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We are a growing server, where you can get help learning 5 languages, speak with people in other languages, or just hang out.
We have channels to help with English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.
The Language Diary Server was created for improving one's skills in Japanese, Spanish, English, Tagalog and Bisaya by writing literary pieces. We value respect and originality. Feel free to join our growing family :)
The Swanky Donkies is a server for you to talk to people, shitpost and find new friends.
We have QOTD, regular giveaways and a wide variety of servers.
Come and slide in!
Das ist ein Toller Server der gut zum spielen mit Freunden ist.Der Server ist derzeitig noch in Arbeit Vorschläge sind gerne erwünscht

Welcome everyone to learning Japanese with your host/sensei Lucas.

If you're serious about learning, come join!

Please have paypal or squarecash in order to pay for your lessons (I also accept amazon GC)
You can learn different language and even teach your languages!
Kiwi's English school is a school in discord helping people that aint English learn English. We have nice school people.
Welcome to the Garden of Words! We’re a growing server dedicated to the sharing of poetry, prose, and art of all kinds! We hope you enjoy it!
This is the Russian impire
Это русская империя . Мы восстановим русскую империю в Discord Будем воевать заключать мир с другими империями . Будем давать факты о русской империи .
Классный и хороший сервер для общения, на любую тему.
This is where you learn and practice languages, improve your language skills, share interesting content & have fun. (English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and others)
Whether you're just curious about linguistics or an actual linguistics student, come join us for any discussion.
Ey kommt rein und habt langeweile, seid inaktiv und habt kein spaß. Ich will nur viele members lol ihr könnt alles machen was ihr wollt lol. alle reinkommen reinkommen gogogo. Blah
You share a reading moment with a partner by reading aloud together a book. That could help you to understand books better and learn from your partner the voice control when reading aloud. You read one time and you listen twice, you understand more.

This is a server to help improve your English! We are all very passionate about languages and would love to help you through your journey.
We have word-a-days, a help channel and are always looking to add more channels for your experience! This discord is fairly new, and so any help will be appreciated!
NEW MEMBERS For new members ---> Hello, this server includes about culture, languages and geography. This server is quite lively and you can pretty much post what you want except for pornographic content. When you get on to the server you will be greeted and I shall ask you for your native language and languages learning. You can talk about any of the languages and make suggestions and also talk about language apps. You can even play akinator and the trivia bot and check your level of chatting. If you are interested please join with this permanent link:

Languages, Geography and Language App Discussion
A server where you can talk to people, share ideas, and hopefully make friends!
This server is for people who want to learn English! We also accept partnerships for you to learn more about English and it's meaning, we have self-assignable roles and more! So, what are you waiting for? Join us now! ( NEW SERVER! )
Hello I am here once again to give you an update about how the server is going and what its features are. This server is a really good server if you like Geography and Culture. You can now use Nadeko to set up your roles or you can ask me because I am the admin. The roles you will need are native languages and languages learning and your native languages. We are on over 300 members at the moment and our future goal is at 350 or maybe even 400. Features include: Language channels where you can talk about the culture, language and what you need help with in the language, Language app channels which you can post things about the language apps including Duolingo, Babbel and Lingodeer. We have a geographic section where you can discuss Geography, flags all the Geographic stuff which is available. We are starting partnerships with other servers so if you do want to share and grow your server with me you are welcome. We have some bots, Akinator and Trivia are the games bots and you have 2 music channels with 2 music bots with Vexera and Rythm. We also have friendly members who will greet you when you join this server. Feel free to make suggestions and talk about your opinions of the server in the comments below. I hope to see you there.
Welcome to The Undertale Crew, a place to relax, hangout and discuss Undertale! It's a relatively new server so it's a work in progress and still very small. Hope you enjoy your stay!!
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