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Friendly Active server with lots of FPS gamers for all needs and games. Everybody is welcome from all around the globe.

● Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ✔️
● Rainbow Six Siege ✔️
● Apex Legends ✔️
● Division I & II ✔️
● PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ✔️
● Hunt:Showdown ✔️
● Dead by Daylight ✔️
The Silver Cord is an Overwatch community specific to Nintendo Switch. Our goal is to create innovated ways to connect the player base in a positive and friendly environment. In addition, We run weekly community in-game events from a custom game night to scrimmage if you're interested. We are always interested in implimenting new ways to connect the community through overwatch and the server itself. Stop on by, We'd like to meet you.

E-Sports Tournament Organization for Amateur & Professional Gamers!

☆ Staxx’s GameHouse is an E-Sports Event Organization with a vision of ensuring that amateur gamers of today, can be the new top professional gamers of the future! ☆

Every event is structured differently. Although, we’re ensuring that every amateur team gets a chance to shine! Come grow with an organization that wants to HELP you grow 🏆‼️


➥A Friendly, but Competitive Enviroment
➥Fun Mini-Games
➥Cash Prizes
➥Highlights and Exposure from our Events
come join my server, We talk about the following topics fortnite, roblox, call of duty, and other BIG games out there. Why I think you should join my server?. simple we are a very active server and talk about funny topics. if your interested make sure to join my server.
Hey! Thanks for checking us out! We are a clan, we are very unique JOIN our server to find out more

Clan Region: Southeast Asia (SEA) (Garena)
Looking for: Competitive Players
Platform: Mobile

Clan Requirements:
☆ Must have been ranked Master 1 - Legendary this season or previous seasons
☆ Must have a K/D of 1.75 or above
☆ Must have a microphone
☆ Must be on mobile
☆ Must speak fluent english


We are a Competitive & Casual clan for the GARENA version of the game... in this clan we will have scrims, join tourneys, we strive to be a top clan!

Extra Server Features:
-Giveaways every now-and-then for when the server reaches a milestone!
-Fun bots to use when you are bored!
-We sometimes have random events that you can join and have fun in!
Wir sind ein aufstrebender deutscher Rainbow Six Siege Community Server,mit 10000+ Membern auf dem du immer Mates jeder Rangstufe zum Zocken findest. Wir sind dauerhaft bemüht, unseren Membern den Aufenthalt auf dem Server so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten und ihn ständig zu verbessern. Dafür ist ein kompetentes Serverteam im Einsatz, welches bei Fragen, Problemen und Anregungen zur Verbesserung helfen kann. Eure Meinung ist uns sehr wichtig, scheut euch deswegen nicht eure Vorschläge und Anregungen an das Team weiterzuleiten.

Du hast noch Fragen? Dann setze dich einfach mit jemandem aus dem Serverteam in Verbindung.

Ansonsten wünschen wir dir viel Spaß auf dem Server und vielleicht begegnet man sich ja mal ingame.

Dein R6DE Serverteam
Este es un server de Valorant español, donde podrás jugar con otras personas, participar en torneos amistosos y conocer a nueva gente.
Espero que te guste y lo disfrutes.
Welcome to the Mafia Rebels
We are a New Gaming Community
We have a specific channels for :- Cs-Go, Modern Warfare , Valorant , Unturned , Minecraft
We are brothers inside and support each other
U can chill with the guys there listen to music and make friends
Hope u join our Mafia Family
We are looking for people who want to join our community and also we are have open spots to join our new clan call ATC Gaming. Join now!
We are Team Sync.
A uprising team.
We include, Managers, Comp players, Casual players, and even creative warriors. Join right now for a chance to join Team Sync
Zapraszamy was na oficjalnego discorda
mamy nadzieję że wam się u nas spodoba i że na naszych serwerach csgo będziecie strzelać niezłe heady a na serwerze minecraft kopać dużo diaxów!

Mamy również wiele kanałow pod różne gry!

każdy kanał jest pod daną rangę tak żeby gracze innych gier nie przeszkadzali sobie nawzajem!

chcesz wiedzieć więcej? to poprostu wbij i się przekonaj jak u nas jest!
Hey! We are one of the biggest Call of Duty: Warzone Discord server in Lithuania! Looking for a group to play with? Join us!
➡️Roles by your in-game KDR.
➡️Bot to track your kdr/wins/time played and so on.
➡️ Fast Growing community.

❗ADULT & Active Players only ❗
Dreamhunt Giveaways
<>CSGO giveaways
<>CSGO events
<>huge role system
<>great community
• CS:GO server for all gamers. We own specific voice and text channels for the entire Counter Strike community users. The server has nitro booster perks for the supporters.

• The server owns dedicated streamer roles, which allows you to advertise your own streams, many self roles to get a customizable profile details.

• We host many skins giveaways every weeks, and community tournaments with prizes.

• The server is presenting an active community, with active staff members.

• Our CS:GO server is climbing to 20.000 members and is one of the most populated CS:GO community servers covering the globality of the game

»→ Level based role and reward system which allows you to earn skins.
»→ Secure CS:GO skin trading moderated by staff members
»→ Private channels and game voice channels
»→ Hosting CS:GO skin giveaways and tournaments free to join
»→ Community events (CS:GO deathruns, 1v1v1v1, etc)
»→ And much more, feel free to join and be a part of this community!
The Deepsea Metro is a community for all things Splatoon & Splatoon 2. Featuring custom emojis and a relaxed atmosphere, the Deepsea Metro is the perfect server for any Splatoon fans to join and make new friends!
Crows Castle
- Growing active community
- Professional and clean discord look
- Expanding to host our own servers!
- Professional Patreon page with automatic ranking and gifts
- Meme's galore
- Some skill based ranks
- Discord games with bots
- Discord music with bots

There is so much more to this server and things planned for the future, join today and see what we are about!
Somos la Élite Squad. Una comunidad que juega diariamente a Battlefront II PC de manera organizada.
Estamos a vuestra disposición para introduciros en este mundo del juego en equipo a través de pruebas en las que os valoraremos la comunicación, da igual tu habilidad y os enseñaremos cómo jugamos, las cuales os darán acceso al Discord oficial de la comunidad.
Si estas interesado o tienes la curiosidad por jugar a Battlefront II de una manera diferente únete aquí para comenzar tu unión a la Élite Squad.

Video destacado de la comunidad y ejemplo de cómo jugamos:
Welcome to ɅCЄ Clan CODM!
~*An International Clan*~

Our clan was founded in November of 2019 and lead by ACЄ×ѴłƧłѲN. The ɅCЄ family is currently home to more than 140 brothers and sister in arms across the globe who battle daily to be on top of the global leaderboard.

ɅCЄ is compromised of three clans in CODM. Two clans are highly competitive in The Global Leaderboards, Multiplayer and Battle Royale format. The other clan is a casual clan.

ɅCЄ focuses on creating a one of a kind community for like minded gamers to come to and participate in fun game play and a positive discord server. All members have access to the same information regarding CODM, opportunities to compete on BR/MP teams, and play in ɅCЄ only events in what we call the FUN HOUSE.

ɅCЄ also has one of the strongest all female squads who compete in BR and MP in CODM call ɅCЄ ANGELS. The ANGELS host an official Girls CODM BR Ranked event, the LETHAL LADIES.

ɅCЄ is very involved in the CODM community, by hosting moneys events (MP/BR leagues and tournaments), open scrimmages, and creating alliances with other top clans to create a unique dynamic of gameplay in CODM that you won’t find anywhere else but in ɅCЄ.

If you are looking for a CODM family, there is no better place then the ɅCЄ family. So come, join our server and apply to the family.

=-=-=-=-=-HELLO CIVILIAN-=-=-=-=-=

I see you found our Secret Laboratory Server, we urge you to join this rapidly growing community.

Why choose us?

Well in our server we have friendly staff, a great growing community, our server scan hold up to 100+ Players at a time and we would like you to join our server!

What do you say, care to give our server a shot?
Bienvenue à la FRENCH FAMILY !

Équipe FR performante sur CODM.
Constituée de 2 rosters BR et 1 roster MJ, nous souhaitons désormais s’ouvrir au public et gagner en notoriété.
Notre but : performer sur la scène européenne.