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- This server just for some bullshit dating thing
- If ur lonely as fuck you can find some other lonely fucks here
- We gotta be nice to each other tho
- selfies, social media etc...
Welcome to K - H O L E. This is a server where any discussion kind of discussion is welcome. Casual, gaming, science, poltics, and philosophy just to name a few. We try to be lax on rules and moderation, but there are still certain things that need to be followed.
❤ KinkyTavern 18+ ❤

Welcome to Kinky Tavern 18+ a place to hang out and let loose your inner perv

1300+ members and growing fast

╔ ━━━ |∘◦ ✩ ♡ ✩ ◦∘| ━━━╗
╚ ━━━ |∘◦ ✩ ♡ ✩ ◦∘| ━━━╝

We got
❤ Friendly Staff
❤ Friendly Community
❤ Simple Verification System
❤ IRL Channel
❤ Memes
❤ Music
❤ IRL Nudes for both Male and Female
❤ Multiple Hentai Channels
❤ Multiple Porn Channels
❤ Self assigning roles
❤ Several fun bots

And more to come as are community grows, so come join the fun
No matter your interests, likes or dislikes, you will find your place in Edelvania. We're an open-minded, non-toxic and welcoming Community. Do not hesitate to join us and have a good time !

• League Of Legends • E-Sports • Gaming • NSFW • BDSM • Anime • Events • Dating • Selfies • Art •
Kinks 'R' Us! Is a fun and welcoming community of strictly 18+ Kinksters and Roleplayers. We accept all genders, kinks, identities, etc in our server! We also have a very bustling community full of fun and interesting people to talk to, hell we even have a kinky Minecraft server! Check us out and stay kinky!

Reminder - We are STRICTLY 18+
Bienvenue sur le serveur Games & Cheers :beers::video_game:!

Nous sommes 3 potes un peu bêtes (et pas qu'un peu), qui avons décidé de créer un serveur discord pour se taper des barres avec des inconnus et surtout parce que nous voulons du pouvoir sur des gens.

Bien évidement nous prônons:
-le respect
-la rigolade
-et bien évidement l'argent

Amicalement votre,

- L'administration

Hey. I'm mitch, the owner of social club.

In the social club you can do basically anything you want within reason. As long as you don't break our rules we're fine.

Talk about anything!

We have community, art, nsfw and gaming channels. With much more coming!

We will be doing giveaways soon.
Find your match a lot of cuties to talk to and play with :)

- Chatting
- Make new friends
- 24/7 clubbing
If you're 21 or older and want to meet like-minded people and engage in interesting, stimulating conversation in a mature, adult manner, then feel free to drop by and say hello! We have channels for general chat, gaming, book recommendations, art showcasing, movies and more, with more to come!

We're a relatively new server, currently with around 40+ members, so there's never been a better time to get involved! Drop by and say hello! :)
Уютный сервер для общения, развлечений и поиска напарников в видеоиграх
The Union United Of Free Countries (Союз Объединенных Свободных Стран):
Republic of Pepestan (International server) -
Molecular Support (International server) -
Zap's Winter Hypesquad (International server) -
Garmony (Russian server) -
Republic of Pepeland (International server) -
Kingdom of Deltach (Russian server) -
Regression (Russian server) -
Gachi emojis (Emojis server) -
Ricardo Milos emojis (Emojis server) -
Rainbow MEOWMOJI (Emojis server) -
HammerMOJI (Emojis server) -
Dangerous Emojis (Emojis server) -
Steam chat ->
Brand New community server!
— You need to be at least 16 to stay on this server.
—All about socializing and meeting new people. (once we have people oops)
— Self assignable roles
—We have Channels to plug all of you social media accounts.
—NSFW channels (need to be verified). Selfie Channel, Music bot and eventually more.
•Looking for some cool people to just come and hang out!

(Oh and PAHLEASE I need someone I learn to trust to staff idk what the shit I’m doing)

But hey we all have to start out somewhere right? <3
A social server with self-assignable roles such as colors and channel accesses.
We have a great moderation team that have been hand-picked by the Duke and Duchess of the server.
The themed roles for this server is a household. If you decide to join me and the other owner Luci wish you a lovely stay!
Zapraszam Ciebie, właśnie Ciebie na skromny, lecz dobrze ogarnięty i rozwijający się serwer Thonkers!

● Giveawaye z różnych okazji!
● Przemyślane kanały!
● Sporą aktywność!
● Pomocne selfrole!
● Różnorodne ciekawe boty!
● Rozmaite kanały tekstowe!
● Kanał na reklamy!
● Przemyślane rangi.
● Stały rozwój serwera!
● Nie oznaczamy bez powodu.
I dużo więcej!

Możliwe że jest to serwer stworzony idealnie dla ciebie nie ma na co czekać wejdź i sprawdź sam!
Salut ! "Au temps perdu" est un serveur majoritairement fait pour discuter et rencontrer du monde sur lequel on fait des jeux et du RP de temps en temps. On a pas trop de règles, on préfère que vous soyez libres :wink: On est pas beaucoup, donc venez, il y aura pas de drama ^^
Welcome to Skull Krushers

Invite your friends and make this your gaming home, get to know the people, chat, talk, and make friends with each other. Waiting eagerly for your arrival!!
Looking for active and engaging members, such people may be promoted to staff as well!!!

We have
Friendly members and helpful and supportive mods and owner.
A healthy, friendly and safe space/environment for people to talk about themselves and their irl problems.
Many bots to have fun with.
Music bots and music channels.
The main chat for all the languages.
Self promotion channel.
Partnership with other servers.
Selfies channel.
Different media channels.
Suggestions channel.
Memes and meme bot.
nsfw channel and a nsfw bot as well.
A channel where you can share your gaming clips with the rest of the community.
But above all else, this is a safe, healthy community for everyone, join me, and help me in making this server, a great one
Happy gaming!!

Make Neko proud
if u wanna play some video games, or if u wanna talk to people, or maybe if your looking for a life partner then join ;) i hope u enjoy your stay.
The Venting Forest is a peaceful and friendly server where anyone can join to talk about their problems, make friends, or just chat and enjoy themselves. Our Forest Keepers are always ready to help our members, and our staff are super easy to talk to, and don't forget the gnomes - the gnomes are cool.
Brand new discord server for creatives! We offer channels for all mediums of art. Digital, traditional, 3d, photography, cosplay, figure drawing and more (and we are open to suggestions). If big servers overwhelm you, we welcome you to come join our small community.
Welcome to BiCycle!
An inclusive community for bisexual people to be bisexual, without judgement and with loads of support!

So what do we offer?
-exclusive bi-themed emojis
-venting and positivity channels
-age, pronoun and color roles
-hobbies and relationship discussions
-a place to share your [sfw] selfies
-18+ only chat for you after-darkers (NO SELF NUDES)
We aim to provide users with a relaxing, high quality and friendly chat with minimal edginess. 16+ Only

16+ / Friendly Staff / General Server / Nintendo & Pokemon Fans
Come join if you want lesbian parents or you like gay stuff. Some straights can join too ig
A Community of Mature, Passionate, and Friendly people to talk to. A Multilingual Community that you will NOT find anywhere else. Everything you can think of such as Giveaways, Events, Gaming, Music, Art, Anime, and promote yourself here! You can even talk about our personal bot! Visit our site:

🍆 Growing Community
😄 Friendly Community and Staff
🎪 Weekly Giveaways & Events
🎮 Game Channels & Statistics
🎶 Music Chillout
⚡ Fun & Clever Bots
✋ Suggestions welcomed

Rocket League, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Destiny, Monster Hunter: World, Apex Legends.
The year is 297 AC, and the land of Westeros is settled into a seemingly peaceful state. Political dealings are as always, shady and underhanded, with everyone in the known world playing their own game in an attempt to come out on top. King Robert sits on the iron throne now, but who will rule the seven kingdoms in the future is anybody’s guess...

ASOIAF is an RP server set just before the events of the books and show, meaning this is your favourite universe, with free reign to do whatever you want with your character, and make the world of Westeros your own!

- New Server based on the world created by George R. R. Martin
- Active and literate role players in various time zones
- Friendly and helpful staff members
- Multiple channels to write in
- Ooc channels to chat in

- Write as your favourite canon character or create your own OC
- Take your character on an original adventure of your own choosing!
- All literate role players are welcome