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We're a small server with a community of gamers and anime lovers & kind people ^^.

We have some cool custom bots. [WIP]
Emilia - Our Moderation bot.
Rem - Our Response/Embed bot.
Ram - Our Social bot.
[nsfw] new server! come check out our growing community with growing channels, including original content channels.
Name says it all, cool emotes for nitro users. Also, if you're reading this you have big gay.
We're a furry server. I'll add something here that's a bit more later <3
This server is very active and in need of some new, cool people. Our staff are amazing and everyone on here are chill. We have multiple channels such as -General -When you’re in your feels -memes -bot commands and a lot more. We also have multiple, cool roles (and will continue to add roles)and QOTD and AOTD as well as some music channels and -Spotify song suggestions. Sister squad is for everyone (despite the name lol) and we have a variety of people. Sister squad has 3 owners, Abby, Ashley, and Gabby. We have some cool bots and even have game nights.

╰☆☆「Tokyo Café」☆☆╮

Hello there! Are you looking for a server where you can socialize, not care about a lot of rules, and most importantly, find friends? Well. This server might just be the thing for you!

Here at Tokyo Café we treat our customers like friends and we're active *mostly during the afternoon*. We have misc self assignable roles, bunch of achievable roles with activity, emotes, fun bots, nsfw etc!


Here's some of the things that we offer here at Tokyo Café! ★~(◡‿◡✿)

Friendly people!
50 emotes and 50 gif emotes!
Fun bots with games and economy!
Fun color roles and limited roles!
And a reason to live!


Come on in to have a great time, the chances of meeting new friends and being part of a great community!

We'll be waiting for you!

Welcome to our tiny server. Made by a beautiful intelligent artist, me. This server is used to promote my art and to create my own community.
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents."
An art server purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and get special roles from giving feedback to others.

A place to hang out, share humor and music and also challenging yourself with our weekly prompts.
The original and only Muslim.Chat server. Providing a welcoming and supportive environment for Muslims and non-Muslims.
Do you love Voltron legendary defender? Would you like to meet other people who also share the same amount of love for the show? Well join the Voltron legendary defender fan club! We have nice people to discuss you love of Voltron with! We also have a memes channel and a self promote channel! So come on and join!
This server is a place where fellow digimon fans can get together and talk about digimon! We even have a digimon debate channel where you can debate certain things about digimon! Come on and join if you’re a fan of digimon!

Update: since I’ve been getting trolls and spammers ever since I made the server here’s my message to the trolls and spammers joining just to raid my server in advance
Screw you! It isn’t fun to deal with freakin spammers and trolls! Your crap isn’t welcome here! If I wanted spam I’d create a server for it! If I raided your server you wouldn’t be happy! So don’t go spamming and raiding my server!
A newly made server for members who loves to roleplay! create your character and hop on channels with the type of roleplay you like! come, let's roleplay!
Friendly 18+ community with a few nsfw aspects, gaming, memes, events, monthly themes and more. Gaming tournament and photo contest this december! 3k+ members. 🎉🎉
We are a New Dating Server what has an Active Staff team
a new Leveling System
Dating System
Verifiy System for Females !
Verifiy System for Males !
Report system for Problem People
and Non-Toxic Community !
Just a small server for talking with others. There aren't any members at the moment, but we wish to change that. ^-^
Anyone welcome, this discord is filled with friendly people who game, talk about music, anime, twitch or even just chill. We do not tolerate any type of pessimistic personalities. Share your twitch and YouTube channels. We all here to love and support eachother. Thank you, I love you and have a good day! LLJ🕊️
We are a community based on the belief of just having fun. We encourage people to try with art and drawings. We will even help them (you) with their animations. From all of us to you, we hope you have an enjoyable time.
➣ Welcome to Summercrest! Delve into a blossoming medieval fantasy world and start
your adventure today. We have over fifty unique roleplay channels spread across different
kingdoms. Summercrest provides a perfect balance between roleplay and community.
This is a land where we share out love for roleplay, gaming, chatting, and much more; so
head on over and create a character, pick up a game, or meet some new friends today.

➣ A friendly and ever-growing community of roleplayers and gamers.
➣Detailed maps and lore of the land, along with a list of classes.
➣Over fifty self assignable character and personal roles to choose from.
➣Weekly quests, dungeons, and giveaways to participate in.
➣A support section with counselors for anyone having a rough time.
➣ A section of mini games and bot commanded games to play.
➣ An in character and out of character currency system.
welcome to nekocake!
hi there! we're a small chill and friendly community, where everyone can talk, have fun, chill and do many more! ❀
if you find any kind of toxic people, feel free to DM and report! ♡

what we have:
➳ friendly peeps
➳ tons of cute animals
➳ animuu (=´∇`=)
➳ custom emotes
➳ bots!

we're a new server!
feel free to join us~ (´・ω・`)
A little place where you can receive some help or a lover, if you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here nobody to hurt you.
Be welcome to the Absol Meadow. An adult only Pokemon community to hang out and have discussion, we can host some roleplay and NSFW content and we have self assignable reaction roles. The doors are open for anyone

▫ || ANIME
▫ || ART 🎨
▫ || SELFIES 🤳
▫ || MEMES
▫ || MUSIC 24/7

Rapidly growing gaming community Join us and discuss about games! Chill and meet nice people!

everyone is welcome ❤️