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Promote your music and find new songs!
Featuring an all new community playlist that you can submit your music to!
Contests and prizes for rappers, singers, producers, and more!
We are a friendly and professional server that's dedicated to music.

🎹 Custom drum-kits, presets, midis, etc, exclusively crafted for the server
🎹 Showcase and constructive feedback
🎹 Music tutorials
🎹 Performance and karaoke channels
🎹 Collaboration channel
🎹 Music promotion
🎹 Song recommendation
🎹 Channels for music and instrument discussion
🎹 Over 35 self-assignable roles
Welcome to the Anti-Nerd Ass Society.

We're a community of musicians (of all skill levels) who have one goal: rid the world of nerd ass shit.

"What is nerd ass shit?" you might ask. Nerd ass shit has no solid meaning but is rather a reference to all that is deemed as such by us.

Examples of nerd ass shit include but are not limited to:
-Music theory
-Dream Theater
-Scales (besides pentatonic)
-Power metal

If you are interested in joining a server that opposes these things, as well as shitposting and getting real help with your instrument, join today!
"Bachstreet is an amazing server to join not only to make friends but to get help and advice on learning, sight-reading, or beginning to play any instrument.

There’s a wide variety of instruments that people play, and overall it’s a great place to join to hear others play and to express your music to others. and along with that, having other events like movie nights or game nights makes the server all the more merrier." -mmanarrm

"Bachstreet is a friendly community for people who share a love for music, whether you're a concert pianist or an aspiring musician." -takenbyapes

"Bachstreet is a non toxic practice server. It has nice mods, nice people, and nice aesthetics. You need to join because all the mods are Pokémon." -viole

You heard em.

If you want good advice and a cool place to practice, this is your place. Level 3 nitro boost perks, an owner made bot and a self made syllabus? Heck yeah.
Welcome to the metalhead's cave, Come join us and have lots of fun, Meet new people, Contribute to the server, And help us grow,
We are a very welcoming community with many interactive staff members and a continuously growing server.
We love metal and rock, Staff are very friendly and we always work to make your experience better here.
What we have to offer:

1. We offer head banging with friends and rockin rollin

2. A place to hang out with friends and new people to talk In the metalhead cave we allow you to talk about your favorite metal bands and talk about your opinions

3. A safe heaven for metalheads not for one genre of metalhead or band but all

4. We also host listening parties to headbang and you can host them too

5. We host a "Song of the day" which you can suggest songs for
Welcome to: The Voiceless.

We are all fans of Rock, Metal, Rap, and even some electronic music!

We offer...

Multiple music categories, sorted by general, rock or rap.

Multiple channels and music bots!

Many self given roles, and more on the way!

Will you join The Voiceless?

Salut !
Nous sommes un serveur francophone de producteurs de musique techno.

- Salons organisés pour optimiser vos discussions.
- Stream
- Événements
- Pas de niveau requis
- Des graphistes et motion designer peuvent aussi nous rejoindre pour réaliser des demandes de cover, clip ect...
Vocaloid Central is a server to listen to Hatsune Miku, Megpoid Gumi, and Rin & Len Kagamine 24/7. With over 1500+ songs in rotation with more coming fast!
This is a server all about music! We mainly focus around older music but we are also open to talking about newer music! If you are looking for a small, chill music server to hang out in, then this is your place!
xranium is a chill community based around our shared interest in metal and quality music in general. whether you're a trve kvltist, a power metal wizard, a thrasher, an anarcho punk, or whatever else you may consider yourself, we'll gladly welcome you:))

so, feel free to join and meet new cool like-minded people, share the music that you love, spread your own music, talk about whatever's on your mind, and most importantly, have a good time and hopefully make some good friends! here we like to make sure everything is kept safe, kind, and positive, so keep that in mind at all times!!
We’re just a chill server, lots of bots and fun things to do, movie nights almost every friday. you can meet new poeple possible make some good friends :)

🦋 ꒰ The K-pop ꒱ 🦋


Este es un server sobre K-pop, somos como una familia, no somos para nada tóxicos ¿Qué esperas para venir aquí?


Te ofrecemos.

〘🔰〙 Staff 100% agradables.

〘💸〙 Sistema de economía.

〘🔊〙 Canales de voz para escuchar música.

〘🙋‍♀️〙 Roles a las personas destacadas. (Personas más activas)

〘🎬〙 Sala privada para ver películas/doramas.

〘🧆〙 Votación mensual para la foto del servidor.

〘🍰〙 Roles kpop, y roles por niveles.

Falsetto is a server that focuses on singing! We have many channels and events where you can share and improve your singing. To name a few:

We have a channel where you can get one of our 5 singing ranks by sending a clip to one of our staff members.
We also host a singing challenge with a different theme every other week.
There's also a channel for self promotion, where you can send covers or anything you'd like.
And on top of that we also have a channel for talking about your singing progress.

Once a week we will host events to do with singing. We have a whole category dedicated to that which you can check out!!!

It's a community where you can meet new people with similar interests and share your singing :))

I hope you enjoy <3
Quarantine Chamber Society is a friendly server for classical musicians looking to take advantage of their time in quarantine and partner with others to create fun chamber projects.
welcome to the clitten kingdom, a small server since mood (the owner) is running it by himself. it’s a new server based around doja cat and we would love it if you joined us!
Welcome to Pink Garden!
︵︵︵ ︵︵

We are a multifandom kpop server with a pink aesthetic and garden theme! We are good at avoiding any and all fanwars to stop any toxicity. We always do our best to make you feel comfortable and let everyone express themselves freely.

͙ ₊· ੭ our highlights!

🌸 A kind, LGBTQ+ friendly community.
🍧 Fun activities & unique events.
🌺 Many bots to interact with.
🌷 Over 100+ cute roles.

!! unfortunately, we do have an age limit between 13-25; only those in the age group may join. !!

hiiiiiiiiiiiii! we are the club for all of the directioners. we're a new server and we'd love for u to join us and have some fun. we have cool bots, fun games, and a nice atmosphere i suppose. MAKE SURE TO CHECK US OUT!
┏━━━━°⌜ ビープビープ ⌟°━━━━┓

┊ ┊ ✫ . ─🧯 : 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲𝟐𝟒/𝟕

┊ ⊹ ⋆

┊. » [District 9 - Stray Kids] «

✧ 0:08 ─〇───── 3:31

⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
:: sfw & non-toxic (everyones treated like family)
:: simple, stray kids comeback themed layout ; very active
—๑՞ what can you do?
:: wide range of roles/bias roles
:: make kpop/stay friends
:: multiple unique events and games

┗━━━━°⌜ ビープビープ⌟°━━━━┛
Welcome to a server for the Stray Kids fanbase, STAYs!

stray kids everywhere all around the world, you make stray kids stay

Whether you're a new fan or someone who's been around since the beginning, you're all welcome here to have fun with us! Here's what we offer:

- Announcements on Stray Kids-related things
- Bias, experience, and ping roles
- Calm, non-toxic conversations with fellow fans
- Our very own youtube channel for any of us to post on with permission!
- Multifandom chats
- Therapy sessions
- Non-racist, LGBTQ+ supportive
- Fun bots to play around with
- Voice channels with music bots
- And most importantly... FUN!

We hope you have fun in our server!
A new and fast-growing server where you can talk about rap music and have debates and express your opinions. what are you waiting for? join today!

we also do regular polls for some of your favorite artists

We also are always looking for partners!
An active music discussion server with a tie-in! Join us to talk all things music on a friendly server full of music fans and scrobblers. Discord regularly tops 20,000 human messages per day, often topping 25,000 or 30,000, and has many active users from around the world. It's an open genre server, so you'll find people that share your passion for your favourite sounds, be it alternative, pop, metal, hip-hop, rock, classical, EDM, indie, shoegaze, experimental, or something else entirely!

We have multiple bots, including our own server-exclusive bot, which can pull statistics from your account, generate charts, compare your taste with other users, and much more. Our roles are based on your scrobble total, and we've also got a user leaderboard, a quote board, and genre, off-topic, developer and meme channels.

We also have an exclusive version of the popular (and highly addictive) crowns game, where you earn crowns for having more scrobbles of an artist than anyone else, plus an artist name guessing game.

We run regular server events, including a weekly collaborative playlist and listen along, frequent "flash playlists" curated by the community, daily discussions based on prompts submitted by users, and listening parties to albums.

The server is active throughout the day, and there's a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We don't allow shitposting, edgelording and offensive behaviour, and it's active enough to keep the conversation flowing, but not so big you'll be lost in the crowd!

The server is not affiliated officially with, but has staff and moderators present. Obviously we recommend you have a account, but it isn't required, and you can join without one. Some server members also use other music sites, such as RateYourMusic (RYM).

We currently have the following dedicated genre channels, all of which are active daily:

* Alternative and Indie
* Electronic
* Experimental
* Folk and Country
* Hip-hop and R&B
* Jazz
* Metal
* Pop: Asian (for K-Pop, J-Pop, etc)
* Pop: Western (for pop other than Asian pop)
* Rock and Punk
* Scores, Classical and VGM

We look forward to meeting you!