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Bonjour / bonsoir,

Nous vous invitons à rejoindre Nature à la Loupe, un serveur Discord dédié à la nature (avec son petit penchant pour les animaux). Vous y trouverez différents passionnées issus de différents domaines (aquariophilie, botanique, chiens, chats, rongeurs, volatiles, insectes, autres) pour partager et apprendre!

Le serveur se divise en plusieurs catégories: poils&plumes / terrariophilie / aquariophilie / bestioles / plantes et d'autres catégories plus générales.

Au plaisir de vous voir parmi nous!
⭐ Welcome, all, to UA! ⭐
As you can tell, this is an MHA Server based in an AU from the canonical events of MHA; no canon characters, and none of the events from the show, except for quirk development, apply here.
This server is basically new, with a unique lore, and plenty of room to introduce influential characters.
Characters progress naturally along the story; no boring stat grinding.
Player submitted approved character arcs and events, letting the community make their own rps and do their own stories, unrestricting the movement of lore.
An event and arc recap channel, to catalog the events of the server and ensure that even if you join late, that you will not be left behind.
Character creation is loose, and negotiable, with staff willing to discuss anything about a character or their abilities, with no worry of being silenced for having a differing opinion.
We wanna make friends B)
A small server, yet loving people. Join by and say hello. We are always welcoming new people. If you’re just looking for a small group to socialize with, then this is the right place for you.
We also have:
~Waifu Bot
~Multiple music bots
~and more c:
Deep Space Legends ist ein deutscher RP Server der sich mit der Aufgabe befasst Discord RP im großen Stil durch zu ziehen.

Unser Genre ist Sci-Fi / Fantasy wie der Name und die Tags verraten größtenteils Star Wars und Star Trek.

Wir bieten euch eine gute Anfänger Plattform für Discord RP mit durchgesetztem Schreibsystem und angenehme Freiheiten bei der Charakter Erstellung sowie Fachkenntliche und freundliche Owner sowie Supporter.

Der Server spielt im SW-Legends bereich um 12 Jahre NSY mit Abänderungen die der Spielfreiheit dienen und zum best möglichen RP führen können. Zudem mehrere Questgeber die euch auch in ruhigeren Tagen Möglichkeiten geben euren Charakter weiter zu bringen.
It happened over the course of a couple of days, no more, Trigon, he came back from an alternate timeline, one where Raven had fallen under his spell. The Justice league tried to stop him , those that didn’t fall became imprisoned in the darkness of Trigon’s mind forever more, the Lantern corps tried and failed also. When the titans arrived it was too late, Batman had gone on a murderous spree, Superman was killing people in their hundreds. Raven managed after much effort to stop Trigon, but not without consenquence. When she awoke from the fight she found the corpses of her Titan companions devoured by the dark entity inside of her. She went into hiding and nothing is known of her whereabouts. It has been a year since the attack from Trigon and new heroes are starting to emerge to rebuild the Titans and the justice league, but without guidance who knows what will happen. Furthermore for every hero another villain comes out of the crowd, the world is in chaos and the only survivors that can stop it are too scared to intervene.
Universe Unlimited is a brand new superhero roleplay server with a blended DC/Marvel theme. We offer:
-Original vision shaped by player decisions
-Dedicated and responsive staff
-Ongoing plots to give everyone a place to participate

We are in open beta, so get in now to grab your favorite canon characters today!
We're a pokecord based server, with giveaways, gyms, Tournaments etc
We also have other bots such as dank, pokeverse, mewbot.
We have active members and friendly admins and mods...
Welcome Stoners, glad to have you aboard here. We dump memes,games,and nsfw stuff here.
Backup server for "Send Nudes" If link does not work use :
Robot fetish server, if you are a robot or enjoy messing with them, upload yourself here!
In this lewd chat you can find ASFR, robotization, ERP, technofetish, mindcontrol, fembots, gynoids, androids, cyborgs, robot girls, porn, maidbots, disassembly, reprogramming, malfunctions, machines, drones, objectification, hypnosis, kinky

It's a great community, members are manually approved
14+ Little Adventure is all about accepting our users for their cgl ventures. Come here be little, it’s chill. Just say hi, I’ll reply! We are a small server and willing to partner. Hang out with us were friendly! :>
The name is Clayton and I’m the server owner! I’m 15 years of age and my hobbies include anything art related along with anything band related, listening to music and watching shows. All sounds boring I know, but for a boring person I can keep a conversation. Come in and say hi, don’t be shy. I’ve had this server as a little side project for awhile now, but only recently have I decided that hey, I kind of want this to grow and go somewhere. We’ll see though. Pfft. ~⋈━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━⋈~
For as long as humanity could remember, their species has been the ruling and most dominant of all. Their smarts couldn't be compared to any other, their technologies, their living styles and ability to change was unlike any other. Though as time changed, as the thing known as the one true life source of all life, time, kept going.. there were a few realizations. That human's weren't the only species out there and in fact could possibly be seen as the weaker one to this new and deranged version of a human, a ghoul. Human's learned the hard way what these beings were, suffering many deaths and faced possible extinction.. It was almost just as bad as the Black Plague that riddled most of Europe way back when. After many years of countless fails, countless loss, they were able to come up with a simple organization meant to combat and contain, exterminate, ghouls as a whole. This organization was known as the Commissions of Counter Ghoul or CCG for short. Within this large organization ran by human beings, corruption of it's own reside along with its own chaos. Adding to the fire power by using deceased ghouls and turning them into weapons to fight against the living. In turn, caused a war to rage out for the entirety of all life. The year is 2020 and the war between the Commissions of Counter Ghouls and Ghouls themselves not only continue but have expanded.

Another, few species have come into play within Tokyo, along with a few new organizations that are just as big as CCG. One organization that is as big as the CCG, if not bigger is the D.A.O. The D.A.O stands for Dark Assassination Organization. They are a group of genetically modified humans, or simply people not of earth, or even ghouls themselves. Their main goal is to catch any sort of criminal that aposes a threat. With that, they have a prison called the D.T.P {Diamond Torture Prison} where they lock each criminal they managed to catch into. Along with this, a few ghoul organizations and gangs have surfaced. Some passive, trying to reach out to ghouls to aid them while others are destructive and only meant to cause more chaos. Will the new species manage to work together with the humans to take out ghouls as a whole or will the newer species be targeted just like the ghouls?

\/ 18+ Server.
\/ Active staff members.
\/ LGBT+ Friendly.
Hello there (◉‿◉)
Am Creeper, Owner Of the Following server.

__**Here are some points why u should join the server**__

• Friendly members
• Pokeverse available
• Pokecord available
• Mew bot available
• Daycare
• Giveaways
• Great Spawns
• Helpful Staff
• Keeps Your Dignity
• Become Master
• Gyms available
• Music Available
• Elite 4
•And More here

Join and have Fun.

Welcome in my new server
❀ friendly server
❀ anime category
❀gaming category
❀ funny bot commands
❀ and more
≛Welcome to Harmonic

≭This server is made for everyone.≭
≭Random topics that you're interested in.≭
≭Special channels and categories. ≭
≭Voice calls.≭
≭Non toxic and drama server.≭
≭Friendly server.≭
≭ List of cool/cute emotes.≭
≭Fun Games≭
≭Custom roles.≭
≭Accepts suggestions.≭
≭Sharing of talents (drawing, singing, arts, etc.≭
≭Vent and confessions (Channel).≭
≭Spam and rant (Channel).≭

≛This is a new and small server for now and I hope y'all will join and help us grow, enjoy your stay here!
This is a chill server, we just chat send post Memes just join, you can always leave after.
Marketplace dedicated to bringing you the best products and services without letting you get scammed with active moderation. From cracked accounts to freelance services, our goal is to provide you a one stop shop for all your e-buying and selling needs. Owner is also a supplier to help you get started selling cracked accounts.
C'est un serveur communautaire avec des rewards 100% legit ! Allez y faire un tour