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Music Producers United is a friendly community of artists & producers, no matter what genre of music you make, there will always be someone willing to collab.
Du bist interessiert in die große Welt der Musik ?
Wir sind der Server des Multicord-Netzwerkes auf dem sich alles rund um die Musik dreht.
Vom Teilen eurer Lieblingslieder bis hin zu zukünftigen Events wie z.B. den Song der Woche ist alles dabei !
Hello, we are Kpop-O-Rama! We are a fun, friendly server that revolves around KPOP groups and artists, especially BTS! Come and join us to see our diverse community, unique channels, and cordial members.
Welcome to Hot 3s! This server is for sharing music and gaining some insight on the musical perspectives of others. Sets of three songs from my personal music collection are randomly selected and posted here. The goal is for everyone to view all three songs from a given set at the same time, and then state which song they like the best. Additional reasoning is always recommended as that helps give others more insight into your music perspective. New sets are available each week so make sure to weigh in on all of the sets that interest you! Participation in any of the types of Hot 3s will give you a role so that you will be notified of when the next one is.
A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music. Being centered around music, members have a wide variety of interests including gaming, anime, sports, and other art.
✦ We welcome all forms of Creative Talent ✦
✦ Singing ✦ Art ✦ Writing ✦ Photography ✦
✦ Fun Events ✦ Auditions ✦ Talent Contests ✦
✦ Self-Promo ✦ Social ✦ Gaming ✦
1, 2, 3, One in a million we are TWICE Fan Group!!

✧・゚: ✧・゚: - We are a server full on ONCES, and dedicated to making this server fun and productive!!

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  - other than that we have many things to offer for you fellow ONCEs!!

✧・゚: ✧・゚: Updates on TWICE so you can stay up-to-date

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  - suggestion channel to make the server better and better

✧・゚: ✧・゚: - bias roles!!

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  - laughable memes

* ✧・゚: ✧・゚:  fun bots you can work well with

Fellow once what are you waiting for, go join TWICE Fan Group!!
SFW Vocaloid Social Server! Everyone welcome, even if you've never heard a single vocaloid song before. Come listen to new Vocaloid songs, chat, and make friends! We have miku themed bots, memes, weekly contests, news girls, cookies, and friendly members! This server is PG-13, things that are NSFW are not allowed.
Come join this server, where we invite talented muscians to interact with and help other musicians, we have many bots aswell
☆ Hello ☆

Our server invites you to join our roleplays and make friends!

Along with roleplay, we have different channels in which you can converse about a multitude of different topics.

Every member must request a role of a vocaloid/utauloid to roleplay. But not every member needs a role to talk outside of roleplays!

We have a lot of fun talking about vocaloid, kpop, anime, manga, videogames, and all sorts of interests!

We're always welcome to new members!
A server for every musicians. We welcome you into our music server with custom roles, channels for specific instruments, voice channels for calls, instrument practice and more!
★,。・☆・゚☆┍━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━┑★,。・☆・゚☆
Welcome To
┕━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━┙

『What We offer!』

✯Friendly Staff/Members!
✯Assignable Roles/Color Roles!
✯Game Bots!
✯Special Birthday Role!
✯BTS Updates!
✯Level Roles!
✯Shop Roles!
✯Group Voice Chats!
✯LGBT+ Friendly!

💜 We’ll See you there! 💜

Owner: <@349529312866729985>
Co-Owners: <@454370290227740687> <@427954775288709131>

『Invite Link!』


A server mainly focused on the korean boy group BTS (방탄소년단), but anyone is welcome here!
Even if you're not a k-pop fan, i promise you'll have fun here.
We are a quickly growing community of music fans, mainly focusing around -core music and pop punk but many other types of music as well. We hope to see you there!
Do you love K-Pop? Especially BTS?
If you do, You will love this Discord!
♡We are a 13+ Server!♡

To start off, We got..
♡ A channel exclusively for BTS Updates!
♡ Rules & Information about the Server!
♡ Helpful and Kind Staff to solve anything you need, that we can solve!
♡ A Channel Directory If you get lost & need help finding your way around!
♡ Sfw, Nsfw, Serious and Multi-fandom Channels!
♡ Channels for; Bias, Ships, OT3-7, Fanart, Fanfictions, Anime/Gaming, Selfies, Pets,
Social Media, Merch, One Word Story, In This House, Question of the Day, Idol of the Week,
Kiss Marry Hug, Social Media, & Merch!

Wanna know what else we got? Check it out!
♡ Robyul posts from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, & VLIVE!
♡ Lovely Bots for Levels, Music, Fun, Uploads, Moderation, & Roles!
♡ 50+ Amazing Emotes and 1000+ Members!
♡ A NSFW/18+ Role you MUST ask for!
Welcome to The Silver Spoon Cafe!

We are a friendly, SFW server that revolves around the KPOP group BTS! However, if you dislike BTS, or KPOP, we have channels that aren't related to those topics, like anime, food, and etc.

We offer our own server economy, points, and self-assignable roles to suit everyone's aesthetic needs.

Come join and help us grow! See you next time in The Silver Spoon Cafe!
The Music PROducers are an artist/producer/musician's favorite community! Whether a beginner or expert, we'd love to listen and give feedback to your music! Need to grow a fanbase? We got you covered! Need help or want to collaborate? We're here for you! Want to promote your track? We encourage it! If it means taking time out of our day to make each other a better producer/artist than they were yesterday, then that's our mission.

So, why should I go here to promote myself?
Great question! There are many ways! If you make a banger, we'll showcase you in The Spotlight! The Spotlight is a server wide notification about the greatest track of the week, which is also promoted on the Music PROducers SoundCloud! If you want to guarantee yourself some plays, you can also just use the Music Promotion section.

How big is the server?
So far we are not so huge, but we strive for a better community over a bigger community!

Other reasons you should join the community:

➪Social media promotion!

➪Easy server support!

➪We partner with labels, servers, and more!

➪Mods looking out for the community!

We can't wait to see you here!

this is a new server dedicated to red velvet, the south korean girl group formed under sm entertainment! reveluvs and those who want to know the group better are welcomed
Whalecum to Insomnia!
We are a new, small and friendly server and we would love it if you chose to fulfil your sleepless nights with Insomnia :P We have chill mods, and our rules are fair. This is a server for those who are 15+, and we have a NSFW channel for our users who are of age :) We have vc, music bots, and many channels, including art, photography, aesthetics, confessions and support, and many more! Join now :3

Welcome to Royal Kpop!! We are all friendly and this place is meant to be a place to chill, talk, and make friends.

Go wild and show your love and support towards your bias group and member. We all encourage you to have fun.

Thanks for joining !!

💎~ Kpop ~
💎~ Friendly community ~
💎~ Fun and wild bots ~
💎~ Gambling and games ~

👑 Owner 👑 : @ombyun#1543
👑 Co-owner 👑 : @Mira#7909

DM our owners or any of the other staff members online for partnership we are happy to have you with us. 😉
This is a friendly BTS server with welcoming staff, a lot of customizable roles, earning currency to buy fun aesthetic roles, regular events and voice chats, and much more! We're a small community that would love to grow. <3
❤️ Become part of a growing community full of close people and counseling to chat with daily, whether it be to get help and cope with depression, loneliness or just to find other friends. I myself was alone for 5 years. We're here for you so come chat with us.
❤️ This server is to help other artists, music producers, game developers, programmers. Give each other advice, help, discuss, and work/collaborate with others on projects.
Music Genius is a server for anyone who appreciates music. No matter what genre you listen to, if you love music then this is the server for you. We have a nice, friendly and welcoming community with well over 500 members. We also host events for all of our rappers/producers to help them promote their music. Join today!