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Its a good server for the pepole who wanna not so mutch tiping and it has VC
This servers main purpose is to mix germans and english together. Some of our mods arent fluent in german but as we grow we'll get more mods fluent in german
----------------------------deutsches translation-----------
Der Hauptzweck dieses Servers besteht darin, Deutsch und Englisch miteinander zu mischen. Einige unserer Mods sind nicht fließend in deutsch, aber wenn wir wachsen, werden wir mehr Mods in fließender Sprache erhalten
We are a growing server, where you can get help learning 5 languages, speak with people in other languages, or just hang out.
We have channels to help with English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.
We are a server dedicated to English learning for Turkish speakers. Server's main languages are Turkish and English. İngilizce öğrenenlerin bir araya gelerek birbirine destek olmaları ve YDS, TOEFL, IELTS vb. sınavlara hazırlananların bilgi paylaşımı yapması amacıyla kuruldu.
Willkommen auf "Havens's playground" Wir sind ein neuer Server rund um Anime, Furry und Gaming. Wir freuen uns, euch bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen und hoffen dass ihr spaß bei uns habt!
Apollo Writer's Society is dedicated to Free Expression, Mutual Respect, and Quality Writing Criticism and Content. Named for the Greek god Apollo, the god of music, poetry, arts, oracles, archery, herds and flocks, diseases, healing, light, sun, knowledge and protection of young, the AWS is dedicated to quality and objective approaches to art and writing in particular. AWS is primarily supportive of ideals of Responsibility, Heroism, Tradition, and Morality in storytelling, and thus leans Politically Conservative as a result. In spite of this, all Political views are welcome as long as those holding those views are willing to conduct themselves within the confines of the server's rules and mission.

Our Mission Statement: Writers of the AWS will strive to create excellence through writing, whether that be in storytelling, theme, or otherwise; Writers of the AWS will strive to better their peers and themselves; Writers of the AWS will strive forward to create narratives that better our understandings of one another, the world, and our values.
this server is for vapers but also for non vapers join now and win a steam key
Hi ich bin eine kleinere YTerin(Luna Moonknight)
Mit einer anderen person die auch Youtoube macht(Lytri_360) und wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr unserem Server beitreten würdet. Sind auch sehr nette Leute drauf vielleicht findet ihr neue Freunde.
This is a server for learning English, Spanish, Japanese (日本語), Russian(русский), and Mandarin Chinese(官話)... Unlike the usual servers, our server is hella fun. Do you dislike studying? Do you question its merits in helping improving language comprehension 80% of the time? Or maybe just wanna have fun with learners? Well, welcome aboard! We have roleplay, games, music, memes, and more!
{Translations Below}
We really need help with translations. A lot of us are beginners! There aren't many native speakers of languages other than English. Please be kind about translations, you will scare people away from speaking the language. Necesitamos ayuda. Ayuda sólo si quieres, por supuesto. =) 我们需要帮助。当然, 只有在你想帮忙的时候才会提供帮助。=) 助けが必要だもちろん, したい場合にのみヘルプ。Нам нужна помощь. Помощь только если вы хотите, конечно. But be kind, do not be rude! <3
Este es un servidor para aprender inglés, español, japonés, ruso y chino mandarín ... A diferencia de los servidores habituales, nuestro servidor es muy divertido. ¿No te gusta estudiar? ¿Cuestiona sus méritos para ayudar a mejorar la comprensión del lenguaje el 80% del tiempo? Bueno, bienvenidos a bordo! Tenemos juegos de rol, juegos, m ¿O tal vez solo quieres divertirte con los estudiantes? úsica, memes y mucho más.
这是一个学习英语,西班牙语,日语,俄语和普通话的服务器......与通常的服务器不同,我们的服务器很有趣。 你不喜欢学习吗? 你有没有质疑它在80%的时间里帮助提高语言理解力的优点? 好吧,欢迎乘坐! 我们有角色扮演,游戏,音乐,模因等等!
英語、スペイン語、日本語、ロシア語、中国語を学習するためのサーバーです。通常のサーバーとは異なり、私たちのサーバーはとても楽しいです。 勉強が嫌いですか? あなたは80%の言語理解力を向上させるのを助けることの利点を疑問に思いますか? それとも、単に学習者と一緒に楽しんでみませんか? それでは、ご乗車ください。 ロールプレイ、ゲーム、音楽、ミームなどがあります。
Это сервер для изучения английского, испанского, японского, русского и китайского языков... В отличие от обычных серверов, наш сервер очень веселый. Вы не любите учиться? Вы ставите под сомнение достоинства, помогая улучшить понимание языка 80% времени? Или, может быть, просто хотите весело провести время со студентами? Ну, Добро пожаловать на борт! У нас есть ролевая игра, игры, музыка, мем и многое другое!
Envie d'apprendre une langue, de discuter dans une langue ? Faites une plongée linguistique ! (français, japonais, anglais, polonais, espagnol pour le moment)
This server is dedicated to the three living Frisian languages West Frisian (Frysk), Saterland Frisian (Seeltersk) and North Frisian (Friisk). This is a place where native speakers and learners engage in conversations about the Frisian languages and cultures and where everybody can practice their language skills and learn more about the Frisians. We have a lot of roles and a lot of channels, not only for Frisian but also for other related and neighbour languages. Feel free to pay us a visit when you are interested.
This server main focus is to get motivated on your studies for any of the
JLPT N1〜N5 . We support each other and is always nice to make friends from abroad and help each other to sort out any doubts regarding the language.

Hello there! Aurum's Portal is a new community discord in which our mission is to get people of all different types and just in general make Discord a better place for everyone. We do not allow Toxicity here, as we want to keep the community clean!
Horror Book Club is a new, close-knit book and social club for readers who are fans of horror, whether it's big-name authors like King, small authors, or classics, we'll read it all! As this club has just started, you'll have a more substantial voice in what we will read, club suggestions, etc. This club is geared towards teens and young adults, but anyone is welcome.
Want to improve your coding/programming skills? Join the discord and ask around.
We are a welcoming community that helps others learn languages! We offer a variety of languages so come check them out 🌼❤️
Lux Litterarum is an online community for the interaction of fellow writers and creators. It is a place to share an get feedback on your work, in addition to discussing the finer points of the written language, it's features, and it's usage.
This server sometimes teach chinese