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✨ A Description of Dazed Champs: ✨
Just a bunch of nice and useless people trying to make this server popular and active. Here is a list of some of the many things that we have and offer:
- Tons of fun bots (Mee6, Tatsumaki, Himebot, etc.)
- Giveaways
- Friendly Staff
- rules to make sure problems are avoided
- Moderation
- Self-assignable roles
- Fun text channels and voice channels
Instead of leaving like everyone else does, you could stay and give me ideas on how to improve this server and make it more appealing to you.
✨ I hope that if you do join, you decide to stay! ✨
ʟᴀ ʀᴀɢᴇ

• Un serveur actif • Sympathique • Amical
• Des giveaway et sondages régulier
• Une catégorie réservé à la publicité • Avec un système de découverte et de coup de pouce pour tous le monde ^^
• Plein d'emoji pour t'exprimer • animé et basique
• Du gaming pour les Gameurs
• Partenariat • échange de pub • recrutement (nous recherchons des modérateurs et des animateurs de plus de 15 ans et ayant déjà modéré) • ON

• Rejoins-nous
Pretty self explanatory ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧

✧ Buy/sell commissions, adopts, YCHs, etc.
✧ Do art trades
✧ Reaction roles
✧ Post your own artwork
✧ Play with bots
✧ Make friends
✧ It's a pretty chill place so stop on by if you would like ✧
This discord is legit just a chill place to hang out and talk with others, and also fool around with bots. We have the dank memer, MEE6, and some pokemon bots so far. I just started the server today, so anyone would be welcomed.
|New Community|

By the pope! it seems that you have stumbled across our little server, so fucking join or be crucified. Also, were a p social new server that basically can play anything and discuss anything within reason. We have memes, cursed images, fucked dictators, and are chill.
A place to hang out and chat. Don't mind the smell.

New server, looking for active chatters who wanna make friends. We have lots of cat emotes!
18+ ONLY
Getting capped at 25 members (not including bots)

A place for people to just chat and chill out. Full of lovely people! With rooms for self promo for art and music with a supportive community who don’t judge you for who you are ! LGBT+ Friendly with highly active staff and members!

We have been planning fun little events for the server which we hope you love ❤️✨
Hey want to join the most beautiful eye sore to ever have disgraced this platform? Well look no further! This is the best discord server for all forms of gamers, board games counting, memes, and story telling are adored by all here! So join today for a dose of autism!
New server
Looking for chill people mostly teens
we all super bored and anti social
Feel free to talk ab anything not really any rules just dont be a dickhead
so come through
Enjoy our 18+ server with our very attractive Sirens to lure you in
and Succubi to keep you here. We hope you enjoy your stay ; )

-Voice Chat
-And More
The year of 2552 reach has been invaded by the Covenant, the UNSC keeps fighting back Covenant forces slowly pushing them back. The UNSC fleet has retreated and the remaining UNSC forces must be wiped out before the UNSC decide to re-inhabit Reach.

[Covenant | UNSC]
✿✿✿ ✿✿✿
(・ิω・ิ)ノHey! This is a server where people from every where come to talk, play together, and even watch things together, but we are a new server, so don't be to rude if we do any mistakes ;"

A few Game Bot (as Pokécord and Aki) and a Weekly Art Goal are here too if you are interested in those too.

Don't be scared if your english is bad (I hope there are not any mistakes already xD) you still have your best friend: Google Translate (*´ω`*)/

We don't bit, so don't be scared to come
(☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞
✿✿✿ ✿✿✿
Hello Welcome To This Very Welcoming Pokecord Community! We Focus Mostly On Pokemon Stuff Such As Pokecord. You Should Take A Look! Make Sure To Leave A Review!
Single's Café is orientated towards everyone. It is PG-13 (user discretion is advised) except in the 18+ Verified category. It features anime sections, artwork sections, nude sections, and is a platform for chatting, dating, and gaming.
Welcome to ˜”*°•.˜”*°• SUSHISAMBA •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Welcome to this epic cursed land, where all you’re allowed to do is eat sushi and make friends...
One of only sushi theme servers out there
We are very friendly community for all people of all sorts

🍣Looking for PMS!
🍙 Fun inclusive conversations!
🍚 Active voice/text chats!
🍱 Happy users/Community
🍜Drama free
🍵Some of the most friendly people I know!

Have fun! >>>

🇫🇷🇬🇧🇩🇪🇳🇱 UltimateMC Network 🇪🇺🇺🇸🇷🇺🇪🇸

🇬🇧 What can you expect?
★ Professional staff team
★ Awesome gamemodes
★ Professional support
★ Big community

🇩🇪 Was können Sie erwarten?
★ Professionelle staff team
★ Fantastische Spielmodi
★ Professionelle Unterstützung
★ Große Gemeinschaft

🇳🇱 Wat kan je verwachten?
★ Professioneel staff team
★ Geweldige gamemodes
★ Professionele support
★ Grote community

Twitter: UltimateMC_net
Facebook: UltimateMCofficial

Join us @ Discord:
Welcome to Hentai Squad!
I'm Ari, lead admin, and owner of this server. I am so glad that you dropped by whether it's by accident, invite or a random search.
We offer various items such as:
Art share
NSFW categorys
Self assiganable roles
LGBT friendly community
and more!
Our staff team is flexible and we are more than willing to make changes to accommodate to all out members and make it a great community for the general public.
Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by!
Hope to see you at our server!
> Artists etc. are Welcomed!

Heya were Peach Haven a general NSFW Community ranging from yiff to hentai to bdsm or petplay, where you can have fun, make new friends, chill, play with the Bots, look at NSFW Stuff (Yeehaw). Our Server is growing fast and is very active. Also if you want reaaallly cute Pokemon emojis, this is the place for it!
• Partnership!
• Friendly Staff
• Leveling System
• Bots to play with
• Pokécord
• 250+ NSFW and SFW Roles
• Make new friends
• Socialize
• LGBTQ+ friendly
- Tons of NSFW Chats
- Reddit Feeds
ReBrand is a place where designers of all skill levels can come together to work, share and grow. Here you can get feedback and access to resources, or just chat and have fun. We offer a mentorship program so if you're a beginner looking to sharpen your skills, this is the place to be. We cater to graphic designers, 3d artists, web designers, animators, illustrators, and more. Come and be part of one of the most unique design communities on discord. We can't wait to meet you.
Meet cool people🌸
Talk about things🌸
Were all socially akward🌸
Otaku's allowed here🌸
Overall a cool place to chill🌸
If your feeling down talk to us🌸
Make Friends🌸

A warm home for anyone who wants to make friends, enjoys art or wholesome memes 🍪🥛

Come to join us, we love meeting new friends 😊
Fastest growing and only transparent Muslim community. Islamic programs, gaming, sports, tech, politics. Muslims and non-Muslims welcome.