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The Biggest and Most Active Hytale Discord Server, based upon Hypixel Studios' new upcoming game - HYTALE!
Hello we are Magic School RP and we are here to roleplay in a magic School so if you want to join go ahead and join us. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and we will be here to support you. I hope that you'll join us and enjoy being with us.
In the beginning....

... who cares. The beginning doesn’t matter. Nothing about this matters but what’s happened right now.

Gods have appeared on Earth, and the humans are forced to adapt. Look, I know I sound crazy, but it’s true. Everything from the weather, to the sunset and the moonrise, to the rain, even the damn ground.... there’s someone here now that can control it. That *does* control it.

> Brand new
> Looking for humans specifically
> Really simple plot
> Easygoing staff
> No powered humans (... yet....)
> Customizable Gods
> Ever changing events, plot

Post-apocalypse RP, following a nuclear war!

- Giant map, still growing!
- Different factions, or go it alone!
- In depth story and plot system!
- Friendly, helpful staff!
A fresh start for an old server - completely new RP! Welcoming and friendly.

Tucked away in the forests of NW Washington lies Camp Calawah, a fun summer camp for 11-18 year-olds. Here you can spend time relaxing in the lodge, swimming in the lake, or taking part in plenty of other fun activities as you befriend your fellow campers.

But lets not forget the best part: the Calawah totem. Every summer, its your tribe's job to earn points from different events and challenges in order to get your piece of the totem to the top!

Enjoy your summer, camper. And remember, Kumbaya to Calawah!

Part of the GMH role-play Community The Dark Fang Family was Created by the Tempest Family to be the First Vampiric Family of the GMH Community, after being created the Dark Fang Family soon began to spread and grow in their lands and spread themselves into 4 Vampiric Factions under 4 Leaders.

(Please read and Follow the rules, be Active and Have Fun, Respect the Staff Members and lastly do not Advertise servers without permission any links posted will be treated as false Links)
Symktal is the Homeland of one of the Families in the Role play of GMH, The Family of Symbious Inherited these Lands from the God Faction and have lived in Peace allowing other species to come and Visit their lands, The Broods of Symbious Grow together and Thrive off their teachings and strive to someday Earn their right alongside their Creators.

(Rules are Inside the Roleplay, Please contact Staff for any questions, E.G. Other Families, standings, Factions, Wars, ETC, Respect the Rules and Staff and we wont have Any Issues, Please do NOT Advertise servers or Post Links without staff approval)
In der Sira Akademie geht es um Schüler,die dafür trainiert werden,gehen Monster zu kämpfen und die Erde zu beschützen. Dabei hat jeder Schüler seine eigene besondere Fähigkeit. Der Server existiert noch nicht lange und ich würde mich freuen,wenn du drauf kommen würdest^^
This is a server for anyone to join. Our server is gaming based. If u aren't a gamer, we still accept you. This server is the home to my Youtube Channel. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN! ;)
Come join ♛Sʜɪᴏʀɪ Pʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ♕! We're a gaming/anime community for everyone who enjoys these sorts of things and find mates that have similar interests to you. We are a kind and friendly server and your chance to make your mark on the server by just being active and having a good time!
Hello there! This is the Roblox FPS Community. We play a large variety of Roblox first-person shooters, like Phantom Forces, Counter Blox, Island Royale, and more! In addition, we also do skin giveaways for CB:R. Come and join today!
Welcome to The Rivière House! Since 1823 the Rivière family has fought for their survival through numerous trials. Now, modern day. They are able to walk in the sunlight, move quickly, and heal exceptionally fast. We welcome humans, hybrids, vampires, and werewolves. This is a roleplay room!
Welcome to Abernouth! A sprawling metropolis nestled in the northernmost corners of Scotland after having engulfed some of the smaller, grizzled villages scattered about. The remote location is easily accessible by train from Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Glasgow. Whilst it’s openly famous for being an industrial powerhouse, it also garners a lesser reputation for attracting the bizzare to its motley streets.

In this world, the International Extraordinary Defence Sector (IEDS) works alongside various monarchies and governments to suppress and obscure the presence of the supernatural away from mankind in a process called 'maintaining the veil', dubbing the unaware as ‘Blithers’ or ‘Blivers’. Sentient, seemingly human species are capable (with some help from artificer witches) of living normal lives in the streets, whilst the more grotesque and bestial beings are kept away from humanity. The xenophobia is rife amongst citizen-level species and monsters, who rub shoulders with mindless killing machines and live in reservations across the world.

You will be playing a Lockwood Investigator, Scotland’s lowest-budget PI agency and one of the only ones mad enough to start hiring supernaturals into their ranks. Enjoy life on the streets of Abernouth, make friends with your co-workers and solve cases together - the choice is yours!
Come join my ANIMALJAM Discord Chat group:

Animaljam-trade is usually the most active because people mostly come here for trades. Players always make their own giveaways so come join! We had tons of spikes, den betas, etc. given away. Tons. There are also text channels where you can talk about other games like chickensmoothie, transformice, flight rising, etc. There's much more, come join and check it out!
The Intel is a Team Fortress 2 Discord Server with more than 500 members. Contents include memes, events, trading and custom comp games for the game. Join us!!!
Fresh new CHB server! Please join
Server was created 1/20/19
18 gods and goddesses to choose from!
Not allowed to make children of gods without cabins yet, but it may happen in the future!
The Broken Controller is a server based around Nintendo Switch titles. We wish to develop a community, so joining us would be very much appreciated. Once we develop a community the server should be full of life.

The Server Includes:
-Text channels and voice channels for all the games that have been tagged.
-Roles that show what games you play.
-Owners active 11-12 hours on weekdays
-Owners active 14-16 hours on weekends

The Official Discord Server Of Taurus Crew Gaming, There's Many Activities And Stuff You Can See On The Server, Many Friendly Members, Active Mods, Etc.
Here We Have :
- Many Awesome Roles
- Fun Bots, Music Bot, Etc
- Channel For Memes, Anime, Games, Etc
- The Taurus Squad
- Growing Community
- Awesome Perks, And Activities
- Have Fun Together
- Hangouts And Many Conversation
- Etc
Come Join Taurus Crew Gaming Center, And Be A Part On The Community, Have A Nice Day Y'all
Welcome to Animal Crossing: UNTAMED!

This is an Animal Crossing RP Server where you can either be one of your favorite characters, villagers, or create your own CUSTOM characters, be they Human OR Animal (Anthro, of course, to prevent Bestiality and other illicit activites).

This server is NSFW, however, as the term "UNTAMED" goes. In this sense, we wish to allow players the option to build up In-Character Relationships, and take them beyond a simple "First Kiss". However, we also encourage Character Development, Realistic Approaches to things, and have rules against Cub Content, "EXTREME Fetish" Material, and offensive behavior that include, but doesn't limit to, "Kink-Shaming", "Racism", "Religious Dispute", "Trolling", and "Raiding". Anyone caught doing said actions are usually removed, and their messages alongside it.
Welcome to Kyzin Dor, drifter!

Kyzin Dor is an RP setting that's based around a lot of mythological and religious themes, centered around the eponymous continent and the divinely-created races that inhabit it. The plot is mainly character-driven, but there is also an overarching story-driven plot as well.

Are you interested in a medieval, High Fantasy roleplay setting? Then this might be the place for you!

Past that, we're always seeking creative and interesting people to join us. More than an RP server, we hope that we could form a community of storytellers and all get together well!

We hope you drop by!

- Admin Team
Hello, civilian you've been specially chosen to join the most highly Secret Organization we Call the SCP Foundation. We do ask you fill this, form to get in. Now Civilian, we are what's under your bed at night we are the bump in the night. We protect you from the monsters that hide, hide in the Shadow's waiting to attack. We Secure it. We Contain it. We Protect it. Now what are you waiting for c'mon join us!
• Over 60+ roles.
•Raid free.
•The cafeteria is were class E,D,C,Staff members Go and relax.
•Our bots are MEE6,FredBoat, and more!
•Research, and become a Contaiment Specalist here at the Foundation.
•Explore, contain hazardous anomalies.
•Open for partnerships!
•Invite Friend's!
•Enjoy Yourself!
Welcome to AccountBay!
We are an account trading server dedicated to make trading accounts and e-services safe online.
Please read rules and then feel free to browse any of our trading channels. accounts commonly traded are fortnite, spotify, etc