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Welcome to MF DOOM Villainposting!

We are mainly talking about Daniel Dumile's music but general hip-hop or other genre discussions are also allowed.

So yeah if you are interested in some music discussions come join us today!
A hangout/stream/discussion server for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra! We host streams, games, and discussions relating to the shows. We're dedicated to creating a fun server to spark conversation and enjoy the avatar universe together! In our server you can train as a bender, unlock chakras, and work your way towards becoming a strong avatar!
Getting bullied? Harassed? Depressed? Feeling lonely? No one to talk to or tell how bad you feel? Stressed? Get a ticket in #get-ticket channel. A helper will talk with you and then you can feel free to tell us anything. You can trust us. We just genuinely want to help people who are going through hard times.
We are a Discord community based around stop motion animation! Here you can discuss the history of stop motion, talk to other stop motion animators, and more. If you’re interested, then this is the server for you!
💖・ 𝐾𝑎𝑤𝑎𝑖 𝐿𝑎𝑛𝑑 ・ 💖

・Un serveur simpa et accueillent avec une communauté mâture et active des channel gaming est animé des staff simpa et à l'écoute des membres un fondateur mâture.

・Vous pouvez trouvé :

Des bots exclusive tel que Atals, BoxBot, Koha 🤖

Des rôles exclusif tel que l’élite ou encore vip 🔥

Du nsfw 💦🔞

Et beaucoup plus donc qu'est-ce tu attend pour nous rejoindre !!! 😁😁😁

Hi we're a new server and hoping to have lots of fun people join.
18+ only, no sexual stuff.
This server is for teens (13-19) to chat and talk with each other, to become friends, or even more that that in DMs or VCs :)

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Friendly staff and a growing community
Staff Apps are open

Yenilik için buradayız, yavaş yavaş toparlanmaya çalışıyoruz. 18-25 yaş sınırları içerisinde kaliteli insanlara ihtiyacımız var. Peki Sunucuda neler var/neler olacak ? ;

- Saçma sapan everyone/here atmak yok bir kere bunu belirtmek isterim.

- Denk insanlarla tanışma, ortam kurma vb.

- FRP (Fantastic Role Play) Dediğimiz etkinliğimiz vardır.
Açıklamalar sunucumuzda mevcuttur. (Şuanlık sınavlardan dolayı oynatılmıyor ama geri başlandığında size bilgi verilecektir.)

- Çeşitli Oyuncularla beraber oyun presi arayabilirsiniz.

- Sadece sohbet, muhabbet, eğlenmekle kalmayıp dertlenmeyle alakalı (KAYBEDENLER KULÜBÜ DİYORUZ BİZ.) kanallarımız mevcuttur.

- Saçma sapan kayıt olmak için sesli teyit e girmek yerine 'kendini tanıt' yazılı kanal üzerinden tanıtımınızı yapıp yetkililerin kayıtlarını beklemek. (Yukarıda belirtildiği gibi hesabınız E posta ile onaylanmamışsa bot otomatik olarak atacaktır.)

Yine belirttiğimiz gibi daha yeniyiz, bir kaç eksikler var toparlamaya çalışıyoruz, ve sizin tavsiyeleriniz de bizim için çok önemli. Sunucumuza hepinizi bekleriz, şimdiden hoş geldiniz :)

Hello fellow Omani People and outside world! Welcome to the Oman server where our goal is to give you a home to stay and chat with many of our cool members! In our server, we want to unite Omani people together and talk about our diverse and cool country. Omani or not, you are welcome here to come chat with us. This is an entirely fun and friendly server with a variety of fun bots, channels, and so much more. However, there is going to be some gentle guidelines to follow in this server, so this server can REMAIN friendly and avoid a huge mess! Hopefully you can understand! :heart:
--------------------------◆ THILTORA ◆----------------------------
-------------a random server to chill and have fun.-------------

▏⌦◈ General and other text channels ⠇to chill and talk.

▏⌦◈ News ⠇To see in what the team is working on.

▏⌦◈ Suggestions ⠇ Just in case you want too suggest anything.

▏⌦◈ Art and Memes ⠇Here you can post your art and your memes.

▏⌦◈ Advertising ⠇Here you can selfpromo yourself or your discord server.

▏⌦◈ Minigames ⠇Including Akinator, Counting, one word history, pokecord...

╔═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬༻ ༺▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╗
If we can this summer we will make a Hytale server.
╚═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬༻ ༺▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╝

We hope to see you there!
:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ :・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

F word server

♡| simple rules
♡| active staff
♡| egirls n eboys
♡| low moderated
♡| cool bots and emojis
♡| nitro giveaways
♡| hiring staff
Welcome to Wendycord, a SFW server. We are nice, kind, against hate, hate-speech, bullying, trolling and discrimination. NSFW content isn't allowed. Our community is caring, and accepting of any people, plural or singlet, regardless of race, gender, sex, ethnicty, ability, and religion. We prohibit apologia of bad things such as cannibalism, incest, pedophilia, and animal cruelty/abuse, and anything else along those lines. We are an anti capitalism and anti facism server. You can talk in the provided channels about the goth aesthetic, Spider-Man, TTYD, Tabletop/fantasy, and Pokémon! Discuss broader topics in our cafe channel! Enjoy coffee, or tea. (metaphorically or not) If you stop by, enjoy yourself! Wahoo!
This is a server I made for fun where we just chill. If you want to join, go right ahead and come in.
⭐Best Moroccan Community
⭐Giveaways ( Discord Nitros , Paypal )
⭐Tournaments (Fortnite - pubg - League of Legends
⭐Entertaining Events
⭐We Got Music , Radio Bots and Much More
⭐We Support Each Other
Welcome, to 𝐑𝐞𝐳'𝐬 Kingdom a new developing server with just a few members but we are here to recruit members that would make the server feel more alive we are a decent community ready to welcome you once you join hope to see you there!
Hello, Welcome to Fruit! We are a brand new 14+ community server with colour roles, self roles, bots, and many things to come! Give us a chance!
Cambridge O/A Level and IGCSE discord server.
We are the largest Cambridge International group on Facebook, from the country with the largest number of Cambridge International candidates: Pakistan.
An educational server primarily focused on Cambridge Assessment International Education. Specialised in, but not limited to, O-Levels, A-Levels and IGCSE.

Study along, and have fun!
Where the fuck? Why the fuck? When the fuck? How the fuck?
Created by @CLEANEST (80k) on TikTok

Streaming in discord every night, calling a new internet thot for every stream.

A chill server for gaming, music, and anything you want to talk about. Any time of the night past 11 pm, a time of pure fuckery. People's feelings are not taken into account. An individual might start saying some out of pocket shit. We got laid back mods and minimum rules.
┏━━━━━ ☁️ ✪☁️ ━━━━━┓
☼ dᵤₘb ₖᵢdz ☼
┗━━━━━ ☁️ ✪ ☁️ ━━━━━┛
⋙Open Staff Positions
⋙LBGTQ+ Supportive
⋙Free of Toxicity in Main Chats
⋙Movie Nights with Little or No Lag
⋙Accepting Emoji Suggestions
⋙Custom Roles (A Few Left In Stock)
⋙New Roles Are Always Being Created
Dumb Kidz is a server originating from the owner's tiktok. It is a very new baby server and we are still unsure of what we want this server to become/ it's theme so we're always taking suggestions on what can make our server pop! It is not a server dedicated for people to find love but e-dating on the server is allowed. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are 100% welcomed. We really do hope this persuades you into joining our new server. -Love, Admin Fallon.

PS:If there is a problem with the server link please DM fallon#1111 or fallon#5811
hi! this server is for anyone! we accept multi-fandoms and random people that just want friends. want friends and fun? join up! we're all accepting.