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Welcome to the Spook server! We have a wide variety of optional bots, self-react roles, and places to roleplay, including everyone's favorite pastime—pornography~ My goal is to create a community where people can have fun, relax, and unwind in a safe and clean place. Thank you for checking us out!
Small, friendly and welcoming server.
Come chat, share your creations (art, writing, music), talk about games or etc. Suggestions on how to make the server better or what bots to add are always welcome.
Reaction role system // bunch of emojis // mee6 level system
Hello! Camp Half-Blood 3.0 is a role-play server that we would like to keep wholesome. Triggers are very important to pay attention to here, as well as pronouns. If you enjoy gore, this is not a server for you. While we do allow death, it is not allowed to go further than simply mentioning that your character has died. Anywho~

☽ Hunters of Artemis and our invention of a Bros of Apollo counterpart :D ☼
🌈 LGBTQ+ Safe! If you don't feel safe, please contact a mod!
♡ Experienced Mods
👥 Plenty of godly parents to chose from
⚘ powers are randomly rolled for you
🐐 You can be a satyr, nymph, harpy, cyclops or demigod
☽ chose your own parents
✨ Long power lists!
⟣ and much more!

»permanent link:
A fun server where you can chill and talk to others in a casual way
We are a friendly community, hoping to answer your questions and have civilised debates. There aren't many rules as we believe in the freedom of speech but there are few guidelines that you should follow.
Arbidias is a medieval fantasy roleplay server centered around a kingdom called Arbidias, a kingdom that was founded by refugees as a way to escape a war bred from a collapsing empire. It has been four hundred years since the kingdom's founding and two hundred years since the War of the White King, when the Lord of Summer came to rescue the kingdom from the White King's undead armies and the Northlands were frozen over.

The children of Gren took control of the desert land of Al'ardyn a century ago, and now tensions are strong between them and the people of Arbidias. Will war eventually break out? Only time will tell.

The server is rather young, so please bear with us as the server develops over time. The roleplay is currently focused on freeform rp and developing your own stories across the land, but events will be planned in the future. We hope to foster a friendly community and a place where everyone can have fun indulging in this hobby with us. ^_^

* This is a literate server with a character minimum of 400 characters (about a paragraph).

* NSFW-free. While nsfw is allowed, it all must be taken to dms and kept off the server pls.

* A decent-sized lore to help you get your footing in the world and a custom bio template.

* A few self-assignable roles with more potentially coming in the future, allowing you to identify post length and get pings for certain things.

* 34 separate channels to roleplay in with more to be added in the future!

* T-1 combat style. No luck-based rolling to fear!
Welcome to Moonlight!
We are a spiritual/witchcraft centered server! We're a growing community of understanding people! Our aim is to give people a safe place to learn and practice their own and different arts! We are currently looking for new members and new admins!

What we offer:
♡Numerous fun identifier roles and color roles!
♡Venting Channels!
♡Weekly challenges!
♡Numerous learning channels!
♡Partnership and Admin opportunities!
♡Adapting to our user base!
━━━━ 𝐁𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐞 𝐚𝐮 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐢 ! (+18) ━━━━


👥 Communauté petite et familiale
🤓 Des événements réguliers
🧥 Une équipe à l'écoute
😵 Des channels pour tous les gouts !
🔮 Un channel selfie pour les membres actif
🛶 Un channel d'accueil des nouveaux arrivants (Naufragés)

Venez nombreux !


A très vite.
♡︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿୨୧ 🍪 ୨୧‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿♡

Hello! This is a non-toxic and non-profit server that's dedicated for ~

♡╎ ❝ Having Custom Bot ✿ ❞ o(๑♡ω♡๑)o

♡╎ ❝ Making Friends ✿ ❞ (๑╹ω╹๑ )

♡╎ ❝ Supports or get supported! ❁ ❞ o(*>ω<)o

♡╎ ❝ Having fun events ✿ ❞ o(^▽^)o

♡╎ ❝ Cute and Fun emojis ❁ ❞ (๑♡⌓♡๑)

_And more!_ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

══━━━━━━━━━━━ ✩ ✩ ━━━━━━━━━━━══

We also have something special for you~ (・ω・)

『 We have group on each hobby you liked! Also with events each month~』

。・゚♡゚・。 。・゚♡゚・。。・゚♡゚・。 。・゚♡゚・。♡゚・。。・゚♡゚・。

We are a weird family but a happy one at least lol (๑♡3♡๑)

*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Permanent Link :



∎∎∎ Join us as we welcome you to Community Advertising «CAS» ∎∎∎
∎∎∎ where you can list all your various networks and services ∎∎∎

Welcome to Horny Clowns, a place to make friends!!
!!not an NSFW server!!
For people who like any kind of art and love to communicate with people!

We have nice people and we are very small, please join and get a welcoming time on the server!

We have different bots and nice admins to help you get welcomed in the server!
This is a server that i made recently,and hope to build a community.
Greetings citizens, it is I, Mayor Ambrosia Stevens!
I hope those of you who are new here are settled in and enjoying our utopia of a city! Over the past decade, things have really been horrible, but I truly believe that The Beacon is a shining symbol of hope for the entire world! If we all stand together, we can build a brighter and better future f-

Okay, this is Rynn. Whatever you do, don't listen to her. I'm g̶̱͠ú̵̲ȇ̵̬s̵͚͗sing you're new here, so I'll get you up to speed. Aro̴̜̍ū̵͖n̴̛͚ḑ̴̂ a decade ago, a group of British scientists discovered a way to cṙ̶̠o̶̢͝s̵̜̊s between universes. Don't ask me how, I still don't unde̷̬̚r̵̨̅s̴͕̿t̶̲̅â̴̢nd it. Anyway, the universe they crossed to happȅ̵̯ñ̶͍ḙ̴̀ḏ̵̓ ̵̡́ẗ̴̨́o be another version of Earth, only all of the people there were anthros. Y'know, like actų̸̊a̴̭̕l furries. Over the next few years, they began integrating into our soc̸̮͋i̴̠͑ẻ̷̬ty and we moved partly to theirs. Things were pretty great for a while, until what some people call "The Great Interdi̸̠͘ṁ̸̢ę̴͝n̸͔̈́s̵̲͗i̴̮͗ȯ̷͎nal War". As you would expect, a war waged on between us and them, for control over both planets' resources. Nobody really won the war. Both sides lost so many lives. And d̷̛̤e̸̹͠s̸̋͜p̵̱͋i̴͖͗t̵͎̽e̷̟̋ it being a few years since it ended, the peace between the two species is almost non̶̢͌-̶̖͗è̷͇x̸̐istent. Both sides hate each other with a burning passion, which is why Mayor Stevens created The Beacon. It's supposed to be some sanctuary for everyone to live in harmony or whatever. It's all bull. It's only a haven for the most elite of the citizens. Anyone below that has to suffer in the same, poorly kept, discriminatory world. You're brave, coming here. I wish you luck.
Join the DamNation, the best Dam server around!

DamNation is a super friendly community which is based around my Twitch streams but it's so much more than that also. Everyone in the Dam is super friendly, we're like family here. So, come along down to the Dam. Have some goofs, have some gaffs and, you never know, you might just end up calling the Dam your home too.

Along side my streams, we also do other events too:
👾 Game nights every Friday!
🎥 Movie nights every Sunday!
🔥 Nitro giveaways every month!

We also have many self-assignable opt-in roles and role specific channels but so does everyone.

What makes this server unique is the people. Some of these people are my closest friends even though they live on the other side of the world. Everyone in the Dam is absolutely fantastic. But don't just take my word for it. Come, see for yourself and join them!
A new fun server to talk with and make other LGBT+ pals. Including fun bots, voice channels, and a music channel. As well as other channels of discussion!
Jerrycheese jerrycheese Welcome to the jerrycheese tribe we praise jerrycheese and all his cheese. We are welcome to new jerry's, BUT NO TOMS!

✅ 50-60% OFF ($30 MINIMUM)
A Percy Jackson inspired server. We offer the chance for any ordinary "mortal" to discover their Godly parent and begin their life as Demigod residing at Camp Half-Blood. So if you wish to escape your "mundane, average, and boring" life, come into the universe we offer!

There is new lore that diverges from the books so you and anyone else can be apart of the story as main characters. We also offer more than just the twelve main Greek Gods and Goddesses and have powers reimagined.

So, come to join us and live out as the demigod you've always been! Whether it's relaxing or saving the world, we excitingly are waiting for you to join us on this quest!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout! we are small and friendly LGBTQ+ community with members from all around the world who love to chat, meme and all round just have a good time!

We have:
• Friendly Staff and members
• Tons of neat self assignable roles
• Fun bots to use
• Game-Nights
• Music
• Anime
• Art
• Memes

And tons more, so come join! <3

#1 Minecraft server's Discord

Server IP:
Server Website:

The SilverCrownNetwork is a good gaming community.
We have giveaways and more fun.
Thank you i hope you enjoy if you join the server!
We're a laid back server that's focused on sharing art or ideas while hanging out and making some new friends! We are also open to those interested in photography, music, single-player/co-op games, sharing memes, or just some good real talk.
For those of you seeking a great place to talk positivity and spirituality this is for you! Here there is nothing but welcoming vibes on a path to reach enlightenment and growth. Discuss LoA, Astrology, Astral Projection and many other wondrous topics about the soul’s capabilities. No one is discriminated against, all are welcome!
・‥…━━━━━━━☆ stardust cafe ☆━━━━━━━…‥・

Hey! If you're endlessly scrolling through youtube out of boredom or just looking for an active server, join us!
We offer a community that is both friendly and understanding.
Join with the link below!

This Is A New Server Created With A Couple of Friends On 1/2/19.
We're Hoping To Expand And Become A Large Community With Active Members From Across the Globe!
.・゜゜・We Have A Couple Of Things To Offer・゜゜・.

»———— An Introduction Page

»———— Self-Assignable Roles

»———— Cloud Themed Roles!!!

»———— 100+ Colors to Choose From

»———— A Friendly Community

»———— A Place To Vent And Rant

»———— A Place Debate

»———— A Place To Share Music, Memes, and More!

»———— A Somewhat Safe For Work Chat?

»———— A Place To Share Selfies

»———— A Place To Share Your Cute Pet

»———— A Place To Share Your Aesthetics

»———— Over 300 members!

»———— Partnership


Looking for active members!