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Hello! Welcome to Exclusive Fortnite Bundles, We are an invite reward server where you invite and we give!
Here are the list of rewards we give
• Wonder Codes
• Honor Guard Codes
• Royale Bomber Codes
• EON Codes
• Double Helix Codes
• Deep Freeze Codes
• Dark Vertex Codes
We also do many giveaways and drops as our members grow, feel free to join our server!
Salut, nous organisons régulièrement des sessions d'entraînement pour les fins de zone (ranked, scrims...) avec le mode créatif de Fortnite sur une map de mvz à 16 joueurs.

Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de vous rendre sur le serveur Discord suivant :
We are a pokecord playing community with other bots like wolfia to keep us company. We host regular giveaways and we have invite rewards. We have a working gym system and are hold many events! We also have friendly staff and a active community! Join us today!
Like D&D?, like RP?, Join Therodin where we have both between friendly and active members! what more could you possibly ask for?! We currently have a very immersive Roleplaying experience that anyone can join! Come hop in and have some fun!
Dokkan Reroll Giveaways is a discord where we strive for daily giveaways, preventing scams, and for people to talk about dokkan, and get help when needed.
Un espace de détente où règne une atmosphère gaming. Retrouvez ici la liste des meilleurs serveurs de jeux vidéo Français. Venez demander votre rôle avec un salon privé vous permettant de représenter votre team et avoir un accès personnalisé pour discuter et jouer avec vos amis en toute tranquillité.
A server for the free browser game Hero Land. A game where you can play as over 100 heroes.
Consider visiting Potterstown, OR! It's a lovely, cozy seaside community located in beautiful Oregon. You'll find a relaxed pace of life, quaint shops, friendly people, lovely sights...Oh, did we mention monsters?

Ok, not so much monsters, per se. Not all of them. Most people in Potterstown are humans like the rest of us. But there's also elves, goblins, vampires, demons, shapechangers...maybe an alien or two. Maybe that's why the residents refer to their home as Monstertown, USA.

Still want to visit? We hope so! We feature:

- Unique and original lore and setting.
- Near endless possibilities for races and backgrounds.
- Friendly and helpful staff.
- Compelling and original stories and adventures.

Monstertown USA is a setting in which humans and non-humans have forged an agreement to live in peace and harmony together in a small American town. Can this noble experiment succeed? Will the fragile facade that protects the town from scrutiny continue to hold? Can mankind truly be at peace with that which it considers monsters? Come and help us find out!
Hello Humans this is a small chill group of friends, streamers, youtubers, and mostly gamers looking for more people to join.
🌀 Bair-RP 🌀

Szukasz serwera, gdzie możesz wczuć się w rolę średniowiecznego bohatera? Trudzić o przetrwanie? Tworzyć wątki z innymi bohaterami tego świata i zmagać się z istotami, które zagrażają wiosce? Znalazłeś idealne miejsce! Co oferujemy?
-Wiele lokacji, w których może się Twoja postać pojawić
-Administrację skłonną do propozycji użytkowników
-Ogólne Lore, które ma na celu udynamicznienie akcji!
Mamy nadzieję, że nie będziesz zwlekać i dołączysz do nas jak najszybciej!
Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Chronicles, a word based Kingdom Hearts RPG (Role Playing Game) with
1. Open world, players decide what place to unlock and where to go, limitless possibilities!
2. Economy system, work, get riches, get your world going, and beat other world!
3. Battle system, enjoy balanced battle system with moderators, and beat you enemies!
4. Training and Rank system, get your activeness rewarded and be the leader of your world!

Be a Keybearer, Heartless, Nobody, or even a Human, get their unique benefits! Immerse into the time when world of Kingdom Hearts is still in its infancy. Can you finally change the history?
Looking for a Wizard101 server?
What does this server offer?
++Daily Game Updates
++Voice Channels
++Text Channels
++Ask others for in-game help
++Free Advertising
++Custom Profiles
++Self-Assignable Roles
Cea mai mare comunitate activa de APEX LEGENDS din Romania ! Va asteptam.

Website Apex Legends Romania:

Acesta este grupul de facebook official APEX LEGENDS ROMANIA, peste 1899 de membri!

Si aici este pagina officiala ,va asteptam.

Follow pe instagram !

Twitter :
This server has been on ever since the launch of super smash bros ultimate.
-We grew up to be a very family based community!
-We have amazing members whom we ended up meeting in real life after meeting in this server.
-nsfw, user content
- tournament players from streams
Over thousands of people
- We hold tournaments every week!
Can win money, Eshop cards, nitro
Most importantly, were always present for our members.

Are you interested in Town of Salem/Forum Mafia/Werewolf-like games! Come join us! Our games are bot hosted and the developer is here!
Rejoignez-nous dés maintenant !
Des membres du support seront là pour vous aider.
🍌Banana's STW Server🍌
4000+ members

Banana's STW Server is a fortnite save the world devoted server with massive giveaways and events and safe trading chats, we are dedicated and devote our time to help our members grow and contribute to the Save The World Community! We strive to ensure that all of our members can trade safely and build a positive environment for everyone. Our server features and channels will expand as our server grows. Our staff team is built with professional players to assist you when needed. We look forward to see you joining on our community! 🍌

🍌 Overview Of Server Channels 🍌
 • 🎉Giveaways🎉
 • 👉Role Promotions👈
 • 💎 Edit Wars Event 💎
 • 💬 General Chat 💬
 • ✔ Trusted Chat ✔
 • 👅Memes Chat👅
 • 🔊 Spam Chat 🔊
 • 🎙Events VC🎙
 • 🎶 Music VC 🎶

🍌 Save The World Content 🍌
 • 💵 Trading Chat 💵
 • 🔫 Weapon Trading 🔫
 • 🛠 Crafter Shop 🛠
 • 🛡 Trusted Shop 🛡
 • 🔱 Middleman Service 🔱
 • 🚕 Taxi Service 🚕
 • 🚀 Missions Help 🚀
 • 🔔 SSD Help 🔔
 • 💴 Trading VC 💴

🍌 Battle Royale Content 🍌
 • ♠ BR Duos VC ♠
 • ♥ BR Squad VC ♥

🍌 Unique Features 🍌
 • 💲Price Check Bot 💲
 • 💀 Scammer Proof 💀

🍌 Announcement and Partnership 🍌
 • We have plans to add more BR dedicated Channels, as well as adding roles that allows members to assist others with SSD and Missions etc.
 • We have recently added an Anti VPN feature where all players who have been IP banned are unable to create alternative accounts to rejojn back in order to ensure the community's safety
 • If you are interested in partnering with us and your server meets the following requirement please let us know

1,000+ Server Members
Fortnite Related Content

🏆 Join Our Banana's STW Server Now 🏆
Wir sind eine noch kleine jedoch freundliche Community im Neuaufbau.
Der Server ist nach dem Anime Naruto aufgebaut (kein Roleplay)

Es gibt 5 Reiche des Landes mit verschiedensten Personengruppen, die im geheimen miteinander schreiben können.

Jede Menge Bots.

Auf dem Server wurden jetzt Evente hinzugefügt.

-Anime Abend
-Brawlhalla Turnier Abend

Schau dich einfach mal um. Vielleicht gefällt es dir :)
We are a Nintendo community, who have a wide range of interests, from Mario, Zelda and Pokémon to our competitive multiplayer games! Examples being, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Smash Bros. Ultimate!
Vleys ist ein noch kleiner Discord aber
man kann viele sachen bei uns machen wie Minecraft, League of Legends, Overwatch und andere spiele spielen
Warum wartest du? Join!

Chill server we have league of legends players and mobile legends players too and we have a gaming gal pro who can carry you easily he is top 100!!! Join and become a spartan!!!
Welcome to Fallout 76 PC, come join us and make new friends and join groups. Our Discord is for pc players of Fallout games mainly fallout 76.
You can trade,group up and more.
We also have some that roleplay in fallout 76 including myself.
Come join us and be apart of the pc community
A friendy and welcoming BTD6 community server where you can discuss gameplay and play co op with others