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Hello! This conlanging server has been around for a long time and we're looking for new people to join us! We've got plenty of members for you to talk with and to help you conlang!
Russian Classroom is a Russian-language-learning support community! Voice channels for pronunciation practice, and a supportive community for learning the Russian language.

Anyone is more than welcome to join!
Hello nya! I made this server. Also uh.. well I need people to join it so it could be awesome and active. Nya nyas nya~! Anyone is allowed. I hope you all join! ^-^

Please... ;~;
hello we do conlangs and stuff but we also have channels for foreign languages so you can be the coolest kid in the fortnite battle royal academy
the language that i speak is english so you might wanna know english
This server is made for Malaysians! (others are allowed to join too!) Students who need help can learn their weak subjects or discuss together there too!

This server has (almost) all subjects from schools, from Bahasa Melayu to Biology! We also accept students from Year 1 to Form 5!

Now why don't you join the server and give it a try?
The best way to learn a language, is to immerse yourself within it. Thus I have created a server for learners and speakers of:
Føroykt mál
Norrœna (Old Norse)
It includes chat and games rooms seperated by catagory that can be opted in and out of.
Just ask for roles.
Expect the west germanic languages to be added in due time.
And lastly, expect server events like games nights, chat nights and the fabled Shitposters eve for those so inclined.
ce serveur est pour les gens qui veulent jouer aux jeux vidéo ou même juste discuter pour passer du bon temps ici tous est possible avec des règles bien-sur et nous sommes un serveur qui s agrandis petit a petit ...
💙 Bem-vindo ao :cherry_blossom: 𝗗𝗥𝗔𝗚𝗢𝗡 𝗕𝗔𝗟𝗟 : 𝗡𝗘𝗪 𝗔𝗚𝗘 | 𝗥𝗣 | :cherry_blossom:!~ O lugar onde se diverte todo o dia!

💜 Somos um pequeno servidor de RP de Dragon Ball, a qual demos o nome de New Age! O que nós oferecemos?:
💕 1,5:1 Diversão.

💕 Um sistema complexo de RP.

💕 RP de Qualidade, RP Amador e RP para iniciantes!

💕 Canais de porn, para bater uma de vez em quando.

💕 Sessões de gaming e giveaways.

💕 Sistema complexo de familias no RP!

💕 Avisos sobre jogos na steam.

💕 Boas pessoas, e boa staff.

Corre já, não sabes o que estás a perder!
Welcome To The First Ever Creative Writing Server On Discord Exclusive To Teens! This Server Has:
Advice And tips
Constructive Criticism
An Aki Genie Bot
And Much Much More!
Hi, It's a Turkish learning server if you are interested in Turkish,Turkey or something related to Turks feel free to join.
Arapça öğrenen Türklerin ve Türkçe öğrenen Arapların karşılıklı olarak birbirlerine dil öğretmesi ve yardımcı olması gayesiyle bir aradayız. Türkçe veya Arapça konuşan ve öğrenen herkesi bekleriz.
Bienvenidos a nuestro servidor autodidacto! El foco de este servidor es aprender japonés. Tenemos recursos en español para alcanzar esta meta. Todos los niveles están bienvenidos!
A child friendly server made for teaching and learning some of the many languages of the world!
This server is quite small right now, bear with us, hopefully it will get bigger.
Currently looking for teachers, but learners are still welcome!
Hello everyone welcome to my new server: 🔥 Fire chatter 🔥
Come and chat with the community
🛂Be a Staff member 🛂
🥳Meet some friend 🥳
🎉Have some fun🎉
Become popular and do some advertising for your server.
At 100 members Spotify premium account giveaway!

Zenosia - International is a discord where people can learn new languages both in a free and fun way !
A system that's been created to reward the most active people ! Active members can vote and suggest novelties.
You can also discover new cultures through contents posted by the members
Join this amazing server to connect with people around the world and learn to speak different languages! This server is pretty new, so if you are interested in joining and/or have friends who are interested in languages, you can invite them to join us! :)
A community focused on learning Japanese through video games, featuring a Quiz Arcade where users can answer quiz questions in a multiplayer learning environment.
This server is meant for everyone, I hope all of you have fun here, not too many rules just no racism and keep the nsfw in the correct channels please
In this server everyone who is interested to learn English can learn it.Everyone can learn English while talking with someone or even while playing games.We have teachers who can help to everyone who have any questions.
Hallo N00B don't join, this is h0rrible roleplay l0l
And we will eat ye w0tch out
Welcome to christian adults for 18+ minors are also welcomed but you have to apply to our roles we are limit to such for them but come and hang out in our server, we are very friendly and opened to newcomers !