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Hiya, this is a friendly teen sever filled with dank memes, Anime, Great chats and some Tiktoks XD hope to see ya guys there <3
Hi! Welcome to PayPal/Nitro Rewards, we are the most legit server out there with fast service and great staff. We do HUGE and I mean HUGE Nitro Giveaways AND Nitro Drops, we also give out Paypal money, so what are you waiting for? Come on in!
i'm just gonna say that there's always something to do and the staff if friendly and out tech guys whose tag is will at the moment can set up your servers too
Hey, you. Yes, you. Are you sick of going into art servers that are overly-full, trying to post your art, trying to get criticism, maybe, but nobody replies and your art gets ignored? Same. It's a mood. Which is why me and my mods are happy to welcome you to...


Here, you'll find a friendly and amicable staff, Pokecord, memes and most importantly, a new way to share your art with people, as we have a social link channel. As well as many, many others. Art contest, bots, leveling, the works. All of it is yours for the using or doing here in this server.

So come on in, kick your feet up and relax! You're always welcome here.
Trainer-Based | 16+

The Old World Is Gone.

Earth has nothing left for the humans and Pokemon that once lived there. Arceus has gifted the survivors a new life. That is why they've come to Mi-aro. But this new world is not everything it seems...
The Pokemon of this planet are hostile, many have several subspecies with different colorations and even different abilities. Not only that, but there are also quite a few that exist here that we've never seen before. The world is untamed and dangerous. If we are to survive here we must band together and colonize the planet.

Semi-realistic Pokemon Survival Rp where you can -

| Explore new land | Found your own settlements |
| Research undiscovered Pokemon |
| Create Inventions | Own a shop | Take over the world |
~The Possibilities Are Endless~

Welcome... To the New World!

****(Before you ask, NO, we do not have Pokecord****
18+ adult social server with artistic and NSFW facets. We pride ourselves in our easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine.
Adult furry community and roleplay server centered around FICTIONAL hardcore-bdsm, objectification, snuff, gore , vore and other kinks under that umbrella. The roleplay environment is set in a hotel where you enter but never leave. [18+, NSFW, RP, ERP]
A new made server for streamers/non-streamers/gamers/supporters. All is welcome. Feel free to join my family.
Before you skip this..
Please read some of it atleast!
I'd really appreciate it!*
Do you like gacha? Well then, you found the perfect ad! We are a small gacha community. Small but very friendly! If you don't like gacha, it's okay, we still have normal fun channels for you to chat in!
Now you might be wondering:
" What do you have? I need some more info before I join atleast!! "
Here are some things we have /offer ~

• Sfw
• Fun and useful bots you can use!
• Shops for you to own or buy from
• Sharing stuff like edits/art/memes/etc. channels
• Friendly and acceptable members
• Applications
• _otd's
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Roles to customize your profile
• Roles you can earn
• Emojis
• Active members
• Suggesting channels for you to suggest stuff you want the server to have
• Polls
• Small but friendly community
• Non-toxic community
• Partnerships are open at all times
• Fun games like: guess the song, truth or dare, etc.

**And more!**
Are you intrested in joining?
If you are..
Here is the official server link!*

Gif -

Official server link ~
The Dead Mans Cove is a 18 years+ Server with ERP (Erotic Roleplay) /Roleplay based in the Times of Pirates.

Mythical mermaids exist and they walk amoung the sailors. Try the ale and beer in the Taverns as you stop for refreshments. Sail the beautiful seas, Lay and watch the stars, enjoy pleasures on the white sand of the beaches of the south, all within the reaches of your mind. Much more awaits for you to explore, with more than enough room to roleplay you can create a fanstastic life for your character.

*Please remember you must be 18 years or older to join*
100% NSFW! We've got anime boobies, tentacles, memes, custom bot, all that stuff and lots, LOTS of Hatsune Miku lewds!
Are you tired of those other servers with strict rules? We have NO RULES at all! Join and get new hentai pics every day!
P.S. We got art, gamedev and competitions too
1879 ließ ein Arichtekt die Young University erbauen. Schon damals gehörte sie zu einer der Elite Universitäten, wo die besten der besten Studieren konnten. Sie ist eine der wenigen Hochschulen die ein weites Spektrum von Studienfächern besitzt. Angefangen von Architektur bis hin zu Musikwissenschaften.

Viele Jahre hielt das Alte Gemäuer stand und ließ viele Studenten ein und ausgehen, gab ihn unter anderen auch ein zweites Zuhause.

2014 wurde es durch ein ausgebrochenes Feuer fast komplett zerstört. Eine Investorin kaufte die halbe Ruine auf und ließ sie modernisieren. Gleichzeitig wurde sie die Neue Direktorin, Professor Victoria Frances Hemsworth.

Du möchtest Einblick in die neue und hoch moderne Universität haben? Dann werde Teil von uns als Student, Lehrer oder Person des öffentlichen Lebens!

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
This is a fairly new server based off of the warrior books. As of now, there are two Clans. ChasmClan and GrottoClan. Will the two remain as tensions rise within the Clans?
Hiiii. We accept everyone, we Have many bots and counting for fun, we also do voicecalls a lot, and minecraft calls If your shy We will make you un shy!!! :) its not much but I hope it will be soon :)
Communauté Publicitaire
Serveur publicitaire optimisée pour nos membres

- Est un serveur publicitaire pas comme les autres !
- Avec des Giveway chaque semaine !
- Des salons bien organisée pour une pub optimale !
- Un système de grade facile a obtenir grâce a des niveaux du mee6 !

Le Serveur recrute !
- Des partenaire
- Des staff

Si tu cherche un serveur publicitaire ou tout marche pour le mieux
On a secluded island far west of California is Loriom Labs, a research facility testing countless experiments. Take on the role of a scientist, test subject, or simple resident.
We have friendly helpful staff, several RP channels, and much much more!
Surging Ember is a fantasy/combat roleplaying group where you start out with a weak character and climb the ranks through trainings, events and kickin' monster ass. However, Player killing is always active so be careful of your choices..

I hope you enjoy the server!
Hi! Always wanted to make your one arm stronger? Then join this server! We are a bunch of horny furfags/weebs/weirdos and just have fun in this server. As you see this server is based around NSFW stuff so keep in mind that if you join it, you will probably see stuff that some images, messages and links may not be appropriate for some viewers. But I hope if you join then you will have a good stay.
We offer:
- Nice staff who doesn't act up like fucking dictators
- 60+ epic roles
- 20+ fun bots to play with
- 8 different types of porn (more coming soon!)
- 17 voice chats and 31 text chats where you can type in
- 30+ epic emojis (more coming soon!)
- idk what else to say it's just a cool server

"Best server in the world. I highly recommend it to the others" ~ Barack Obama
For lighthearted and serious discussion surrounding political and philosophical topics. Unlike other servers, we support freedom of ideas. Discord ToS is the only line you may not cross.
Przeprowadzamy kolejny nabór do rp. ;-) Poniżej macie zarys fabuły:
Arkenia - kraj pokoju, dostatku i szczęśliwości.. Zapewne mogłaby
taka być, gdyby nie mroczna, ludzka natura, która ciągnie do wszystkiego, co złe. Rząd, by zachować opinię państwa o najmniejszej przestępczości, pozbywa się więźniów, wymazując ślady ich życia z opinii publicznej. Skazańcy trafiają na Wyspę Umarłych, o której wiedzą nieliczni. Na tym skrawku ziemi przeprowadzane są kontrowersyjne eksperymenty na ludziach, którzy, pozbawieni praw ludzkich, zaczęli grać rolę szczurów laboratoryjnych. Jednak, jak każde działania, również i te wywołały nieprzewidziane skutki uboczne. Więźniowie zyskali ponadludzkie umiejętności, które wykorzystali do zamordowania swych oprawców. Wydawałoby się, że wszystko skończyło się happy endem... Gdyby jednak tak było, to więźniowie już dawno wydostaliby się z wyspy. Niestety nie mogą tego uczynić przez mutację płuc, które przystosowały się do pobierania specjalnej mieszanki gazów, wytwarzanej wyłącznie przez zmodyfikowane rośliny na wyspie.
Po odzyskaniu rzekomej wolności skazańcy zdali sobie sprawę, że ich walka o tę prawdziwą dopiero się rozpoczęła. Muszą bowiem zmierzyć się z czyhającymi w ukryciu ocalałymi naukowcami, rządem oraz samą wyspą, na której pojawiły się nieprzychylnie do siebie nastawione ugrupowania zwane obozami.
Zadecyduj o swojej przyszłości i wybierz drogę, którą podąży twoja postać! Postanowi wybaczyć ludziom i znaleźć sposób na pokojowe rozwiązanie sporu, a może będzie kierować się siłą i pragnieniem zemsty? Dołącz już teraz i napisz swoją historię!

- ortografia i interpunkcja na jako takim poziomie;
- co najmniej kilkuzdaniowe odpisy;
- elastyczność i wyobraźnia;
- dystans do siebie i otwartość na innych.

Załoga jest zgrana i chętna do pomocy! ^.^
Just a chill server, for lonely people looking for some people to hang with. if you need to talk about something I think we would all be willing to listen. Or if you just want to hang out and meme, or have some fun, we cover that too.
- age 16 and up
- be respectful
- have channels for a variety of interests
we are just here to hangout and try and get rid of our problems, a little nsfw too if thats your piece of pie.
Co oferujemy?:
❥┇ » 🏳️‍🌈 » ogarnięte community, mamy szacunek do każdego, nawet tych LGBT!
❥┇ » 🤷 » Autorski, serwerowy bot!
❥┇ » 🎮 » Kanały z grami!
❥┇ » ✌ » Kanały z rolami selfroles, by lepiej poznać innych na serwerze!
❥┇ » 😁 » Miła, sprawiedliwa i zawsze z uśmiechem na twarzy administracja!
❥┇ » 🖥» Świetne mini gry! (Takie jak "odliczanie", "cleverbot" czy "czy osoba niżej" itd.)
❥┇ » 🎁 » Giveaway'e!
▶Gdy już dołączysz, przeczytaj regulamin! ◀