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Bonjour et bienvenue sur Potate Land🥔, "c'est un serveur communaire comme tant d'autres" me direz vous ? Et bien non ! Notre communauté de gens adorables et tous plus barrés les un que les autres fait de nous un serveur EXCEPTIONNEL OUI MESDAMES ET MESSIEURS °^° !!!!! Si tu t'ennuies et que tu cherches à passer du bon temps tu es au bon endroit ! 🥔
゚。 𝘄𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝙨 𝙘 𝙤 𝙤 𝙥 𝙨

find friends to game with !
— gamers, e-girls, & e-boys
— meet new people & make friends
— fun bots & roles !
— looking for partners !
┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊
♡ ┊ ┊
⋆。˚ ┊ ♡

╭┉┉┅┄┄┈•◦ೋ•◦♡◦ೋ ♡
v(°ᆺ^*)⌒☆ welcome to little's
crossing!! a 100% sfw cgl server for
anyone 15+
♡ •◦ೋ•◦♡◦ೋ•┈┄┄┅┉┉╯
┊ ┊
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀

➻ [ :candy: 150+ self assignable roles to choose from
➻ [ :candy: welcoming, tight-knit community, and
active staff
➻ [ storytime, movie night, and game nights!
➻ [ media sections for gaming, art, selfies, and more
➻ [ pingable babysitter and support roles
➻ [ so many fun bots for music, ranking system, economy, and more
➻ [ a safe and fun place for littles, caregivers, and switches!
➻ [ dedicated headspace area for cg/l members
➻ [ friendly environment that is judgement free!
➻ [ private voice channels!
➻ [ we are looking for staff member as well, so fill out an app while you're at it :)

ପ(๑•̀ᴗ•̀)-♡ please enjoy your stay!!!
┊ ┊
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀
╭┉┉┅┄┄┈•◦ೋ•◦♡◦ೋ ♡
Flamingo Community

This discord server is based on a youtuber named Albert and the channel Flamingo, any viewers of Flamingo, join the Flamingo Community to get notified whenever Albert upload and communicate with other members of the community.

`We allow the followings:`
- Partnerships
- Spamming(spam channel only)
- Events
- YouTubers get youtuber role
- Developers get developer role
- Anyone that helps the community so much (like advertising the server and getting more members) will get a 'Community Helper' role that will give you way more power than the default role.

Join the flamingo community!
Hi there! we are a very small community and I want it to grow bigger. We are really nice and we'll treat you like your living at home. We are currently looking for mods so feel free to apply to the owners! Please join if you see this because it will make us happy every time we see new members!
Panda-Network ist eine Kleine Community aus Hobby Programmierer

Mach jetzt mit bei Pander-Network !!
Wir haben:
- Selbst erhältliche Programmierrollen
- Hobby Programmierer in vielen verschiedenen Sprachen (PHP, Java, Lua ...)
- Menschen, die Ihnen helfen, Ihr Wissen zu erlernen oder zu verfeinern
- Exklusive Beta-Tests
- andere coole Allgemeinwissensthemen
The Silver Star is a relatively new community server. All kinds of people, memelords, gamers, anime fans and more are all welcome here! The most commonly played games here are Geometry Dash, Minecraft and osu!.
We offer:
-A nice community
-A variety of different channels
-Useful bots
-Over 20 self-asignable roles
-Question of The Day
-An advertising channel
and much much more!
House of Wisdom is an up and coming Muslim server that fosters friendly and academic discussions. We welcome Muslims and non-Muslims - and we encourage everyone to contribute to the debates.
Talk with Minecrafters and discuss about the most interesting and creative ideas, suggestions, news and update features about the Game. Join Now! 🎨
The Owner of this discord sells SHINY foreign 6IVs Dittos and any other SHINY custom pokemon (including Gmax & Legendary) here. Each of them just costs 5$, you can also order an individual Pokemon.

With the release of Pokemkn Home, New Pokemon are available now.
Shiny Legendarys Pack from Pokemon Home costs 40$.
You can also buy the 807 SPECIES PokeDex Pack, Not Shiny for 40$, All Shiny for 60$.

You can buy Shiny Dittos, Shiny Gmax pokemon and Shiny custom pokemon here.
And some Packs in #shop, like Dittos Pack, Shiny Gmax Pack, etc.
Each pokemon in Packs costs 2$ or less!

*Because of so many people doing fraud, buyers can purchase after get the pokemon NO LONGER.
Hello my name fluffy
this server is a community with furry and non furrys, this is a chill place to hangout and meet new peeps
this server has a lot of cool channels.
irl photos,Commission,Tech,Art,Cars,Music channel,Lighting and sound,Uk channel,Memes and roles.
and friendly staff, (plz tell us if the staff are being rude or not helping well).
hope you will enjoy your stay at fluffy's den
WELCOME TO GH0UL GANG! For our friends and fans, a forming community.

Everyone is welcomed. To be a ghoul is to express yourself in any way.

We want everyone to always feel safe and secure with who you are.

This is a place to meet others and form friendships.

We have each other's backs.

Just do you and you're apart of us.

Anyone can be a ghoul; always be yourself.

Don't ever care about the negativity of others.

If you can't comprehend our group and community,

You don't have what it takes to be a ghoul ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Place for people to hangout and chil and talk to other people about there day. And yes we don't care if you are part of the LGBT+ because the owner is Bisexual so don't fell bad about yourself. If you need to vent about your day the owner BigDan TDM 10 and I will not tell anyone
𝕵𝖔𝖎𝖓 ✨Japanime! ✨!
▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂

➶ | active staff and chat 👥

➶ | self-promotion 🔥

➶ | anime and memes 🌸

➶ | partnership friendly 🤝

➶ | everyone is welcome 🏳️‍🌈

➶ | events 🎁

▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂

Join us today! We're new but you wont regret it! :handshake:
On est là pour vous présentez le serveur "Dosei", c'est un serveur ou tu peux te faire des ami(e)s et aussi trouver l'amour si tu en as
envie c'est un peu comme beaucoup de serveur sauf que nous, nous sommes drôles. Tu peux parler dans des salons textuels comme
vocaux, tu peux faire partie de l'élite (veepère) et poster des mêmes ou juste participer aux conversations ^^.
Une nouvelle fonctionnalité va bientôt être lancée ! Le RP.
On s'y est peut être mal pris pour décrire le serveur mais l'essentiel y est. (Tu peux dire à ton hamster d'arrêter de me mordre le doigt ? )
Tu peux venir si tu le souhaites, on mange pas tant que ça :3

(Viens on à des Granola)
Deviant Creed is a new 18+ all for one no filter, ANTI snowflake kink server where you can let your hair down and meet like minded individuals. We have very minimal topics banned, have punishment schemes. Every title is welcome here and heavily encourage server play! We openly promote extreme kinks, and have a home even for the darkest of hearts.
Join us if you dare~~

What we offer?
•Hidden categories for different titles.
•Fun challenges and tasks.
•Special roles for brats.
•Roles submissive titles can earn!
•An extreme play tour!
•Friendly welcoming staff
•Banterous times
•Anonymous posting!
• Dominant role respect!
•And a lot more great perks!!! ~
Welcome to The Underground. a modern criminal syndicate themed Roleplay server that's about a year old now! Based in the city of ansmont the criminal underworld here is ruled by 6 families known as The 6 Heads of the Underworld each family own's a specific portion of ansmont and that is their territory, Each family has a specific job they specalize in as well from smuggling, weapons, drugs, women, protection and more. If it's illegal or shady one of the 6 families has something to do with it, standing above all other families is the Les Anges Déchus in terms of power, influence, age and strength they act as the government of the criminal underworld keeping the families in check so that no one can go rogue without being held accountable, and at the head of this family is Mr. Mikaelson but that's a story for another time.
In terms of content and specifics we have a little of everything no matter what you're looking for!

- Social Channels. OOC General, Music Bots, Waifubot, Movie Nights, and more!
- Organized categories for easy collapsing
- Friendly and experienced staff.
- More than one character? we allow 3! and more slots can be bought through RP currency.
- Custom Art References for world building
- Custom RP Bots for a more immersive experience such as shopping, selling items, working, making things and more.
- Self assignable roles
- T-1 Fighting styles. This server is built on story, not combat. No god modding, meta gaming, autohitting, Control of other characters, or anything else unfair allowed to keep the everything fair and everyone happy!
- Super social environment, just want to spectate and watch the roleplay you can do that too!
- Frequent Updates.
- Extensive Lore for Canon and world building lovers but also designed in a way that allows people who don't want to do a TON of reading to hop in and understand the environment too!
And so much more! come check it out and see if our family is for you.
Hello! You sure look really good today. And while you're sitting over there looking good, you might as well join my very cool server. We're still growing but issa nice server. It's pretty chill and we'll make your meme library bigger. JOIN NOWWWW or I will send my private police over to your house
(meme server not a nsfw server)

➳ ♡ Tons Of New People To Socialize With!

➳ ♡ Active Chat and VCs

➳ ♡ Fun Bots

➳ ♡ Karaoke :microphone:

➳ ♡ Memes

& 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞
Invite link:
— allure ꒰ .˚

✧・a new low mod welcoming community based on making new friends・✧

☁️❜―semi-aesthetic layout
☁️❜―cute emotes
☁️❜―self-assignable roles
☁️❜―fun bots & currency system

✧・come join us!
Mesdames et messieurs voici le serveur Les réfugiés

Chaque soir tu ne sais pas quoi faire ou alors tu traînes sur Youtube? Alors rejoins nous ! Chaque soir des évent et animations sont proposés, une communauté active et sympathique !

Tu y trouvera :

- Une modération au top

- Des animation dès que possible

- Une super ambiance !

Toutes les activités de tes jeux préférés !

- Des giveaway seront organisés avec des récompenses a la clé !
Partenariat 『On』
Recrutements 『On』
Alors n'attendez plus et rejoignez-nous et viens jouer et t'amuser avec nous !
Find your star-crossed lover!
❤ Active Staff ❤
❤ Date People! ❤
❤ Meet New Friends! ❤
❤ Speed Dating! ❤

Join now for a wild ride!