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This server is meant to be a place for any vocaloid fan to take a load off and just hang out and chill, make some a new friends and get to know vocaloid fans similar to you instead of other people who can ruin the experience. Any harassment or bullying will resort in a immediate ban. Join and make new vocaloid friends today! we offer a station to listen to your favorite songs, separate channels to share your love for your vocaloid and share songs you love and want others to enjoy. please be consider to joining, it would make my day. thanks!
A server made for Blinks that loves BLACKPINK~
We welcome anyone and we talk about anything you want
so do join us and make this group grow together!
Heyo! Welcome to JinHit Entertainment (we all knew it'd happen someday!) We're a new SFW BTS and K-Pop server hoping to grow and make new friends!

Our server provides the following
- Self assignable bias, b/w and meme roles
- Meme and photo channels (separate for BTS and K-Pop)
- Karaoke channel to sing your heart out!
- Fun bots including WaifuBot and Dank Memer
- Friendly community & much more!

If you're a A.R.M.Y. or K-Pop fan, this channel is ideal for you! We hope to see you there!
Lovely Life is a girl group focused k-pop server with a variety of other topics of interest such as gaming and anime. We are a friendly community and would like to empower young minds. <3
Eine warme,wunderbare Kpop Community erwartet dich! Wir möchten eine tolle Community aufbauen und suchen Mitglieder, die diese zu etwas Besonderem machen. Jeder ist gerne willkommen, der freundlich ist und gerne über Kpop und Kpop Girl Gruppen austauschen möchte. Wir sind noch im Aufbau :) Freue mich über Gesellschaft.

Was wir bieten können:
- nette User und ein freundliches Miteinander
- Music Bot
- Voice Channels mit Private Talk und Gruppen Talk als Community
- Watch2gether und Weekly Vote Events
- Süße Kpop Bilder/Gifs von Girl Gruppen, sowie Emotes
- Comebacks zu Kpop
- Rollen zu Kpop Girl Gruppen
Server full of good people. Everyone can feel safe here. We have a meme bot, anime bot and music bot. There is a system of levels on the server, the more you write, the higher the level.
Music Production Sanctuary

The Music Production Sanctuary is a place where all kinds of musical artists can join together and work towards the same goal: Getting music made. In the Music Production Sanctuary, we get to meet new people, collaborate on new music, inspire each other, and build a community.

We have:
-Self-assignable roles that give access to different categories and channels
-A place to promote your work
-Opportunities to meet new people and make music
-A nice staff team made up of nice people who have music experience
-Music events every month
-New artists who you can collaborate with
-A wide variety of working bots

You don't have to be a creator so why not come hang out with us?

Invite link:
↷ … welcome to k-maniac
↷ we are a k-pop server where we talk about anything k-pop but of course everyone is welcome! ˏˋ

₊˚.༄ what we offer
・ friendly & active community
・ an aesthetic layout
・ active voice channels
・ low-requirement partnerships
・ and a lot more!
*A server for any interested in chatting with new people about music and making friends.* **All are welcome!**

__**«What we offer»**__

*🎵 ◦ Music-based chats
💿 ◦ Weekly songs to discuss
🤘 ◦ A friendly parade of musically invested members
📞 ◦ A safe space to recieve peer help
🗡 ◦ A level system for fun competition
🎧 ◦ A music bot to listen with friends
🔗 ◦ Self-assigning roles
📏 ◦ Well organized server layout*

🎶 ***Welcome to The Infinite Lullaby!*** 🎶
this is just a chill server, make new friends have fun whatever I don’t care
General and Social K-pop server for Indonesians.
welcome to lovelees! here is a safe space for all kpop fans. we mainly focus on bts, exo, day6, got7, sf9, and blackpink as of right now but there are many to be added. come hang out with us!!!
Introducing Performers Paradise!

There are plenty of Singing/Musician servers out there, but none of them truly listen to the community about how they feel about a performers talents. In every case, groups of users decide your talent level based on strict criteria that always favors one very specific style. How often have you heard a performer that clearly deserves a higher rank (or lower for that matter)? No matter what style you prefer to perform, the community at Performers Paradise chooses your rank based on how you made them feel.

VC's with a priority on performing
Completely Community driven skill ranking
Custom Bot with hundreds of features
Share your music and help build your following
Customizable Profile using role menu

I sincerely hope to have a more lax and chill environment for Singers and Musicians to hang out and just do what they do without all the judging and the cliques. Thank you for joining, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
Server dedicated to Metal and its subgenres, including Black, Death, Doom, Heavy, Power and a lot more! Laid back and active community always looking for more members. Detailed self-assignable roles and a fantastic semi-exclusive Last.FM bot are some of the fun things we have on this server! If what you hear sounds interesting, be sure to join!
Welcome to Hot 3s! This server is for sharing music and gaining some insight on the musical perspectives of others. Sets of three songs from my personal music collection are randomly selected and posted here. The goal is for everyone to view all three songs from a given set at the same time, and then state which song they like the best. Additional reasoning is always recommended as that helps give others more insight into your music perspective. New sets are available each week so make sure to weigh in on all of the sets that interest you! Participation in any of the types of Hot 3s will give you a role so that you will be notified of when the next one is.
A server focused around metal music, memes and making friends. Memes that are usually around the edgy side.
If you come here to be an asshole and extremely edgy (by posting gore and jokes that center around pedophilia), you will be banned

- Do not post gore or cp
- Do not spam
A general discord server for discussing your favorite artists and anything music related (or not) we have levels, VIP for our most active members, song roles you can buy by making economy money and more!
We are Doing Server For Lover Maggie Lindemann
its about she songs and all about Maggie Lindemann
Pls make sure to add send ur friends all of the this link
And you can Come and play song and
Metal discord focused on Black Metal (mainly). We are looking for more people who are friendly, and like to share/discuss Black Metal. Other genres are tertiary. Includes bots, and active mods. Please join.
Delta FM merupakan sebuah station radio berjaringan di Indonesia untuk target market dewasa muda dengan format musik hot adult contemporary (Hot AC) yang memutarkan 100% lagu enak .

Anda dapat mendengar radio ini dengan frekuensi :

Jakarta 99.1FM | Bandung 94.4FM | Surabaya 100.5FM | Makassar 99.2FM | Manado 99.3FM | Medan 105.8FM | Semarang 96.1FM | Yogyakarta 103.7FM

So enjoy listening guys
100% lagu enak.
This is a Malaysian-based Discord server, promoting music studies and education, a community driven identity to where musicians belong! Do you play the piano, keyboard? Are you a flutist? You play the violin?! Need friends to sight read with you?! This is the right place! We are hiring, as we are a new community.
A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music. Being centered around music, members have a wide variety of interests including gaming, anime, sports, and other art.
a server made special for jikook ♡ We are a small friendly community with a role shop and channels for discussing both bts and multifandom talks 🌸