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In the year 2114, the plague broke out. There seemed to be no cure, no way to survive. In a panic, governments from all around the world took some of their still healthy teenagers, and sent them all to live in a remote, isolated location. They called this Project Velona. Each would be put into a quarantine chamber, comatose, until it was determined that they were clean. They could only take one possession with them, which would be decontaminated with them. When they awoke, they would be trusted to live out their lives, saving the human race from extinction.

Welcome to Project Velona! This is an RP server, but spectators are welcome!
What we have to offer:
-Self roles for customization, including colors
-RP events are being planned :3
-Well thought out lore
-Partnerships open!
-Up to three characters
-Looking for staff

We'd love to have you! Feel free to come check us out!

Back up link:
⊲ Welcome to Warriors: Fate Collides! ⊳
Three original clans enter a brand new world, just waiting to be explored! Will you join....
➳ Fernclan, prideful and empathetic, they reside in a meadow in between the three clans.
➳ Gorgeclan, strong and devoted, they reside within the grassy yet rocky mountains next to Shellclan.
➳ Shellclan, peaceful and compassionate, they reside on a beach next to Gorgeclan.
➳ Or, might you roam the territories as a rouge/loner? Only you can decide!
✮✩ What We Offer ✩✮
➤ Nitro Giveaway
➤ High Ranks
➤ Organized Channels
➤ Semi Lit to Literate Roleplay
➤ Friendly Owners and Staff
➤ LGBTQ+ Friendly <3
➤ And an Active, Friendly Community!
There's so much waiting for you here, come find it all!
hello we are the save the nut server, a friendly community that allows for lots of fun with diverse channels for art, gaming, anime and more!

•Friendly staff and an active community

•Many cool bots like Mudae, Mee6, tatsumaki, Rhythm, etc.

•Lots of emotes

•NSFW channels
->you need a self assignable role
to be able to see them. when you
join, you go to the #self-roles
channel and assign yourself the
role (NSFW, Yuri or Yaoi)

•Ranking Systems (Mee6, the ranking bot)

•No trolls or massive drama tolerated

•Very diverse open topic

•PG13 in the Non NSFW channels
During the clan wars, a forbidden relationship was formed between a man of the black moon clan and a lady of the white sun clan. They gave birth to 2 brothers, Vizran and Azora these 2 where both born the True Alpha Eyes, a type of the eyes that where the second strongest alpha eyes, just below the fabled White Sun Alpha Eyes. Azora went on to become a powerful and immoral warrior, torturing and even brutally killing people on this journey to obtain the Alpha Eyes of the White Sun, causing Vizran to form a deep hatred for this brother. Azora also seeked out the dragon known as Titanis to shape the world into his own image and Vizran went after him to stop Azora from destroying the world. Azora created a cult known as Divine Fates and gained the trust of the strongest warriors and magic uses on the planet, getting them to join him in his quest, only using them as meer tools to further his cause. Vizran knew of this and got the rulers of the clans to back him on taking down Azora, however by then he had already gotten the Alpha Eyes of the White Sun. With the power of the White Sun Eyes he tracked down the hosts of the ancient dragons and killed them one by one. Eventually Azora was only down to one host left to kill when a mysterious woman appear before him, she was determined to take him down and the 2 fought, the battle between this woman and Azora speated the land, creating 2 continents as a result. Azora won the battle but the Woman managed to take out the White Sun Alpha Eyes and used them to warn the Rulers of what was about to happen before dying to Azora’s very hands. Azora was fatally wounded in the battle and created a magic that even the gods forbid, a magic spell called Soul Transfer, allowed the user to seal the body of their target, he used it to sealed the body of a man named Pyro. Using this Azora gained the trust of the rulers and then when they let their guard down he killed them and took their power for his own. Vizran found out about this and unlocked the true powers of Alpha Eyes, an armored form called a Naegi from the anger and grief that he had felt from the death of his friends. Upon achieving this from Vizran started to seek out Azora to end his life and stop them sick game he was playing. Azora had known he was being hunted down and eluded his brother in his new body. Vizran could not be played for a fool and magic checked everyone he meet, eventually coming across what had once been Pyro and Azora was surprised that his brother had found him. Virzan scanned this person and engaged in battle with his brother once again, overwhelming Azora with the naegi’s power. Azora was soon at his brothers mercy and he begged to be spared but Vizran killed his brother in cold blood before Vizran ended his own life, thus creating a few gifted children, those gifted with the Alpha Eyes. Now a new threat is rising, will you be able to defeat this threat?
Join out server for great deals on Hulu, Disney+, HBO, NordVPN, and Domino's pizza accounts.
Red dunes is a NEW server set in the world of Kenshi, a popular role-playing roguelike where most anything is possible. And, just like in Kenshi, anything is possible here.
We are a semi-literate to literate roleplaying server that offers you freedom and gives you plenty of opportunity to create good stories. We are here simply to give you all a backdrop to create those stories on.

We have:
- Fully fleshed out lore
- Lax rules
- 25+ roleplaying channels, all fleshed out
- A unique roleplay setting

Stop by, you might just like what you see!
Please join us today we've got :
1. Real people
2. Vc Night
3. Horrible owner
4. E-girls (totally not bait)
5. Memes
6. Karaoke Night
7. Friendly staffs
8. toxic peeps aren't allowed here
9. Slavs
10. Asians
11. LGBT friendly!!
12. People to game with
13. Userphone
14. Dating is not allowed in the server. However, what you do in your dms is non of my business
15. Fun bots!
16. pls join
17. our server is dead and im desperate
Come join us , to roleplay. And suggest new roleplays!
Elysian Market is pretty much the Amazon of discord, we provide several channels for any kind of trading, selling and buying of course. Join our server today. Keep in mind our community is not too large, but we are growing and without you we are not able to do that!

You can:
➢ Buy 🛒
➢ Sell 💲
➢ Trade 💱

And much more!
Hello there! Artine is a modern marketplace for all your selling, buying and trading needs! Join our discord to experience what all modern discords should be like!
Scappoose, Nebraska. A not one but two stoplight town surrounded by the woods and cornfields of Nebraska, USA. The type of town where once the kids leave for college, they don't come back. A slow-paced, highway-side secluded rural paradise (if that's what you wanna call it) that only serves as a rest stop to weary highway drivers.

Yet the supernatural presence in Scappoose may be higher than any town in the United States of America.

No one would ever expect such a little town to hold so many twisted secrets, which is why Scappoose is what it is. But, what /is/ Scappoose? Why has there been a sudden influx of alleged demon possessions, Wendigo sightings, murders and disappearances that detectives can't trace the roots of? And, by golly above all, what on God's green Earth is with the radio signals around here?

To answer these questions, one must look deep into the lore of Scappoose. No, not what you can find in the town library, but what you can gather from the eerie monuments scattered across Scappoose's forests, the bones that just keep piling up in Scappoose's cornfields, and the stories told by the eldest of the town's patrons.

But while the humans are scrambling to find out what's going on in their janky little country oasis, the town's hungry monster population are also agitated and caught up in their own mystery. What is this thing calling to them from deep inside the Earth, and how can they silence its infernal voice?


We welcome you with open arms to Terrae Clamoribus, NE! A server where you can play as either a human or a supernatural beast to explore an odd small town with an ancient dark secret. With currently 11 playable diverse monster races, an original plot, a heap of locations for you to roleplay in as you please, and countless opportunities for nonsensical antics to ensue, we're a friendly place that encourages detail, fun, and creativity all around!
Hello! Welcome to World of Thonk! This is an emote server for people who have Discord Nitro and want the best thonk emotes on all of discord all in one place! We even take requests for new emotes and if you make one yourself that you will like to have added, we will gladly add it for hundreds of people to use! Make sure to check out our brother server, World of Thonk 2, which has even more emotes! And remember, keep on thonking!
┌───── ✧.: ⋆* ☾ ✧.: ⋆* ─────┐
└───── ✧.: ⋆* ☾ ✧.: ⋆* ─────┘

☆ We are a new starting town au, with a winter theme town. You can come in and create a family or be adopted into one. Just live your life. ☆

❂ Based in the current year (modern time au)

❂ Bring in OC’s or Canon characters from shows or movies! (IT & ST aren’t allowed tho)

❂ Get a job or go to school!

❂ Start a family!

❂ Make pets for them!

❂ Make as many playable OC’s with tupperbox!

❂ Semi-lit to literate roleplay!

❂ Partnerships in the works !!
Welcome to Sonic New Dawn.
A Sonic Themed RP Server where mobians thrive.
We take place in an alternative version of sonic forces, while incorporating the satAM show Mobotropolis was taken over after a month and now the freedom fighters are taking the fight back.
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
In the span of the 3 months after Sonic's defeat, Eggman has taken most of the planet.

With only a few rebel groups still trying to fight back, with little to no effort to take back their home, due to the masked jackal named Infinite. Eggman took over the planet of Mobius except 2 areas, one going to the Watch Owls and the other going to the Suppression Squad.

Few factions only got a few areas under their control. Some with business negotiations like Watch Owls and Suppression Squad, while others like the Wolf Pack, GUN, and the Freedom Fighters are trying to fight back. The Watch Owls however would help who ever pays them more, so like a card of all trades only if they pay good except when it comes to killing either Sally Acorn or Eggman due to business arrangements. Few people like the Wild Ones have still decided to either take arms or work with the enemy.

Will Mobius fall or will it be free?
Well...its your story as well, so lets see where the road leads us all.

Come and join us today, To help Mobius thrive or fall!
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
We accept canon characters AND Oc's!
We're always welcome to partnerships with all servers as well!
Come join my sparkly 18+ kink server Daddies Dollhouse, whilst being mainly ddlg themed there is something for every kink in this dollhouse~

*:✼✿The Living Room - For general chatter ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Hallway - To check out artwork and selfie portraits ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Play Area - For littles and Caregivers to chill ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Basement - For your deepest desires ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Bedroom - To peak at members own lewd photos ✿✼:*゚

*・゚:*゚:*:✼✿ aaaaaaand so much more! ✿✼:*゚:*・゚・*

So come along and play in Daddies Dollhouse ~
Welcome to ThePyraticas Market!

-trusted market
-trusted staff
-trusted sellers
-24/7 service
Looking for local Filipino artist connections? Starting your journey through the world of art? Chill Server? We are still looking for more members to come join us and help us grow as a community!

Let's improve together!

✅ Art Related Server
✅ Monthly Challenges
✅ Art Resources and Critique Channel
✅ Leveling System
✅ Premium Bot!
✅ Voice and Music Channels
This story takes place in the Star Wars fictional universe shortly after the establishment of a tenuous peace between the re-emergent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, 300 years after the events of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, and more than 3,600 years before the events in the Star Wars films. (This takes place during the time of the popular mmo Star Wars The Old Republic.)

The Jedi are held responsible for the success of the Sith during the devastating 28-year-long Great Galactic War (which led to the Treaty of Coruscant prior to the "cold war"), and thus choose to relocate from Coruscant to Tython, where the Jedi Order had initially been founded, to seek guidance from the Force. The Sith control Korriban, where they have re-established a Sith Academy.

The story for the most part is up to the players to decide what direction the galaxy takes. You can be a Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian, or whatever else you can possibly think of that exists in The Old Republic era.

This is a darker roleplay with erotic elements so stuff such as sex in public roleplay channels, rape, killing will be around here. However, these things will need to be agreed on by all parties participating.
Do you want to come see pictures of cute sugar gliders? Do you want to learn how to take care of them? Do you want to learn tips and tricks? Come on over to The Glider Pouch!
We offer helpful advice for sugar gliders owners experienced or new to the craft of rearing sugar gliders!
Come on over and share all the picture you have of your gliders we cant wait to see them!