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An old good server about slavic languages and slavic culture. Join!
With a server with 150+ people and counting, we are still growing it. We have many languages to choose from, almost 20+ languages, we have active members as well. Come over here just to have fun, learn your language you are wanting to learn, and help others as well.
We are a server dedicated to English learning for Turkish speakers. Server's main languages are Turkish and English. İngilizce öğrenenlerin bir araya gelerek birbirine destek olmaları ve YDS, TOEFL, IELTS vb. sınavlara hazırlananların bilgi paylaşımı yapması amacıyla kuruldu.
We are an English community, if you need help learning English then you came to the right place, we have many test channels where you can talk to other people who are also learning English, we also have our very own translator if you need help with translating anything.

Need help with homework? We can also do that!

👥 Growing server
🎓 Best learning
🇬🇧/🇺🇸 UK English and US English
💬 Active staff members
🌐 Anyone can join
🚓 Fast response
🚧 We won't stop to help you
🎶 Chill music station
📹 Youtube videos
📚 No fail
📈 Progression
🚻 All ages
🌍 Support English
Come join us in this crazy new server where every single person matters a whole bunch!
A suggestion box of which means your opinions can effect the server
Personal roles
Self assignable roles
Much more ❤
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This is a server for learning English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese... Unlike the usual servers, our server is hella fun. Do you dislike studying? Do you question its merits in helping improving language comprehension 80% of the time? Or maybe just wanna have fun with learners? Well, welcome aboard! We have roleplay, games, music, memes, and more!
Este es un servidor para aprender inglés, español, japonés, ruso y chino mandarín ... A diferencia de los servidores habituales, nuestro servidor es muy divertido. ¿No te gusta estudiar? ¿Cuestiona sus méritos para ayudar a mejorar la comprensión del lenguaje el 80% del tiempo? Bueno, bienvenidos a bordo! Tenemos juegos de rol, juegos, m ¿O tal vez solo quieres divertirte con los estudiantes? úsica, memes y mucho más.
これは、英語、スペイン語、日本語、ロシア語、中国語を学習するためのサーバーです。通常のサーバーとは異なり、私たちのサーバーはとても楽しいです。 勉強が嫌いですか? あなたは80%の言語理解力を向上させるのを助けることの利点を疑問に思いますか? それとも、単に学習者と一緒に楽しんでみませんか? それでは、ご乗車ください。 ロールプレイ、ゲーム、音楽、ミームなどがあります。
Это сервер для изучения английского, испанского, японского, русского и китайского языков ... В отличие от обычных серверов, наш сервер очень веселый. Вам не нравится учиться? Вы ставите под сомнение его достоинства, помогая улучшить понимание языка в 80% случаев? Ну, добро пожаловать на борт! У нас есть ролевые игры, игры, музыка, мемы и многое другое!
这是一个学习英语,西班牙语,日语,俄语和普通话的服务器......与通常的服务器不同,我们的服务器很有趣。 你不喜欢学习吗? 你有没有质疑它在80%的时间里帮助提高语言理解力的优点? 好吧,欢迎乘坐! 我们有角色扮演,游戏,音乐,模因等等!
Lux Litterarum is an online community for the interaction of fellow writers and creators. It is a place to share an get feedback on your work, in addition to discussing the finer points of the written language, it's features, and it's usage.
we are cult. we worship bird. we use conlang not english as main.
la eja e fyjv lujqgyttymh kuwp. la eja daji bjyamvwi emv lawkunymh.
Сервер на котором Вы можете устроить тотальный Chill
We share various languages and make friends on this server.Voice channel is always active. The main language is English. You're always welcome.
A server focused on english learning. Very active community.
A server to learn about Modern Greek dialects. We are still trying to learn things about them together so you are welcome to ask any question or help us find new information.
Hello! We are a language and subject server willing to teach and educate you on specific subjects.
We include
--> History
--> Geography
--> Languages/Linguistics
--> Politics and News
--> More!
We have good staff and we aim to make people happy and ready to learn. Come join today if you are interested!
A cosy and friendly server for those who are learning Russian. We are heavily focused on learning, teaching and speaking the Russian language.
Hello! My name is Kaosa and I'm the owner of Language Learning League! We have channels for learning over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Esperanto! We have friendly and helpful staff who are ready to help you if you need help. Join our growing community today!
This is a server about the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan languages, also known as the Eskimo-Aleut languages. We are a very friendly server where you can chat about anything that is related to the languages, cultures and history of the Eskimo-Aleut peoples. The language we mostly use is English, except for in the language learning channels. We have a lot of resources, native speakers and many people with expertise in these languages. So, when you are just interested, always wanted to ask questions to Arctic peoples, are actually learning the languages or are even fluent or a native, we are always happy to see you there. Everybody is welcome!
Voici un serveur discorde principalement français où l'on peut partager ses livres et parler avec une communauté qui ne vous jugeras pas (sous peine d'exclusion) ce serveur est en développement toute aide a l'améliorer sera la bienvenue.
Rejoignez nous !
This server is dedicated to the three living Frisian languages West Frisian (Frysk), Saterland Frisian (Seeltersk) and North Frisian (Friisk). This is a place where native speakers and learners engage in conversations about the Frisian languages and cultures and where everybody can practice their language skills and learn more about the Frisians. We have a lot of roles and a lot of channels, not only for Frisian but also for other related and neighbour languages. Feel free to pay us a visit when you are interested.
Hello! We are a small server about people interested in a conlang called Kostfjer. Kostfjer is an analytical language meant to have a logography based off of european scripts.
A Server With all the Languages For you to practice and learn! please come and bring your friends to learn together in our community
Сервер где не ограничивают свободу слова свободу слова.