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This server is very epic, join if you are mature and like the epic memes as well. We are very welcoming and hope you guys enjoy your stay.
We play many many many games, and if you dont have any, dont worry! There are plenty of bots in the server that you can play with and plenty of people to talk to!
Dont like talking? Dope! We have great text channels you can chat in and meme with if you're bored!
Love talking? Great! Everyone is down for a good chat, or some in depth games with the homies! We really would love it if you were to join and I think you would find yourself right at home with the rest of us!
We have a minecraft survival server we all play on as well! So if you have minecraft java edition then you can play with us! Anyways enough rambling... Come and join and see what you've been missing!
This is a COD mobile server you can become a content creator, streamer (you can choose both of them) or last choice pro team member
Welcome to our very nice splatoon server!!
This server is really just a chill splatoon place so there’s no clan stuff happening here! Here is where you can talk about whatever, join or host a private battle, play some league teams/pairs, and have daily monkeys :)
We’re currently hosting a splatfest!! The theme is to decide which of the two owners are the best! Rod? Or Buck? Trust me when i say that sure this is the starting splatfest but there definitely WILL be more themes!!
We also have game nights hosted every now and then~
This also has some animal crossing channels~
Please do take in note that this server is relatively new so we’re open to suggestions on how to improve our server!!
Enjoy your stay!!~
Aceasta este comunitatea ce reprezinta CS:GO-ul din Romania. Merita sa ni te alaturi pentru a gasi o multime de oameni, cu care te poti juca. De asemenea, aici se organizeaza frecvent turnee. Daca ai o echipa si doresti sa iti gasesti niste membrii capabili, aici este locul perfect. Staff-ul este capabil, si orice problema ai, mereu gasesti pe cineva care sa te ajute.
This is the Official Premium Cheats Discord Server. We offer modding and hacking services in various games, most popularly in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. If you're interested in buying bot lobbies to complete you camos, join and check us out!
Довольно таки старый сервер по тематике cs go, уже работает 2 года, если вы хотели найти сервер где можно найти тиммейтов для игры или просто общение, то вам к нам)
╔═══.·:·. ❊ ❅ ❅ ❊.·:·.═══╗
❅ ˚ 。⋆Frost in Elevator⋆。 ˚ ❅
╚═══.·:·. ❊ ❅ ❅ ❊.·:·.═══╝

*What We Offer
•Weekly Community Events such as:
—➤ Movie Nights
—➤ Rainbow Six Siege Tourneys that involve prizes
—➤ Custom Games
—➤and more to come!

•We value the feedback of users within the community! So if you have suggestions, we listen to them!

•Non-toxic community!

•Anyone can join (like seriously, anyone, we kinda desperate lul)

•Custom-made emotes!

•Excellent + active Staff

•Active + positive community

We’re a chill server, despite us having so many game channels, if you wish to just chillax, and find friends, we have plenty of people you can talk with here!

Bonus: if you’re an artist, we love to see what you create, so, don’t hesitate to come in and show off what you have! ^^

We hope to see you in our server! Here’s the link:
Welcome to Chxrys Market 2.0 we were hacked at 1200 members and
have alot of experience
Join for :
*Invite Rewards
*Trusted MarketPlace
*Giveaways and Drops
See u There ;)
Welcome to Fortnite Boxfights And Wagers.
Here we offer:
-Legit players that will not scam you.
-Scam-Free Report system
-Helpful Staff (Owner)
-Chat Mod Applications
-Regular Boxfight channels if you do not want to wager
-Non-Toxic community
If you want to find Fortnite Wagers, JOIN HERE!
krunker clan server, we do giveaways and alot more, you can also apply and get tested, we are a rapidly growing clan with a pretty good comp team and AMAZING gfx, join the server to find out more.
We are a Fortnite clan trying to grow ourselves and trying to grow all YouTubers in our clan so if you want your channel to grow this is the Fortnite clan.
"Welcome Spartans, and night sentinels to the United Nations Space Command INFINITY, this server is to socialize with people who like to be play HALO or talk about it but also includes another game DOOM, this server includes NSFW's you need to be at least mature or 18+ to access those channels, there will be a RvB and RWBY channel for people who just talk about Rooster Teeth or even the movies of Halo that 343i made, here in the United Nations Space Command We treat other Spartans with respect, Rank up to the Master Chief Petty Officer rank to be Handpicked by the staff to be Trusted or Captain, Good luck out there Spartans"
A womens overwatch league, a safe place for women to enjoy a team environment.
Cross platform, LGBTQ+ friendly, all ranks welcome!
About Server
Welcome to Fortnite box fights
On this server you can do 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or even 4v4 box fights. You can also wage with other members or you can just do box fights for fun. If you like fortnite then consider hopping into the battle bus and join this server!
Welcome to The Halo Boys, the server where you can have fun and play with other people with the same tastes as you!

We offer:

-A friendly community
We are friendly people who always tries to improve as many ways as possible

-Responsible staff members
Any staff member will try to help you and make your stay worth!

We do meetings on different games like most of the halo games, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Minecraft and in the future others! And we even have own channel in Youtube!

We are starting to make machinimas too, so you can collaborate with us body acting, voice acting, scripting or even animatingok_hand

So what are you waiting for? ! Come and join us!
Official Greek Speaking Warzone Server.

Play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and the famous Battle Royale Warzone. Find teammates from ALL platforms (PC, XBOX, PS4)


800+ Members✔️
Warzone Statistics ✔️
Ranking System For All Active Members✔️
All Platforms Supported✔️
Friendly Staff✔️
Various Text Channels✔️
Greek Voice Channels✔️

Join Us!!✌🏻
We are an active group that has a growing community of beginner to experienced gamers and streamers. On our server you can find friends, join the server team, chat with users and much more!
Hey,Wir sind ein Deutscher Rainbow six Siege Community Discord bei uns Findest du Spieler in Jeder Rangstufe oder einfach so Mates zum Casual,Newcomer,Custom Zocken oder einfach nur zum Quatschen.

Bei Fragen oder Problemen im Server Ping bitte einen Moderator und bitte ihn um Hilfe!

Wenn du dich jetzt Entschieden hast uns zu Joinen Freue ich mich dich vielleicht bald im Channel zu Sehen ^^ -Dein Serverteam
We are a server based around apex on ps4,join,find some buds and play with them,we as a server offer:
We are a CSGO league based around creating the same competitive experience pros face but for low level CSGO teams and players. Climb up the league each season and win prizes with your team. We also have our own dedicated 128 tick servers to host the games on ! Its absolutely free so why not come and check it out.
Tired of playing the same custom maps in different servers? Don't like the fact that discord servers for halo have a mix of xbox and pc players and sometimes you don't know who plays what? Tired of getting people that screech in mic in voice chat and leave? Luckily you've came across this server! We are a tight knit server that are always online. We have a lot fun playing a game that we all cherish and hope you join us to have as much fun as we do!

Hello, everyone. This server focuses on Call of Duty Mobile, searching for players with high competitive skills and talent. Recruitment available at any time. Feel free to stop by and check in!

┍━───────────⤛ ────────────┑
┕━───────────⤛ ────────────┙
༄┊This is a OPEN discord , anyone above the rank pro 5(In mp) is able to join the server , you will be kicked if not. Also if you want to join the clan you must be pro 3+ and you have to pass your tryout.
༄┊You can joke around but dont be toxic.
༄┊This a chill server.
༄┊Be a Sweat. (:
༄┊Have fun.
༄┊ Meet people and make friendsヅ.
༄┊Do NOT advertise in anyone’s dm.
༄┊NO tolerance for that.^
༄┊Be respectful.
༄┊Age doesn’t matter here , be mature.
༄┊The competition team is coming soon.
༄┊No racism. We all are equals.
༄┊Have a sense of humor.
༄┊We have a NSFW chat for you virgins.