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An organized community for Sea of Thieves on PC part of a multigaming organization of 1700+ members in 40+ games. You can find the community on
A community for Alicia Online players! We do our best to maintain a friendly environment.

We do
1. Racing events (which are always hosted by an Moderator)
2. Update the server with each update posted to the AO FB page, so you always know what is going on.
3. Calls! We want to get to know and socialize with each other.

We don't allow
1. Debates of religious/political topics (No thanks to that drama)
2. No NSFW content, as in conversations or discussions.
this discord is for will to live mmo

this discord is under the 👑TopHat Empire👑 we are group of discords that have join to together
We are a Sea Of Thieves discord server with an Xbox Club. As we grow, we will hold events, tournaments, fleets + server alliances, PvP competitions, live-streams on mixer, twitch, and YouTube, a rewards system based on activity and leveling, Etc. We have LFGs to find people to play with and are looking for new members, so join us!
Las de jouer seul ? Las de toujours devoir parler en anglais ? Eh bien voici le discord francophone de Sword Art Online Intégral Factor ! Viens discuter, jouer et t'amuser avec nous !

À très bientôt ! :D
The Moonlit Alliance is a guild of players of Dungeon Quest on ROBLOX. This guild has no level requirements to join and just genuinely like to have fun while leveling. Not into dungeon quest so much anymore? That's okay too! The general chat is just that, so why don't you stop by and say hello?
Steadily growing Ark server inviting you to join our amazing discord server! I can’t wait to see you there! WE DO NOT SUPPORT STEAM!
Fresh wiped 05/06!
Starter Griffin!
300x taming
Active/Friendly Owners!
Weekly events
And much more!
WHITE DROPS have starters!
IDVcorner is a server based around the game Identity V, a 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game by NetEase. IDVcorner hopes to bring together a community of friendly players with this shared interest! This is a fan server and has no affiliation with the official Identity V server.
Je vous présente

V4 MOBILE FRANCE (non affilié) est un serveur dédié au jeu mobile du même nom !

En rejoignant notre serveur, accédez à des informations officielles concernant le jeu, fondez ou recherchez une équipe, participez à des évènements divers et variés proposés par une équipe compétente.

Vous souhaitez vous investir dans la communauté ? Nous vous proposons différentes options vous permettant de réaliser des créations et de pouvoir les mettre en avant sur le serveur !

Alors ? Prêt à rejoindre une communauté de passionnés ?

Nous vous attendons nombreux pour pouvoir faire partie de notre communauté grandissante de jours en jours !
We are a small OSRS Clan looking for new and exciting people who are Mid tier or higher in game.
Interested in people who want to learn bossing/raids or even want people tp do bossing/raids with!!

Feel free the join the server and see what its like :)
We are a brand new bossing & Skilling clan focused on growing

We are looking for individuals who want to help the server grow from the start. There will be leadership ranks going so if you feel like you want a new challenge feel free to join!
"War Thunder - Wspólne Granie" to serwer, gdzie znajdziesz ludzi do oddziału, podyskutujesz na różne tematy dzięki kanałom tematycznym, weźmiesz udział w ciekawych, niestandardowych wydarzeniach, a nawet, jeżeli będziesz chciał, dołączysz do dywizjonu xDWGx i odblokujesz unikalne pojazdy!
*Official Discord server of War Thunder Sq. [444WS]444th Weeaboo Squadron*
Basically: Military otakus and weaboos who play Military themed MMOs. This is what this server is about.
Long version:
A server started off as a gaming clan server and later expanded to a server for different kinds of game(mostly focus on combat flight sim), as well as general discussions from real life military to what you ate for dinner, to who's your favorite anime character of current season.
Also I'm too lazy to type a whole essay here so I'm just gonna finish up here.
We are an organized hunting community of spawners, scouters & relinkers located in Light Data Center.
Welcome to **The Gamelement**
> 🏎️ Daily in-game meets
> 🍺 Active • Friendly • Non-toxic community • 24/7
> 📤 Self assignable roles
> 🤖 Fun, useful & music bots
> 🎁 Occasional giveaways
> 🎮 Gaming Community
> 💬 Media • Movies & Series • And more
> 🎉 Regular events
> 😄 Interesting channels [facts, polls, content corner]
> 🤝 Partnership
Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there! 😉
Guild Name: The Omnipotents

Description: There are no level requirements to join in this guild. We do giveaways frequently and we carry as much as we can, and help others to level up quickly.

Everyone is more than welcome to join this guild. Only things we ask is for you to follow the rules and be friendly towards other members of the guild please. Join the Omnipotents today.

Guild Owner: VXZELL12345
Riptide Rebels Free Company

Eorza is a land in constant danger, and going into it alone is not always the brightest idea. Join the Riptide Rebels, a group centered around the idea that we can work together to make Final Fantasy XIV not only a great story, but a place to hang out and have a good time.

What you’ll find!

A group of welcoming friends willing to help you learn the ins and outs of the game!

People willing (and wanting) to grind out levels with you by doing dungeons, raids, roulettes, or your hunting log!

Crafting and gathering expertise!

Welcoming every type of player (from someone who has 1000 hours to someone who just launched the game today, (the founding members totally don’t already fit this....))

*Currently working toward getting a large house*
Welcome to Spanini Caravan!
We are a social server with many topics to discuss about.
Our topics can range from Music to Gaming and e.t.c.
Stop by for free beer, snacks, and wifi XD.
We are very Toram centric but we welcome any player from anygame to come and join us!
P.S. We are also the HQ for the Chip Cult.
A discord for a game being developed named Conflict, an anime inspired mmorpg that is free to play for everyone.