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So, lets begin with the synopsis......nah. this server is a lore extensive 5e dnd server. most of the players that were here from the start are friends of friends and we all are here to have fun. we are trying to provide a safe space for people to feel at home. we hold quests almost daily and our dms are either server taught or have been dming for years.
we have expansive lore, we have adult content for our maturer players, and we have fair and honest dms.
TLDR: this server is chill and we all just want to have fun.
The World Divided (TWD) Where you can have a nation, join alliances, declare war on other nations, or you know...cause a world war...and shape how your nation puts its place into the world!
Hey DU!
Willkommen in der (noch kleinen) Inkommunity! Wir sind eigentlich generell auf Nintendo Spiele spezialisiert, wie zum Beispiel Splatoon, Animal Crossing oder Mario Kart. 😄 Nebst der Nintendo Kategorien bieten wir euch eine Minispiel Kategorie an🎲 Wir auch genug Bots, mit denen ihr euch unterhalten könnt! 🤖 Jeder ist bei uns willkommen! 🤗 Interessiert? Die Inkommunity ✍️ freut sich schon auf dich! 💪
Hello! we are team Xenon, and I am the TTVmeowski Streamer:

(Trying to become a professional team, but we need more members)

- We play The Games Below:

- We offer:
A fun, active community
Tryouts most of the time
and much, much more!

- What we need:
Any players from any region/platform
Active community members
Gfx/Vfx designers
Content Creators

- we allow multi clans

- Looking for more recruiters

- Please Join the discord:

- (Also it is worth mentioning that I myself am part of many elite teams for, in many clans, and I am rated the best player in the qt! clan, and best pc player in the .exe clan. Owners words himself)
✨___________________🐺Welcome to MGD!🐺__________________✨

MrWolf's gaming den is a public gaming server where you can find tons of things like this!


🎮 Play games 🎮
🙋‍♂️ Make new friends 🙋‍♀️
🎲 Find groups for an ever-growing list of games 🎲
🤝 Share your YouTube channel and more 🤝
🎼 Listen to music 🎼
🤖 Play fun games with bots 🤖
💎 And more! 💎

If any of these peeked your interest, consider joining MGD for a awesome gaming community!
Join now our server and get best answer of all trivia games from other servers
The Smash Temple hosts WEEKLY tournaments where everyone is invited! It is competitive and also a great place to find new smash players to train with. Everybody's invited!👍🏿
online tournaments

Improve your Smash skills today!
Everyone is welcome! Anyone can learn. Anyone can play.
We provide the best economic service game on discord you can establish your own corperation Run for president, trade with other company owners in the live market and much more push your company to the top. Develop new tech, you can sell them to players at high prices

Build facilities sell cars, clothing, laptops, oil, coal open an airport increase your income and take over other companies the world is yours here
The game updates regularly
So much to do and things to buy* 💰 ✅ 💰
┊ Disclaimer: This is a Multi-para and Novella roleplay only!┊

彡 Werewolves are real, and the whole world is after them. In 2048 only a handful of the once many werewolf packs still inhabit the forests, among which the Snowdin Wolves struggle to survive as they hide from the government. Create your own character and aid the pack as they fight, hunt, train and rebel. Join their ranks and fulfill your role as a member by becoming part of our intensive lore.

The server is also active outside of the role-playing game; Talk to us in voice chat, have a nice chat about all sorts of things (especially pets, we love those) or even deeper topics about characters and everyday situations. If you are not interested in roleplay, feel free to join anyway to just talk to us and maybe even track the story by joining as a spectator!

⠀⠀☾ — ;; What other things this server has to offer:

1 -- Create your own werewolf and have them join the pack!

2 -- Each character will be displayed on our member document for easier access!

2 -- Various ranks and subranks you can choose from!

3 -- A deep lore.

4 -- We have tons of roles for your characters, and for ooc ones, like your pronouns, your character's spirit animal etc.!

5 -- Music Bot, Tatsu, Sigma ...

6 -- We have a special room for any kind of fanart you can make.

7 -- Because we mostly only goof around outside of roleplay many dumb words escape our mouths, for this purpose only we have a meme- and a star-board channel to glorify our messages.

8 -- Want to jump into the roleplay but are unsure who to ask? Our rp-request and plotting rooms will come to your aid.
Trading msk carry’s Any thing you want related to
fortnite is here come join we welcome you.
Daily Giveaways, People Always Wanna To Trade,Storm king carry’s Super Cheap, And
Great Staff. And VERY BIG giveaway going on right now

Salve. Rumex dissimilis est dicere, quod vos non pati a genus morbidus dolore magna aliqua II, ego ostendam, non quia mihi asinum, et non rideat viverra memes. Iuniore aetate in quam iam non dicam vos habere meliorem et linguis III fut
اوتونامي هو سيرفر عربي مخصص للالعاب مثل Brawlhalla و League of Legends
وغيرها والسوالف والانميات، ويوجد فعاليات شبه اسبوعيه عليها جوائز قيمه.

• 🏮 انمي
• 🎮 العاب
• 💬 سوالف
• ✨ فعاليات

OTONAMI is a community for gamers, people that watch anime, and also for those who'd like to chat and meet new people.

• 🏮 Anime
• 🎮 Games
• 💬 Chats
• ✨ Weekly events with rewards
Yo! This is a new Yu-Gi-Oh roleplay server that uses yugioh dueling nexus and links for dueling people. Lemme list a few things you can do here...
-Meet new people to duel with on yugioh Dueling nexus and links
-Meet new erotic roleplay partners
-You dont have to do both, just be interested in yugioh roleplay and, or dueling.
So please come join for some fun, and stay cool!
Welcome to BATTER UP! This is an OFF-centric server, so be warned for horror themes in the media sent here and dark discussions. If you can not deal with such things, please take your mental health into account and maybe step back for this one. Besides that, I hope the server remains civil and a pleasant experience for anyone who wishes to join!
Come have fun in our Pokemon Showdown server! we have fun challenges, like a gym for each type, an E4 and championships,
We welcome you with open arms!
This is a server for finding others to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. You can also find many other things that might interest you, such as music, art, tech, and more. You can also come just to hang out. We hope you enjoy!
Hi, You want to find players to play in the Zone Wars, bxf, bf or other mods ?

Fast, simple and efficient !