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•.¸♡ scυм ♡¸.• 18+!

NOT JUST A LEWD SERVER - and definitely not an edating server!
cum join us and find out!

- ̗̀♡ ̖́- Not an edating server but we have verified for people who would like to share personal content

-- verification is NOT required to share generic NSFW content (such as gifs or images) of known production companies or performers --

╰☆☆ spam chat ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ edgy memes ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ compliance and customs ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ low chat moderation! ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ tonnes of NSFW emotes! ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ fun interaction and currency bots ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ customised currency system ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ auto porn channels ☆☆╮fixed n all new!
╰☆☆ other fun stuff ☆☆╮

a constant work in progress!!! always adding new features :)
Horny Heaven 18+

Male/Female Nudes


18+ only allowed

Voice chats!!
Hello, @everyone . This is a server where people who are just getting into Marvel and avid fans alike can enjoy a wholesome and friendly server with a diverse community. Please consider joining and spread the word!
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
Join the server all about porn.
Nude selfies Women and Men
Nude Video selfies Women and Men
50+ different nude categories
Social Media Porn
Porn Bots
Porn Gifs
Daily New Brazzers and Reality kings videos.
Voice chat
venez ça galere et les beatmakers et les graphistes vous etes les bienvenus j'ai besoin de vous
When The Dead Rose is a roleplay server base around the world of the hit show The Walking Dead. The characters on this server are all custom along with storylines. If you are interested join, and even leave some recommendations for the server!
South Park RP and Hangout server, for all the South Park fans out there, come and RP or just hang out!

- English Server
- Rp Server
- LGBT+ Friendly
-A Loving and Caring Staff

Hope to you see you join and make our lil community bigger!

Love watching Netflix? Just got into show binging? Everyone's here sharing their favorite shows and movies, join in.

*This server also entails Netflix support, Netflix social media feeds, Netflix reviews, information, and a spoilers chat.
A server for literate Marvel roleplaying!
~ We are a brand new server, so many spots are still free!
~All ages are welcome!
~Focuses on the MCU, not the comics
~We are a very active server!

~Once we get enough people, we might do a special event~
El servidor para los fanáticos de Marvel
¡Únete para conocer gente con tus gustos!

🔻 Canales de charla y debates sobre Marvel y otros temas.
🔻 Canales para hablar sobre peliculas/comics/videojuegos de Marvel o no.
🔻 Chat limpio, no permitiremos que hayan insultos ni discriminación
🔻 Te informaremos lo mas rápido que podamos sobre las nuevas filtraciones, teorías, noticias, trailers y rumores sobre Marvel

Each week a movie is chosen by a member of the server each week we all watch in discuss that movie! But discussions are not limited to the movie of the week. Talk of all things cinema are welcome and encouraged!
A server for Harry Potter fans. Become a teacher, prefect, or head student.
Welcome to T H A N O S!

What Do We Have To Offer?

1. Active (ish) staff team!
2. A fun and respectful community!
3. A half decent owner!
4. Loads of memes!
5. Monthly Thanos sacrifices!
6. Partnerships!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Join Phoenix Nest, a brand new (and quickly growing!) server focused on Star Wars Rebels! There's room for discussion about other, non-Rebels aspects of Star Wars, of course, as well as places to share fic prompts, music, cosplay, and much more! We're a tight group, but we'd love to welcome you too!
-{O NAS}-
Marvel Discord Universe (MDU) jest stale rozwijającym się serwerem Discord o tematyce Marvelowskiej. Spędzasz całe dnie na czytaniu klasycznych komiksów Stana Lee [*]? Chodzisz do kina na każdą nową produkcję Marvela? A może oba? Jeśli tak, to ten serwer jest idealnym miejscem dla ciebie!

» Miłą atmosferę,
» Rangi za aktywność,
» Rangi z kultowymi bohaterami,
» Role Play osadzony w MCU,
» Rozmaite kanały,
» Serwery partnerskie
Także... Zapraszamy serdecznie.
Hey there! This server is based off the netflix original "The Umbrella Academy". If you happen to know the show or like it, this server is the place for you!
Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as weekly Movie Nights or our own unique event called Movie Gorge

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
This is a Star Wars related stuff server.
If you are a Star Wars fan please go ahead in.
You can post all kind of stuff here from movies stuff, games, roleplay, discussion,...
and yes there is a nsfw section if wanted.
Have a nice day.
✧⋆ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒜𝒸𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝓎 ⋆✧
Hello and welcome to The Academy! We're a community based around The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy is a comic made by Gerard Way and is now a show on Netflix. Fans of both the comics and the show are more than welcome here.

We offer:
✩ A Warm and Welcoming Community
✩ Monthly Trivia and other Fun Activities
✩ Kind and Dedicated Staff
✩ Customized and Self-assignable Roles
✩ Large variety of channels, including but not limited to:
- ✦ Fandom-Specific Channels
- ✦ Spoiler Channel to Speak Freely About Spoilers
- ✦ Cosplay Channels
- ✦ Fanfiction Channel
- ✦ Video Games Channel
- ✦ Suggestions Channel
✩ Spoiler Free Server (except in the spoiler channel)
✩ Fun bots such as:
- ✦ Tatsumaki
- ✦ MEE6
- ✦ Groovy
- ✦ Pokecord
✩ Roleplay Section
✩ Easy to follow rules

We hope to see you around!
A home base for anyone looking for horror recommendations, resources or re-animations if you're feeling a bit on the undead side. From movie streams to art and literature rooms, there's bound to be something for your inner horror fan. Come join the family!
This server is a friendly community where we talk about Marvel movies or anything you want to, really. We're currently a very small community but are trying to grow! !!SPOILERS ABOUT ENDGAME AND OTHER MARVEL MOVIES ARE INEVITABLE IF YOU JOIN THIS SERVER!!
Cosy community of writers who share a love for roleplaying DC characters. Based on a blend of movies, the animated series and a bit of the comics. The RP is often paced with intervals, but each piece is typically long and well thought out, as we seek to improve ourselves as writers while we interact.

Our server is strictly PG-13, and we strongly discourage one-lining, drama or disrespectful comments.

Canon characters recommended, but certain OCs can be allowed (if they can fit).

Novel formatting required.