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Hello and welcome! Here you can talk about Marvel, movies, comics, games, and more! Join our community today and help us grow!
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
Flubber’s Groovy Movie Server is a server to discuss movies, tv, anime, and other things of that nature. We have movie nights as well as two films to watch and discuss each week.
-Great interface
-Everything Memes and Paul Blart Mall Cop
-Discussion of ALL blart
The Difinitive paul blart mall cop server according to redit
What are you waiting For JOIN NOW
A community server for discussion of movies from all eras, of all genres! Come talk about new movies, discover new ones and make friends! From The Room to Citizen Kane, from Commando to Captain America - come discuss it all here. Got a movie you want to talk about? Think people should see it? Come tell us about it and join in the discussion!
This is a super fun Superhero RP where you can be any Marvel Hero or Villain, or make up one. We have active members and fun bots to play with, and we're all super friendly. So join us now, trust me, you wont regret it. Also, In about two months we will be starting the Infinity War on the server, so get here quickly before you miss out.
Welcome to Marvel hub, this server is a fan server where discussions related marvel is done. Spoilers,Reviews,Fanart and much more! Join now!
This server is for Wehraboos, and for general discussion of history relating to Germany, and discussion of German military technology. Unrelated discussion is allowed as well. Please remember that all political discussion must stay in the debate or politics channel. Hate speech is not allowed.
What happens when Captain America gets tired of fighting? What happens when Tony Stark gets too worn out to put on the suit? Or when the Black Widow can't manage to charm her way out of a sticky situation? Who will be there to step up and fill the shoes of the greatest heroes on the planet? That is when the next generation of heroes must step in and don the title of Avenger in the name of justice and to keep the Earth protected from those whom threaten it.

Welcome to the Avengers Academy where those chosen students study to gain the skills and know-how to effectively perform the duties that are expected of them. The heroes everyone knows and loves are here to guide them along the way, but there will surely be more than a few bumps in the road. Between homework, crushes, and trying to sort out and control their powers these kids have big shoes to fill and a lot of lessons to learn.

The students will have to learn the unfairness of life plus how to take out seven enemies with their bare hands. They will learn what heartbreak is when their crush rejects them and when they lose a comrade.

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Could you stand amongst the world's greatest heroes?

We currently don't allow NSFW, save for gore/violence. We are open to all ages!
hello!! this server is for people who love the movie Mune: Guardian of the Moon. it is lgbt friendly and you have the choice to chat, roleplay, or both! ❤️
This server is a caring genuine server for all people who suffer from horrific tragedies and accident. Come join this server to embrace yourself and others.
🏡 Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
Were you brought here by a satyr?! Or did you find your own way to camp?
Well, anyhow, Camp Half-Blood welcomes you with open arms!

We offer many things in this server, such as -

Minor Gods to be used as parents!

A music bot! Cause we all love those, right?~

LGBTQ+ friendliness!

Weekly quests to keep the roleplay interesting!

Multiple places for campers to explore in Camp Half-Blood!

So what are you waiting for, huh?! Hop in and have some fun!***
This is a Star Wars Fan Server where you just talk and do whatever you want. I accept everyone into the server :)
Hello there, young Padawan! Welcome to the Force Templar. We are a server whose members have one thing in common, their love for everything Star Wars. We role-play, have fun discussions and events, and just chill out. We also have our own bot, that has tons of cool features and is constantly in development.
Join now, we look forward to having you!
We are looking for friends come join us <3
- We have movie nights all the time
- Music bots are to use freely
- We also play a variety of games
Delve into your favourite fandom and explore the Star Wars galaxy. Write as your favourite character, or introduce your own. It's the roleplay server of your dreams!
Tales from Star Wars is a great place to hang out. We have timelines of both non-canon and canon events is the galaxy, as well as plenty of chats to hang out in, role-play in, and share your memes in! Not a Star Wars fan? No problem! We have an entire (and pretty large) section devoted to non-star wars stuff, like fortnite and regular memes. Come on over, we are 100% sand free!
New riverdale roleplay looking for members.
Hi this is a big fan of Hamilton speaking and I just want you it’s to rp on Hamilton obviously if u want to talk and make friends it’s also the place so join now! also we have nsfw also its aimed at teens but you can come on if ur older we cant stand trolls so dont join if u r one
The monumental events of mutant evolution had been broadcasted for weeks following the initial encounter. They had been described as weapons; dangerous to its less evolved brethren. A new era was rising and it was only the beginning. Scattered cases of strange individuals started sprouting up around the country. Confined incidents of citizens displaying incredible feats.. A man seemingly freezing a fountain with touch. A woman mugged by a blur. Signs of strength, phasing, speed.. Slowly, the world of mutants was starting to come into the spotlight, and not in a very good way.

These 'mutants' as they were labeled by the government and the SCPD, were a source of fear for the general public. A change so sudden and unforeseen that it threw the world into a frenzy. Some believed the change made them better.. Superior than their human brothers. Others were scared to display any sign of abilities, for the fear of being cast aside. Soon enough, they were being hunted down. The Underground was made to protect vulnerable mutants, as well as harbor those who want to fight back. What role will YOU play in this rising revolution?
It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a server of Spider-Man fans! Come and join to meet people who fell in love with the movie, comics, actors, and more! :)
Welcome! Feel free to discuss anything Incredibles & Pixar Related! Theories Included!