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Hi there! Pillow Paradise is a 16+ support focused server.
Our Objective is to provide to support to people 16 years and older. we promise to do our best to provide you with the support you deserve.
We offer a lot of great perks like
|Channels to express yourself in|
|Music bot and channel|
|Public and Private support|
|An economy bot to play with - earn currency to buy special things like roles & items|
|Server changing events like Halloween & Christmas|
|Lots of cute emojis|
|A warm welcome|
We want you to feel safe and welcomed here okay? so give us a try! there is a lot more to the server than just this little intro! Things can't happen unless you take that first step
☽・☆・༓ Staff Applications are currently closed as of 5/15. ༓・☆・☾

❥ Hello and Welcome to Cresselia Academy!

This literate roleplay is set on a crescent shaped island, appropriately named Crescent Moon Island.
You start off as a Trainer-to-be, a student, who is attending school this large Academy in order to learn everything needed to become a dependable Trainer. What sets this Academy apart from the others is that it's one of the few Academies that will personally "assign" students their very own starter upon entry to care for in order to give students a more hands-on type of study. While most other regional schools tend to be more strict and uniform with their curriculum, Cresselia Academy gives students more freedom to learn beyond the simple sciences of being a trainer. Through events and giveaways, students can earn more Pokémon to add onto their teams. You can make friends, form rivalries, and even battle to show off your teams if you choose.
However, your rivals may not be the only people you have to fight off. It seems something, or rather someone, could be lurking around in the shadows preparing for something.
Will your teams be ready if they strike?

☽ ༓ ·☆· ༓ ☾

All in all, this is a light-hearted slice of life rp, so while battles are allowed, they aren't the main focus here, outside of some side events. All events are optional. This server is for those who want a break from the travels and want to enjoy a more simple life with their Poképals to be.

What We Offer:

❥ A safe server with a hidden password system to prevent bots and raiders from having easy access
❥ A friendly community and staff (wink wonk)
❥ A laid back and welcoming environment
❥ An easy Starter picking system with a large variety of Pokémon available to pick from
❥ Plenty of channels for you to roleplay in, including a City and Town you can visit off the Academy grounds
❥ Dorming for student characters
❥ NSFW dorming for 18+ characters and members
❥ Daily giveaways for rare Pokémon and Items
❥ Activity Rewards
❥ Server Booster Rewards
❥ An item shop for your convenience
❥ Easy ways to earn money
❥ Optional club and class sign-ups
❥ Community nights for:
· Gaming together
· Karaoke
· Movie nights
❥ Fun bots, such as:
· Shipping Bot
· Waifu/Husbando Roulette
· OwO Bot
· Currency Bot
· PokéHeart
· PokéRealm

We welcome all suggestions and feedback so we can better the server for everyone's enjoyment.

There's more to come as the server grows, so I look forward to seeing you all! ❤

- Server Owner, Honey

Note: If you see this disboard description elsewhere, they have copied it, so please be cautious about those servers. We've unfortunately had to deal with plenty of copy-cat servers throughout the year.

☆ Created November 6th, 2019.
☆ Updated as of September 22nd, 2020.

☽ ༓ ·☆· ༓ ☾
**__Maximize Growth - Welcome Advertisements__**

**Friendly __FREE__ advertising discord server with only 5 minutes cooldown. Also we offer many other things to grow:**

> 📈 | **__Unlimited__ advertising with 1 minute cooldown.**
> 📊 | **__GROWING__ & friendly server.**
> 🔎 | **Looking for ad review, partners & more.**
> 📃 | **Post up to 8 times every 5 minutes.**
> 💛 | **__Partnership__ and premium advertising.**
> 🔮 | **__Boosting__ perks & giveaways.**
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**__Tragic bot__
> 🍭 | __Currency__ + __meme__ command with other multiple fun commands and also have many others.**
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📎 | **Invite:**
📎 | **Banner:**
ıllıllı **__Chill United__** ıllıllı

- Chill and Karaoke
- 6k Members+ with rapid growth! (Opened 10/6/20)
- Active and Friendly VC's & TC's!
- Male:Female ratio is 1:1!
- Share your selfies!
- Share your art and pictures! (Animals, Landscape etc...)
- Self Assignable Roles!
- Rewards for activity and level roles!
- Big Events and Giveaways of Nitro!
- Aesthetics and much more, check for yourself!

We welcome everyone here to our server regardless of age, gender, background or the language you speak. We are also looking for staff so come and join us, be active and you may be apart of our wonderful staff team.
┌───────── •✧✧• ─────────┐
‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ CLUB ULTRA
└───────── •✧✧• ─────────┘
✩。:*•.────── ❁ ❁ ──────.•*:。✩

Hey there! Are you looking for your new friends? Come take a look at our server! We are a server that aims to bring people together and have a chill times together with.

What our server has to bring :

🤙 ➤ Large friendly community
✏️ ➤ Many self-roles!
👥 ➤ Friendly community
🌐 ➤ All ages (13+)
🤖 ➤ Large variety of bots
🎉 ➤ Events to come..

Link :
Halo, perkenalkan server Lemonade, server yang di mana kebanyakan orang orang gabut yang berkumpul di sini, tapi jika kalian suka dengan anime, kpop, game atau lain nya kalian bisa join di sini, so jangan malu untuk berkenalan, hope you all enjoy in this server^^

thank you.
- invite rewards
- daily giveaways
- boost rewards
- active staff
- nitro giveaways
- and more
Join our community NOW!
Small art server because I was like "Hey! I want more artist friends" and what better way to do so than make a server? We're chill here! And are always exited to meet new people, So please consider joining :D
Are you looking for friends and fun? Are you looking for a place you can call home because your parents don't like you? Are you nerd and lonely?
Then this is the perfect place for you!

Here in Nerd Zone you can find:

🎮 Friendly staff members
🎮 Non-toxic community
🎮 Variety of channels to discover
🎮 Daily voice calls and streams
🎮 Events, games, giveaways (even Nitro Boosts!)
🎮 Over 100+ roles; self-assign, shop, level, etc
🎮 100+ emotes ranging from nitro to non-nitro

And much more!
A place for open-minded Adult Discorders to show off their nude bodies for fun. The nudity here is 100% free!
arkadaşlar sunucumuz belirli şeyler hariç herşeyin serbest olduğu bir sunucudur arabistan milliyetçiliği gibi bir durum yoktur. sadece konsept budur ortam muhabbet dostluk ön plandadır. insanlar rahatlamak kafa dağıtmak için birbirine sövebilir. moraliniz bozukken moralinizi yerine getirecek discord da ki tek sunucu.
This is a Hell themed discord server for chill and open-minded adults (+18). Make friends and share your interests and hobbies without judgement. We have rooms for anime, reading, art, tv & movies, self-improvement and more! We are a new server, so grow with us!

𝗛𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝘄𝗲 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿:
☾ A chill space for introverts
☾ Rooms for your many interests
☾ Feel heard and involved
☾ Fun daily questions and challenges
☾ Book Clubs and game nights
☾ New lasting friendships
☾ A safe & diverse community

No roleplaying, shitposting, or dating.

We require verification after entering.
(5 simple questions).
Hey everyone, here's my music server. Mainly for people who're into rock, metal, punk, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, etc. We're a very welcoming community and have listening parties + other events often, so come check us out!
Welcome to StarDust!💛
StarDust is a chill and lgbt friendly server for teens💛
What we offer:
Chill and welcoming community
Tons of cool people
Movie night and Anime night
Simple server layout
Egirls 😳
Hello and welcome to Fluff Stuff! We're a fluffy family that sticks together no matter what comes. We strive to grow our family. We're fun and we laugh with each other day in and out! We are a furry friendly server and respect each other no matter who you are, where you come from and etc. Furry or not you are free to join the server as long as everyone respects each other and the server rules.
The following is what our server offers:

- An active and friendly staff team that always has an ear for you, if you have a problem feel free to tell us! We're here to help you out.

- A verification system to keep that keeps unwanted users/accounts out.

- An international channel where you can speak in any language you please!

- A meme/shitpost channel where you meme gods can share your favorite memes with the others.

- Artists channels where you can post your adoptables, or post your own art. Meet many talented artists along the way that you can commission, exchange your advices or experiences with!

- Dedicated channels for content creators along with their promo area.

- Raffles and hosted events.

- And plenty more!
What are you waiting for? Come in and be part of our family!
Hi! We're the Fandom Kids! (14+)

We're open to people of all fandoms joining, but we cater to these five:
-South Park
-Five Nights at Freddy's

You can be in one or all five of these fandoms! You can give yourself access to the channels dedicated to the fandom(s) you pick!

A little more about our server:
-We're ship friendly, LGBT friendly
-We have role select and roleplay channels
-We have art and music channels
-18+ preferred, 14+ required
-Meet people to roleplay with
-Open to suggestions!

⚠️Warning: Contains inordinate amounts edgy humour.⚠️
✨ Aninoss ist eine deutsche Community mit Fokus auf Anime, Manga und LGBT+ ✨

Bist du auf der Suche nach einem aktiven und dennoch entspannten Server voll mit netten, aufgeschlossen und hurmorvollen Leuten? Dann bist du hier genau richtig!

Wir bieten:
• Regelmäßige Events wie Anime-Filmabende
• Reaction Roles für individuelle Userprofile
• Hohes Mitbestimmungsrecht der Community
• Automatische Feeds für Anime-News und Episoden
• Fische grinden mit der Fischerei vom Lawliet Bot inklusive freischaltbaren Server-Privilegien

❤️🧡💛💚💙 Jeder ist herzlich willkommen! ❤️🧡💛💚💙
Hey! Wenn du Gravity Falls magst KOMM! Wir freuen uns auf dich, auch wenn wir dich nicht kennen.

Also vielleicht fragst du dich: WaRuM sOlLtE iCh Da HiN?ß? Komm doch einfach, es spricht nichts dagegen! Und vielleicht suchst du ja auch eh seit Tagen nach einem Gravity Falls DC Server in DEUTSCH. Also KOMM! Natürlich gibt es auch andere Sachen außer Gravity Falls, aber die sind eine Nebensache. Also KOMM! Aber was ist das wirklich besondere an uns? Hier eine Liste:
-✅` 100% Bio!
-✅` glutenfrei
-✅` laktosefrei
-✅` 100% vegan!
-✅` kein Plastik!
-✅` Fairtrade!
-✅` klimafreundlich

Ach ja falls du nerviges @everyone nicht magst, sowas gibt es bei uns so wenig, weil wir das so selten benutzen und eig. nie benutzen.
Also KOMM jetzt und sei aktiv! Wäre besser auch aktiv zu sein, für eine bessere Community!
Un serveur sur vérification réservé aux plus de 17 ans, ayant pour but d'échanger et rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, le tout autour d'un seul thème, le BDSM.
⸝⸝˚₊:-:՞·︰Legends ◌⨾

⌇﹕˚₊⊹︰Wir sind-ˎˊ
・✎﹏Ein Server der 100% Sfw ist:⁺꒦
・✎﹏Ein Server der Wachsen will:⁺꒦
・✎﹏Ein Server mit süßem Design:⁺꒦
・✎﹏Ein Server mit vielen Emotes:⁺꒦

┊⊹꒷︶︰Du musst﹕ෆ'
・‧₊˚✦:Dich an unsere Regeln halten
・‧₊˚✦:Mindestens 14 Jahre alt sein
・‧₊˚✦:LGBT und alles andere Akzeptieren
・‧₊˚✦:Humor haben
・‧₊˚✦:Spaß auf unseren Server haben!

┊⊹꒷︶︰Wir haben﹕ෆ'
・‧₊˚✦:Ein süßes Serverdesign
・‧₊˚✦:Süße Emotes (Auch Animierte)
・‧₊˚✦:Tolle Bots
・‧₊˚✦:Ein super Team und freundliche Mitlieder
・‧₊˚✦:Keine Unnötigen Pings
・‧₊˚✦:Ein eigenes Levelsystem
・‧₊˚✦:Leichte Partnerschaften
・‧₊˚✦:Filme, Anime und Gamenächte
・‧₊˚✦:Einige Channel und Voicechannel
・‧₊˚✦:Vieles mehr

┊⊹꒷︶︰Was du machst, wenn du joinst﹕ෆ'
・‧₊˚✦:Wir wachsen mit jedem Join
・‧₊˚✦:Unsere Stats gehen hoch
・‧₊˚✦:Unsere User und unser Team Freut sich
・‧₊˚✦:Du unterstützt uns Automatisch!

Wir versuchen alles das unser Server wieder so groß wird wie damals unser Server namens PixelGalaxy (Oder auch Chillhouse)
Wie gesagt werden wir mit jedem Join größer und wir freuen uns über jeden neuen User! Wir halten uns an die Wünsche der Community und Versuchen sie glüchlich zu machen. Also wieso tretest du nicht bei? wir freuen uns auf dich!
Angelium est un serveur francophone axé sur le thème de la mythologie, notamment grâce à ses rôles et à son contexte role-play. Mais aussi sur le partage des passions !

Vous y trouverez :

→ Un staff actif avec des concours et des évents récurrents
→ Diverses catégories et salons centrés sur les passions
→ Des rôles attribuables et des level-up
→ La possibilité d'indiquer sa ville pour des rencontres IRL (sauf mineurs pour des raisons de sécurité)
→ Du role-play mythologique et surnaturel
→ Un test ludique pour connaître son type d'ange.