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Our guild is welcome to anyone. We strive to build an active community. We provide daily giveaways, raids, entertaining events.
Looking to bring all fighting games and players together in order to unify the whole FGC during these uncertain times. We have Tekken,MK, DBZF, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter and Smash Listed as games and will add more if there’s a demand for them. Regardless of skill level or experience we welcome all gamers to our fun, friendly, and family driven community. Come hang out, share some tech and let's enjoy some good ass fighting games!

We encourage all our players to promote their socials and streams to help build their audience as well. We also actively seek to network with other fighting game servers to form friendships and working relationships. I believe we need more cross over Events between these servers 💪🤝. We started 9/2/20 and we’ve seen quick growth, come join our growing family.
Hey !

Tu joues à fortnite ?
Si oui, ce serveur est fait pour toi !

Tu pourras :

🗣️・Parler avec des gens qui jouent à fortnite, ainsi que jouer avec eux
🎭・Choisir tes rôles parmi une belle ribambelle
🎉・Participer à de nombreux giveaways
🕸️・Partager tes meilleurs tricks, maps et autre
💯・Concourir au classement du plus actif de la semaine

🔒・Et pourquoi pas être staff quand le serveur aura plus de membres ?

📌・Tu pourras également faire ta pub si tu es actif !

Mais quel est le but de ce serveur ?

🍻・Le but de ce serveur est simplement de parler et jouer avec des gens qui jouent à fortnite !

🎁・Giveaway pour gagner un objet dans la boutique aux 50 membres :)

Nous faisons aussi un recrutement staff ! Pour plus d'informations contactez le staff !
Hello, this server is my server. In this server i giveaway stuff such as robux and dank memer coins. There are also a lot of cool people here you can talk to. If you would like to join please do so :). We also play games such as Strucid.
41st Elite corps milsim is a server about giving the best 41st experience to our members, we host trainings and raids every week so come say hi
A Fortnite clan that does tournaments we didn't go places we just do virtual tournaments. Tryout required but we pass mostly everyone.
👉Fortnite RDW Server👈 ⚡Traden ohne scammer⚡
🚨Scammer werden bestraft 🚨
🎁 Event,s🎁
🛡Sicher Traden🛡
⚔Missionen machen⚔
🗡Mystischer Sturm König🗡
We are a chill fortnite clan that is active every night you don’t have to be good to join. Age limit 18.
#fortnite REMEMBER an east servers
Le Discord de la Lavan vous permet de découvrir une communauté convivial basé sur le ESport et la compétition. Nous cherchons d'ailleurs de nombreux joueurs pour constituer nos lineup et le serveur est en constante progression !

N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre pour discuter, rigoler, débattre et nous soutenir !
Wir sind GodQ - ein Rainbow Six Siege Clan, welcher sich auf Teamgeist und Skill fokussiert. Bei uns findest du Mitspieler, Leute zum Unterhalten oder Scrimpartner für R6 Siege.
Dbl news and info and loads of other stuff to do. We have very friendly staff and loads of roles up for grabs! Loads of games to do like taco shop and more should hopefully be coming soon!
We have:

♦️Monthly tournaments of 16-64 people with prizes and roles! You will be seen as a top pvp player if you win these tourneys

♦️Leagues! We have 3 leagues at the minute of 8 people in each, but we want to have more as the server grows! Play everyone in your league twice to get points to get promoted up the leagues and win the champion league ⚜️ (2 people will be demoted, and 2 promoted)

♦️You can request to be a league or tourney helper to be guaranteed a spot in the upcoming events!

♦️So much more to hopefully be coming! We hope you join us
This is a Fortnite looking-for-group server. We focus on competitive trios but are open to all game modes. We are a SFW server and invite you to join. Hop on in and find your god trio.
Fortnite And Valorant Team
3 Invites = AVI
5 Invites = 3D Text
7 Invites = Twitter Header
10 Invites = Banner
Join The Server For GFX
We’re an elite squadron of pilots serving the Empire in the Star Wars Squadrons game. We have a friendly staff team, Ranking system, music custom commands, movie nights!, you can run a business, or buy from business by earning credits with our imperial credits system. Will you join us and defeat the rebel scum?
Server do grania w Zapraszamy bardzo serdecznie))
Here is the link to our very one Dragon clan! If you are interested in joining the group be sure to read the rules and once we get 100 members we will be working harder for your entertainment. We hope to give all of you a good time.We also have bots at your entertainment so to be sure you have fun, we have commands in which you can tell the bots what to say. Fun right? Join this group to receive that. We hope to see you there! :)
TBU is a original game with combo attacks, adventure, stories, battle royal, and more! if you'd like to join us on our bizarre adventure then jump right in! We're not a abd copy thankfully, if our staff actually does abuse, we'll demote them instantly. (Just send proof!)
🍥 Smash Soba is a fairly new server dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! 🍥

We will provide:
✔️ A friendly environment for all players
✔️ Personal coaching sessions
✔️ Advice for anyone who asks
✔️ Resources for improving in Smash Ultimate competitively
✔️ Fun tournaments and crew battles
✔️ Open partnerships with other servers (DM Ramen#2886 for partnerships)
✔️ Open promotions of other servers
✔️ And much more!

🍥 We hope you enjoy yourself in the server! 🍥
-Smash Ultimate Server-
-Self Assign Roles - Pings for matchmaking with others in the server
-$ Prize Tournaments - Win a tourney for 50$ gift cards
-Nitro GiveAways - Free Nitro given out by yours truly
-Crew Battles - Form/Join a crew and battle for supremacy
-Daily Arenas - Roughly 3pm-3am EST USA Time
-Game Streams PC/PS4/SWITCH
The (official) unofficial Kirby Fighters 2 server is here! We host competitive and casual tournaments, matchmaking channels, and have a dedicated team of labbers working on making resources and guides for people to learn about the game. We are a kind and accepting community, and would love to have any Kirby fan!