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Wanna come find a gf/bf or some friends!?!
Then come and join 💜TĘĘÑŁØVÊRŚ💜!!!
It has:
*A active leader*
*Good rules*
And so much more!!!
So come give it a try when you press the |Join this Server| button down below👇🏻
Hi ich bin eine kleinere YTerin(Luna Moonknight)
Mit einer anderen person die auch Youtoube macht(Lytri_360) und wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr unserem Server beitreten würdet. Sind auch sehr nette Leute drauf vielleicht findet ihr neue Freunde.
I've created a Discord server called "Speaking in Artificial Tongues" dedicated to speaking practice for conlangs. It's meant to be no drama and focused on speaking rather than creating conlangs. There is something of a "no natural languages outside of pedagogical purposes" rule, or at least intention. The r/conlangs Discord server already covers a lot of the text chatting in natural languages there is to be done. It's probably also meaningful to engage in in-conscript and in-conlang text chat as practice and possibly tests for conscript development, but mostly I'm trying to get fluent in toki pona and hopefully eventually others where the servers dedicated to particular conlangs mostly do voice in English and the servers devoted to conlangs in general mostly deal with construction of artlangs for fiction with little or no voice activity.
Our server is based around duolingo and learning a new language and speaking in various languages in the respective channel with many people around the world.
We are a friendly chill and welcoming community.
We have a self role system
We have a few sub reddits
a meme bot
We are looking for new members and admin.
We offer 9 different language channels
• Spanish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Japanese
• Chinese
• Russian
• Korean
• Portuguese
We are excepting of all new members!
Hi! Here is a new discord server for Korean learners. It was designed to communicate, share information, and provide lectures among Korean learners.

There are currently a total of 1621 members on this server.

We also provide lectures to help basic Korean learners (listening, grammar, and speaking, words.. etc)

Even if you are not a Korean learner, if you are interested in Korea(K-culture) or like to chat, please come and have a chat.
A very active and friendly communal server centered around Mongolian language, cuisine, culture, history and music. Always looking for new members.
Serveur d'emojis rassemblent tous les drapeaux des régions, départements et territoires de France. Serveur associé à Blob Emoji.
Dieser Server ist ein FUN Server heißt jeder kann vorbei schauen und mal mit Leuten Quatschen oder einfach was zocken.

Der Server ist noch am Wachsen und ich freue mich über jeden Neuzugang! ^^
📚📇 **Language Learning Catalog** 🗃🗣

A catalog of **language learning servers** on Discord.

🔍 *Find your server for learning languages:*

📌 Multilingual servers 👥

📌 European languages 🌍

📌 Asian languages 🌏

📌 African languages 🌍

📌 Native American languages 🌎

📌 Australian & Oceanian languages 🌏

📌 Ancient languages ⌛

📌 Constructed languages 🛠

👉 Join now and enjoy 😃
〓♪〓♪〓 Le Chemin 〓♪〓♪〓
Laisse moi te présenter un petit bijou, Le Chemin est une communauté naissante sur Discord. L'endroit rêvé pour faire de bonnes rencontres et d'échanger autour des sujets suivants :
"Dessin, Graphisme,: Musique, Film et série, Lecture & Ecriture, Jeux vidéos".
Tout cela dans une ambiance bonne enfant ! Alors qu'attends tu ? Rejoins-nous ! Tu n'es pas convaincu ? Je vais te donner 7 bonnes raisons de commencer ton voyage parmi-nous :

【♫】Un serveur Discord presque totalement personnalisable, à l'aide d'un système d’auto-rôles complet
【☺】Une communauté en or, une bonne ambiance, un staff tolérant et investi
【♪】De nombreuses animations et de nombreux débats auront lieu à l'avenir
【►】Différents jeux de rôles et des roleplay arriveront aussi très prochainement
【♥】Des espaces de partage pour tes créations en tout genre (musiques, dessins, textes...)
【♣】De futurs sondages permettront de mettre en avant les réalisations préférées de la communauté
【♦】De nombreux projets sont aussi en attente et n'attendent plus que vous afin d'être mis en place, vous pourriez d'ailleurs nous aider à les réaliser ?

Oh ! Ce qui est formidable, c'est qu'il te suffit d'un clique pour rejoindre notre univers, nous tâcherons de t'accueillir chaleureusement bien que la communauté soit toute nouvelle.
Serveur d'entraide entre élèves issus ou non de classes ou études littéraires.
The wild west of language and cultural exchange scene on Discord. NSFW; 18+; no political correctness; expect racism, discriminations, stereotypes and insults. If you are faint-hearted, you have been warned; if however you are adventurous and of free spirit, join us and learn to swear like a native!
**Singers-in-training is a nice fun place where you can sing and have fun talking to many other people, you can sing, play music on Rhythm Bot, and do anything you'd like! so we'd love it if you would join the team! :) ** alumnus are welcome
안녕허새요! 🌸
(Miki's) Korean and English lounge is a server which specialises in Korean and English! (hence the name) If you speak Korean, are Korean or just want to speak in a calm zone, then feel free to join us~
This server has a theme to go with upcoming events/days
Since it's nearly Cherry Blossom season I have decorated the server in lots of pink!! 👜💖
Now, it isn't that new anymore but I am, ofc, open to suggestions and such. So don't be afraid to suggest things to me!
I can't wait to see you t/here~ ♡
안녕! 🇯🇵
This is a server where we can discuss words in every language. I want to create an international dictionary.
Dieser Discord Server ist da um zu einfach zu reden und soooooo.
Es gibt keine Regeln zu beachten oder sonst noch was. Alles erlaubt 😋 Viel Spaß!
This is a server for any Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns as well as Icelandic people to join. This is a role play server so dont take this serious. have a nice time in scnadinavia ;)
Welcome to the server of the Siberian language and Siberia's amateurs.
Будьте жывы-здоровы на служыльнику глянников сибирсково говора да Сибири-той.
Un serveur pour ce et celle qui aime ce faire dominer par qui il veulent, ce discord et pour les majeurs.
Ce n'est pas un serveur rp ni un serveur anglais.
English and German Server
Learn a new language
Duolingo users!