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Wir sind ein junger Kinkserver für alle LGBTQ(IA)'s und Leute die uns unterstützen (Allys)
Das Thema ist bdsm/kink und alles drum herum z.B
-Petplay/ Puppyplay 🐾🐶
-Bdsm 🔒
-Bondage ⛓️
-Ageplay 🍼
-Crossdressing 💃
Und wir bieten einen Safespace für alle trans* personen :3

- Wir haben Kink Channel in dem Gifs und Bilder gepostet werden.
- ein geschützter Selfmade Channel wo User ihre eigenen Nudes posten können
- Bots und ein Levelsystem
- Wir haben eine starke Moderation und Creeps fliegen gleich raus.
A political debate server based on the political compass, we are focusing on the interaction between all the four sides of the compass and try to have some interesting debates.
Do you love cars? Do you love GTA? Are you looking for others who do too?

Well then this server is the right for you. We have small community, nice staff, and do car meets daily.
Now you can finally show your builds off to other people that love cars too.
And best of all, you wont risk getting blown up by some guy on a flying bike, because we do closed session car meets.

If you have done a couple car meets before and dont like the chaos of big groups then hurry in here and get a good experience.

Plus the first people to join, can help build up the community as moderators.
A new Ninjago Server I’m trying to build up! Please join, I’m trying to make a welcoming community!
Welcome to eclipse! We're a new and developing server! This server is mainly for making new friends and chatting. We would like to create a friendly environment for everyone.

We offer:
Non-toxic teen community
Chatting and music channels
And more!
Come join this 13-17 year old dating server! Where you can meet fun new people and maybe even the love of your life! This is a newer server and we are looking to expand!
-Fun bots
-Great chats
-Great community
-The staff that's there to help 24/7
Hope to see you there <3
⚠️ server is now open ⚠️
⚠️ Info: do not come in the server with a creepy profile following of the BW Challenge you will be kicked ⚠️
Hello their and you entered to my server
hello welcome to my discord server we got allot of things to offer , this server is a chill zone so when you come in please be chill anyways look what we have to offer
• Free Promoting Your YouTube channel in the #❗・self-promo section so when you click the the channel you will see and you can promote it their
• Chill And Active Group
• Self Assignable Roles / Color Roles
• Events, Polls And Announcements
• announcements pings! to get notified of the server
• Rank Up Rewards !
• Interactive Bots in the server which you can use!
• Nitro Boost Can promote your server to the discord server in the partnership section just dm me and i can let you in!
• if you wanna partner up you can ask someone for partnership ask me in dms
if you want to partner up in my server!
• Have fun in the server and be sure to follow the rules when you get in their i know their is allot of rules
Current population: 100+ members.
--- About The Server:
Northview University is a school based RP server that welcomes all kinds of roleplayers to the community. We have novelists and one-liners - and if you prefer a literate RP we have a role for that!

--- What Are Flower Types?:
Flower Types are based off real life meanings, symbolism, and sometimes even history. Such as the Foxglove known to "both heal and hurt" enables a power of 50/50 chance of healing (subjective healing). So in short they're just 2 powers given to a specific flower name.

--- What Do We Offer?:
🥰 - A friendly and welcoming server for all types of people.
🏳️‍🌈 - LGBTQ+ safe and friendly.
💞 - Relaxed and respectful staff.
🤖 - Bots! Because who doesn't love bots?
☎️ - Activity! Not too much, not too little.
🎉 - Frequent IRP and OORP events!
💐 - 80+ powers to choose from the 40+ flowers!
💐 - ...Including 1 type containing 2 custom powers!
🌠 - ...Of course, there's much much more to discover!

--- Some Side Notes (Optional to Read):
- There is NO character limit - have as many characters as you wish!
- All characters are simply humans with powers. I apologize but we don't allow elves, wolves, monsters or anything else as characters - simply humans with powers.

Many users have arrived and loved it here - both the community and the RP itself! We invite you, fellow flower, to join us on our journey of proving to the world that flower types are not to be feared - but rather, admired!
𝖜𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖒𝖊 !
𝑪𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒏 𝒅𝒆 𝑨𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒖𝒎
aspectum coven!

hey! welcome to the aspectum coven! though it seems that there are many discord-based covens out there, most aren't very tight-knit. i hope to create a coven who does group rituals and communicates frequently in order to form a tight, powerful bond between us. if this kicks off, i plan on making a website and other things for this coven!

🌙 we accept all levels of experience!
🌙 we're brand stanking new!
🌙 channels to discuss witchcraft!
🌙 many roles to choose from, as well as a personalized role system!
🌙 friendly community :D
🌙 a blank slate! you can help form this coven!
🌙 group grimoires!

anyone is welcome, and you must apply in order to join the coven. thank you for reading! <3
What this server has to offer:
➪LGBTQ friendly
➪Get to know friendly people and hang around!
➪Gaming related talks!
➪Leveling system
➪Fun bots to waste your time with 😊
➪ and much more

please join and feel welcomed at all times!

With Friendly Greetings,
The Chill Corner
Xeliuss#4250 (Owner / Twitch boi)
I wanted to put it as rpg games but wouldn't be clicked on a lot ooj oj
uh no rules literally send anything :0 loev u
"make your statement, face your fear."

a laid-back TMA server featuring:
- season specific channels.
- channels to just hang about in.
- doubles-friendly kin chats.
- a small roleplay
- a welcoming and accepting community.
🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Hi there fellow people. 🏕️
Are you alone?
Are you bored?
Do you want to meet new people?
Do you want to have somebody to talk to during a second pandemic?

Well now you can!!🔥
Join the Campfire Server and get right into it!
We are an international Server for all kinds of people.

-Play games and find other users you can play with in the Gaming-Section.🎮

-Show your drawings/memes/wonderful masterpieces in the Art-Section.🖌️

-Or Just Chat and relax.🧘

We also have some interesting events happening every once in a while, so join the camp already and start camping.

-Yomiel (Owner) and CaptainKFC (also Owner)
🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥
VHS is an active community server that is a combination of different communities. Due to the high activity of the staff and the community we host weekly events and monthly nitro giveaways. Join today!!
✨☪️ Night community é um servidor novo. ✨

✨ O servidor tem o intuito de conversar é socializar, não tenha vergonha de interagir com o pessoal, pois somos bem receptivos, o servidor possui diversos chats de voz para que possa conversar com o pessoal e se sentir á vontade.

✨ Registros/cores por reaçôes.

✨ Adms ativos.

✨ Bots(classico)

✨Temos regras, espero que leiam e respeitam.

✨ membros legais.
💗Welcome to Furry palace💗
This is a small but quickly growing furry server and safe place for anyone to join, be you a furry or not this is a friendly place for everyone!
Our server contains NSFW, but a NSFW block is possible and self assignable.
We have things like:
□ TF2, Roblox and Minecraft chat
□ General chats for SFW chatting
□ NSFW chats for pictures and dirty chatting
□ Bots
□ RP and ERP
□Themed ERP:
-Tomoy outback
-Femboy hooters
□ Self assignable roles
□ Good and active staff
We are a very active role playing community with many channels for you to use!
We also have members from all around the globe so there is always someone to chat to.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Remember to check out rules before you start chatting <3
The Little Fae

We are a fairy themed age regression server !
Our age limit is 13-18
We have;
-A general channel that allows swearing separate to the main general
-A space to roleplay
-A babysitter ping
-Channels for littles and caregivers to have their own space
- Systemtime for people with DID/OSDD1 !
-And most importantly, a safe loving community

We hope you join us
Hello and welcome to a Fnaf rp Server, it's very new, but it doesnt mean it's bad cause it can improve later. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear Entertainment co. A place where fantasy and fun is alive for all of adults and children alike, here we pride ourselves with perfect pizza, fun, and our great service to tying up loose ends, we hope you will join us at Freddy Fazbears Pizza! And for only a limited time you can get our newest membership for Free to be apart of the Fazbear Family. Note: Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced.