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What are we?
A Youtube Community!

What is the purpose?
- bring all Youtubers together;
- make new friends;
- chat about anything;
- learn from each other.

What is our goal?
Be the biggest and most active YouTube Community!

What can we give you?
- tips for a successful channel;
- a place to get feedback;
- a place to show your creations;
- members with allot of experience;
- a great time!
- exclusive website for watchtime:


Promote your content!
Do you want to promote? You can, but first you need to interact. Chat to levelup and unlock.

What we don't want to be?
A place where members just drop a video and ask for views and subs and leave.

Do you want to be a part of this?
Welcome to the family!
our server is a multi-culture server with category's for gaming/streaming, conversation wise, roleplay (nsfw and PG13), art, karaoke and so much more.

your always welcome at Sleepless academy!

bots:disboard, slav bot, two zero and pokecord
~Nous sommes un serveur d’aide et un serveur où vous pouvez parler de tout (sans aller dans l’abus bien sûr).
~Si vous avez besoin d’aide psychologique ou que vous vous sentez mal en ce moment n’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre
Futbol konuşuyoruz.
Gelişmiş botlar ile futbol gündemi takibi.
Yaş ortalaması yüksek bir ortam.
Analiz ve tahminler...
Welcome to Thaqalayn, a Shia Muslim community that respects all faiths and sects of Islam and any other religion, all treated equally and with fairness. There are plenty of channels and topics to explore and chat on, ranging from practicing/learning Arabic to politics and religion, and relaxed general conversations. This server strives for intellectual growth and Muslim unity.
1. It is purely voluntary.
2. It cannot be created or sustained with violence, aggression, or subjugation.
3. It leaves the individual to rule themselves.
4. It relies upon the idea that, if an individual is unable to care for themselves, the members of the community will voluntarily offer to help that individual.
5. It can provide social services, the only contingency being that funding for such programmes is collected through voluntary donations.
6. It has the room under the breadth of the theory to satisfy socialism, communism, marketism, primitivism, feminism, and any other -ism one can think of so long everyone partaking in that society does so on a consensual basis.
7. It ensures total freedom for the individual.
Pastel Palace is a server created for those who play Chicken Smoothie, Flight Rising, or PokeFarm Q!

The server hosts plenty of giveaways and events, in which you can earn currency and prizes!

We’re LGBT+ friendly, and we’d love to have you in our peaceful server!
Welcome to
Sweet as hell!
°◦✯◦°◦*◦ °◦✯◦°
{This is a new server, created a day ago}
~What we have:
-fun bots
-aesthetic design
-nice and funny people
-anime chat
(We will add things to the server but right now we need support...please join!)

꒰ ღ ꒱ we offer:
game nights - partnerships - music vcs - therapy channels - self roles and friendly members! join us now and help us grow ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
~ yo yo, bạn đang tìm kiếm một server WIBU?
~ yo, vậy thì chào mừng bạn đến với Wibu Gang hay còn gọi là Paradise Gang
~ tôi sẽ cho mấy ông mấy bà coi ở đây có con cặc gì:
+ Mức độ tương tác: ngon vãi lồn có cả mấy ông bà người nước ngoài, nếu chán quá thì cứ ping thằng lồn Owner để nói chuyện , có em gái làm staff tên Mây múp vãi đái
+ Voice: Đụ má tôi thích Discord ở điểm này, nó giúp tôi giải tỏa căng thẳng sau khi làm một cái lồn gì đó mệt vãi lồn
Còn chờ gì mà đéo click vào lấy link và tham gia cùng bọn tôi?
Come and view the HOTTEST Discord eGirls NUDES 😍
- Invite people to earn PERSONALISED NUDES just for YOU
- Boost this server for naughty DMs
- And enjoy the big selection of hot nudes
Welcome to Shisui Chill, this server is a mostly chill server for people that want to hangout, socialise talk and talk about anime!!!! but fear not we dont always talk about anime because we have bots like dank memer,pokecord and many more.We also provide channels for you to put your beautiful face in or to put your amazing art!!!
Small friendly community for hanging out and chatting about games and anime and stuff. A lot of us play Dead by Daylight, Pokemon, Bethesda games, or Dragon Ball Legends. Streamers supported and welcomed as long as they actually participate instead of just link dropping.
All are welcome. Zero discrimination of any kind is allowed here.
Server features include:
-Game News feed that tracks a bunch of various game updates and general game news
-Separate channels for specific games/companies (i.e. Nintendo, Bethesda, Square Enix, Dead by Daylight, Persona, etc.)
-Memes and shitposts
-Tons of cute and cool emotes, Seulgi related and others
-Support channel for when you need someone to talk to
-Channels for streaming and sharing your own stuff
-Book chat
-Cooking chat
-Voice chats

We are 4KingzGG a new gaming organisation we have currently sitting at 460 followers on twitter and look to get more members into the team if you play the following and need a organisation to represent join today

- Fortnite Players
- Rocket league Players
- Graphic Designers
- Video Editors

Welcome to Mind Café! We're happy that you've checked us out!
We are an English only, emotional support server who is open to help anyone 13+.
While we do offer emotional support, we do offer many more things such as a tight-knit and inclusive community, positive casual chats, and keeping everything free of judgement.

What do we offer?
☕ ⋆ A bot made specifically for Mind Café, Bean the Corgi!
☕ ⋆ No-reply channels for a free place to vent without replies.
☕ ⋆ Custom support tickets made through Bean, where you can get support without feeling left-out.
☕ ⋆ Support groups, where you and other people can talk freely about problems that may affect both of you.
☕ ⋆ Weekly events created by our Event Coordinators team.
☕ ⋆ A welcome, non-toxic, and inclusive community.

Anyone is welcomed to join, and we hope you come to find your new home here!
A chill community server where people can discuss whatever they’d like, freedom of speech is provided at no cost.

We have numerous bots to mess around/have fun with.
We are strictly anti-edating/edrama, we don’t look to cause a riot, but banter and shit talk is allowed (bring your best insults, we’re pretty fucking good).
We DONT have any NSFW channels, and we intend to keep it that way. Go to Brazzers for that.
We feature unbiased moderation that follows the rules, but also allow for some legroom with simple stuff.
Furries are shot on sight. Also, we’re all slightly socially inept and retardic. So come join, you’ll fit right in with us autists.

Join now! (Cock and ball torture is $5 extra btw)
Hello, we are KPop Lovies! We are a server full of all different K-Pop artists such as BTS, TXT, N.flying and so much more! We are a nice, helpful, open community full with nice people. Hope you enjoy! 💞
Witaj, jest to serwer typu community lecz ma nawiazanie do sredniowiecza, i nie nie jest to serwer rp chociaz nie zabraniam odgrywania, jak chcesz wbic to wbij jak nie to trudno sie mowi ;/
Welcome to The Artisan Cafe!

We are a cafe-themed writing and art server that accepts members 15 years or older. The server is extremely new, so we are looking for you to join us and expand our community. Who knows, you might make a new friend!.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you join us for a cup of coffee!!!
。◈════₪ Speed' PUB [FR] ₪════◈。

Nouveau Serveur, dans le but de partager les serveurs discord que vous voulez promouvoir.

- Un serveur dédié seulement à votre publicité, avec plusieurs salons pour une meilleure visibilité !

- Des slowmodes de 2H maximum !

- Des giveaways à chaque objectif de membres !

- Recrutements Staff [ON]

- Des salons pour discuter & écouter la Radio

Nous accueillons bien évidement tout le monde avec de la joie et la bonne humeur !

Ton invitation :
Finally, your path has led you here.

The darker corners of the library hold many secrets. Some are alluring... others abhorrent. Yet the whispers within your mind draw you towards an eerily familiar book...

The Arcana Tome.

Drawing open the eerie cover, its countless sprawling pages are revealed to you. Within you find legendary stories, mythical creatures and fantastical worlds...

But you cannot merely be witness to its mysterious tales...

...You are compelled to become part of them.


The Arcana Tome is a mature role-playing server where players delve into the endless stories found within the mysterious book - from fantasy to horror and even spaces strangely familiar. Create a character, take part in existing stories or write your very own for other players to participate in - the choice is yours. The server is run by an experienced team of administrators who also role-play and write story campaigns, and are actively adding and improving content to make sure your experience is as fun and engrossing as possible! To enter, just type agree and follow the Rules and Roles channels accordingly. Please note that you must be at least 18 years or older to join.