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A Social Discord Server for OCE League of Legends players. Giveaways, Tournaments and other fun things. (Please only join if you are an OCE player)
We are a community of Brawl Stars players that have come together for a variety of different events on BirdQueen's Twitch Stream.
A fun interactive server for all of you league of legends players.
WE also support all of you egirl lux mains <3
New Discord guild with plans for future League of Legends in-house customs and tournaments. We encourage fans of Anime, Manga, and Light Novels alike. Primarily a League server, do keep in mind. Suggestions and ideas are appreciated since the server is brand new. Hasagi.
シ⊱┈┈・「❧⋅.𝒥𝑜𝒾𝓃 𝓊𝓈 𝒶𝓉 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒟𝓊𝓂𝓅!.⋅❧」・┈┈⊰シ
An English-speaking League of Legends & Chill server with much to offer!

シ⊱┈┈┈・「❧⋅.𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒲𝑒 𝒪𝒻𝒻𝑒𝓇.⋅❧」・┈┈┈┈⊰シ
⌘ High anti-raid security
⌘ Non-toxic SFW community (all ages are welcome)
⌘ Freedom to choose your favorite champ/color
⌘ Actively working and socializing staff
⌘ Several Dedicated League channels
⌘ Supported channel for other games
⌘ Custom VC lobbies
⌘ Weekly awarded roles
⌘ Positivity and friendly environment
⌘ Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels
⌘ Artist-owned channel to showcase on request
⌘ Pokecord, Tatsumaki, Mudae, and more!

***We are looking for dedicated members and Partner Managers for our upcoming open SFW partnerships!***

Ein Server der League Spieler verbindet

+24/7 Erreichbarer und Hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter
+League Community für EUW
+Einfach zu folgenden Regeln
+Giveaways (Steamkeys, Riot Points, Skins), Events,...
+Nsfw channel für jeden der Interesse hat
+Tolle viele Angebot und Preise (Skins, Steamkeys, Riotpoints)

Unterstützung League of Legends Neulinge und viel mehr.
Warum Ihr uns Beitreten wollt? Weil wir uns von der Masse abheben wollen.
Welcome to LoL Confessions! A casual, non toxic League of Legends server. We welcome members from all servers and all ages. This is a great place to meet some new friends to take to the Rift! Please message a mod with your region upon joining otherwise you will not be able to see the channels. We do this to help cut back on trolls.

*Events for League of Legends with prizes, such as skins, RP, Steam Credit, and Art.
*Channel to advertise your streams/channels.
*Channels for anime, manga, TV shows, books, music, comics, and movies.
*Channel for memes.
*Channel for discussing the pro scene. (LCS/LCK/etc;)
*NSFW Channel. (Have to ask a mod for the role!~)
*Channel for other games and finding people to play those with.
*Lots of Discord bots, like Orianna Bot, Ayana, Tatsumaki, and Mantaro.
*Special role for being pinged for finding games.
*1k members+, with members from lots of different regions.
*Cute custom League of Legends emotes made specifically for this server.
Join shoe legs where we play a diverse game selection, some of the more notable ones being League, Terraria, Stardew Valley, and Borderlands 2. We have lots of different people so you can be sure you'll find at least one friend!
Welcome to Fuji Assassins! We are an esports organisation focused around making teams. And getting helping people to reach the next level. We host something called Fuji Night where the community together with our players and staff have a fun night with events! We host it every friday, make sure to join!
Right now we have 4 teams of mostly plat/dia range players and are looking to expand. Furthermore we scrim inside and outside of our org which also benefits teams alot.
Está cansado de jogar sozinho? Venha para o servidor League of legends BR aqui você pode encontrar seu duo perfeito e mais jogadores que estão procurando um duo ou um parceiro pra jogar aquele normal game ou uma ranked .. o servidor é bem novo e vc pode ser um dos primeiros membros.. venha e nos ajude a crescer <3
Sunucuya Hoşgeldiniz!

- Burda oyun oynamak için yeni kişilerle tanışıp;
- Oyunlar hakkında birbirinizle konuşup sohbet edip;
- Haftalık/Aylık etkinliklerde bize katılıp;
- Birbirinden saygılı admin takımımza katılma şansını elinize geçirmek için katılmanız umuduyla~~...

~~ 🌸❤️🌸💙🌸💜🌸💙🌸❤️🌸 ~~
Jest to serwer poświęcony tematyką League of legends jeśli szukasz serwera z dużą aktywnością,bez nsfw,dużo ról to dobrze trafiłeś wbij teraz

This is a server devoted to the theme of League of legends if you are looking for a server with a lot of activity, without nsfw, a lot of roles, it's a good place to hit now
A server to help out LEAGUE of LEGENDS players in lower elos, but also a cool place to hang out with the boys. We are a NA server that now takes EUW and OCE. We have over 200 members. Full on boosters
Do you play brawl stars? If you do, then check out our server! We have a dedicated community who actively plays brawl stars, and are welcoming to new players. Join the server to get tips, discuss strategies and team comps, find teammates and friends, and just hang out! We have a unique role system based on your trophy level in game, and friendly staff willing to help you. If you need someone to play with or just want to chat about brawl stars, this is the server for you!
A friendly community where you can team up and find people new to play Smite!

There is no age that is required to join this server, we welcome anyone!

This is an NSFW free server.
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➾Comunitate în creștere!
➾Staff activ și prietenos!
➾Flamerii sunt ținuti departe de server!
➾Sistem pentru roluri
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A mature server with 1500+ members dedicated for Heroes of the Storm. We do QuickMatch , Ranked, Unranked and host our own in-house tournaments where we do 5v5s. Join us and start having fun.
Global League of Legends server made for everyone to enjoy and have a good time, lots of auto-roles and specific league region channels accessible with our auto-roles.
Deutschsprachiger „ Mobile Legends Bang Bang „ Discord Server
Hier sind Aktive nette und gute Spieler
Hier gibt es Emojis von den Items
Der Mobile Legends Bot ( Halpo Puplic )
A relaxed gaming community mostly centered around Brawl Stars and other Super Cell games. We are a chill close-knit group looking to play in a semi-competitive fashion while always finding new ways to have fun. Join us to find out more!