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In a world just exiting the World War and on the brink of a Cold War, there exists a city that is enshrouded by the everlasting fog. The city, named Cosa Nostra, is secluded from the rest of the world, existing between two places at once. Those who trek through the dangerous fog finds themselves lost, wandering their way into the city. But one thing is for certain, once they enter, there is no way out. They are reborn from the ashes of their old ways, reawakening with unkindled powers that defines their position.

Welcome to the world of murder and destruction, where two Mafia families, the Romano family and the McErlane family are vying for power in a city, killing anyone in their way. This is a world of danger and risk, of life and death. Where not choosing a side means being a corpse on the streets. Where choosing a side means losing friends and loved ones. Sleep with a knife under your pillow. Walk with a gun. Can you handle the pressure that this world brings? Will you pave your name into the dark history of the city or be left nameless and powerless in the dark recesses of a city that had long since fallen into chaos?

We greet you with open arms to the city of the dead, Cosa Nostra.
This Discord server was intended to assist players in creating teams for completing mission / heists. it serves as an alternate to the Official Grand Theft Auto server. We welcome gamers from all platforms. Come chill out with us and talk about anything GTA related!
Casual and competitive friendly server now open! Come on down and make some new friends and stick around for our first small prize tournament!
Well hey, seems you’ve stumbled upon the one and only Smash Mafia! You might be a little confused as to what this operation is, but you’ve come to the right place. Here in Smash Mafia, we aim to bring our members to the next level of competitive play (in Smash). With matchmaking channels and regular tournaments, you’ll always have the chance to hone your skills and spar against other Smash enthusiasts. Should you want to follow a quieter life here in the mafia, you can also relax and get to know your fellow mafioso in our variety of social channels. So waddaya waiting for, get on in there and show’em what you’re made of!
Vous aimez l'univers Tekken ou Street Fighter, en plus aimé le rôle play alors ce serveur est fait pour vous. On accepte tout le monde qui souhaite ce joindre à nous, vous êtes la bienvenue.

We are a brand new team, we are looking for the best of the best player!

What we are looking for
Comp. players- must have placements with earnings/recruitment video.

Content creator- must have 1k on any platform.

GFX and VFX- join server and summit.

We have 1k on Instagram

We have jerseys and merch coming very soon,
our merch launch will be , 2020,02,28 .

We have a great staff team.

We are willing to promote and help members grow.

We have a website and contracts

*We are also planning on getting legalized in the near future. *
Ce serveur est un serveur FRANCOPHONE basé sur l'univers fantastique de Star Wars,le contexte se passe entre l'épisode 1 et l'épisode 6,donc avant le premier ordre,Finn,Rey et tout les autres personnage,c'est un serveur RP-LIBRE ce qui veut dire que vous pouvez créer un personnage à votre façon,de plus,il y a beaucoup de % de chance que votre fiche soit accepté,surtout si elle est détaillé,alors rejoignez nous dans cette galaxie lointaine,très lointaine...
We are a shinobi striker community all about playing with friends and meeting new people, making a new squad and work your way to the top. Feel free to join everyone's welcome !
Servidor de mugen no Discord, eu crio conteúdo de mugen pro YouTube e vocês decidem a próxima luta de mugen através de sorteios!
Here you can play and train with members of the community. We offer free coaching for our members and we are always looking for more coaches to help out.

We have daily practice sessions, blog posts, streamers, coaches, and more!

Join to take your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game to the next level!
This is a server based on Fortnite mainly.
You can trade,sell,buy from/with people.
You can play with other people and also have a vc to talk in.
You can listen to music in vc.
And talk about general stuff and gaming.
We have multiple giveaways and drops too!!
⭐ ⭐ SF ⭐ ⭐
Welcome to SF!
We are currently an up and coming Fortnite Multi-Platform and Pokécord Clan+Community looking for players and members alike!
We are small but growing fast and could use Gym Leaders, GFX artists and team managers, especially console and pc managers! We accept Mobile, Switch, PC, and Console players!

**Fortnite Players: How To Join**
-Go to the tryout-request channel in our server and use the command *%apply* to start an application in your DMs.

-Respond to each question and staff will review your application. If it looks good, you'll be tried out!

-1v1 one of our recruiters (Winning is NOT NECCESSARY. You will be judged on your skills, even if you lose!)

**Pokécord Players**
You can join the Pokécord team by beating 8 gyms! To become the champion you must beat the Elite 4 and the current champion!

**GFX: How To Join**
-Showcase your art in the gfx channel and if we like it, you'll be notified that we want you for the job!

- Toxicity and/or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated
- Spamming is allowed only in the spam chat
- Only @ roles (i.e Commander, Leader, etc) if neccessary or if granted permission (Ex: To make an announcement)

Welcome To SF Clan!
Sword fight tdm is a server for a roblox game that has classic vibes and classic maps, join up and make friends!
We Are A GTA V Server With Free Daily Money Drops & Cheap Recovery Packs!
Recovery Packs Prices From Just £4! Come Along And Meet The Nicest Modders Alive!

Here Are The Prices Of Our Recovery Packs & What Each Recovery Pack Offers:exclamation:

Recovery Packs Prices -> Bronze Pack For £4 / Silver Pack For £6 / Gold Pack For £8 / Platinum Pack For £12 / Diamond Pack For £15

Bronze Pack Offers...
• Maximum Of $250 Million
• Maximum Of Level 250
• Maximum Of Crew Level 25

Silver Pack Offers...
• Maximum Of $600 Million [Extra $100 Million]
• Maximum Of Level 600 [Extra 100 Levels]
• Maximum Of Crew Level 60 [Extra 10 Crew Levels]

Gold Pack Offers...
• Maximum Of $900 Million [Extra $400 Million]
• Maximum Of Level 900 [Extra 400 Levels]
• Maximum Of Crew Level 90 [Extra 40 Crew Levels]

Platinum Pack Offers...
• Maximum Of $1.5 Billion [Extra $875 Million]
• Maximum Of Level 1500 [Extra 875 Levels]
• Maximum Of Crew Level 150 [Extra 87.5 Crew Levels]
• Free Refills Included

Diamond Pack Offers...
• Any Amount Of Money
• Any Level
• Any Crew Level
• Free Refills Included

All Recovery Packs Unlocks...

• All Heists
• All Vehicle Mods
• All Achievements
• All Weapon Skins
• All Fashion ( Clothing / Hairstyles / Tattoos )

All Recovery Packs Includes...

• Maxed Stats ( If Wanted )
• Custom K/D ( If Wanted )
• Redesign Character ( If Wanted )
Looking for an active server with both casual and competitive smash players? You found it. We train each other, post guides, and host tournaments. We also have a voice chat and a responsive admin team. Now let's smash!
Trading fortnite accounts, no scams or banned
Some people give free fortnite accounts
Epic server!
Have fun!
Been Gang | Gaming Community


What is Been Gang? We are an active and constantly growing mobile gaming community, looking for people to join us to support our growth, be a part of the community, and to have fun!


What do we offer?

◙ We specialize in games such as
➼ Brawl Stars
➼ Clash Royale
➼ Clash of Clans
➼ PUBG Mobile
➼ Call of Duty Mobile
➼ And more to come!

◙ A well-built Discord server with many channels, auto-moderation, news, and friendly staff!
➼ We are looking forward to server partnerships

◙ Self-Roles, Weekly surveys, Fun Bots, Role Rewards, Many emojis, Art and photography, Game channels, and News!

◙ In-Game clubs that you can join! Be a part of our community, and join us in the games we specialize in!


Questions? Feel free to ask @BeenBoyage regarding any concerns or quesitons you have!


Voltiac eSport

Wir sind ein neuer Clan seit 2019 bestehender Clan mit dem Fokus auf Rainbow Six Siege und CS:GO.
Unser Clan ist dabei je nach Game in unterschiedliche Altersbereiche eingeteilt. Jeder Bereich ist klar strukturiert und wird von einem Team Leader geleitet.
Spaß am Spiel steht bei uns an oberster Stelle.


>90% Geht an die Spieler die den Cup gewonnen haben
>Erfahrung im Bereich Gaming
>Kontakte zur E-Sport Welt
>E-Sport Clan
Need a fortnite chill and fun clan, Sync is the place.

Sync eSports is an esports clan which is growing FAST.

1.Able to play at least 1 hour a day.
2.KD above 1.(exceptions could be made)
3.Decent mechanics and aim.
4.Tryouts needed(unless u have a rc prepared)

What we need:
Clan members to compete for us.
Brazil clan leaders.
We do clan wars to.(Looking for clan wars)
GFX designer.

All regions
A friendly and Truly Amazing community welcomes you.

3250 members and counting. This server is the one and only agario discord.

We are striving to make a great community and would love to have you on board.
Some things you can do on the discord server:
- Find a team mate
- Read the latest updates
- Join a community!
Welcome to The Frosted Wizards. A server where u can have fun and play Dungeon Quest with other people! We host giveways, raids, events, and more. We also have a good staff team and overall great community to just hang out with and chill.

What's Special About Our Server?
• Daily Giveaways
• A variety of bots for things like playing music, calculating pots, and having fun
• Reaction Roles to match your stats in Dungeon Quest and customize your pings so you only get notified for important things you are interested in
• Custom Roles :0
• Fun raids and events
• Very organized so you can easily find what channel you are looking for

& much more!
What are you waiting for? Join cuz why not :D
Comp NAW NAE and EU FORTNITE team always active staff and more. We always welcome new people into the server