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Brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments and gives prizes!
Сервер посвященный играм компании Wargaming. World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Xbox/PS4, Total War: ARENA, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships Blitz.
На этом сервере, вы можете встретить много удивительных людей, которые могли бы стать вашими друзьями, созводными, соклановцами.
Welcome to Primal Groudon's Dungeon!!
- Team Events going strong. (50k and redeems on the line!)
- Gyms are open!

- Tons of spamming rooms (No sniping Daily Legendary Catches)
- Helpful and Friendly Staff and Members
- Active Community
- Gyms :first_place:
- Elite 4
- Team Battles (50k to the winning team)
- Team Giveaways
- Team Events (Redeems/Credits)
- Server Wide Events
- Self add Emoji Roles
- Day Care Center
- Polls (So the community decides what they want)
- Great Pokemon Information Area
- And of course Giveaways - Credits, Pokemon, Bundles!

Coming Soon:
Tower region event
(This server is 18+, Currently the server is very new so its small)

Welcome, this a slice of life, ERP and adventure type server that takes place in japan where your desires may take flight. The world is currently recovering from a time of illness and war but can peace be maintained forever?
If you love Splatoon this is the sever for you. With an open gaming which can effect the rp you can play together and join in events. People are free to join and create characters to join in the rp or just game with a vast community. Everyone is free to join.
Official Tanki Online server representing player-run subreddit:
Allakazam is a friendly and family oriented server with lots of gaming. We host a custom FFXI server with the level cap at 75. we have the first 3 expansions working like its 2005 again! We are also based in Pacific Time Zone in case u don't see Admins online. Come join and help the community grow with our 24/7 support along with many gamers that enjoy this classic as much as us!
play roblox and talk about life, voice and face chat welcome!

shaun whyd you fucking make the desc dry

join rn or eat my ass
Can't sleep? Neither can we, well most of the time...
A cozy and rather small social server for meeting and building meaningful connections with others.
Dracore's AQ3D Guild! AdventureQuest 3D is an RPGMMO by Artix Entertainment, and is available on Steam, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. This server is a community for sharing news about the game, finding friends to go on adventures with, and general conversation. We also have places to show off your in-game outfits, as well as talk about Artix Entertainment's other games.
We're a new discord server looking for people who play Hexaria on Roblox. This is the best place to learn about card values, strategies and more. I also host giveaways and tournaments.
S.N.C.R is a Roblox Community Group.
Feel free to advertise your groups and servers in here!
Welcome to the Wizard101 Server! We are a community of friendly people who like to have fun and create new friends together. We aim to be a safe community where you can grow, meet new people, have a good time, and create amazing friendships. We discuss and help out any Wizard in need of help and also power quest with them until they become powerful and strong. We also have:
- 100+ members.
- Custom bots and roles.
- Friendly and active staff.
- Nsfw, Other Games, and anime channels.
A Server for Destiny 2 players of all Platforms.
Join our server, if you want to socialize with other players. We have a variety of activities and helpful tips for players, from pets to pvp! Even if you don’t play, we have an off topic chat for you to socialize in! We do hope you come and join in the fun at Calypso's Cave.
Server where people can meet members who play Pirate101! Currently 520+ members & membership or crowns as giveaways!
Hej! Nasz serwer zrzesza głównie zwolenników sieciowych gier ze zwierzętami, znajdziesz tu fanów takich gier jak np. Feral Heart, Cereal Soup, WildCraft, ale gramy również w inne gry online typu League of Legends, czy Soul Workers.

Oprócz graczy, są wśród nas również fani anime i furries.

Aktualnie serwer liczy ponad 70 członków co stale rośnie, a średnia wieku to ok. 15 lat (chociaż wiadomo, że są osoby i młodsze i starsze)

Mamy rangi dające dodatkowe funkcje według ról w wilczej watasze (czyli alfy, bety itp), ale są oczywiście również inne rangi jak youtuber, gamer, roleplayer i inne dawane przez adminke)

Ważne jest to, że serwer jest stale ŻYWY, ponieważ co 2 tyg usuwane są osoby nieaktywne. Ponadto wszystko jest stale ulepszane i przychodzi coraz większa liczba osób.

Na serwerze polecamy sobie różne gry, słuchamy wspólnie muzyki, czasami są gadanka na głosowym, jest też kanał na robienie rp oraz ukryty dla fanów furries.
Ogólnie się dobrze bawimy co zapewnia wspaniała adminka ;3
brand new server for people who play maplestory 2, please join if you'd like to hang out with us :]
WeAreLit is a server based on a game called Graal Era
*The most members are highly experienced players from the game*
If you are looking for a cool addicting game to play, feel free to join us!
We are all friendly and love to help you get into the game :)
smaller gaming server with a lot of bots and a marketplace
Ending Factor is an MMO-like roleplay involving magic aspects, and other game-like features. Join us, as we indulge ourselves in guild quests, and conflicts alike!
A New MMORPG Game that is soon to be released on Windows, And Mobile join now and have a fun time with the community!