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Hola Shinobis!
Hoy quería invitarlos a todos a mi comunidad Social por discord llamada Voluntad de fuego!
Mi objetivo en esta comunidad es reunir la mayor cantidad de personas para asi poder compartir de una manera sana y divertida todo lo relacionado con el anime y muchas otras cosas, compartir y disfrutar momentos agradables en compañía de otras personas, incluso podrías encontrar a aun gran amigo
Bueno sin tantos rollos les compartiré algunas de las cualidades relacionadas a naruto shippuden, y algunas otras para hacer del servidor mas interactivo.
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
We are a hangout server of 100+ people and still growing! Everybody is welcome here(furry friendly).
What you can find and do in our server:
-have a nice chat
-show off art you made or like
-a nsfw channel filled with your degenerate fantasies
-and a lot more!

Discord üzerinde siyasi-politik olaylarda fikir ve düşüncelerini özgürce paylaşabileceğin bir sunucu arıyorsan burası tam sana göre!
İlgili bir yetkili kadrosu

Siyasetten eğlenceye,eğlenceden uluslararası dillerle iletişime ve anında yaşanan gelişmelere kadar zaman geçirebileceğin tam 11 kategori.

Hemen hemen her konuda yazışabileceğin 43 Metin Kanalı.

Yazmak seni yordu mu? Arkadaşlarınla sesli konuşabilmen için 8 Ses Kanalı.

Tarafını ve fikirlerini belli edebilecek 50'den fazla rol ve emoji.
hi homies! we are a small community-based server for cool people 16+ // our primary focus is building lasting friendships and just vibing together ~

we offer:
↷ 24/7 lofi bot for a constant vibe
↷ optional discourse & nsfw channels
↷ nitro server boost
↷ chill, caring homies
↷ & more!

please join :~)
A Brand New Hangout Server Just Came Out, ESTRAVIGAZO! What an amazing community this is! In This community you will be able to make friends, play games, stream with others, and have fun! Come In To Boost Your Subscriber, Or Follower Amount, By Posting Ad's you will sure be able to get people to join you! So what are you waiting for? just like come in bro..
════════════════════════╗ 🏆 SINCE 2011 🏆
『📌』Os Deuses antigos te invocam! O chamado do ⚡Ragnarok⚡ chegou!
Participe de nosso grupo Multiplataforma de jogos, RPG, FPS, MMO, MOBA...
*Call of Duty
*Path of Exile
*League of legends

Welcome to Hogwarts! Have you always loved Harry Potter, and always wanted your own Hogwarts experience? Excited for Harry Potter roleplay with original characters and exciting storylines? Well, forget that last bit, cuz we are NOT A ROLEPLAY SERVER. What we are is a friendly, welcoming community for all Harry Potter fans, from the casual to the hardcore. Whether you've seen one movie or seen them all (twice, and read all the books, too), we welcome you!
Hellbent Art Tips Discord Server is the official Discord of @hellbent.arttips on Instagram, an account dedicated to sharing tips and drawing references for artists to use.

✦ Tons of channels to share your artwork and receive critique!
✦ A supportive, fun-loving community.
✦ Channels dedicated to special interests including LGBT, anime, video games, and more!
✦ Friendly, active staff.

Come on over and hang out with us, artists and art lovers alike!
*** READ FIRST ***

The 1 star reviews are from the same person who has opened up another graphic designer server and is trying to gain rep by harassing this one, many reviews have been removed by Disboard but they can't seem to keep up, please disregard them as they will keep undoubtably keep coming. ***

As the originally largest graphic design server on Discord and the only server that produce high paying contests regularly and monetary giveaways, we assist our continuously growing community with design feedback, Q&As, design support, and an active marketplace for people seeking projects to people hiring.

We also have a large community of 3D artists, illustrators, video editors, UX specialists, photographers, and programmers.

Any and all creatives from all disciplines are welcome should they need some professional and instant feedback on their work, talk to like-minded creatives, share your techniques, mentor others, find mentors for yourself, get some gigs/job/client or just show off your beautiful work!

Come and say hi, maybe win a $100 bucks in our giveaways :)
The official Noobmasternate discord!
a place to meet fellow viewers or simply to hang out with new people and even talk to Nate himself!

- Stream related content (clips, emotes, suggestions)
- Game related stuff (Star Wars Battlefront II, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft)
- Supporter-only chats
- Gaming and Community VCs

Just a nice, genuine place to meet people, meme around and talk about the streams or pretty much anything you want.
Hello and welcome to Fluff Stuff! We're a fluffy family that sticks together no matter what comes. We strive to grow our family. We're fun and we laugh with each other day in and out! We are a furry friendly server and respect each other no matter who you are, where you come from and etc. Furry or not you are free to join the server as long as everyone respects each other and the server rules.
The following is what our server offers:

- An active and friendly staff team that always has an ear for you, if you have a problem feel free to tell us! We're here to help you out.

- A verification system to keep that keeps unwanted users/accounts out.

- An international channel where you can speak in any language you please!

- A meme/shitpost channel where you meme gods can share your favorite memes with the others.

- Artists channels where you can post your adoptables, or post your own art. Meet many talented artists along the way that you can commission, exchange your advices or experiences with!

- Dedicated channels for content creators along with their promo area.

- Raffles and hosted events.

- And plenty more!
What are you waiting for? Come in and be part of our family!
Hi friends! Welcome to the Toronto server, a server based around the city of Toronto, located in Canada, Ontario.
Serwer dla smutnych ludzi, którzy chcą luźno porozmawiać z innymi, rozluźnić się, wyżalić i zapomnieć o wszystkim innym. Nikt nie zostanie odrzucony i każdy znajdzie tu dla siebie miejsce!
➛ Miła atmosfera
➛ Przyjazne community
➛ Darmowe role
➛ Boty
➛ Wiele różnorodnych kanałów
➛ Luźne rozmowy
➛ Wsparcie
➛ Zero toksyczności
➛ Ciągły rozwój (zaproponuj zmiany)
➛ Giveaway'e na kolor
je viens de créer ce serveur aujourd’hui clairement vous pouvez tous faire sur ce serveur discuter faire de la pub écouter de la musique bref tout ce que vous voulez vous avez même un système de level sur le serveur c'est fou ça
Alors n'hésitez pas à venir :)
Welcome to our server, Whack! We are a small community looking for members to join and socialize with our wonderful server!

We're always looking for new Staff Members, Partner Managers and we're available for various types of partnerships!

What we offer:
✪ Many different self-assignable roles including many and many different unique color roles.
✪ We also give out special roles, custom or not - Just ask!
✪ Lacks rules and has a really simple guideline.
✪ Very active members & active staff.

✪ We hope to peek your interest in joining us today! All consideration is appreciated greatly.
We are a brand new furry server, just trying to start, and grow a community. We strive to make friends, have fun, ad to help each other. We would love to have you join! The server boasts of over 10 channels, 50 emojis, and very positive members!
Das ist ein textbasiertes Spiel in Discord!

🌐Ein Spiel, indem es darum geht sein Königreich aufzubauen
🌐Findet Verbündete
🌐Führt Kriege
🌐Erobert Gebiete
🌐Eine unschlagbare Armee aufzubauen!

Das Spiel wird weiterhin "Updates bekommen"
Es freut uns wenn ihr joint ^3^
Come join the Florida server! 🏖️ We are chill and accept anyone, even if you're not from Florida

We talk about video games, movies, our state, etc.

* Self - Assigned Roles 🧑👩
* Opportunity to be Staff 👮
* Voice Channels 🗣️
* Music Channels 🎶
* Leveling System 🎮
* Various Topic Chats 🗩

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

🌞 🌞
Random Stuff is a server I made to get my friends in one place to have fun. I also wanted to make some new friends and so did some of the members. Everyone is friendly if your willing to be friendly back. Talk about anything you want.
Have an interest in incest? Come here and hangout, make some friends, or just talk to people. Post photos, or enjoy what others share. This server is run by a small group of people with legitimate incest experience and are actually in incest relationships. Plenty of room for roleplayers too. 18+ ONLY no exceptions. c:

🛑🍆 Rules for this server are the following:

1. You MUST be at least 18 years of age to join. There will be NO exceptions to this rule for any reason.

2. Be respectful of others at all times. Everyone's into what they're into, and that's okay (so long as it's not scat/blood/gore).


4. Do not post NSFW outside of the NSFW sections. No exceptions whatsoever.
Welcome to the hangout! In this tiny little server, we simply talk to our friends about many subjects topic's and so forth! You are more welcome to join! Here are the full set of tags! c:
~~Support for those who are depressed, etc
~~Anime, yes we have weebs here
~~PC's and Tech
~~A market for those who sell
You got your hands on Discord Nitro, and now you want to flex! You customize your tag, upload an animated avatar and you start using emojis everywhere!

Then you realize the emojis you have are not enough and you want fresh and better ones. You seek out other servers, but you get frustrated because you get pinged a lot for the most useless ****.

That's why Nitro Emojis Network exists! We will only ping you if there's a giveaway or an important announcement. We offer quality emoji servers that are updated on a regular basis. Since the project launched back in December 2019, we've had 500+ members and counting.

What we offer:

✔️ A flagship server with 5 boosts.
✔️ 150+ neon emojis.
✔️ 10+ emoji themed servers.
✔️ Member and booster only servers.
✔️ Nitro giveaways at milestones.
💎 Quality.

Join us!