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The Weekly Hunger Games! is an RP that is hosted 3 days a week (on a tight schedule) and hopes to provide a fresh and new experience; by changing up the cast, and making RPing more game-like. Every week is a new Hunger Games. We hope to grow, and introduce new and innovative things, like Quarter Quells. We include...

- a nonbiased stat sytsem

- the opportunity to become a Career

- a sponsorship system, for when you don't make it in time to join the Games!

- a community of (mostly) anime loving people!
new community server, hoping to grow, make friends and have fun
Want To Play And Chat With Foreigner Or Learn Some New Words Form Other Language? Come To International Gaming Discord Channel - Games And Friendly Atmosphere Will Make You Stay Here For A Long Time.Enjoy!
Wszyscy są mile widziani, można tu gadać o wszystkim, propozycje zmian i ulepszenia serwera z chęcią przyjmiemy :D
Hello -or should I say- Gia Sou!

The Katoikia is a language server helping Greek Speakers learn English, and English Speakers learn Greek.
With this server, you can learn English in an easy and enjoyable way as members share their experiences in language and help each other.

People also search for:
speak English with native speakers
practice my English language
exercise my English language
talk English with others
improve your English
Meet'Discord is a discord server to find love and make friends. The server is held by 2 French.
This server is directed to people who would like to learn Vietnamese. You can learn Northern or Southern Vietnamese here! If you speak another dialect, please feel free to also join us! If you speak Vietnamese fluently, you can also come if you are also learning English. You can come here to learn chu nom too!
Meet new people that you can call friends and tell each other any type of story or just talk in general and get higher ranks the more you talk so join now! (It's Free)
well.. there's no point to this server but you can join to just be weird.. :0
Currently only 3-men server, but we wish to grow bigger.

Startup server looking for members. We are aiming at languages. Anything related to languages. Our community could work together to translate games, movies, videos (YouTube for example) to help those with little English knowledge or no knowledge at all. Besides translating, we've thought if the community is lingually diverse enough, members could learn and teach their languages from and to those who want to.

Apart from these, join if you just want to have fun and chill. :)
Filipino/Tagalog learning is a place for both learners and native speakers of Tagalog to talk! People can ask questions, get feedback on their listening and speaking skills and more!
Hello, this server is too learn Japanese or English with an active helpful community, native in both English or Japanese languages! Come hang out and learn at the same time!
Languages is a community focused on the methodological acquisition of new languages, as well as the mutual help throughout the learning process.
The server currently supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Korean, and adding more!
Hello friends!! The objective of this server is to improve your foreign language skills by practicing with natives. We have more than 80 languages with native speakers, and we are welcoming for more ! Everyone is welcome to join us!
Ketu mund te gjeni referatet per shume lektyra,romane,drama te ndryshme
Join Languages Online. A small but growing online community where you can learn different languages.
Unirse Languages Online. Una comunidad en línea pequeña pero en crecimiento donde puedes aprender diferentes idiomas.
Rejoignez-nous Languages Online. Une communauté en ligne petite mais croissante où vous pouvez apprendre différentes langues.
Aderire Languages Online. Una community online piccola ma in crescita in cui puoi imparare diverse lingue.
Beitreten Languages Online. Eine kleine, aber wachsende Online-Community, in der Sie verschiedene Sprachen lernen können.
The accessible languages are : english, portuguese, french, spanish, romanian, russian, mandarin, japanese, italian, german, Arabic, Danish , Swedish, Norwegian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, thai, polish and Turkish.
The advantages of using Discord are that we do not need to share personal things like phone numbers,photos and other things, You just have to create a loggin.
as soon as you access the link which is given below you will be in the "meeting group" where you are supposed to introduce yourself and then go to the specified group where the language that you are learning is spoken.
it's a small-but-rising group yet so it might be silent for the moment but we are working on it .you are not required to be in the group where your native language is spoken but we ask you to participate to its conversation helping people so that we can have a great group where you can help and be helped.
NSFW language and cultural exchange without censorship and political correctness. Join us and learn to swear like a native!
Hello everyone! This brand new Discord Server is a Japanese-English language exchange server for all who are learning either language! 今日は皆さん!この新しいディスコードのサーバーは、日本語と英語を学んでいる方々が交流できるサーバーです!