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In the year of 1425, portal appeared in a peaceful world, causing everyone to be attacked by monsters. As Humanity was formed and fought back, getting them to leave with the help of Light of Alencia, who were hiding before the war. Those who were near the portal when it appeared, became Savages like Orcs, Trolls, Werewolves, etc. Humanity mocked them for being monsters and that started a war. Light of Alencia joined with the Humanity and when they were all weak, the portal appeared. Every faction attacked, Humanity and Alencia versus the three other factions, the Horde, the IronFist and the Shisha Heiwa. Right when they were about to lose and together, they have finally defeated the invaders. Two centuries later, they are all still in peace, but tension is happening and one mistake will lead to war. Once again, all these events could and might happen again. Is there a way to restore peace for one and for all?
Question: Do you like porn? Do you want to meet other people who like porn? Then do yourself, and your nether regions a favor! Join The NSFW Rabbit Hole; home to more than 25,000, diverse, active, regular and loyal members. Our rules are followed, our chat rooms are energetic, drama-free, safe, and entertaining to say the least!

NSFW & SFW content is available but get verified and gain special access to channels of member created NSFW original content! We don't discriminate, but we are strictly 18+ and our mods will do their jobs to keep it that way.

Join our active voice chat and enjoy music, game nights, movie nights and maybe even some downright lewdness.

Further perks include:

=-> Polls
=-> Giveaways
=-> Self-assigned roles, so you can tell people about interests.
=-> Posting and browsing of several genres of Rabbit rooms, where you can watch porn and movies with others.
=-> Porn and hentai channels
=-> XP-Based ranking system
=-> 100 different emojis
=-> A promising lack of bear attacks
=-> Absurd amounts of fapping
=-> Controlled tyranny
=-> Sacrificial offerings to the porn Gods.

Currently looking for new Partner Managers.
Welcome to Agartha where you can be anything you want! While it is an open world, we do have lore that can be followed if you want. You have the choice of just roaming across the lands available, creating your own kingdom alongside custom roles to fit your kingdom, create your own Guild (3 other people must be interested), you can also spar anyone you want in the arenas available, or you can continue the lore. It is up to you what you want to do as there is a variety of options. So feel free to join and hand out! We just started and want to grow this community!

We have:


>Custom roles for your race

>Arenas to test your might against others!

>Tier Ranks!

>And much more

So come join us and help us grow more! We are open to suggestions too!
Welcome, to Paradise Manor! We are an ERP/RP server with just under 100 members! We are active and welcome all levels of experience. We're happy to help improve your writing and work with you. We have seasonal, holiday, and community events!
Please remember though that this is a nonmagical place, there are no weapons, magical abilities, supernatural powers, the sort. You're welcome to make any character, so long as it's humanoid with realistic human proportions. Make sure it's a character you like, because you'll be using it when you RP. Otherwise, please enjoy your stay and have fun!
Vengan con nosotros a disfrutar de un servidor de rol completo, con una economía basada en la oferta y la demanda, con un sistema de tierras complejo y un sinfín de acontecimientos, eventos y situaciones derivadas del roleo.

Disfruta del burdel después de un duro trabajo en la mina (lo necesitarás). Ve a la taberna e ingiere todo alimento que tu cuerpo necesite después de un día sudoroso en la granja. Interactúa con diferentes personajes, y contempla el cumplimiento de tus sueños en conjunto.

Ser mercader, sastre, herrero, tabernero, posadero y un sinfín de cargos que elevarán tu ingenio a un nivel superior, pues aquí todo se consigue por los personajes, por ello, necesitarás tener contactos para adquirir productos a según que personas de oficios diversos, para así tener la posibilidad de abastecer tu negocio.

Todo está administrado a través de sistemas de bots e identidades que actúan como moderadores, para controlar todo aspecto del servidor.

Una economía viva, dónde según la producción de los diferentes personajes, los precios subirán o disminuirán. La existencia de 3 monedas diferentes que dará una complejidad mayor. La obtención de recursos según a lo que te dediques. Emplear tu inteligencia para negociar el mejor contrato posible con los dueños y empleados. Una verdadera economía basada en la oferta y la demanda. El minero produce, el mercader compra al dueño de la mina y el mercader vende en la ciudad. Un círculo perfecto con toda profesión existente.

Burgueses, nobles y títulos te esperan, según tus riquezas, según tu renombre y prestigio. Podrás tener tus propios ejércitos y tierras en las que burgueses se asienten y te tendrán que pagar un impuesto por comerciar ahí. Todo es posible, todo depende de cómo interactues con el resto.

Un sistema de tiempo complejo que determinará la época del año que se roleará, pero esto no solo será así, pues toda producción de plantaciones y granjas dependerán de la época en que se encuentre el rol. Mayor escasez en algunos meses, mayor prosperidad en otros. Todo depende de cómo se gestione este abastecimiento, para no caer en la devastación y la ruina.

Habrá que tener cuidado con las bandas, los bandidos y delincuentes varios. Todo personaje es libre de actuar como le plazca, por ello, si eres un mercader que va a la plantación a adquirir productos para posteriormente venderlos en la capital, tendrás que tener cuidado que en ese trayecto no arruinen tu caravana, tendrás que contratar guardias privados que te escolten. Pero vamos, esto solo es un ejemplo... piratas, contrabandistas... muchas cosas te esperan.

Esto no es nada de lo que se cuece aquí dentro, tendrás que entrar y presenciarlo por tu propia cuenta.

¿Serás alguien leal a tu rey?, ¿serás un simple minero que trabaja y se esfuerza para llegar en un futuro a algo mejor?, ¿serás un rebelde que azota a la corona?, ¿un contrabandista que vende de forma ilegal a precios menores, evitando con ello los impuestos?...

Tu futuro te espera. Entra e infórmate.
This is a server designed for all sorts of creators including.. gfx, animation, digital, vfx etc.
Here you can share your artwork and even get some artwork made for you!
If you are a creator you can join and do commissions or just art for free!
I hope you are interested in joining dlc studios!!
Katerina and Sancia Yukovic are immigrants from Russian to the United States. They arrived when they were fairly young and met several other young people living on the streets. They banded together, forming something akin to a family. As these young people grew into teens, and eventually into adults, they began building their empire. They became drug runners, weapon runners. They began hustling and saving money to buy a base of operations. With each year, their little gang-like family grew and grew, eventually becoming what others might call a mafia.

The Yukovics, led by Sancia and Katerina Yukovic, are bad people. They do very bad things. They kill and torture, frame and steal. And yet….the NYPD leave them alone due to the fact that this gang rids their city of serial killers, rapists and other such criminals. The Yukovics do nothing without just cause.

Which side are you on?
Hey you! We need more cute traps!! Come join this brand NEW trap server! We have:
-no restrictions or abusive admin/mods
-theological discussion
-hard drugs
-free game boy color games
-heaps of fuckin sauce

Furry club is a multi purpose community, we are unique in our own way and we support everyone no matter your religion, sexuality, race, gender. We are a safe space for everyone to talk about things and have the ability to relax without all the toxicity.

[furry club offers]
》:autism chat
》: voice chats
》:LGBTQ chat
》:so much more
》: lots of roles for you to pick from
》:level ranking & self assignable roles to fit your personality.
》:Inviting all ages over 16+ , races, cultures and the everyone from LGBT community!
》: Raid protection & spam channel.
This is a store where I sell Netlix, spotify, crunchyroll accounts for a very cheap price.
Welcome to Dungeons, Dragons, and ERP!
This server is a small server (obviously) centered around D&D and erp. We have a public erp based in the d&d world, channels to find dm erps, dungeon channels for actual campaigns, and some D&D porn.

If this sounds nice to you, just hop on in! We love to see new people!
Come Join Club Fluff!

A Amazing Furry Server for all furries of kinds!
Heres why you should join!

🔔Active Moderators!🔔
💯Furry Memes!💯
🔥Furry Porn!🔥
🦊Friendly Fluffs!🦊
This server offers many things such as:

Talk about life🗣
And gaming🎮

If you like any of those things please feel free to join our server and help us become a bigger community! We always welcome new people 👋🏽 and there’s really no rules! So come have some fun with The Fam🤗👻 AND WE ARE DESPERATE FOR GIRLS THE GUY TO GIRL RATIO IS VERY BAD, so please help me out ladies😔
This is a peaceful server where you can find people to sleep in calls with, talk to and make friends in, all in all- this server is welcome to all, especially those who love voice calls!
Dies ist der Offizielle Community Discord Server von dem YouTuber Cüneyt LEVS.

Der Server bietet: Spaß , Musik , Private Channels zum vermieten , Geldsystem , Cooles Rang System und vieles mehr !!!

Ihr könnt auf dem Server Werbung machen nachdem ihr 2 Leute eingeladen habt.

Bei 10 Invites bekommt ihr 10.000 Server Geld und ihr könnt mehr Werbung an einem Tag machen.

Bei 25 Invites bekommt ihr 25.000 Server Geld.

Bei 50 Invites bekommt ihr 50.000 Server Geld.

Unterstützt BITTE den Server , damit wir die 100 User bekommen !!!

Jeder der mit einem Nitro Booster meinen Server Boosted, bekommt 1.000.000 Millionen Server Geld und er kriegt einmal den höchsten Rang des Servers , plus den Nitro Booster Rang !!!!

Also BITTE Boosten!!!!

Nitro Booster können an einem Tag Unendlich viel Werbung machen !!!
Want access to a whole network of bypassed content?
Wanna fuck around in an epic condo, where you can shitpost and share bypasses?
Come along an join the server dedicated to archiving and creating all the things that Roblox doesn't want you to have!
We make audios, decals, shirts, t-shirts, Condo's, you name it we've got it!

What makes us different to other bypass servers you ask?
Well every day our dedicated team searches for the rarest bypasses and
our Developers put there best effort into each and every condo.
We pride ourselves on being one of the biggest Roblox bypassing servers and we would love to have you!
We even have our own minecraft server!
- Events on games
- Random Give aways
- Counting
- Lots of fun bots
- Lots of memes
- Discord server events
- Partnerships
- Growing community
- Looking for partners
this is for people who either want to join a server for youtubers and find more videos to watch or for youtubers themselves to join and promote their videos and get more views and popularity to grow each and everyones channel and when you join please ping @Jaden or whatever his username is at the time which will always have a base of Jaden and tell him your YT name if you are a youtuber
RealPolitikRP is a worldbuilding server where you choose a spot on the map and then you can roleplay as that nation, develop lore, make decisions, wage war, etc. It begins in 2019 and you can play any nation you want as long as it isn't too big.
There is limited space on the map, so if you want to join in the fun, come in and join!
16+ ᴄᴀsᴜᴀʟ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ɢʀᴏᴜᴘ, ғʀᴇsʜʟʏ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ 8/7/19.
Just another group for those looking for a good RP or maybe just some new friends!. All are welcome. We will be doing a 'casual RP', meaning most heroes will be located in OW headquarters, though this can be changed based on what the community desires. Action RP is permitted and ideas are welcome!, OCs are also permitted ❤️.
Adult furry community and roleplay server centered around FICTIONAL hardcore-bdsm, objectification, snuff, gore , vore and other kinks under that umbrella. The roleplay environment is set in a hotel where you enter but never leave. [18+, NSFW, RP, ERP]
This is an new semi-active rp/yiff server.
You no longer need to ID
(The server is new at the moment and Is still in progress ;3)