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For what? What has peaked your mind that bring you here?
If you are looking for a myth server, you can join us. Recently we had to rebrand to something much better but we can figure it out.

Why don't you join us? It might prove to be worth your time. Whatever you choose to do, we'll stand with you. Have fun on your journey to whatever your looking for. We hope you find it.

[WRITTEN ON 6/8/2020, 7:45 AM]
‣ Over 100 emotes
‣ Over 500 members
‣ Custom bot
‣ New emotes frequently
‣ Server events and more!

Join and see for yourself!
Empire of Mischief RP/ERP【18+】【NEW】


EoM is an adult server with 500+ members, created for finding like-minded individuals to roleplay with. It's sole purpose is to help you acquire RP/ERP partners and therefore the channels are suited for posting your interests, roleplaying ideas/references and everything RP-related.

It's filled with many roles to describe yourself and to help you find a compatible writing partner.

We offer:
─ A non-judgmental place for you to seek roleplay partners in
─ Partner search that has a tag system for easier browsing
─ Server Shop, Currency and Pet/Slave System
─ Over 80 self-assignable roles to narrow down your search
─ Special Writer Roles
─ Character sheets, interactive roleplays where you can react what happens next, channels for improving your writing, faceclaims, RP ideas, links to useful tools you can use
─ Literate channels where other members can help you improve your writing
─ NSFW Channels

anime - chill community - fun - music - roleplay rp - social - friendly - adult - open community - porn - hentai - other - erp - 18
Welcome! This is the colosseum.
In this server we offer:

-10 bots including OwO and IdleRPG
-Friendly Mods and Admins!
-Reaction Roles
-LGBTQ+ Friendly!
-Media Sections to Showcase Your Talent!
-13-18 Age Range!

Hello and Welcome!
This is Autism Kingdom!
A Kingdom themed server for Autistic people or anyone who just wants some friends!
Hang out place, gaming channels, support channels, useful staff and more!

Note: We are not professional help, but we will try to help you as much as possible when you need it.

We are a server for making friends and to just vibe. We're not necessarily all about snakes, we are just snake themed, don't know anything about snakes? That's okay! We are just here so you can make friends.

We are very welcoming and a kind server, we are relatively new and are open to suggestions on how to improve!

We offer:
• A ton of fun bots to use
• 20 different color roles
• Question of the day, Poll of the day, and Quote of the day
• Fun Events!
• A music channel so you can vibe to tunes and other fun channels
• A vent channel and a rant channel for support
• And so much more that you can suggest for us to have or do!

So if you're looking to have a place to stay and be welcome, come join our family today, we'll be waiting :)
~:~ Welcome to Red Oak High ~:~

Red Oak high is a NEW server for any type of rper, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years! We encourage you to join the server and check us out!

~:~ Lore ~:~

Red Oak highschool takes place in an alternate reality where both humans and non-humans live in harmony. The school's set time period is 2020 and is located in Japan. Typically, the students that attend this school have powers, however, it is not a mandatory requirement for acceptance. This school accepts those who were born with or without powers and those of any race and species.

~:~ Basic Rules ~:~
1. No Meta Gaming
Meta gaming is not allowed, if your character knows something out of context or something they generally shouldn’t know it’s not allowed. It’d break the fourth wall.

2. Permission to Kill
Permission to kill is in place here for combat purposes, especially when the person is significant to the storyline.

3. Permission to join
Permission to join is also in place, always ask to join a roleplay if it’s in progress an or paused.

4. Roleplay Progression
If your character is in an important event it can either pause or continue a roleplay that Does not interfere with the storyline.

5. Pausing
If you are pausing a roleplay for your character you must indicate that you are pausing it.

6. Out of Character speaking.
Keep it to a minimum and please use brackets
), //, [], {}.

7. Erotic Roleplaying
ERP is not allowed in the server, take it to DMs.

8. Combat Guideline
Anyone is allowed to refuse a fight, but they also explicitly agree to it.

9. Voiding
You can void any progression and or messages if all parties agree, you must also explain to staff if it affects the storyline.
🤘Hey! Lonely asf and looking for a break from real life?

★彡 Here we have a place for you to relax and be yourself. Filled with aesthetics, online dating, roleplay, memes, shitposting, gaming, events, giveaways, game nights and more!

★彡 We offer dark aesthetics, emotes, level ranks, fun-easy self assigned roles, bots, games, and overall just a non-toxic place to chill and vibe.

★彡 We are a new but fast growing wholesome community of gamers, weebs, normies, kinksters, degenerates, and a few of us that are actually sane.

★彡 We have a bit of kinky side , but don’t we all have a darker alter ego? 😈

★彡 Join and meet your new bestfriend, gaming partner, special someone, or even random person to talk shit with.

(Ps. Our vc is always popping and we literally bond over Minecraft everyday.)

~ Ara xoxo (p.s free head pats and cuddles to all who join)

Join us and meet hotties🔥 the party never stops with the hot girls❤️ We hope you join✨ Chile if you read this join asap trust me you won’t regret it💕 (server open to all)
Приветствую путешественник(ца), я представитель дискорд сервера "Saint Medieval Dimension". По названию думаю вы поняли что этот мир загадочный и магический. В этом мире можно всё и даже больше. Здесь можно как развивать своего персонажа, так и активно участвовать в развитии цивилизации. Можно строить города, заниматься наукой, изобретать. Хочу сказать честно и откровенно, этот сервер создавался для приватных рп... Но так как сегодня не самые лучшие времена то у нас появились.

Сервер,что наполнен следующим:
- Адекватная, а главное отзывчивая администрация;
- Продуманная история мира;
- Захватывающие приключение;
- Отличные ГМастеры;
- Частые ивенты и не только ивенты, ведь главное - взаимодействие игроков.

Всё это находится на нашем сервере на ряду с лёгкими и понятными правилами , не сложной в освоении системой роллов и множеством локаций для ролевой игры. К каждой локации поставлено своё описание и история,что очень хорошо продуманны на ряду с действиями,что там происходят.
Самое главное - это то , что в нашем рп - пираты - это пираты и вы почувствуете морской бриз и покачивание волн через текст. Вот такие у нас ГМастеры! Добрый и приветливый создатель,что всегда поможет , если нужно , а в случае ошибки - вам подскажут и помогут её исправить!
Здесь выросли многие многострочники. Заходите и вы , дабы войти в состав нашей дружной семьи.
Hi, Bunny Paradise is a bunny lover server. The server is for people who love bunnies deeply in their hearts and treasure them. We are bunny focused and theme around anything bunny related.

We are a friendly server and very chill.

we have recently just started but we wish to make a huge community around bunny lovers from all over the world!
Un servidor con libertad de expresion pasaras buenos momentos y te divertiras unete y ayudanos a seguir mejorando
Bienvenu sur libère tes pense !
ici nous sommes la pour t’écouter et essayer de trouver une solution a tes problème AUCUN jugement et AUCUNE gène
Communauté très compréhensible !
a très vite ^^
Welcome to UNITY, a multifandom and SFW K-Pop server! Here, you can meet new friends and discuss all things K-Pop related!
UNITY is currently under construction but we hope to be finished soon. <3
glossy is a newly revamped server including:

`👛` an aesthetic layout
`💎` semi toxic community
`💫` active staff
`💰` giveaways

we are looking for active pms!
you have received a notification! wanna open it?
·  · ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  · · ·  ·  ·  ·  {✿}

╰──➢ 'Guardians of Discord' want you to join!
· · ⸙  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  · ·  ·  ·  · ·  ·  ·  ·
┊ 🏿 ⃟⿻↬ so basically, we're a really chill and
┊laid back, non-toxic server that's also aesthetic at the
┊same time.
┊ 🏿 ⃟⿻↬ we've got friendly staff and low moderation!
┊ 🏿 ⃟⿻↬ many fun channels and lots of gaming (vc) space!

· · ⸙  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  · ·  ·  ·  · ·  ·  ·  ·
✎ oh, and also, we're already level 1 when it comes to boosts!
Comunidad para cualquier tipo de persona, es una comunidad estable, muy activa y hay buenas personas... El que quiera entrar para poder compartir un rato juntos... Sin ningún compromiso, no hay obligación de unirse.
The Republic is a new star wars-centric server based in the era of the Clone Wars. It is a place for discussion, challenges, events, community polls, and gaming. (It is also the home of Dex’s Diner.)
What makes this server distinctly unique is it's 3-branch structure comprised of:
• The Jedi Order
• The Senate
• The Grand Army of the Republic
Each one handles a certain aspect of the server and possesses unique powers. Advance through the ranks of one by completing polls, participating in challenges/events, and being a good member of the Republic.
Now, join us! Dexter Jettster would approve. (Or else you are a separatist, not gonna lie.)
Hi and welcome to Crypt's Chill Basement, here we play games, talk and discuss. Its a chill community where members play games together. We have a custom shop and multiple minigames etc.

Fun discord
Social discord
We play games together
No bullies
Chilling in voice chats, and chatting
We also have a snapchat group linked to this discord group, only with members from the discord.

European based community, We're very selective and small knit community and you'll most likely wont fit in and get banned.

Don't join if:
-You're not European
-You're a weeb
-You're a lurker ( will get jailed/banned in a matter of hours/days)
-You're a pervert that only wants to E-date or wants nudes
Are you a part of the apphumans, social media personified, and/or webhumans fandom? Do you like to roleplay? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, you should definitely join ✨ Apphumans Utopia ✨!

This is primarily a roleplay server, though we do have a variety of other channels for games, making new friends, sharing art--really, we have channels for almost everything! Don't be shy, come and stop by! We've got plenty of bots, friendly staff, and cool members. Anyone is welcome to join!