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While being primarily a fighting game server we do want the community to be the center of it. We are not limited to fighting games so all gamers are welcome. Streaming open lobbies is another focus on the server to help promote interactivity between members. Members with a positive attitude, active and liked by the community may get their streams promoted. All members that promote positive engagement are welcome.
Serveur Français !
C'est un serveur dédié à Armajet , un jeu disponible sur mobile ( Android et IOS) mais aussi sur pc , mac ( sur steam).
Beaucoup de tournois organisés !
Welcome to the World of Nintendo
This is a nintendo server speiclising in super smash bros
Here is what we got:
-Over 200 members who you can play with
- Almost daily trivia nights
- Self assignable roles, get your main role and ping to battle
-Friendly staff
-Always someone on who will play
-Game bots
- Pokemon,splatoon etc etc themed chats
-And much more
I hope to see you all there :)
Group dedicated for Indian Tekken 7 players.
We will hold tournaments, help each other so feel free to join.
This here is a cool new role-play server inspired by many great series like "Fist of the North Star", "Grappler Baki" and "Garouden". It's just started recently, so it'd be fun if you helped us grow this!
A server dedicated to helping players become better at smash while growing the community. (We are brand new)
We are a gaming community with currently (20.02.19) 14 player and 5 bots.We would really appreciate if you could join!
Have a good day!
Our server sells a variety of hacks and accounts for a low price. we have no scammers and if someone does end up scamming we ban them and report them.
This is a brand new server that will bring us Apex and FortNite lovers together! Join in and have some fun!
I (with the help of my girlfriend), created a Discord sever for Smash Bros and i really, really want to see it grow up, and make some new friends!
I'll be doing arenas almost everyday, and I will, of course, listen to every suggestion about the server. ^-^
If you plan to join, well, thanks! This server will be there to making new friends to play and train with! I created a grade for every character, so you just need to go to the 《#roles》 channel, and then choose your main by pressing the reactions! (if you have no main, that's not a problem!)
Thanks again, and don't forget to bring your friends! See you later. uwu
Bienvenue sur le serveur pour les fans de Mortal Kombat !
Que vous êtes nouveau, ou connaisseur de ce jeu, vous pouvez nous rejoindre, et rp avec vos persos favoris de Mortal Kombat !
A scammerless enviroment for trading stuff like guns and mats in save the world. we often do giveaway and give rewards for our most active users. join now!!!!!!
⚫☀️ TROSAM, aka The Republic Of Sun And Moon, is a Minecraft minigame server, though mostly consisting of Bedwars and Skywars. We play on Anarchies,
Hypixel (lol), Mineplex and all the big and small servers! ☀️⚫
We are one of the first Apex Legends Communitys.
Join our server to team up with other players or just have a little chat together.
You can also discuss about the game.
We got a lot of different Bots to interact ;).
The Last Generation

The Last Generation group is a community where we welcome everyone with open arms, and we over all have fun at the end of the day.
You can come sad, and unhappy and your day will change instantly.
- I might be making a game very soon! stay tuned for that, it will be lots of fun!

👫 | Server Members 150+
🔗 | Permanent Invite:
🌄 | Server Name: The Last Generation
╭━━━━━━━━Additional stuff!:━━━━━━━━╮
📕 Game Nights every week!
📘 Ranking system!
📔 Fun bot commands and games! Activities!
📗 Applications for ranks!
📓 Promotions in the staff team/promotions through out the other ranks as well!
**Safe community!!**
[ + ] PokeCard bot
[ + ] Uno Game bot
[ = ] Kawaii
🔥 Many Many Many more! 🔥

💠 Server is always active! all enjoy the group! and you have the chance to enjoy as well!

💨 This community is growing very fast, so if you want to be apart of the amazing community we have, then please click ❣ Join Group ❣ to become a The Last Generation friend! 💨

Link to the server:
Forever link:
We chill n' chat here on this server! Find some friends here to play some Splatoon with and even Smash Bros.! Not much in the mood to play games? Then just chill with us! We provide fun refreshing updates to the server, so come and join!
A small discord of smashers, just looking to find and grow a small community with others who want others to play with. anyone is welcome to the humble abode and were always looking for more people to play with.

Reminder its a small community so it might difficult to get games all the time.

NOTICE: also looking for 2 or 3 admins to help with the server and/or promote it, and willing to be active
This is server for one of million roblox games Booga Booga u can invite ur friends an all of us can play like 1 big gang.
We have vip servers we have full gods we got best gang ever.
Welcome to Pokemon Embassy

⮡ Pokemon Embassy is a server with a welcoming community. We have a wide variety of channels and categories to accommodate for everyone's needs and desires.


➼ Active and welcoming community
➼ Experienced Staff
➼ Gym Leaders
➼ Elite Four
➼ Pokémon League Champion
➼ Giveaways
➼ XP based ranking system
➼ Rainbow Changing Role
➼ Wide variety of roles
➼ Wide variety of categories and voice channels
➼ Great looking role colors
➼ Perfect number bots to accommodate your Pokémon needs
➼ Partnerships

Server is always being worked on and maintained to ensure a high quality experience for all members.

Invite Link 🠊
Banner 🠊
Banner 🠊
The best save the world fortnite trading community! There are no scammers here. You should join, easy roles and non strict rules.
Official HDBZ Discord! Where not only the latest info for the game gets placed ahead of time, but also a growing online player base to play against!
Sub - server to the Official HDBZ Podcast! The discord itself isn’t official but commonly has the Developers of HDBZ join in the streams.

Podcast are held live in the voice channel and then later posted on YouTube.