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If you're tired of joining groups who are filled with Toxic people and want something more chill, Join Us!

Make sure you read the rules, if you don't like what you see, then you're probably Toxic! Free to enter competitions ;)

Join today!
Как так ?! Ты до сих пор не состоишь в самой ожидаемой moba игре под название "League of Legends Wild Rift" давай скорей к нам, тут ты сможешь найти себе и тиммейтов и общение, кстате еще не все роли разобраны, успевай, будет ЖАРКО 🔥
Привет! На этом сервере ты сможешь найти себе хорошую команду для игры Brawl Stars, или просто пообщатся. Также у нас есть рейтинговая система и вы можете посмотреть топ активных людей!
Правила: 1. На нашем сервере запрещено матерится или оскорблять кого либо. За это мут на 1 час.
2. Не спамить! За это мут на 10 минут.
3. Не кидать 16+ и 18+ контент. За это мут на 24 часа.
4. Не включать музыку в основном, только в музыкальном канале. За это мут на 20 минут.
5. Не кривлятся, не пердеть и не издавать противные звуки в микрофон, за это мут на 30 минут.
Это все правила, если вы их прочитали, и согласны войти на наш сервер, то добро пожаловать!!!
Aphelion eSports (AE) is a Multi-Platform Gaming and Esports organization built up of a number of communities and teams which all connect together to make up our growing network. AE was officially started on August 10th, 2019, and has shown continuous growth since. We at AE build, develop, and field competitive esports teams in a wide variety of games, while also building communities to encompass all levels of play in each game from casual to competitive. In combination with that we design and run unique tournaments, events, and leagues that aim to always bring a competitive edge to game-play and test all levels of a players abilities. Our mission is to enhance all aspects of the gaming environment for our communities, while also promoting self-accountability, respectful behavior, and positive personal growth. Our goal is to forge career paths in the field of gaming for both ourselves and all those that we work with.

This is why our motto is: Always Evolving
༶•┈┈⛧┈ 𝓛𝓸𝓵 𝓣𝓮𝓪𝓶 ┈⛧┈┈•༶
Un serveur conviviale et très accueillant, parfait pour faire des connaissances autour du jeux League of Legends et plus encore ! (・ิω・ิ)ノ

Des admins très présent avec une bonne ambiance, sur ce serveur vous ne vous ennuierai jamais ! Nous sommes un serveur actif et nous adorons jouer a LoL a plusieurs, plusieurs vocaux sont disponibles ainsi que plusieurs emotes et des rôles spécifiques avec un système de levels up! ✦*
Alors, qu’est-ce que tu attends pour nous rejoindre? ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Saber Gaming is a Brawl Stars organization where you can come talk brawl or join one of our clubs! Saber Gaming has its own shop and currency system to reward active members and to create a unique discord server experience. We talk strategy and help new players reach their maximum potential. We also have many Brawl Stars Clubs for players at any skill level!

Social Media:
Welcome to Galaxy News, one of the Leading News Servers in the League of Legends: Wild Rift competitive scene.

We specialize in:
• News about LOL: WR teams and orgs from NA, EU, RU, and Brazil depending on your preference
• Articles about LOL: WR
• Professional Teams Rosters
• Team Rankings
• Interviews with Professional Players/teams
• Information on LOL: WR updates
• Information on all tournaments
• Information About Professional Scrims & leagues
• Professional Tournaments & Leagues
Infernal Flame Esports is home to a great and positive community of players from all backgrounds. From Iron to Challenger we welcome you to join us! Providing you with both a competitive environment and a group of people to just hang out with! We host weekly events like 1v1 and region based ARAM tournaments! We also try to venture into other party games for our community like SCP: Secret Lab and Jackbox.
╔⁺˚・༓☾ ❖ ☽༓・˚⁺╗
✤ 𝕄ʟʙʙ ℂaғe ✤
╚⁺˚・༓☾ ❖ ☽༓・˚⁺╝

~ It's a pleasure to meet you customer! Here at our small cafe, we mostly hangout and have fun community nights occasionally. We feature a variety of bots for you to play with when you are bored and a leveling system just for fun! The server is friendly and kind, and I hope you enjoy your stay here, whether it's a short time or a long one! ღ ~

· • —————– ٠ ✤ ٠ —————– • ·

Whατ is ΜLBB Cαfε?

MLBB Cafe is a cafe themed server based on the MOBA Mobile Legends. Of course, we accept discussions of other games and other themes and genres. We are a friendly, toxic free server which strives to bring together people from all over the world into one big happy community where everyone feels safe and protected.

❖ Interactive and friendly staff
❖ LGBTQ+ friendly community
❖ A unique currency system with Unbelievaboat~!
❖ Premium Halpo bot features!
❖ Nightly games of mafia~!

· • —————– ٠ ✤ ٠ —————– • ·


❖ Owner: Ritsukko#5968 (Please friend and DM me if the server link doesn't work!)

❖ Perm Link:
Need people to play League of Legends with? Join our server and you will find a wide variety of players willing to duo / draft / aram / have fun.
Active discord server playing a lot of League of Legends and shooters. In the evenings we're watching anime or movies come and join us and make some friends.

Actieve discord server we spelen vooral league of legends en shooter games. s'avonds kijken we vaak anime of film kom ons joinen en maak vrienden.
Un server per parlare e divertirsi...


Questo server è temporaneo, è un server secondario creato perché il principale e in manutenzione

Troverete il link del server primario all interno del server
Drunken Panda is a bar themed server for gamers, meme lords, artist, and for anyone who is easy going!
‎Take our ultimate League of Legends quiz and put your knowledge of LoL champions and universe
to the test! Pretenders will eventually fall and only League of Legends veterans will work their way up
to the top!
WEEKLY RP PRIZE for highly ranked players! join and get a chance to win RP!
Sunucumuzda sık sık çeşitli etkinlikler , topluca film izleme veya müzik dinleme etkinlikleri yapıyoruz. Yakın zamanda YouTube platformuna başlayacağım sizleri de yanımda görmek isterim. Gelmek isteyen herkese şimdiden hoşgeldin.♥
MOBA FR est un serveur très accueillant et accessible à tous, que vous soyez à un bas niveau ou un à un haut niveau, l'amusement est le même. Vous pouvez rank et essayer de monter avec des gens du serveur ou bien encore juste jouer en classique pour vous amusez. Des tournois sont organisés régulièrement, ce qui permet de mobiliser tout le monde afin que vous donniez le meilleur de vous ! (Serveur communautaire)
Представляем Вашему вниманию сервер по игре Heroes of the Storm!
► Активные игры
► Разделение рангов
► Мероприятия
► Турниры
Всё это и многое другое можете увидит у нас,
Всем рады, присоединяйтесь!
Freedom Hub is a server where u can invest in learning how to crack league accounts and make money with it and more stuff :)
Una amigable comunidad de mains Teemo en español, ¡Exploradores unidos!

Ven, ven, que no hay mejor servicio que el que otorga La Cafetería de Teemo. Puedes relajarte luego de una partida con una calentita taza de café, hacer amigos, subir de rango, ¡y más! Así que no esperes y únete.~

(Los main Teemo y los main Yordle obtienen un 20% de descuento en todos sus pedidos.)
Jarvan Radio is a league of legends radio station for the league of legends community. In our discord community we have many things that you can join in on, from tournaments and giveaways, to opinion polls and funny memes. There are also players that you can make friends with as well.

With our radio, we provide a unique way of entertainment for you whilst you play league of legends. You can even take us on the go, and listen to us whilst your doing other things wither that be working out, or going to the shops!

So why not come and check us out, you can even listen to our radio live in our discord as well!
Aktywny serwer od graczy dla graczy! League Of Legends

- Dużo kanałów głosowych
- Miłą, rodzinną atmosferę!
- Administrację z wieloletnim stażem i pasją, która czuwa nad serwerem, ciągle nad nim pracuje i ulepsza go, aby uczynić to miejsce jeszcze lepszym!
- I wiele, wiele więcej!

Dołącz do nas! :D
This server is mainly for nsfw custom skins for league.
Altho we do have a selfie / nude section for people to relax and enjoy themselves while chatting.
We are very friendly , we love to help and chat , come and join us !
You wont regret it.