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Welcome to ⋆˚。 BREEZY MEADOWS ⋆˚ ✧

What you expect in this server will be: Breezy Meadows is an actively growing server full of the most lovely people, here you'll have to opportunity to meet friends around the world, This is a Chill Server dedicated to meeting new people of all kinds, we offer a friendly open and welcoming community with active chats so you can always hop right into the fun

- Nice and professional staff
- Active chats
- Private Voice Sessions
- Rare Toxicity & Drama
- New friends from around the world
- Games w/ members & staff
- Equal Community (anyone of race, religion, etc. are allowed)

╚═──────═─ Accio Potterheads ! ─═──────═╝

Bienvenue cher/chère Potterhead. Le serveur Accio Potterheads ! vous invite à vous plonger dans l'univers de Poudlard pour remporter la coupe des 4 maisons !

Notre serveur est un serveur communautaire sur la saga d'Harry Potter. Si vous êtes un/une Potterhead ou bien si vous voulez en apprendre plus sur cette magnifique histoire, ce serveur est fait pour vous !

Vous pourrez y retrouver plusieurs fonctionnalités :

- Des mini-jeux pour gagner des points pour la coupe ;

- Des salons de discussion écrites et vocales ;

- La possibilité de faire du RP ;

- Un système de niveaux et des points attribués lorsque vous progressez.

Petits et grands, vous êtes les bienvenus sur Accio Potterheads ! où le but est de remporter la coupe des 4 maisons.
**»»————————- 🎀 ————————-««**

**Kamyczki to Serwer gdzie znajdziesz**

█ Aktywnych i Miłych ludzi
█ Dużo Shitpostu
█ Osoby zawsze skłonne do pomocy


▒ Peeełno różnych kanałów
▒ Role do wyboru!
▒ Ekonomie serwerową
▒ Kanały dla youtuberów i streamerów

**»»————————- ⭐ ————————-««**

> Zaproszenie: || ||
NitroNexus est un serveur communautaire très actif où le fun et le second degré sont les bases ! Tu pourras y retrouver des animations comme des événements pour gagner des points et débloquer des grades ou encore un jeu totalement exclusif nommé "Stellar" ! Rejoins-nous vite pour découvrir tout cela !
Thousands of years ago, the Demon of Waste, wanted to make a change. A change to conquer the Earth. With her army, she teleported her army to Earth with a burning passion. Earth was conquered, but with a loss. Lilith made a deal with God. A deal that would change life for humans, demons and angels forever.
"Lilith, my dear child. If I bring the rest of my children to Earth, they will live here, you will get to make a school. A school for demons and angels alike. Any offspring between a human and a demon or a angel will be forced to go to this school. Will you work with me?"
Lilith agreed.
Come to present time, and Lilith Academy is still standing strong with millions of students in school.
Prepare for a hell of a ride, children.
Welcome to Lilith Academy
Are you a demon or angel? Do you have some sort of power? You do? That's great, come along into our wonderful school, we offer.
†Friendly and active staff
†Tuppers for RP characters
†A great community
†A few game bots to have fun with
†and lots of places to roleplay
Does that entice you fellow demon's and angels, does that make your mouth drool at the thought, No? Well I didn't think so but if it did come along with me, oh and if you're a human come on in don't hesitate and don't be shy everyone here doesn't bite, well I hope they don't. But beware, this'll be a bumpy ride for all of us.

is a manga⸝⸝ aesthetic themed
fast-growing & active server
with a pretty chill, epic,
socialized & welcoming
communityᵎ ・

・ level 1 boosted
・ we partner with low requirements
・ game night and nitro perks
・ many roles and unique level-up system
・ channels to vibe and share artwork and more!
・ semi-active community
・always looking for new pms and staff
・ a simple layout and safe place!

・join now and find more.
we are a growing Active Community ❤ Social , Gaming , horny egirls , porn , Meet New People , nudes , Emoji's , And more!
This server got no rules yet.
We can do NSFW.
We can do RP
All age is wellcome to join
Welcome to Apollo!

In Apollo, we have

-🌠Custom Roles
-🌠Friendly Community
-🌠Movie Nights
-🌠Self-Promo Channel
-🌠Vent channel

And Much more, find out when you join!
Hauptsächlich geht es auf diesem discord um graffiti aber natürlich ist jeder herzlich willkommen
Anime con MOCS es un pequeño servidor donde hay cosas interesantes, hay minijuegos, una sala de cine, servidores de Minecraft, canales de música, salas en Among Us, canales NSFW, etc. Espero que esta comunidad crezca uwu.
Serverul Ancalagon a fost creat pe data de 16 August 2020 si deschis pentru public 2 saptamani mai tarziu.
In server poti gasi:
🔹️Boti cu care te poti juca
🔹️Staff activ
🔹️Boti cu system de economic
🔹️Level roles (in curand)
🔹️Self roles (in curand)
~Nous sommes un serveur d’aide et un serveur où vous pouvez parler de tout (sans aller dans l’abus bien sûr).
~Si vous avez besoin d’aide psychologique ou que vous vous sentez mal en ce moment n’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre !!
~ Nous avons également des salons avec diverses catégorie, pour vos passetemps et passions !!

☁️ À bientôt ! ☁️
safe place is a server that is there for anyone having a tough time to talk it out or just have chats with friendly people.

Please note we are not a suicide prevention server and not accountable for your safety, this is simply to make friends with like minded views and talk through your problems.

Please do not encourage suicide or self harm.
Please also do not post triggering content and purposely trigger any other members.

Everyone is welcome and will be accepted no matter what.

- an lgbt inclusive server
- anime channel
- vent channel
- meme channel
- art channel
- music channel

- dank memer bot
- kawaiibot

please join and have a nice time!
꧁༒•It's Going To Be Okay•༒꧂

♡Mental Health Support♡ ♡And Kpop is the best♡

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♡We Are Here For You♡

♡Do you ever wish you had somebody to listen when you're feeling down/lonely? We're here for you at all times, no problem is too small and we truly care about you. Please remember that suicide is never the answer.♡

╰──➤ What we offer at ⋆♡Love♡⋆

❥ 13+ Community (ToS)
❥ Self-assignable Roles.
❥ A Friendly and Experienced Staff.
❥ 0 Sexuality or Illness harrassments.
❥ Inclusive, LGBTQ+, MeToo and Supportive of all Mental Illnesses.
❥ Help for Mental Illnesses, School, Panic Attacks, Relationship/Social problems etc.
❥ Fun Channels and Places to Express Creativity!
❥ A Place for You to be Yourself.
❥ Movie Nights or other events almost every week.
❥ A place where you can talk about your problems, vent and find help.
❥ A Safe and Secure Environment.

♡We Are Open To Partnerships♡

˚✦. ❀⋆*。↷ ✧̥₊˚‧☆ミ

♡It was created for everyone to have access to a safe and helping community. Our dream is to make this another world, a world where everyone can be safe and be themselves. Sexuality, Gender, Mental Illness, Sickness, Religion, Skin Color, non of it matters, we are all humans after all.♡

❀ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⊰ ʚ♡ɞ ⊱๑┈┈┈┈ •• ❀
Welcome to slave inc , we don’t know why we chose that name but doesn’t matter cause oh well , shit happens .
Basically first things first , a server can’t be boring , so u better b an interesting duckrage.
Now if ur choosing whether u should join or no? Idk fam ask urself , why would u be even on disboard if u ain’t joining our server , smfh , u Dum if u don’t join
Meet Youtube staff or get help from popular YouTubers. If your a YouTuber come to join and chat with people and get help. You can now apply for partnerships & even prac admins. Collaborations and project hiring. Giveaways and advertising, limited-time server advertising + Nitro.
                ┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ♡
┌──── “ 💭 „
└➤ Welcome to Peachy Oasis 。ˎˊ˗
• Join us in all the sweet things we have to offer! Just a nice community filled with kind loving people to chat and hang out with!

‘,’ • What this server has to offer! ↲ 💭
- Active General chats
- Friendly users
- Many self assignable roles + color roles
- A cute level up system
- Music and movie nights
- Gaming chats and gaming nights
- Adorable Sanrio aesthetics
- Unique Sanrio emojis for this server
- Pokémon gaming bots + more

• We would love to see you there and spend some time in this peachy paradise! ♡
Benvenuto su Chill Place 🍕, questa piccola community è aperta a chiunque voglia rilassarsi e conoscere nuove persone. Nessun limite d'età, basta rispettare le regole e gli altri utenti. Nel server oltre a fare nuove amicizie si parla anche di gaming 🎮, anime e musica 🎼 . Che aspetti ad entrare? 🤟🏼
welcome 2 candy. we're bored so pls join us, we'll give u free kisses. also don't get mad when the chat is dead cos its a small server. <3