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Alicia Online FR est un serveur dédié à la communauté Française jouant au jeu Coréen Alicia Online.
C'est un tout nouveau serveur prêt à accueillir des membres motivés pour jouer ensembles.
Alors si tu hésites encore, fonce ! Rejoins moi sur mon Discord pour quelques courses.
The official r/warframerunway Discord.
We're a Warframe community with a focus on fashion frame and captura.

-Monthly community showcases
-Active members
-Community events
-Small in-game clan (PC)

Maybe come check us out.
Pokécord-based server that allows sniping! Also tons of other bots can be used in the server. There's an bunch of NSFW channels, but you need to reach a certain role to get there.... and of course, if you have a private channel! The theme of this server is a corporation of sorts, with a CEO, a CFO, CBO, CTO, etc. How interesting this can get... we'll never know unless you join!
Henova Region is a Pokécord roleplay server, with Gyms and routes, also channels to trade, battle and catch Pokémon in.
We introduce you to the Elemental Knight Online Community!
-This server includes:
•A place where Elemental Knights and friends gather~
•Friendly Community
•Fun bots to use!
•Friendly staves and members.
•Useful channels for you explore♡
•Fresh and fun server^-^
•And much more...
Is Krypt the right place for you because we are now recruiting!
:thumbsup:we are a clan with 40+ members:thumbsup:
We need:
EU players
NAE players
NAW players
OCE players
NAE,Recruiters/Division Leaders
NAW,Recruiters/Division Leaders
OCE,Recruiters/Division Leaders
Content Creators
Clip Makers/Grinders
Free Editors
Free GFX/VFX Designers

:first_place:Casual Team Requirements:first_place:
Must have 10 wins
Must have 0.5 Kill/Death Ratio
Must be 10 or older
Must have a decent quality mic

:trophy:Offical Comp Team Requirements:trophy:
Must put Krypt in your IGN
Must have 100 wins
Must have 1.5 KD
Must have 3000+ arena points
Must be 14 or older
Must have a Good quality mic (Perferably from a well known brand)
Must be active 5 days a week
Must pass tryouts

:video_game:Content Creators:video_game:
Must have 50+ views a video
Must upload twice a week
Must make upload with the tag #TeamKryptFN

Must have 50+ active viewers
Must stream at least twice a week
Must stream with #TeamKryptFN included in it

if you are interested and are active on discord come and join (Note we don't pay our players)
Team Krypt
About ToraNova
To Summarize it...
ToraNova is a Toram Discord Community that provides its members a service that further improves their gaming experience in Toram.
Some Major Features include..
>Friendly Community, specially Staff.
>Organized Server.
>Bots! (Music, Games, Memes, etc.).
>Role Achievements! also custom name color.
>Marketplace, also auctions.
>Party/Guild Recruit, Notify available users!
>Events & Giveaways for verified members.
Remember, these are the only few features this server have, there are more to discover
👉Want to become the next runescape billionaire?

👉300k Bonus upon Entry of New Players!

👉Join our interactive and helpful runescape community!
👉Daily giveaways, prizes, games and more!

Our story continues after each major Destiny DLC. You can chose to take part or join in our own series of story lines. We really hope you join us soon Guardian!
♡ Welcome to Rebels, We are a 18+ Server with League of Legends, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Wizard101 all packed into one server. Come join us, find new friends, and Enjoy your stay! P.S. We do giveaways! ♡
Hello there, we are a small R6 community trying to grow, i just trying to make a small/big community that people can play together on r6 and have fun, we have it for PC and for console, if you have one. Hopefully we'll be able to see you someday and play together
Centurio Hunts offers resources for all NA and EU data centers with automatic callouts for A and S rank spawns, achievement fates, and an active community engaged in making the hunt train as efficient and friendly as possible. We also host seasonal glam contests with Mogstation rewards, cross world map parties, and other fun activities to keep the player base engaged and entertained!
Are you lonely and need to make some friends, well you have found the right server, we are a PG16 server with many wizards ready to make some new friends and start a new friendship journey together, we are a very active server ready to assist you with anything you would like, PvP, pet making, questing, and of course helping you create new friends.
Welcome to Cheese & Chill! We bring together a tight, close-knit fun and amiable community, where anybody from ages 13+ and up can join us. Most of our members play the MMO Wizard101, so players can find help and guidance with questing, farming, pets and PvP. Players from other MMOs and games are welcome to join us too. Lucky for you, we aren’t just gaming stuff! A variety of creative and entertaining channels are offered where our members can feel inspired to flourish and radiate their talents and interests. Examples include: Art, music, writing, photography, and more. Giveaways and server contests are run occasionally for the chance to win prizes and engage the community. So grab your favourite slice of cheese, enter and chill with us!
Welcome to Paradise!
Tired of the toxic internet B.S. In Paradise, we have created a safe haven or Utopian community to chillax in all categories. Music, Movies, Art Gaming, and VC.
We are the best place to come organize eSports events or campaigns, without all the disruption of the cancerous disruptive internet as a whole.

Come meet new friends, or find one of our many channels to chill after a long day at school or work. Relax while grinding in your favorite game or finishing your homework while listening to music.

Monthly Events: Including art, mixed media, and gaming. Come to join the fun!
Masters of Conquest is a real time competitive experience, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game set in a very far corner of the Universe. We call it a Deep Space MOBA.

Three ancient races, mastering the interstellar travels using the Portals powered by dark energies. Caught in an endless war, defending their ancient homeworld or trying to conquer their enemy’s world.

This is a game that requires skills in combat and strategy, with the ultimate goal of conquering all the worlds by a faction.
Join Game Grinders to interact with a great community and play on our Roblox VIP servers for various games like Booga Booga, Murder Mystery 2, Factory Town, Doomspire, Bad Business, Jailbreak, Tower Defense Simulator, and many more!

We often have events where you can easily get free robux or in-game items!

Get rewarded for inviting your friends to the server to hang out!

Suggest what games we should get VIPs in to have a more enjoyable experience!
This is a chill community for mmo rpg players and anime fans <3 Please enjoy your stay here and be nice <3
Das Goldene Zeitalter des Königreichs ist vorbei...
Dunkelheit zieht über unser Land und Kreaturen von ausserhalb haben die Mauern überwunden...
Mutige Helden, seid bereit!
***===Kapitel 1 - Fall des Königreichs===***
A community for PS4 run by both NA and EU guild leaders

Examples of what we offer.

•Recruit for guild, trials and other content
•Sell or trade items
•Self-promote and share content
•Get/Give bites.
•Multilingual Rules page.
•Speak your Language with PRIDE, It automatically translates to English and People can Respond in your Language.
•Voice channels that work like TeamSpeak3
•Automatic posts from ESO reddits and ZeniMax's Twitter.
•Suggestions page and Votes.

We have a settings page for any user to customize the discord to the user's preferences as well as protection from spam bots and server raids using a basic captcha.
Der offizielle Discord Server zu meinem YouTube Kanal:
Hauptsächlich geht es um das Spiel SWTOR.