring regions, it's been decided that there'll be a registration period for any prospective Trainers: fifteen years old to nineteen years old, after taking on five years of Trainer School. Once they gain that registration, they may head over to Vaniville Town, where Yarrow has chosen to set up his homey yet stylish lab, exterior befitting of the quaint settlement.

For now, it's been the usual routine of new Trainers coming and going, looking to start their journeys for one reason or another. In Kalos - along the seaside, throughout the mountains, across the plains, begin a Trainer's journey once more with new faces all around, and simply live.

This is a literate RP server featuring the Kalos region! We utilize a server XP system with Nadeko for increased benefits depending on participation, and quite literally have a channel for every route and settlement. For fairness, Pokémon Showdown is used to conduct official battles, and there's certainly an opportunity for multiple characters and fun interaction.

Interested? Then feel free to drop by and look at how we do the rules and whatnot around here. We hope to see you in our Kalos! (I use the word RP like 10 times)
So, what is Yurrenvenns? Well, Yurrenvenns is one of my many Medieval Fantasy worlds. Some of those being Ocerem, my first one, and the world which has a novel being written about it. Yurrenvenns has many things to offer, such as roleplay, in roleplay, you will travel many parts of Yurrenvenns with your character. This world is entirely fiction and should be seen as such.
Now, how do I roleplay? Well, you start by making a character, this can be done in bios. If you wish to know how to make one, got to How-to-character, this will show you the basic needs of a character.
But what makes of different from other Roleplay servers? Well, You, yes you, can change to the world around you. You see, no more just trying to get a date with that fantastic woman is the only reason to roleplay, You can have goals, you can start from nothing to something. You can become stronger and more powerful, and most importantly > Your choices. < You can Save an entire city from a goblin horde or even destroy a city. Example, you assassinate the Human King and forever change to the storyline, This is a roleplay where YOU the roleplayer matter.
Now, I know I said you can change the world around you, but that doesn't mean you can go crazy, as you saw in rules, You cant be to OP, sure you can, but you can't MAKE your character OP, No one is born a god (Unless you parents are a god, but that won't be happening.) You can't blow up the earth or take over Yurrenvenns, maybe you can own your castle one day, but here, you start as a simple Adventurer.
-- Welcome to Ritoze! --
★ Judge-free community, come to be what you are! (As long as you aren't rude!)
★ ERP is not allowed, although NSFW discussion may occur.
★ Basically, every species is allowed! Dragon, fox, -- You name it! Anthros too, of course! Just no plain humans. If they have some kind of animal-like feature, though, they're most likely going to be accepted!
★ Jump right into the RP! Simple rules (hopefully) that won't weigh you down!
★ Chaos, chaos! We have lots of chaos here, too. Come have fun! We're much more than just RP.
★ Events! Games! Cool bots!
★ Small server, so we're in need of new family members! Come extend our small little hideout.
This server is basically a fantasy medieval server, which I attempted to make as detailed as possible while keeping it new-RPer friendly. The server's built around the kingdom of Meladar, which is a human built kingdom that holds an object called the Holy Obelisk, though no one remembers how to activate it. To gain access to this, or prevent others from gaining access, kingdoms will go to war, or attempt to marry into the human kingdom, and so on. You can play as anyone from a knight, to a noble, to a bard, and basically anything. No cannons or gunpowder weapons by the way, for any of you who wanted to use that. Yes, you can use magic, and no, you cannot make your own species, but you can submit them to me and if I like them I'll put it into the list
** ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Camp of Olympus *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ **
*Due to the uniqueness of demigods compared to mortals in their land, The Greek gods have created a special place for their children to reside and live, known as the "Camp of Olympus". Living a life, much more different than the mortals where the gods are involved with your life..*

** ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Features *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ **
- Roleplay & Events
- LGBTQ Friendly
- Adventure & Quests
- Development of Characters
- Discovery
It’s Post Meridiem Somewhere... ☕🌙💻
P.M. Writing Cafe is an all-hours offbeat server geared toward fiction writers—all writers welcome. We got wordsprints, classes, general chat, and even a few procrastination channels. Grab your caffeine and join us.
100% NSFW! We've got anime boobies, tentacles, memes, custom bot, all that stuff and lots, LOTS of Hatsune Miku lewds!
Are you tired of those other servers with strict rules? We have NO RULES at all! Join and get new hentai pics every day!
"So, you wish to learn about the history of the clans?" A voice asks as you pad around aimlessly. You notice that the ground here is unlike anything you've seen before. Stars coated the trees, grass, rocks. Everything. Everything was bright and beautiful. The cat in front of you rests on her haunches and gives you a friendly smile. "Welcome to StarClan, young one. Make yourself comfortable while I tell my story..." The she-cat notices your reaction to her and she shakes her head, chuckling softly. "My my. Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heatherstar. Now, where was I?"

Welcome to the Beginnings, a literate, new warriors roleplay server that needs you! We’re looking for all high-rank positions, warriors, and active and avid members. We have four Clans to choose from.

Come join us today!
A welcoming home for all aspiring authors, poets or just hobbyists! We love to express ourselves freely and give feedback for all on our writings!
Hella Hentai is a lewd place for all, we share hentai, porn and nudes ;)

come join us make new friends and have fun!

we have
-Active Staff
-Mod spots open
-tons of lewds
-cool botz
-sexy peeps
-tolerance for kinks
-lust for lewds
Reparations takes place in 1994, post worldwide disaster and interplanetary war. The world is finally rebuilding. You live in Stockholm, Sweden or, possibly, in a rural town not so far from it. The UN has just started its mission in Scandinavia, so the boots on the ground are few. Food and clean water is scarce. Scavengers roam abandoned towns. Martian refugees are coming in huge waves. There's a lot to clean up. All of that with rumors of a war heating back up, life could be about to get a whole helluva lot harder.
Wir sind der deutschsprachige Politikserver, wo du mit anderen Leuten über politische Themen diskutieren kannst.
Eröffne deine eigene Diskussion und tausche dich über politische Ansichten aus!
This server has a brief history, the admins and my self actually started this whole idea years ago. This all started on Skype we had a group chat and we would do calls left and right. We moved on to bigger and better things wanting to meet new people and make our family grow. As of now we are moderately active and we still are holding strong. We treat everyone in our server as equal. You can think of this server as one giant family. If you need advice you can seek it, if you wanna post memes go ahead! We have an NSFW room as well as a room for people to randomly roast each other. We have Pokechord as well and a ton of fun bots to use. We are very active with Voice Calls. Keep in mind people in are server come from all over the world so time zones do factor in with little members we have. We do a lot of gaming, from FPS to Rhythm games and Fighting games. We talk about movies anime and random other things that can cure your boredom. Many of the new people who have joined love hanging with us and are even more active the some of our Veteran members. We welcome all and hope you enjoy your stay with us.
join for a lot of cancer and cringe. but seriously please join we need people here, like 95% of people are nice here and we do a lot of stuff like music and games

We are a Pokemon / Furry friendly server, all others are more than welcome to join as well!
This is a server full of YouTubers that needs support. You can rate YT channels, post your YT channel and videos. And we even have a Video Ideas category where you can ask other people for video ideas.
Have fun and keep entertaining!
A roleplay server of a sci fi like warframe where u choose your part of it and continue your part of the story and join the warfare. Do what u want and be equal towards each other
A server made to unite other people to socialize with others and learn about their culture and get to know people. Join hangout meet new people and have fun.
Personality and Mental Disorders.
Including Sociopathy and Psychopathy.
900+ Members. Moderated and Active.
Drunk Voice Chat every night.
18+ Only, No exceptions.
Hello, welcome to Fur Town. We are a very chill and laid back community where everyone is welcome. Be sure to read the rules as they are enforced daily. Our staff is very kind and understanding and would be glad to help you in anyway possible. We have accommodations for everyone. Pokemon channels, teen channel and for those who are over the age of 18 have NSFW channels. We have channels for memes and various other channels. We have customized roles to describe you and who you are. Please enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time.
hi this is stars playhouse we offer!
:are own emojis
:making friends
:fun chatroom's for everyone
:movie nights
i hope you join us!
Hello! Welcome to F A T E
! Here We Have Dating,NSFW, And Much More! What we have to offer, 24/7 Moderation, And A Little Bit Of rping if you like that
Chatting, roleplay, gaming, music, and anything else under the sun!