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A friendly roleplay server! Create plots, make new friends and enjoy ^^
We are a nation-rp server based in the 1900s, where you pick a nation and recreate history with other players, make your own empire and manage your nation now! Join Today!
Welcome to the SCP Facility. This is a server based on the indie horror game titled "SCP Containment Breach," and is full of many other SCP lovers. Here you can discuss the game itself, people who play the game, the works of the facility, SCP anomalies (both canon and fanmade) all with a community full of people who know SCP. We hope you will enjoy your stay.
Secure. Contain. Protect.
Despite the name, this server is well managed and has an organized system as well as an active team. I was tired of gaming servers with 50 different channels in it that I didn't use. This server has a system that allows you to mark whether you like a certain game or not, and gives you access to those channels.
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!
If you join our server, you will be welcomed and respected by staff and peers.
If any peers disrespect you or insult you we have staff online 24/7
Thank you for joining our gaming and music community.
This discord started as a Minecraft server, which grew into a gaming group. We then joined CGN, the cooperative gaming network which has over 5k members. Feel free to talk about anything on our server, just be active and invite more!
We have channels for multiple games, art, music, and cool bots! We also have fun polls to vote on, and nsfw ;)
**ATTENTION!! Apex Legends Gamers, Join the Apex Arena .**
- Tournaments
- Teams
- Streamers
- Challenges
- Giveaways
- Free Agents
- Prizes & MORE!

Join us NOW! and stop losing with randoms. Make friends, Create Teams, Complete Challenges.
Genovia, This world was once a calm and peaceful place, free from the worries of war or of poverty. Animals roamed freely and the grass stayed green and the water fresh. Life went on this way for many, many years...until they arrived...

...The first race to step foot onto the great lands were the notorious humans. They landed on the shores, eager to settle into their new home. And for many years, they had managed to stabilize and survive as their population began to spread. It wasn't until then that the other races discovered this land; The Short, yet Strong Dwarves, the Wise and Noble Elves, The Sneaky and Cunning Kajiits, and the Fearless Tribe of Kitsunes. With them arriving, sharing the land was not going to easy, especially for the humans.

Ever since their little encounter, the races had always been at odds, going at each other's throats when they least expected it. They eventually found a temporary peace that would soon break to greed and corruption as well as just pure hatred. 4 years later, they came to an agreement to have Holds that they each owned for themselves. Each hold was separated by different portions of land. This would appease each one of the races, at least for now... a world that has been divided into Five holds. Holds that Fight for The Holy Grail which gives them supremacy over the others. Join one of these Holds and start a new journey in this Rpg style Rp server.
Kosmos Psychon (World of Souls) Is a roleplaying server that is aiming to be Original and good. The world and the storyline is made by me, a friendly guy who Writes stories in his free time. I have worked on this server for almost two months, It's been so long since I've shared it to public. So far everyone liked it and I'm hoping so will you. The server is about Spiritual creatures appearing on a medieval world. (There's a whole storyline on the server) These Spiritual beings are called "Psychi". In the storyline A godlike creature punishes the psychi's and curses them cause of how much damage they do to the mortal world. So they are forced to bond with a human in order to live. Kosmos Psychon has a very detailed class selecting system with lots of subclasses! Six sides to choose from (more to come)! We do not support ERP!
Even YOU can make a difference in the server's storyline! Join and become a legend today.
Welcome to the frontier. We are a fun Furry group to chat.
A Persona-focused roleplay server and general community! Come live out scenarios as your favorite characters from the series or stay for a fun and supportive environment to talk about all things Persona.
A world of warships server to play with friends and have a good time rank up by inviting people and having a good time. GOOD LUCK AND FAIR SEAS.
☼ We a proud to represent...The World of HTTYD! The most popular HTTYD RP server so far! ☼

This server is based off the popular TV show and movies, How To Train Your Dragon.
This wonderful server offers a range of interesting dragons from the franchise for you to RP and make your own! Become a dragon and roam the mystical lands of the isle of Berk (Blacksmithing, dragon studies and equipment), Winsor (Dragon taming, allied with berk, textiles and agriculture) and Bull (Dragon hunters, technology and mining, masonry) or go on your own adventure outside the archipelago and meet the pack run by the feisty Nightfury, Lumi.

Join to find out more about the main story-line or create your own side-story with friends! The possibilities are endless!

○ 7 Categories JUST for RP! These are: The isle of Berk, Winsor and Bull, Islands outside the Archipelago, The Big Black Isle, The Hidden World and Travelling channels!
○ 100+ Channels dedicated for RP!

☑ Supportive staff.
☑ Giveaways! (Dragons, character slots and more!)
☑ Friendly members.
☑ A range of fun bots to play with.
☑ Literate, Semi-literate and non-literate Roleplayers!
☑ Freedom to create your own story.
☑ Dragon training.
☑ Active community, daily.
☑Roles that allow you more access to locked dragons. (Certain dragons are locked or unavailable to the average member, the role needed for a few of these dragons is the "RP Trusted" role, some Strike class and other class dragons that are too OP are locked for only admins+ Don't let this limitation put you off!)

☒ Custom dragons
☒ Godmode, OP-ness, unfair rp.
☒ Trolls, spammers, immaturity.
This server was Fortnite Giveaways + Market But it got banned, Please join this new one and lets get it back up!
Hi! We are a fun, friendly server excited for the upcoming Mario Maker 2. We have level sharing and building tips and soon we will have contests! Come say hi!!
Small server looking for people interested in casual DND
Disgaea: The War of Life is a roleplay server based on the Disgaea franchise. Create a character, take part in turn based combat, explore the world etc. This roleplay is even open to those who like to lewd. If you're interested, come and give us a shot!
We're a community built around gamers! We provide a place where you can find other players to play with on the most popular games! We also provide a platform for people to advertise their Twitch, Youtube and even other discord servers! Join today!

Some features of our server offer:
-Place to advertise your Twitch or Youtube or social media.
-Custom and advanced bots.
-Tournaments and events.
-Non-toxic and mature community of 800.
-Assignable roles of all sorts.

Join today!
Do you love playing dungeons and dragons? Wanna make some awesome new friends? How about building characters in a fun, open world? If that's the case, we have the discord server for you!

We feature homebrew content, vetted by our balance team. A world built by a group of dedicated lore team members that continues to grow and expand as well as react to players and their actions.

We have pickup games, scheduled sessions, and play by post games (longer missions for those who do not have time for live games).

We are centered around a main city, Remnant, with a massive, open world beyond just waiting to be explored. We have over 50 active players, and are always looking for more to help our community grow. Join us today!

We are especially interested in people looking to help on the staff and GM side of the server. If you join, spend some time here and want to help out please let us know!