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Hello, serveur NSFW pour les grands fans de Hentai. (+18) Serveur avec emotes :3
Nous laissons les membres poster leurs propres images dans des channels dédiés. créons ensemble un havre de paix. New serveur soyez indulgent , créons ensemble une communauté durable et active .
With dragon training, festivals, your own bank and many pets. There are so many reasons to join this server!

Any specie is welcome to this abnormal school made for the abnormal, the magical, the supernatural.

Out of roleplay is fun bots, art, and friendly mdoerators!

Join now!
It's been three years since the world fell apart. People have found their own ways to stay alive, but death is still everywhere. There is little hope for anyone in this new world, but many still travel the country searching for some place safe.

This roleplay takes place in a series of fictional cities and rural towns, starting in southern Wyoming. In the north, where the population is said to have been successfully evacuated, the town of Hawhite shines as a beacon to the rest of the world. There they have food, walls, and safety, and they're taking people in. Their broadcasts repeat in cars and on radios across the state. Those who can find their way to Hawhite can reach safety and make a future for themselves. But it is a long, dangerous road.

The plot of this Roleplay centers around the long journey to Hawhite, and the quest for safety. Though members can, of course, build their own narratives, this group was made with the intention of having one central storyline that will eventually include every member.

This is a realistic, literate roleplay server, intended for those who enjoy both reading and writing lengthy posts, as well as developing their characters over time.

Keep in mind this server is literally brand new, and while I intend to start the roleplay as soon as possible, I have to wait until there are enough members.
Aktif çok kişi yok gelen selam verip çıkıyo aktif olmadığını bilip gelin konuşmak isterseniz mesajınızı yazın illaki birisi sizinle sohbet eder kimse etmese ben ederim sunucuyu büyütme amacında değilim yeni insanlar tanımak istiyorum sadece.
✧Welcome to The White Woods~

This server takes a spin off the popular game, The Arcana. Nestled in these woods is a land of beings of great power and diversity. This realms time period resides in a crossover between the Victorian and modern ages, where these time periods collide. Beings of all different species and types intersect. This is a world of Old/Modern magic, and it’s yours to explore. ✧

What does our server have to offer you ask?

✧The server is LGBTQ+ Freindly.
✧Multiple roles
✧Bots to cater to your OOC needs
✧A caring staff and Mods
✧And finally, an rp adventure
This is a server for people who need someone to talk to. If your feeling emotional, depressed, and/or suicidal.
Welcome to Chespin's Clubhouse, a pokecord server welcome to all ages. Here there's many things to do with active and helpful staff to help you!
-Welcome to Arcane Academy-
The Academy was founded a few years ago by a hidden council of people who wanted peace even after the Eclipse War had ended. The forces of light and dark had fought, and light had come out victorious. With that said, dark and light have been head to head with each other. They hate one another, so creating a community for not only those two forces, but every single kingdom.

Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Demons, and many other life forms step into the academy and are considered equal.

The academy is located on a large island off the coast of the Light kingdom, since it was decided that whoever won got the location of the school near them.

> • Prebuilt world for you to explore and interact with!
> • Extremely OC-Friendly!
> • Multiple organized roleplay channels for you to use!
> • Events involving characters!
> • Active community!
> • Tournaments and rivalries between characters or even Class Houses!
> • Tuppers!

400 years after the usurpation of fire life begins to rebound in the unkindled world. The fire burns dim and the inhabitants of this time can truly die. But from this shadow the Lord of hollows pulls the strings and in the deep new horrors begin to rise, as the abyss wraps it's hand on the world once more. The City and Catacombs of long buried carthus split the earth and rise once again. The lands of Vinheim and Londor oppose each other, each raising covenants to reclaim the twisted land. Meanwhile within the empty city of Lothric the cinders of the first flame lie unlit and guarded by the remaining heirs of fire suffer the endless torment of insanity among all the chaos that surrounds them. The Only remaining lord is a cruel one, and as he thirsts for power the ruins of each great city begin to move once again in great ambition and lust for power.

Farron Keep lies in peace but even so, all other bastions of safety are home to overpopulated dregs of human civilization, and those without the darksign rise to explore the new world. The skies stay dark and the eternal darksign holds grasp over all who lay beneath its splendor. The Grand archives and Profaned capital are bursting with activity as the ruins are explored in hope of a solution to the epidemic of newfound embers. The once godly cities of Anor londo and Irithyll fall prey to the rush of new emberlings and a new civilization is built upon the ruins of what came before.
The abyss also begins to form once again spreading and corrupting the world one more. Chasms open up creating rifts in the great convergence. The ancient road of sacrifices becomes a route upon which to trade and travel and the Cathedral of the Deep sits and watches feeding the worship of ancient Aldrich the Devourer of gods to the new peoples. Great cities lay among the ashen wastes and await life to return to the world. The Ashen one sits upon his throne in wait of peace among the great expanse that has become the convergence with it's array of lands and environments.

The painted world of ariandel lies beyond the limits of reality consumed by the weight of the rot and fighting over the few scraps left. The remainder of the church guards what little fire is left and waits in isolation for the fire to finally fade from existence, hidden from all who would reinvigorate their world.
un server italiano di gaming basato su guerre tra clan su vari giochi. Crea il tuo clan e vieni a combattere nel nostro server!
Hello! We are a server for Charlastor, the Hazbin Hotel ship between Charlie and Alastor. The server is just getting started, but we would love to see more people! This server is accepting of any identities or backgrounds, and we are always open to suggestions or ways to make it a better environment for everyone ❤
This is Mitt's and Lilly's dating server
a lot of things go on like
Speed dating
Game night
and i lot more

If u decide to join us i hope you enjoy your stay and a lover
★ Hey there! Yes you. Welcome to the Clans! Make yourself at home. ★
This server was created on March 24, 2020. So that means this server is still new. It would be great if you could stick around and help out!
★ What is Warriors: Break Of Dawn? ★
Warriors: Break Of Dawn is a warrior cat role-playing server.
★ Is it literate or casual? ★
Literate, semi-literate, casual, whatever! Go at your own pace.
★ Is this a kid friendly server? ★
Well, kinda. We do allow cursing & such. But we do not allow mating.
★ What we have to offer c: ★
•We are Lgbtq+ friendly!
•We have friendly staff!
•We have a cozy community!
•Fun mini games!
•You get to hang out and make friends!
•And much, much more!
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
★ Lore ★
Long ago Reef'Clan and Peak'Clan were at peace. . . But one day when the Peak'Clans deputy, Dead'Heart, became Dead'Star everything changed. He wanted war, he wanted death, he wanted pain. He wanted to watch every cat suffer. Dead'Star made war with Reef'Clan, killing their warriors and taking their kits, making them weak. . . But soon Reef'Clan grew strong again and attacked Peak'Clan. They showed no mercy. . . The Clans are still at each others throats to this day. Maybe that'll change. . .
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
slumped | boost us!
⛄️ │ toxic/nice people
📱 │ active
🎙 │ vc nights
⚔️ │ fun activities
🎒 │ self assignable roles
🔞 │ nsfw
💕 │ looking for boosters and pms
The tension between the USSR AND America is at it's an all-time high after the soviets tested their first atomic bomb in Semipalatinsk fear rose not only for what the Soviets's had the advantage of but the aftermath it held. The radiation had a much higher range than they thought, it affected the plants, the water, the soil, and the air spreading what the start of a new generation of gifted individuals all over the world. Over time people had started to show a peculiar effect one man claimed to be able to control water, an old woman claimed to read minds. Oddly enough this all held to be true, once they saw the advantage that it had brought forth some of the finest scientists created a serum amongst their people bringing soldiers to take this gas while some died from the radiation, some lived to tell to tale becoming somewhat of super soldiers. However, with the new espionage American spies caught on and reporting back word spread having a new program funded by the Freemasons currently called "The Heroes of Tomorrow" in a section of New York City. that's supposed to keep top secret by the military fighting their superhumans finding them by multiple reports and satellite images have captured pictures and videos of strange events

- Fun bots
- New but welcoming community
- And much, much, more
MALES DO NOT join please :c
Hiii~ I'm a 21 y/o subby French boy who loves fem-cock ❤️ I'm open to roleplay, e-rp and irl :D
Sooo if you want me to suck your beautiful cock or if you just want to use me then join ❤️
Bisou 😘 Adi#1135 if some people have questions or anything else
Have you ever wondered how it would be like if the greek gods had access to similar lifes like us humans do in the current day and age? In this server you can take the role of a human or a god (We're pretty god fixated) and live life the way you always thought a god would! You can explore all three worlds. Hades, Mount Olympus and the mortal world. There are no boundaries other than your imagination! Feel free to join our friendly little community. We're waiting for you!
A small and nice Server for Radio Astronomy.
Here you can learn things about Radio Astronomy, Astrophotography and much more science related stuff!

Heyy! Welcome to 𑁍 𝐒𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 ˎˊ˗ Café! We are a new 13+ pastel café server and would love for new members to join so we can grow bigger than we already are! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


We have:

*:・゚25 color roles!

*:・゚Self roles

*:・゚Fun roles

*:・゚Friendly staff

*:・゚Many chats to talk from


*:・゚Boosted server

*:・゚Lots of cute emojis!


✧ Please come join us at our little café!
Come chat and make new friends and maybe beyond 😉! ✧