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✯Welcome to 𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙚𝙧𝙨!✯
ʚ♡ɞ Looking for someone who’s as kinky as you are? Maybe even want some quick dirty talking, this is ur place. This is strictly nsfw and for people who’d like pleasure, and like to meet people. If your intentions are anything plus don’t bother.ʚ♡ɞ

What We Offer
----------------------------------------------- ★ -----------------------------------------------

༓☾ Playground for bots
༓☾ Friendly Non-Toxic Community
༓☾ Organized channels
༓☾ Self assignable roles
༓☾ Cool staff team
༓☾ Dating opportunities
༓☾ 13-20+ Age roles

----------------------------------------------- ★ -----------------------------------------------
════════ • uwu • ═════════
...welcome to amai~!
════════ • uwu • ═════════
amai is a sleepy community
server full of friendly faces and
aesthetically pleasing channels-
════════ • uwu • ═════════
here we have -

- colourful roles

- loads of fun bots

- a levelling system

- tons of cute emojis

- reaction-roles

and so so so much more!-
════════ • uwu • ═════════
we are also searching for staff and
partnerships, please feel free to
ask about these things~!
════════ • uwu • ═════════
This is a pet project by two guys looking to create a fun discord server for people to find other people to talk to about anything, so just come by and chill to see if you like it!
We have:
> NSFW channels! (conditional)
> Extensive chat channels!
> Helpful and caring admins!
> A great bot selection to have fun with!
> An extensive government system!
> Role-play channels!
> And more!
So come stop by, and help foster our community, and make reliable friends! (Make sure to follow the bots' directions when you join!)
✴️Welcome to Terminus✴️
We are a chill group with Low Moderation and Fun bots+Channels. Everybody is accepted and nobody Is left out.
This is a New server so Join and enjoy!!!
Hi! We're a server with bots and members. Feel free to join, we also support everyone that is LGTBQ+.

We also have some channels for kpop, pop, bot spam, talking etc. 😄

We are a friendly and active furry server of more than 2000 furries of all ages from all over the world! Chat, share, and meet new furs! Focus on keeping mature, civil & active members. Various channels for SFW, NSFW, art and games. Movie nights, giveaways, raffles and more! OFFICIAL FURRILY MINECRAFT SERVER ONLINE NOW! Come join the fun!
The Greenhouse is a new server with open doors to those who wish to join our community. Meet new friends, discover new interests and enjoy your stay! We have many bots (such as Pokecord, Paisley Park and Groovy) to make your time here even better. With a growing community and active Owner and Admins, we're always developing the best community for our users. Many of our users use Pokemon Showdown, but that is not essential at all!
Retro Realms è un server innovativo incentrato su un mondo fantasy. E' diviso in due fazioni che fanno che fanno la guerra tra di loro per conquistare il territorio. Ci sono vari ruoli che permettono di ottenere varie funzioni e interazioni speciali con altri utenti. Ci sono anche fazioni, lavori ed altre finezze estetiche per gli utenti. E' presente anche una lore per i più curiosi.
I temi trattati sono i più disparati (principalmente anime e videogames), libertà completa agli utenti.
~♡S T A T I O N A R Y ♡A E S T H E T I C ♡~

Come and join The Stationery Aesthetic Inspired for the love of journaling! share with your community of fellow journalists that love everything and anything to do with journaling!

What We Have
(ó㉨ò)♡+:。.。 Self Assignable Roles :heart_decoration:
♡+:。.。Study Channels :notebook:
(人◕ω◕)♡+:。.。Monthly Newspaper :newspaper:
♡+:。.。Growing Community :grinning: :blush: :yum:
(ㆁᴗㆁ✿)♡+:。.。Friendly and Professional Staff :heart_decoration:
♡+:。.。Cute Discord Layout :heart_exclamation:
(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)♡+:。.。More then 50 channels including gaming, chat, and of course voice chats! :five: :zero:
♡+:。.。Memes :tv:
˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵*♡+:。.。Fun bots :musical_note:
♡+:。.。Giveaways (free irl giveaways of stationary supplies washi tapes, stickers, and more!!!)
ミ☆( uωu人)+゚.♡+:。.。 AND MUCH MORE!!

So come on in and join us! We're always looking to partner with people and we love to share. We welcome all who want to join our community
୨୧━━━━━━━♡ ☕ ♡━━━━━━━ ୨୧
        Welcome to Café Haven♡ ೃ‧!

what the server is about :
         ╰┈─➤  Café Haven is a Café-themed server that is kind and safe for everyone so get warm N' cozy!

|🌸| We have cute/aestheticly pleasing roles for everyone to get to know each other
 |💌| Our main goal is to have our members feel welcomed and loved in our server
|🌸| We are non toxic,drama free and welcoming of anyone and everyone who joins !
|💌| We offer multiple cute emotes for nitro and non nitro users to mess with
|🌸| server boosted!
|🍥| We hope to see you soon !♡
୨୧━━━━━━━♡ ☕ ♡━━━━━━━ ୨୧
❀▬▬▬▬▬❀ Welcome to Spo🎃ktopia! ❀▬▬▬▬▬❀

Greetings! Hoping to begin a relationship? Why come do it here!

it's everything ages from 13 up!

We have:
- Halloween Themed Channels/Roles
- A Patrol Team that catches and expose pedophiles
- Self advancing! (with permission)
- Friendly staff!
- Fun bots!
- A spot to be affectionate!
**When you join, take your time and say hello. Don't forget to rate 5 stars (^_^)
**If you need help getting with a certain person. Hit up the boys and ask for advice. JOIN NOW!!!
Welcome to Avidity - a friendly 16+ Art and hobby server! For the most part, we're focusing on chatting about things like anime, movies or tv shows, and making friends! We also have channels just to share all your art with - from music, to writings and even IRL projects like sculptures!

The server is new, so we're still growing and developing! You're all welcome to come in and join us!

We offer :
⛧ Active members!
⛧ Custom Roles! Display all your interests!
⛧ Various Art channels to clearly display your work!
⛧ Fun bots! Pokecord, if you're into that :3
⛧ LGBT Friendly Server!
⛧ Partnerships available!
An small friendly 18+ community server! A truly one of a kind server! You and your 18+ friends are welcomed unless you don't like cake.
Bienvenue sur Grand Theft Auto 6 [ GTA6 France ] !
Actualités • Rumeurs • Vidéos • Streams • Astuces • Support

Nous sommes une communauté francophone uniquement pour Grand Theft Auto
Vous retrouverez chez nous les traductions des nouveautés, de nombreuses personnes avec qui jouer, mais aussi de nombreux projets sont en cours pour vous faire profiter au mieux du jeu.

- Rejoignez-nous dès maintenant -
Hello there,

Welcome to the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕞! This community is all about games but we also cover other topics such as anime, roleplay, memes, and more! This is a :arrow1: +13 Server :arrow2: and we hope to keep this place in a positive light. Ever since ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟, our goal is to create a multi-organized community of Gamers, Anime Enthusiasts, Roleplayers, and more. We hope to grow more in the many days to come and make our server better with the input of our members. This community, again, proudly welcomes you into ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕞, the home of games, anime, tournaments, roleplay, and NSFW. These are the basic rules to follow in this little haven of ours:

- No excessive Dark, Disgusting/Insulting Pictures or otherwise NSFW content in any general chat. Not only is it just in poor taste, but we have many younger users here to think about as well. (All NSFW pics such as big PPs shall be posted in the nsfw chat in the Depths) (also if any NSFW pic is depicting someone that even closely resembles a MINOR, please report it to an admin or mod immediately)

- Do not spam links, pictures, or messages in the general chat. It's rude and annoying. However, you my spam as to your heart’s content in #spam chat

- All chats are self explanatory, please use them for their intended purpose, and not spam in an alternate chat when there are designated chats for various things. Failure to comply will result in punishment by admins and moderators.

- Be mindful and respect the opinions or beliefs of others, no political or majorly religious debates. Those are for your Thanksgiving family dinner. (If you come at me with that racist shit, Imma yolk you. Deadass)

- Respect those above your placement, they have worked hard to earn trust and placement in this server and do not deserve your insubordination

- Above all, Respect each other. We're all friends here, so don’t be a dick.

The Owner, LynxPhyr
Le discord est le serveur officiel du studio NoD studio, créateur de jeux indépendants.
Vous y découvrirez Dwarfs Fight un jeu de stratégie au tour par tour !
Si vous êtes intéressés par le jeu indépendant, curieux de découvrir de nouveaux jeux, ou si vous avez juste envie de venir discuter. Venez nous rencontrer !

【 PROJECT XXX 】 Home to gamers, weeaboos, roleplayers, artists, and normies alike, Project XXX is a server for meeting new friends of every kind. This 18+ server has a place for everyone. Earn special rewards as you take part in fun conversations and maybe just find someone special!~ We are one of the top rated porn servers so we have ALL your interests covered.~ ・:*+.(( °ω° ))/.:+

active chat - anime - chill community - emotes - memes - fun - gaming - nudes - giveaways - porn - hentai - hookup - dating - music - roleplay rp - social - friendly - other .

We have it all. Literally a one-stop-spot for your discord experience 🖤
Heya! Der Server wurde ÜBERARBEITET!!!
Die Anzahl der Kanäle wurde angepasst :)))
🌺Es gibt Rollen zum ANKLICKEN!!!

Schaut vorbei sonst müsst Ihr ohne Umarmungen einschlafen...
Das wäre schade... :(
A server all about having fun with fun people.
Features include:
-Different channels (General, memes, gaming, etc.)
-An advertising channel (For discord servers and what not)
-Custom Roles
-Fun Bots (Pokecord, Unbelieveaboat, etc.)
-And a fun community! :)
The Lucky Star server originated on Kik as a roleplaying community dedicated to bringing people together from all places and ages and wish to continue doing so on Discord seeing as Kik is coming to an end. Here in the server most, if not, all of us are friendly, caring and accepting so don't be afraid to be yourself and ask questions if needed. Hop on #💙lucky-chat💙 and talk with the other members or maybe even start a roleplay if there isn't one already in session :)
A brand-new roleplaying server made to bring together a community which likes roleplaying and writing! The server will evolve with *your* suggestions! So come, join us for a brilliant roleplaying experience which you shall have the power to weave!
The Logic Sphere is a magical object which gives power to certain people. These people are called Logicians. They use their abilities to fight monsters called Chaos Rifts. Sometimes, while giving birth, a Chaos Rift may be nearby and cause the newborn to also have powers, but of a more destructive kind. These people are called Anomalies. They look like everyone else but when they use their powers it is instantly aware that they are Anomalies. Logicians and Chaos Rifts are enemies, but what does that make Anomalies? Some try to "redeem" themselves from what they are, others take advantage of it.

The Logic Sphere itself is a mystery.. It is hidden deep underground in a temple lost in time.. will it be found? It may be you who does so..

Come forth, Logician, Anomaly or Human. May you enter this world and may you enjoy yourself!