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This server is meant to be a place for any vocaloid fan to take a load off and just hang and chill maybe make some new friends and get to know vocaloid fans similar to you instead of other people who can ruin the experience. Any harassment or bullying will resort in a immediate ban. Join and make new vocaloid friends today! we offer a station to listen to your favorite songs, separate channels to share your love for your vocaloid and share songs you love and want others to enjoy. We now include an MP3 file of the music of the week, and accept request! please concider joining, it would make my day. thanks!
The RAGU Music Discord is a server focused on curating a fun and open community for music producers/rappers/or just listeners of music to discuss and learn about music.

The staff is open to suggestions that will benefit and grow the community.

We host beat-battles, allow members to post tracks for feedback, and other channels you can use as resources, such as Mixing-and-Mastering, where you can ask for audio engineering help, and channels for free drum kits and samples.

We also have other channels such as a casino, cover art, and a freestyle channel.

We’d greatly appreciate if you decided to join. Together, we can develop this community for discussing and learning music!
Official Discord server for r/Denzelcurry.

We welcome any fans of former and current ULT members (Which includes Denzel Curry Xxxtentacion,Ski mask the slump god, J.K. The Reaper , RonnyJ, Etc..)

Feel free to SWITCH IT UP and talk about other artists your into, suggest movies, and talk about your fave anime, in the appropriate channels.
Welcome to the Hip Hop Cabin; a server built on hip hop/lo-fi music!

It's a new server that features a 24/7 lo-fi hip hop radio... that'll probably never stop running.

So basically, this server features:

📻 24/7 endless Lo-Fi radio
🎉 Listening parties (more info below)
👌 Self-assignable roles based on what you’re into
👌 Awesome emotes of your favorite hip hop artists EXCLUSIVE to this server
💿 A channel for producers to share their work + special role
😏 A dedicated NSFW channel for u lewdies
📷 Media channels (photos, selfies, vids, etc…)
🤔 Friendly community…

We’re also hip hop fans, so we plan on organizing listening parties if the server grows where we feature artists like:

⭐ xxxtentacion (rip)
⭐ Kendrick Lamar
⭐ J. Cole
⭐ Tyler, the Creator
⭐ Frank Ocean
⭐ YEEZUS, etc…

So if you’re a fan of one of these artists, be sure to join!
This server was designed to feel as cozy, “lofi,” and a e s t h e t i c as possible, built around a comfy cabin/lodge theme.

EST. JAN 30, 2019
I'm Lead, The Garage is my personal server which i use pretty much day and night to listen to music and chat to my mates.
Join if you're into music, films, anime, video games or if you're just lonely and need someone to talk to.
Welcome to Hot 3s! This server is for sharing music and gaining some insight on the musical perspectives of others. Sets of three songs from my personal music collection are randomly selected and posted here. The goal is for everyone to view all three songs from a given set at the same time, and then state which song they like the best. Additional reasoning is always recommended as that helps give others more insight into your music perspective. New sets are available each week so make sure to weigh in on all of the sets that interest you! Participation in any of the types of Hot 3s will give you a role so that you will be notified of when the next one is.
Hello! This is the official server of Heiakim, the music producer who made the famous "Hotto Doggu", and the "Bitch Lasagna" cover featuring google translate.
This is a friendly BTS server with welcoming staff and a lot of customizable roles and currency to buy fun aesthetic roles. We also have fun events such as interactive story-telling/scavenger hunt activities that we host at least once per month! We're a community that would love to grow and we consider everyone here as family. Even if you don't like BTS but just want a place to talk, we'll still welcome you here. <3
Our friendly discord community:
Be a part of the place where the Flawless Music is being recorded at. Join Tricky at midnight for some nice music, or play your own in our Free Play section. Other stuff included too, if you join!
We are one of the many fan servers for Ariana Grande Butera!

We are active and have a great staff team! We have lots of interaction and much much more for you to see!
Music Producers United is a friendly community of artists & producers, no matter what genre of music you make, there will always be someone willing to collab.
A place for rappers and producers to collab and to discuss music! We welcome everyone from amateurs to professionals!
a server made special for jikook ♡ We are a small friendly community with a role shop and channels for discussing both bts and multifandom talks 🌸
Want a place to talk GOT7 with friendly Ahgases? Look no further than Ahgase's Nest! We're a very friendly server dedicated to the kpop group GOT7, and we welcome everyone.

We have:
- Individual member channels
- A memes channel
- Weekly & voice chat session
- Robyul bot & music bot
- Self-assignable bias roles
- An active & friendly admin team

If this sounds like fun to you, then come say hello!
Welcome to IDOL TOWN!
Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for all fans of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese pop music. We have a friendly community with multiple sections for each genre, and special channels just for image spam.
Hello, and welcome to the IdolFantasy Discord server. IdolFantasy is a Discord I created for people like me who enjoys listening to asian music, and adore their artists. This is a growing server, so it doesn't have much. But, I will do all I can to keep this server alive.

2 0 1 9 🎩🎆I N T H I S S E R V E R Y O U C A N fireworkstophat🎩🎆2 0 1 9
♡ Listen to music

♡ Chat w/ people and talk about your favorite groups/idols

♡ Make fanart and share them in the art channel for all to see.

♡ Learn either Korean, Japanese, or Chinese w/ the language chats.

Once you join, You will be given roles based on what genre you like (K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop) and also what group you like, and your role will be the fandom name. (EX: If you like BTS, Your role will be "A.R.M.Y")
I hope you have fun in the server, and I'll see you there!
Hello, and welcome to EBiDAN Discord. Just like my other servers, this discord is made for fans who want to chat with other fans.

What is EBiDAN?

EBiDAN is Stardust Promotion's music collective for their male artists.
It includes:
Sakura Shimeji
Bullet Train
and others

If you know any of these groups mentioned here then this server is for you!

There isn't much to do here seeing how I just created this server, but if anyone wants to help out, it's much needed. Let's give EBiDAN artists the recognition they deserve!
Do you like Music? If yes to ANY of those questions, Feel free to join this server.
🌙┊We’re a multifandom community meant for everyone!

Our server is mainly focused around kpop but we are open to any topic. We often talk about kdrama, anime, gaming, advice and other topics, so feel free to talk about anything. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and accepted here. You can always be yourself with us!

So, please consider joining us and making our home your home! All are welcome. ♡
A growing nihilistic wasteland full of music, memes, and voice and bot channels. Come hang with us.
What we have to offer
- Memes
- Alot of music channels
- Voice chats
- Bots
- NSFW Access
- Art work
And much more
You ever feel like you're stuck in a crossroad on every decision you make? Why not take a little detour towards Road to Eden & gather your thoughts. Come join us on the road to tranquility.