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☆ 。・::・『 WELCOME 』 ・::・。☆
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× A place to meet new people, talk about your interests, post fun pics, meme around, and do whatever else!


So come and join us, and be part of our amazing server. Hope we see you.

Pozdrav svima. Ovo je Discord server za sve igrače League of Legends-a ili vam ga LoL-a. Cilj nam je skupiti što više membera te da se svi zajedno družimo, zezamo i igramo igricu.
Hi everyone we are a private discord server where we fast and cheap eloboosting for every League of Legends player. We can help you guys in various region like EUW/EUNE/TR/RU at the moment.
We offer soloq/duoq/normal games/ flex/net wins and coaching at cheap prices!.
Full on boosters please do not join if you want to boost.
Welcome to Magia Record! The unofficial server dedicated to the game and anime~
- Discuss and theorize about the story
- Participate in events
- Meet new people who also like Magireco
- Cry over gacha
And more!
We hope you enjoy your stay~
Community Italiana di Knight Hood!
🔸server caldo e accogliente
🔸possibilità di scambio con gli altri appassionati del game
🔸visibilità gilda e crescita individuale
🟢Siamo qua per divertirci insieme e far crescere la community Italiana !! Cosa aspetti a farne parte?

🐺La forza del lupo é il branco, la forza del branco é il lupo!
Aceasta este o comunitate dedicata clanului RoZMX si jocului SMITE. Toti jucatorii de SMITE sunt bineveniti si ne dorim sa creem un mediu cat mai prietenos pentru toata lumea. Apartenenta la clan nu este obligatorie dar e recomandata. Suntem o comunitate de SMITE si acceptam pe oricine joaca acest joc atata timp cat stie ce e bunul simt si respecta regulile impuse de noi.
- سيرفر عربي
- قيف اوايات على نيترو
[حالياً توجد قيف اواي على نيترو]
- فعاليات اسبوعيه
- سيرفر متفاعل
Ein Server der League Spieler verbindet

+24/7 Erreichbarer und Hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter
+League Community für EUW
+Einfach zu folgenden Regeln
+Giveaways (Steamkeys, Riot Points, Skins), Events,...
+Nsfw channel für jeden der Interesse hat
+Tolle viele Angebot und Preise (Skins, Steamkeys, Riotpoints)

Unterstützung League of Legends Neulinge und viel mehr.
Warum Ihr uns Beitreten wollt? Weil wir uns von der Masse abheben wollen.
Inspire Gaming ist ein mehr-plattformiges E-Sports Roster, das die Chemie der Community mit dem Leistungsaspekt gleichstellt. Aktuell werden League of Legends- und Fortnite-Teams unterhalten, mehr Teams werden jedoch aufgebaut.
Русский сервак, правил нет, отрыв по полной, жду вас лапочки)
Hello ,EuW EuNe UwU
High elo players.
Egirls looking for duo.
Boost, coaching
RARE NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!!
•..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..••..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..•
•..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..••..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..•
➳ ♡ - chill staff + chill memebers ♡
➳ ♡ - active chat channels and vc♡
➳ ♡ - lots of roles ♡
➳ ♡ - always active ♡
➳ ♡ -serious channels if you need support ♡
➳ ♡ -partnerships ♡
•..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..••..••'¯'•.¸¸.•
➳ ♡ - little to no rules, chat is whatever happens
•..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..••..••'¯'•.¸¸.• . •.¸¸.•'¯'••..•
we hope to see you here!
❥ misfits
❥ minimum moderation
❥ gaming eboys and egirls
❥ nitro emotes
❥ giveaways
❥ no mod abuse
Welcome to BDSM - Bible Discussion and Study Meeting (the name is just for fun)! We are mostly comprised of NA League players, but we're down to just vibe with ya. :) We have an introductions channel so we can get to know each other more. If you're looking for new friends/people to hang out with, join us! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

We're currently hosting a Discord Nitro giveaway until 4/02/2020! Come join us! :>
We are a community of Brawl Stars players that have come together for a variety of different events on BirdQueen's Twitch Stream.
저희 서버는 롤 내전,대회하는 서버입니다.
친목도 가능합니다 와서 친구 많이 사귀세요!
(아직 서버 초창기라 별로 없어요 만들어가는중입니다)
(맞배너 구합니다)
Welcome to El Diablo, a Mobile Legends server where you can meet new people and teammates! Though it is not only just about the game Mobile Legends, it is more like a fun & chat with people server! We have lots of special roles and giveaways every so often that everyone has a chance to win, if you like free stuff, then this is your chance to get exclusive skins and heroes! We do our best to create a toxicity free environment, and we have friendly staff that will do their best to help you! We have extremely skilled players as well as tutors who will help you to become just as skilled. No matter your rank, skill level, or experience, you’re always welcome at El Diablo!
Suncumuzda League of Legends topluluğuna ait her türlü etkinlerle karşınıza çıkıyoruz. Akşamlar 5 vs 5'ler, Scrimler, Twitch veya Youtube kanalından canlı yayınlarımız mevcut. Sizleri bekliyoruz.
We are all friends here playing moba and chilling out :) join us!! And get some sauce
The Sovereign Order
The competitive community for League of Legends players!
We draft players into teams and host all kinds of League of Legends related events! Our Server offers a wide variety of channels and topics, though our main focus is on competitive 5v5 Teams.

Players must first prove themselves before becoming Squad Members. But once tried and tested, we offer in house coaching to improve your team-play! Check out our information pages for exactly how you can do that!

Do you have what it takes to climb the Sovereign Order?

(We are currently running on EUW only. (Plans to open an NA branch in the works))
Ламповый сервер для совместной игры, общения и время препровождения
В данный момент на нашем сервере вы найдете игроков и тематические каналы по таким мобильным играм:
1️⃣ Mobile Legends
2️⃣Arena of Valor
3️⃣Call of Duty
А так же внутрисерверная игра:
И как же без каналов для обычного лампового общения:
💭 Cheel
Сервер постоянно развивается и добавляются новые мобильные игры по желанию участников нашего дружного сервера!
シ⊱┈┈・「❧⋅.𝒥𝑜𝒾𝓃 𝓊𝓈 𝒶𝓉 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒟𝓊𝓂𝓅!.⋅❧」・┈┈⊰シ
An English-speaking League of Legends & Chill server with much to offer!

シ⊱┈┈┈・「❧⋅.𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒲𝑒 𝒪𝒻𝒻𝑒𝓇.⋅❧」・┈┈┈┈⊰シ
⌘ High anti-raid security
⌘ Non-toxic SFW community (all ages are welcome)
⌘ Freedom to choose your favorite champ/color
⌘ Actively working and socializing staff
⌘ Several Dedicated League channels
⌘ Supported channel for other games
⌘ Custom VC lobbies
⌘ Weekly awarded roles
⌘ Positivity and friendly environment
⌘ Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels
⌘ Artist-owned channel to showcase on request
⌘ Pokecord, Tatsumaki, Mudae, and more!

***We are looking for dedicated members and Partner Managers for our upcoming open SFW partnerships!***

This is the educational Discord server for League Of Legends. Find information on improving your gameplay with resources available and ask high ranked players in depth questions about your play! Climbing the ranked ladder has never been this easy with all the essential resources in one place!