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We're just starting this server to hang out and find new gamers to hang with. We have a very abrasive sense of humor and one might see one too many swears being exchanged, but it's all in good fun, don't take it seriously. Hope to see you on!
(If you are a girl, read the bottom first) SO, to start, this server is not one you can just come into asking "where are all the girls?" as that is not what gets you a girlfriend. I may or may not have been successful with getting a girlfriend on here, but it was through lots of social activity. Also, don't get to comfortable with having an online girlfriend as that is what leads to disappointment. This is a chill server, as the name suggests, and we are here to play games, chat, and watch some movies. We have bots like Pokecord and Unbelievaboat and we are 100% memers. I am a nice person overall and give 2nd chances, but I will not hesitate to ban you if there is a lack of compliance with the rules. Another thing: don't come into the server with the feeling that you can ask for nudes or ask to trade nudes or even just post some of your own. THERE IS A *NO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY* agreement in Discord's TOS, so if you don't like that, go talk to them. Please try to stay away from controversial subjects and if you don't like your stay in my server, go check out some of the partners. This server's staff is mostly on PST time, so keep that in mind as well. If you joined, Thank you, and if you read all of this, try to chat with people as the people I see interacting are people I am more likely to give special roles that may increase your chance in a relationship.

So, if you are a girl, just try to stay safe and try to, if you put single as status, do ask dms as there are a lot of people in here who want girlfriends and I don't want any girls to feel pressured. If you are a guy and reading this, keep in mind that if a girl's status is single with open DMs, think about how many guys must DM this girl a day...
Welcome to The BlackJacks ♠️!
This server is currently growing with wonderful members, and YOU could be next❤️!

♠️ Anti-Raid
❤️ Community Friendly
♠️ Self Assignable roles
❤️ Selfie Channel
♠️ Pokemon Channels
❤️ Food, Meme, Arts, Bae
♠️ Music Channels
❤️ Voice Chat
♠️ Video Chat
❤️ Levelling up system
♠️ Partnerships
❤️ Secret Room
♠️ Fun bots

We would love to see you join! Come on and meet some new people and be a part of our family!
Semi-dating server.

-blowing up soon
-join now!
-Giving away nitros in a few days.
Cieplutka, miła grupa która jest otoczona miłością
A nice small community that wants to grow!

-Self assignable roles!
-Pokecord and more bots!
-Friendly people and friendly staff!
-A place where you can feel safe!
-A place where you can talk about your problems with anyone!
-Custom Emoji's!
There's nothing wrong with being a little different~

This is a 18+ RP/ERP community.
We make a point to encourage effort and literacy within RP/ERP.
Welcome to our Wonderland family!
💖 Here's what we offer:
♧ Helpful & attentive Staff!
♧ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
♧ Reaction Roles!
♧ Wonderland-themed roleplay channels!
♧ Roleplay tiers to adequately represent your roleplay style - Linear, Para, Multi-Para, & Novella!

We're all a little mad here~

꒰ 🌿Haze🌿 ꒱ ˊˎ- * ⠀˚✧ ⋆。˚ ☁️


╰─➛✎﹏ | Contents ! .°• ੈ♡₊˚•.

↳ ⊹ ° . 🍙 ˎ :

༺ 🌧️️ We have a variety of self assignable roles, ex: your sexual and romantic attraction, your age, gender identity, interests, and a color role.

༺ 🌧 tons of channels to express your interests, show off your artworks, and or other types of art, a channel to show off your cool irl things, a self promotion channel, and a meme channel for u epic gamers elemayo

༺ 🌧 🔞 hentai / porn channels for your nasty needs, as well as a nsfw general chat if you're feeling like talking to som hotties, we 100% support u getting that dub bro.

༺ 🌧 tons of vc rooms, i bet you seven bucks that you couldnt get a hottie to talk to you on the phone, but take your chances when you can.

༺ 🌧 special events / contests, shit like that, we hope you take part in it lmao

༺ 🌧 a special vip role for those who're active and follow the rules ig, we have an eye on yall
Ever wanted to rule over all of China, as the emperor himself? Or maybe lead your nomadic brethren on the Steppes? In "Dynastic China* you assume one of the many roles in the eternal power struggle both internal and external from Rice Paddies to the Imperial Court. From humble beginnings take your place as emperor and make history in the name of your Family.
lowlight is a server centered around friendship and conversation. everyone is treated equally and with kindness, an enforced rule.


✨there are channels dedicated to different conversation topics like dreaming, astrology, nostalgia, etc.

✨always accepting ideas for growth. extremely active members can easily get a role.

✨active voice chat.
Life Art Studios community server, very chill atmosphere and all about nerdy things. Come hang out!

Life Art Studios was created to combat the current trends of media. We aim to create experiences that not only draw you into immersive universes, but also make you think about the real world in ways you might not have done before. We aren’t here for cash grabs, we work on passion projects.
Český server pro každého kdo má rád hry a nemá kde s kamarády pokecat. Na serveru je zatím pár roomek a botů. Už jsme trochu větší server ale najde se místo pro každého nového hráče či hráčku. Prosíme po připojení přečtěte si pravidla.
💖Digital friends💖
💫15+ server with plenty of chat rooms.
💫Make new friends in a gaming-centric (and MORE) server
💫Participate in community events like gaming or VCs
💫Share music and TV shows!
💫Play with bots like Tatsumaki or Unbelievaboat (+ Rhythm, Dyno, and more!)
💖We also have...💖
💕3 very active admins who add to the server, monitor chat, and talk to people.
💕An active community ready to welcome you!

✨Join us anytime!✨
RaZe is a little server to chat with people about stuff like games, or just to chill, meet people, or something like this!

Currently it's still pretty small, but with a bit of help we will get bigger and bigger, don't forget, everything starts small! :D
Welcome to Ark!

What do we offer? We offer...
-Great Staff Team
-Amazing community of Roleplayers
-Deep lore
-Easy to learn Combat system
-Progression system
-Everyone is treated equally
-There is 18+ content but no erp

If you wish to join our slice of the multiverse please join, the Ark you can to a point create any type of character from a worm that devours people’s insides too a commander of a armada of ships or even your favorite type of species (aka saiyans gods demons ect)
Are you a fan of WWE? Then what are you waiting for? Join the WWEClub now as everyone can have a good time chatting together about Raw, Smackdown and NXT :)
Welcome To Popper's Palace!
We're mainly focused on Popping and Bursting, but Inflation and Hyper are more then welcomed here!
Lots of rooms and content for any users to enjoy!
You must be 18+ to join!

Give your self roles so people know if your DMs are open or not, and if your an Inflatee, Inflater or both!

Plenty of rooms for everyone to find their thing

A room for users to give suggestions on how the server could be improved

A room dedicated to seeing how others would pop you, great for stirring up ideas for artists, authors and RP's alike

Roles for Artists and Author, special access to shoutout for your Patrons, Ko-Fi, YCH sales, commissions, and lots more!

Rooms for OCs, RP Requests and soon to be lots of themed public RP rooms! Users may also give suggestions for new public RP rooms too

All users are welcomed, just remember to read the rules and follow them~
The infamous Memes in The Basement meme server has been recreated so that we have a place to meme freely and with great company. Here you will meet a lot of new people, take part in awesome events, play games with others, post and steal regular/surreal memes and cursed images, use bots and more. And don't forget to reach many levels of irony for great memeing.
The Pirate Ship is an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a safe virtual mindscape for hypno enthusiasts, kinksters, and bdsm fetishists. Public Scening is not just condoned but encouraged in the respective channels. While erotic hypnosis doesn’t have to be the singular focus, this server is heavily fetish oriented, including power exchange through Dominant/submissive relationships and other elements of BDSM, as well as all manner of sexual activities, While the focus is hypnokink and bdsm con-non con, 'no' means no. We're welcoming towards all adults irrespective of their kinks (within legal limits and in compliance with the discord TOS), race, nationality or religion. The server is 18+ and we may require ID verification in case we suspect anyone to be underage.
Long live vaporwave / A Friendly server where you can chill and hang out
Community based around in IMVU.
Creators, Models, Agency's all are welcome.
☁️Cloud Nine☁️
Welcome to Cloud Nine! We are a new server, just starting out. We are relatively small considering we are new. We have...
🌬Color Roles
🌬Reaction Roles
🌬Role Request
🌬Age Regression Category
We are 13+, LGBTQ+ Friendly, and Agere Friendly, basically anyone can join. We are accepting! So come make friends!
We hope to see you there!

Cyberhell is a synthwave/cyberpunk themed discord server for every fandom out there. Whether you're into gaming or into painting there's something for you here. We VC alot and have public video call capability.
-Public video calls
-Self assignable roles
-Ranking system for perks and more
-Self promotion section
-Giveaways (handled by event managers)
-1 on 1 chats to have private conversations
-Venting channel to let all those frustrations out
-Offensive chat
-Meme chats
-Domesticated thots
gtrx's meme cave
Are you interested in dank memes? Do you want to have fun with hundreds of people like you? I have the perfect server for you! This server has a great, active community with fair rules, a clean layout, interesting channels, fun bots, giveaways and much more! You don't wanna miss out!