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Want to view art or show off your art? Well here you can while also meeting more artists and making new friends! There are also places for roleplay of you get too bored of just art~ Plus if you join and submit art you have the chance of becoming a Guest Artist on my server with your own room where you can show off your skills. We hope to see you there~
In a world where superpower-like traits arise are known as “Quirks” have dawned upon humanity. Strength, speed, fire, all sorts of powers began appearing one by one until 80% of the world population had a quirk. The use of such quirks in public is deemed illegal, punishable by imprisonment. Those who fail to obey the law are labeled as villains. They wreak havoc on the city of Musutafu, the greatest threat this city has ever encountered. There are several people deemed Pro-Heroes, who protect this great city. There are also students, training to become heroes to one day protect this city as well. These future heroes go to U.A. Academy, a place where they can enhance and refine their quirk and abilities. Will you be a villain or will you be a hero?

Fair and fun role play, with understanding admins to make your role playing worthwhile and joyful. Custom quirks can be requested to create more flexibility with members and to keep unique quirks always in play. Daily school schedules to keep students on their feet and train for upcoming villains. Didn't get accepted into U.A.? Don't worry! You can still be a junior high student so you can learn more about the world!
Our Sever is all about hanging out and meeting new people!

What do we offer?

We have a VARIETY of different rooms and activities!

:musical_note: Music Bots! :musical_note:
VC, & Karaoke for Singing
:joy: Memes :joy:
:100: Self-Assignable-Roles :100:
:iphone: Selfies Channel :iphone:
:art: Art Channel :art:
:telephone_receiver: Phone booth! :telephone_receiver:
Nsfw and more!
Hope to see you soon at Discord WTF?
This is a NSFW BDSM server,
Everyone is welcome to meet new people and have fun with the mini-games in the server, plenty of people to discuss different topics such as gaming or fetishes.

We have a very active community and offer mutual advertisement with other servers who are interested, feel free to ask, we also welcone people new people to the bdsm community and are welcone to teach everyone safe and healthy BDSM.
TrapLand is a newer server but with a lot of potential. We are an 18+ ONLY server. I'm terrible at descriptions. Join and let me know what you think.
-↳Welcome to bts rats~
-↳Feel free to join

Here we offer:

▹Bts ships
▹Self-assignable roles
▹Useful bots
▹Lots of free sugakookies and tae

...and lots more :))
A server for all fans of basketball and the NBA
Level up, unlock permissions, get free stuff and have fun!
🌈Create yourself!🌈
Focuses: Clash Royale, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh (Customs,Casual and Competitive), Minecraft, Nature & more.
Artists, Animators, Creators, Leaders, Music Makers, Roleplayers, and fans are all invited. I, and future leaders, host regular tournaments and events in these games and categories that hold cool prizes. Rewards for most things, there are even guaranteed commissions!

Ps: We help learn anything, including languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Klingon +), In depth categories for your needs.
Here you can role play, makes friends, listen to music and more. If you wish to erp please tell a mod first and what channel it will be in. ERP MUST BE IN A DORM OR APARTMENT
The Chill Kingdom ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Gaming! Chatting! Active Mods! Steam Giveaways! Over 2000+ Great Members!


Chill Kingdom is great little place to hang out and chat with fellow humans. (f you're if your into that sort of thing) We're still growing but we're growing VERY fast! Join the server and come chat to @everyone AND our friendly Mods and Members to have a great time !


(Join for more info)
Server Link:
Backup Link:
Thicc Thighs Love Lives💕 is a server for anyone between 13-18 who is looking for love online and to find some epic e-girls and e-boys. We accept anyone no matter their sexuality, gender or ethnicity. Server has anime themes in it, but that isn't the main focus.
♥*♡+:。 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚜 。:+♡*♥


♡ ethots and ethighs is a new discord that was just made :)
♡ this is basically a cringy ass edating server with hot egirls, nsfw chat, bots, mods that don’t really do anything, and memes
♡ find a hot ass egirl with big tiddies
♡ this server is pretty much a joke so don’t take it too seriously
♡ if you don’t join you’re a faggot
♡ looking for partnerships
♡ (custom roles coming soon)
Home of Misfits is exactly what it sounds like, come chill, be whoever you feel like being and add yourself to the pot of nonsense.
Welcome to the land of Galdoa, a place where nature and humans coexist. We are a new server looking for new members. Make yourself at home in the comforts of the mead hall, and gather around the table to listen to stories of glory and bravery. Train and enhance your skills in defending the balance of nature, and embrace it.

Aye, but these are dark times, for a sinister force is spreading across the land and threatening to destroy the balance which we fight for. Every day is a new journey. Will you join us in our quest?
We are kickass hosting we sell cads/mdts and intros and outros and bots hope u want to join
Let all wolves come together and harness the power of our ancestors.
Many moons ago, there was one pack that roamed the earth called Galaxy Pack, lead by Galaxy, the father of all wolves. He rose to mighty heights and taught each wolf pup how to hunt and live. Now, his legacy lives inside each one of you. Join a pack and live free!
You get stares at school, your grades suck, you absolutely have no idea why you see these weird creatures around and think it's just a segment of your imagination. It isn't until now that you found out your weird limping friend is a satyr and you are now on your way running to a strange camp that will help you with your weird problems!

WELCOME TO CAMP HALF-BLOOD you read and you dive on in
You found out you had a special gift, or power! It was one heck of a journey you had with people looking at you strangely and it turns out you had about enough with being at a normal school. So you google searched a magic school and huzzah! You found Cross Academy School for the Gifted! You send a application to get into the school and in about two days a letter comes flying into your room, carried by a dove and it says:
Congratulations! You have been accepted into the school! Come meet us at the gate this week so you can tour the school with your new classmates! Don't be late or the disciplinary team will be there to murder you!
Fall Away is a very small and chill town roleplay server. We're not that strict on rules and allow ERP. Of course, you can just join to make some friends! :P
A brand new server that needs people centered around the inflation kink, along with hyper females or males. If your interested in that kind of stuff, come on in. We also have roleplay centered around inflation or the thicc, and we are always open to new suggestions
Multiverse RP is a casual roleplay server based around any universe in any game/book/show/movie.

Join us for a wonderful experience! Like DnD? Pick fantasy where the experience is based around such dungeon plunging or even tavern warmings!

Like Sci-Fi? Join up on the speculative category for a treat in almost every aspect. Want to be a ship captain? A marine from halo? A cyberpunk dude/dudette? A wastelander from fallout?
We gotchu.


Ω| Literate to Advanced writers
Ω| Original Characters ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Ω| 13+ Age Requirement
Ω| A growing community
Ω| A server without freeform RP, DM'd RP channels.
Ω| Learn as you go lore, explore the lands after an introduction
Ω| Missions everywhere
Ω| A giant underlying plot for everyone
Ω| Over 200 channels to RP in
Ω| Active welcoming team! Learn anything about the server
Ω| Tatsumaki Leveling
Ω| Currency System
In the South Rock Academy, things are a little off... Students and teachers are starting to gain superhuman like powers! In an earlier news broadcast, it was said the nearby testing facility had a meltdown, and all the biochemicals in the facility started to infect the nearby area, but no one knew this would happen...
This is an RP/ERP sever for anyone that wants to roleplay and hang out! This server is an NSFW sever so if you're not into that then don't join. If you do join please read the rules and get ready to make your character! Please stay a while! I'm also looking for a few new trustworthy admins!
Welcome to my server. We are a new server created by Blackwolf07. We have gaming channels, helpful staff. We have nsfw chats and bots to use including rp and erp. And art and lyric channels for people to post there art and music lyrics.