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Hey, welcome to X Wagers!

We are the largest legit wager cord!
This server is the big brother to our fortnite custom matchmaking server(X Customs)!
This server is for all you people who would like to play for money!
If you are looking for a server that you can wager in join us!
💠Hades Gaming💠
Hello and thank you for taking your time to read our discord advertisement. First of all I would like to introduce you to Hades Gaming which is a community dedicated to finding others to play with. We have loads to offer with just some of it being:

🌀 Advertisement channels where you can advertise your team, discord and scrims/tournaments.

🌀 Channels dedicated to finding people to play with.

🌀 Game update announcements, we will post every update coming to CS:GO and Rainbow 6 siege.

🌀 Active users and a growing discord server.

🌀 Helpful staff.

🌀 Good moderation.

🌀 Reaction roles.

🌀 A levelling system with ranks as reward.

Our main focus is to grow our community and make a friendly environment for everyone where you can chat and just hang out which can't be done with out you. So check us out, have a quick chat, I'm sure you wont regret it.
Very cheap recovies and money boost
* Basic tier - 2,5€
* Up to $400 Million
* Up to level 185
* Unlock all Ammu-Nation, Los Santos Customs upgrade

* Good tier - 5€
* Up to $800 Million
* Up to level 320
* Unlock all Ammu-Nation, Los Santos Customs upgrades, Tattoo, and Barber Shop upgrades
* Max Statistics

* God tier - 7,5€
* Up to 1,2 Billion
* Up to level 500
* All achievements
* Max Statistics
* Unlock all Ammu-Nation, Los Santos Customs upgrades, Tattoo, and Barber Shop upgrades

* Master tier - 10€ [Recommended]
* Up to $2 Billion
* Up to level 8000 (Not Recommended to go up to 8000)
* Max Statistics
* All Unlocks

* Legendary tier - 12,5€
* Up to $3,5 Billion
* Up to level 8000 (Not Recommended to go up to 8000)
* Max statistics
* Custom K/D ratio
* All Unlocks

* Dio tier- 15€
* Up to $5 Billion
* Up to level 8000 (Not Recommended to go up to 8000)
* Max Statistics
* All Unlocks
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join! *we (try to) have weekly mini tourneys with minor prizes!*
Welcome to GALLANT.

Gallant is an 18+ Overwatch roleplay server. We are canon divergent with an admin-run server plot heavily influenced by members. Server events are group-focused with 2 alternating event types: dice-rolling (quicker) and thread based (more accessible for busy people). Activity checks weekly.

The plot of Gallant takes place ~20 years prior to the recall, or "present" overwatch. This is the very beginning of the Golden Age, shortly after Morrison took over after the Omnic Crisis. The world is still in ruin from war.

- Muns must be 18+ (NSFW kept in NSFW channels)
- Easy and quick application process!
- Literate threads with comms channel for more casual interaction
- Active and attentive admins
- Blackwatch/Overwatch verses for other characters are encouraged (ie: Ashe, Amelie)
- Younger characters are also welcome and encouraged to be aged up (ie: pharah, junkrat, etc.).
- NPCs welcome
- No OCs accepted at this time
- 2 character limit (activity checks weekly)
This is a Discord of BitPvPMC Network Minecraft Server we will be releasing a awesome Minecraft server which will have the gamemode Prison we hope you will join our community :)
A server for people who play the last of us - factions. A ping to play server to meet people who love the MP. (Also yes, the name is factions in a british accent)
🐅Willkommen zu dem TEAM TYGAR | Discord🐅 😀 👍

🔸 Auf diesen Discord-Server:
👉Werden Fortnite Tuniere mit Preisgeld veranstaltet
👉Werden Fortnite Zonewars/Box-PVP Tuniere veranstaltet
👉Werden CS GO Projekte veranstaltet
👉Kannst du eine Bewerbung für Team Tygar als Fortnite
oder CS GO Spieler, machen
👉Kannst du dich auch als Cutter oder Designer, bei Team Tygar bewerben
👉Kannst du Werbung für deine Social-Media Kanäle erstellen
👉Kannst du Geld in Gewinnspiele gewinnen
👉Kannst du neue Freunde finden
👉Kannst du kostenlos Musik hören

🐅Wir wünschen dir eine schöne Zeit auf dem TEAM TYGAR | Discord🐅
🐅Teile diesen Discord an deine Freunde, wenn sie auch an coole Projekte interessiert sind🐅 😀 👍
Welcome to Hoes & Oates! 👋🏻

Hello I am introducing you to an action packed server! It is mainly smash ultimate and animal crossing based!

Our server includes:
•Tournaments with money prizes 💰
•Gifted smash trainers willingly to help!
•Daily smash arenas and gameplay!
•Animal crossing gameplay 🍃
•Voice chat, Music bots, other bots🎵
•Many fun interactive channels from anime to art to pets to polls to selfies to anything 😱

Do not be alarmed! Many of us also play Minecraft, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, you name it !!! 🎮

We have awesome mods and members who love to interact with you and are kind
We also have level 2 nitro boost 🥰🥰
Salutation, bienvenue sur ce serveur Discord Frost Esport

Nous te souhaitons de passer un agréable
moment, tu peux parler de tout et n'importe quoi librement tant que ce ne sont pas des propos racistes ou déplacés.
code serveur :

Sur ce serveur:

- des rôle superbe a gagné

-aux 100 membres giveaway et ceux qui invite max de personnes seront récompensés

- vous pouvez vous amusez avec d'autre personne qui sont dans le serveur / club

- des salon textuel et vocal magnifique

- Staff à l’écoute et compétant !

-Tournois avec / sans cash prize

- Une bonne entente , des gens sympa
Hier könnt ihr
-Teampartner finden
-Skizzen für Baupreis herstellen lassen
-Nach Hilfe für Missionen fragen
-Scammer Reporten
-Sonnen und andere Materialien Gewinnen
-Einfach Zeit im Chat verbringen
-Musik hören
-Casino Spielen.
Tes fort au pvp, mes tu trouve pas de team.
Je sais se qu'il te faut, viens voir ce que je te montre la DraaKistesWhites dans notre team nous présentons :

-Du bedwars
-Du skyblock
-Du skywars
-Du rush
-Du pvp faction
-Et bien autre encore!!!

Et bien je t'annonce que cette team Recrutes!!!!.
La DraakitesWhites te propose plein de truc tente ta chance seul toi peux le faire.
Bonne chance a toi jeune recrue smile
Hello and welcome to our second server our first server with over 800 members got deleted but we are back with a new one!! we are hosting daily free money drops and we are also selling recoveries
Hello! This we are the Kool Kids.
Here, we provide fun at all times.
Making new friends.
Having fun playing games most of the time.
And we have bots to mess around with as well, such as, Pokécord, Pokéverse, OwO, Tacoshack, and Yggdrasil (A.K.A. URSS Phone).
If you would like to reccomend any other bots, let us know and we will consider it.
Here, we Occasionly play Smash but if you would like to play other games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, or Rocket league, Etc. We can.
Hopefully you enjoy your stay!
Come play smash in a relaxed environment with a chill group of people. We will be hosting monthly tournaments soon. Tons of good opponents to test your skill against. We also offer relaxed off topic discussion. Darkest Emotes around, and animal crossing channel
Welcome to Destiny Sea Pirates

Giveaways Tournaments
Private Servers
YouTube Channel
Friendly and reliable moderators

The Destiny Sea Pirates are a crew who will you treat you like a family and help you grow stronger so we can achieve our goal together, conquer the oceans of the world and become the strongest crew. We aid those smaller crews to help them compete with other crews when in wars, if you want this then we could allie

Will you join us and help us achieve our goal, our dream together ?

Because it’s starts with you, here and now
An overwatch XBOX guild!

Growing fast for a reason. Come and see for yourself why.

We are currently hosting our own small overwatch scrims! Live commentary and each game is streamed live!

Join one of our 17 teams or create your own within the guild!

-Join weekly overwatch events

-Submit your best plays!

-Get reviews from master players!
In this NONTOXIC guild we have it all!
All SR levels are welcome to join in on the fun.
This server has been on ever since the launch of super smash bros ultimate.
-We grew up to be a very family based community!
-We have amazing members whom we ended up meeting in real life after meeting in this server.
- tournament players from streams
Over thousands of people
- We hold tournaments every week!
Can win money, Eshop cards, nitro
- various other games such as paladins, realms royale, minecraft, Mario kart.
- you enjoy karaoke? You enjoy movie nights? We have those too :)

Most importantly, we are always present for our members.

Hello, we are the Zone Wars Eu Server! By providing tons of lobbies beeing hosted but Having a good security at the same time, we are the number one beeing specialized on Fortnite Zone Wars