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MAYBE | Social community.

Active Community, Self Roles, LGBTQ+ & Female Friendly, Minigames, Gaming, Selfies, and much more. Join us and make friends!
ᴘᴀss ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ, ᴡɪʟʟ ʏᴏᴜ?~

welcome to our little fridge harem.
here you'll find a various assortments of bots and roleplay partners and love and friendship and companionship and blah blaahh blahhhh~

what do we have to offer, that isn't a basic community server?

we offer the promise of a growing community, bonds to be made and cherished, and memories created forever and ever on.

come join us, and chill! <3~
。♡ 𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔀𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓻𝔂 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓭𝓸𝓶 ♡。

This kingdom is a SFW CG/L lifestyle community for those of ages 16 to 25!

♡With tons of channels to explore, become one of our loyal berry residents and make new friends in an environment which desires to be a safe place for all members!♡

♡We Offer♡
˜”+°•.*A Welcoming Community*
˜”+°•.*Cute Emotes*
˜”+°•.*Kind and Helpful Staff*
˜”+°•.*Fun Opt-in Channels*
˜”+°•.*Bots to Play With*
˜”+°•.*Custom Roles for Nitro Boosters*
˜”+°•.*150+ Assignable Roles*
˜”+°•.*VIP Membership*
˜”+°•.*AND MORE*

♡ We would love to have you and see what you can bring to our growing kingdom, so come on in and enter our royal gates!! ♡
Active and link is working again.

Mythology, AnarchoIndividualism, Anarchoprimitivism, Conspiracy, Health, Free-Speech. Not another left-leaning 'anarcho-communist' server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
A disturbance in the space time continuum has caused the worlds of Earth Prime and Earth 616 to fold in on each other, as well as infinite other earths. A temporal anomaly brings forth many new young powered individuals that causes the heroes of the many worlds to create a safe haven for the young men and women. The Multiversal Academy of New Earth was formed to help the new children learn how to use their powers. But with the heroes arrival comes the upbringing of threats from both worlds... enter another dimension and learn to use your powers for good, teach these children, or use those gifts for something sinister at The Multiverse Academy!
🙂 Przyjazna atmosfera

📈 Ekonomia

📠 Ładny wygląd kanałów i kategorii

🤝 Współprace od 15 osób

👮 Miła administracja
Hey now! we are a loose nit group of tight wads, duality of man n'such. We are usually friendly, but like to shitpost sometimes, things might change. We have a "liberal" use of slurs, and KYS kinda humor.
If you want to have fair weather friends, come on in!
J-join my server pls senpai UwU
Yo ! Je serais heureux de vous avoir sur mon serveur ! C'est un serveur à l'aise ma men, avec des gens cool, ça fume, ça bois, ça discute tranquille tu vois le genre ? On joue aussi à de jeux. Nous sommes un serveur décontracté, alors rejoignez nous si vous le souhaitez !
☽ Welcome to Witches Café! ☾

♆ What Is This Server? ☼

♆ This Server Is a friendly server where you can meet new friends from across the world! ☼

♆ What We Have To Offer? ☼

♆ SFW & NSFW Channels ☼

♆ General Chat Channels ☼

♆ Verified Male & Female Roles ☼

♆ NSFW Posting Areas & Much Much More!! ☼

♆ Come Stop By And Say Hello! ☼
•✨•Welcome To Little's Playplace•✨•
This is a community for those who are actively in the ddlg/cgl community and also to teach others about what its about. We have many channels with info on different fetishes/kinks and love to help others learn as much as we do about everything. when joining you will find a staff that is friendly and welcoming. Wondering what else we have to offer you in our small but growing server? heres a list of reasons this server might be perfect for you.

💙Lgbtq Friendly
💙Anti Kink Shaming
💙 Nsfw Channels with Age Verification
💙 Drama Free
💙 Looking Profiles
💙 18+ Members
💙 Many different Self Role Choices
💙 Event Nights Including Story time, Cards Against Humanity & Singles Speed Date.

Come check us out we cant wait to meet you!
De beste en actiefste server vol strijders, kechies, vmbo-leerlingen en MBO2 ''studenten'' van nederland en belgie a mattie, als je strijder wilt worden moet je joinen. 770+ LEDEN!
Welcome to Republic RP all types of characters are allowed (jedi, sith, droid, bounty Hunter, grey jedi). We hope to see you take part.
What's up👋! My name is Ghost Shaggy 👻,I know you may see adverts all the time, or maybe on rare occasions 🤷. But I'm here to ask you to join my server.

I'm trying my hardest to get members genuinely, and would greatly appreciate if you joined and us in my community server👌.
We have
⚡-games 🎲
⚡-great people 👨
⚡-memes 🌀
⚡-Active members
And all we need is you. We're currently growing and would love to have you 💕!
Viens rejoindre un serveur assez petit et familial !

On cherche pas à devenir un gros serveur donc si tu veux un endroit posé pour faire des rencontres et faire passer tes moments d'ennui alors c'est le serveur parfait
Hey psst, do you want to go somewhere to have fun in complete discretion? Do you like to eat or be eaten? Do you like to have your belly full or to fill a belly? Do you like to have someone in your womb or to be in one? Then I have the perfect place for you, a Thicc Lounge, hidden to everyone's eyes but mine, and if you wish to come, it won't be invisible to you too, in here you can have as much fun as you want as long as you respect others. So what are you waiting for? We just need one thing, and this thing is you. :yum:
Hey! You came across a 10 people server. How lucky.
The name speaks for itself, only 10 people are in this server at a time.
I've done these before and they usually end up with some super close friends, so feel free to join in and make some!
🎁 Nitro Çekilişleri,Ve Daha Fazlası,
🏆 Varsa Bizden İyisi Oda Bizden Birisi KillerArmy
Discord server to meet cool new people online! Trying our best to keep it toxic-free, and enjoyable for all.
meet some egirls, have some fun, active vcs, talent shows etc. drop in and get laid.
Hi, My name is Attente and i am the creator of Thrift/Dollar Store. The server is full of fun and cool people to talk to. Along with a vast array of different things to do.
A Steven Universe-themed RP group based around a group of Gems trying to find a place to live outside the Diamonds' rule.
Welcome to Freedom of Inquiry, a server which defends the freedom to inquire. We feature discussion, debate, and banter.


1. Exclusive channels, including a livestream
2. Access to member archives
3. Ability to change name color
4. Access to the Content Exchange and Server Exchange
5. Full leadership transparency


The sciences, current events, social issues, philosophy, theology, flat earth, secret space program, aliens, simulation theory, 9/11, Antarctica, mind control, free energy, electric universe, Big Foot, UFOs, Vatican, Satanic cabal, Hollyweird, predictive programming, symbolism, chemtrails, vaccines, psychology and much, much, more.