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Ten years in the future after Ladybug and Chat defeat Hawkmoth. Our heroes are in their 30s/40s by now and have had children of their own. A new evil arises, will you join the fight for paris!
42 seconds ago
Hiya!. Super Smash Bros Infinite is just a RP Server where you can find a bunch of people who like SSB just like ya!. This isn’t any competitive server since its “RP” It’s just to have fun. Please consider joining us! Thanks!
1 minutes ago
A server made for an underrated animal in the furry community.
3 minutes ago
Hello, Welcome to The Chill Zone, a server just for chilling! We have fun bots and nice admins, come join for a nice time! List of things we have

•Active members •Fun bots •Self Assignable roles •Secure Verification Process •Friendly staff team •Level System •Feedback form available •Open to Suggestions
4 minutes ago
After the island was turned from valley to tall structures touching the sky. Cats here have learned to thrive in this city scape land along the streets. Some working with humans to fight for food, in cage cat fights, others fight with other clans to keep what clean water they have. A world where a cat has to be alert all the time, in such a tough world. Will your character survive?
5 minutes ago
The war that ravished the once flourishing city has finally, once and for all, ceased. Those survivors have finally emerged from the shelters wherever they may be. The threat seems to be over and a flicker of hope dwells that finally humanity can restore to its formal glory.

But upon the world's awakening the threat was far from over. The aftermath of radiation and chemical warfare resulted into a sickness that swallows animal and human alike lucidity away; stripping their brains from it. Friends, family, even neighbors have succumbed to what is known as Mors Cavum.

Will you survive this sudden out breaking or will you crumble into the world of madness?
The choice falls on you....
6 minutes ago
A server with Fantasy and Technology combined! We have (most) lore and would like to gain more members to make the place more lively. Fan OCs are allowed, and we have a decent amount of roleplayers at the moment! Please join us, very friendly and welcoming.
7 minutes ago
Welcome to Utopia High! Home of one of the most racially diverse attendance. Here we serve Orcs, Vampires, Witches, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies (of all kind), Demons, and much more!

Warning Please do not be intimidated by the lore presented its simple and straight forward, you don't even need to read it if you absolutely don't want to.

Have fun while you rp! I'm adding more plot for the story line so we can keep it constant.
8 minutes ago
Join Now! Get in the Community has Good Staff!
10 minutes ago
Hi, I am Turtle, I run this server with my good friends Mr.Tribiano, poizenboi, and Komnicks.
11 minutes ago
This is the Smash Bros Ultimate Roleplay Server! We are a server that’s all about roleplaying as all of the various smash characters. Whenever new characters are announced for the game, they are add here. We also offer a bunch of channels for non roleplay! We are small as of now, but with your help we can grow large! Please join only if you are interested. In this server, you may be any smash character or Assist trophy. It’ll be fun to interact with other fighters!
11 minutes ago
The world always had rifts, they say. No one remembers a time before that. The rifts served, and still serve, as a passage to different worlds. Along with the different worlds where unique, fantastical beasts of their lands, fully created with the idea of survival in the harsh area. Humans, in time, learned to tame and keep these creatures, and when they did, they became soul-bonded to them. Once soul bound, people discovered you could take on some of the characteristics of the monster.

There are the low-level monsters, moderate beasts, and limitless creatures. These limitless creatures are respectfully referred to as Titans. They’re the primary influence on a world’s environment, taking on similar forms as their original place. But with these good things, people must ruin them.

The war began. After people had been using the monsters for evil, an all-out battle erupted, destroying cities and innocent lives. The fight ended, and everyone found peace. Trade systems, economy, societies, and technology have developed due to astounding discoveries. People travel everywhere as scavengers, adventurers, merchants... fighters... but the real question is, what will you discover?
13 minutes ago
Nearly Ten years ago in 2045, Earth underwent a major geological transformation, dubbed “The Breaking” by many. Millions of lives were lost as the Earth morphed into something its inhabitants would not be able to recognize at all, all the landmasses that were once scattered throughout Earth now found itself back at square one - a supercontinent its inhabitants called “Eden”. Despite these groundbreaking events, life carried on in this strange yet familiar world. The survivors of this grand tragedy formed groups based on location, tribe like organizations which were scattered throughout Eden, each one uniquely adapted to its own geolocation. These pockets of humans were able to have access to a now ubiquitous supply of one of seven rare earth metals which were pushed to the surface by the Breaking. All the groups found themselves retaining and even advancing past Earth technologies. Sadly, what one tribe lacked in necessary goods, one had in excess. So many of these tribes found themselves in constant conflict with one another….. but war was not the only thing this dangerous new world had to offer. Those who were left found themselves sharing their new homes with another species, the Metallum, with many different nicknames like Allum, Bakal, etc. each one different from organization to organization. One thing was clear, these beasts were monsters, taking the form of past animals and even humans. They are impervious to most kinetic weapons that humanity has to offer. In 2050, many of the tribes were annihilated by the Metallum and humanity seemed like it was about to face its final moments. In the desperation rose an Emperor, a man who united the five major tribes who created the walled city of Bastion.
This great city became a meeting point for all the tribes - a melting pot of culture and prosperity. The seven tribes find a way to fend off the monsters and eventually agree to an unstable peace treaty with chaotic skirmishes on each other’s borders. Right now, in 2055, the great city of Bastion faces collapse due to outside forces of unknown origin and the degrading walls now beginning to collapse against the beings that lurk at night. Who’s story will you tell in this great unknown?
13 minutes ago
want to be a robotic human? a human? well this is the server for you! come join us and hang out! we love making friends!
16 minutes ago
Knight Rider is a TV Show that ran from 1982 to 1986 for 4 Seaons on NBC, The Show was created by Glen A Larson
17 minutes ago
Clear skies is a brand new server so come on in and help the community grow!

We have many plans for the future such as art and music events.

Our goal is to offer something for every interest to give our members a pleasant experience.

19 minutes ago
[Under construction: We need member who want guide other in rps and staff members!]
A hotel for all the wandering travelers of multiverse, looking for a nice place to stay! Make your reservation, order a drink while we assign a room for you! Feel free to talk with our guests. Have fun, visit our gardens, swim in our pools and, maybe, flirt with us and get a nice and "spicy" hookup! No need to be shy! We're here to be a friendly, supportive, and encouraging community.
20 minutes ago
This is a place for those who like monsters, aliens, mutants, robots, cyborgs, biomechs, specters, undead things, unidentified creatures, mixtures of them all, and so on.

It welcomes any type of any sort of entity, with no prejudices of any kind. This is a role-play server, so come and join the mysterious and uncanny world of Area 5, where you can role-play as whatever you personally desire. This place is for individuals and their original creations. It allows anyone and everyone maximum creativity with what is theirs, hindering them not as so many servers wrongfully do. HOWEVER, the only restriction is that you do not role-play as canon characters from established franchises such as Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Peter Parker (Spiderman).
20 minutes ago
Dreamy is active as can be, and friendly. We chat, show memes, and more fun things~ So come join us, I accept anyone, well we, accept anyone. Im wanting this server to grow massive )o) I try to bump the server as much as I can, and I try to keep it active and friendly for everyone.
21 minutes ago
It is 150 years after the timeline of the current Marvel Hero timelines, the year 3050, A.K.A the future. The Heroes have all passed and a new generation of heroes have risen called the Next Avengers. The genetics of the past heroes have been passed down and evolved from generation to generation issuing a new age of Heroes and Villains. The Next Avengers and Chronos battle endlessly to protect the people of New York City and to destroy it. Now it's up to us to put an end to this battle. This is, Avengers: Advanced, The Next Generation.
22 minutes ago
virtual online hospital !
this is a virtual online hospital !
the first of its kind
it's a place too talk about problems , share what's on your mind and make acquaintance's !
chat includes music , movies , gaming , art , relaxation , and general !
here you will receive YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROOM that you can post in !
we have wonderful staff and great members !
come and say hi :)

22 minutes ago
Lore:This roleplay takes place in a alternate universe,where for each space object created,a physical form of the same is created as well.Long ago,while the universe was relatively young,it was dominated by dark forced known as Black Holes,and many others as well.The universe expanded with time,and so did strength of the ones that wished to stay on the good side.Troops were formed,cities were built,and most importantly-Bonds were made.Pick your side,and get ready for a galactic adventure!

What's up?:
-You can choose between 9 unique classes of characters
-Have your own roleplay area (i.e channel) which you can fully customize to your will!
-Weekly Tasks that give rewards such as unique roles
-Every character can have it's own story which will,of course,progress
-No character limit!
-Interact with the 4 great deities that are in charge of keeping the universe together:Big Freeze,Big Crunch,Big Rip and Vacuum
-Enjoy the friendly atmosphere
(NOTE:The server will begin with the roleplay in about 4 days.I need some rest)
23 minutes ago
Welcome to Kalos!

A hundred years have passed, and the multi-regional land is thriving and bustling with as much style as ever. Team Flare has been disbanded completely, and during the aftermath of their ultimate weapon and news of other Teams throughout the neighboring regions, it's been decided that there'll be a registration period for any prospective Trainers: fifteen years old to nineteen years old, after taking on five years of Trainer School. Once they gain that registration, they may head over to Vaniville Town, where Yarrow has chosen to set up his homey yet stylish lab, exterior befitting of the quaint settlement.

For now, it's been the usual routine of new Trainers coming and going, looking to start their journeys for one reason or another. In Kalos - along the seaside, throughout the mountains, across the plains, begin a Trainer's journey once more with new faces all around, and simply live.

This is a literate RP server featuring the Kalos region! We utilize a server XP system with Nadeko for increased benefits depending on participation, and quite literally have a channel for every route and settlement. For fairness, Pokémon Showdown is used to conduct official battles, and there's certainly an opportunity for multiple characters and fun interaction.

Interested? Then feel free to drop by and look at how we do the rules and whatnot around here. We hope to see you in our Kalos!
23 minutes ago