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Hello! This is a My Hero Academia Roleplay! Here, you can;
-Submit your OC
-Spread dem memes
-Roleplay with others
-Make friends
And more! Join if you would like to participate!
💜💙This server gives you many opportunities to be apart of something great. We have NSFW channels for all and SFW for people who like it clean~💙💜
Crazy gamedev family place!
Its legit!
Come on, come in!
Like Boyfriend to Death?
Well join this server and roleplay it!
We're canon and OC friendly!
Everyone is welcome... if you can handle blood and guts!

💖We're very new, so be aware it'll be in construction for a while!💖
Welcome to Blue Sky School! Make friends, attend classes. Or become a teacher, teach pupils and more! Come join and chat for more!
Welcome to the Slave Market! OwO. Get your slave and you can do whatever you want with them! But first we need more people for the erp, because we have just began the server and they may be a few problems! Don't be afraid to show your kink!
Just some sleepy otakus乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

♡ Anime, Art & Memes
♡ 100 Adorable Emotes
♡ Bi-weekly Competitions
♡ Regularly Scheduled Events
♡ & Much More

Ditch the body pillow, come nap with us!
Är du svensk?
Gillar du anime och manga?
Är du svårt deprimerad?
Då är detta servern för dig!
Join a anime gaming theme cafe server for those looking to relax and talk with those who you have in common with. Come and be yourself, Everyone welcomed!
Hey! This is a nice server with nice people and no extremely strict moderators.

We give you amazing ramen roles!
We give you crazy people!
We give you calmness...~yo
Please join our server and help us grow big :3
Welcome to Teen Chat! This server is for meeting new people, talking to friends, finding and/or being with lovers, escaping depression, being yourself, and having Fun! Now doing giveaways!!
Just a friendly server to hangout and meet new's still a growing community. Talks are about Anime, Games, Music, Photography and Life...

We Offer you:

➽Non Toxic Community
➽Self Assignable Roles
➽Fun bots and games
➽Helpful Staff
➽Music Channel
➽We have art channel and we're giving events
➽Same Goes to Photography

We offer Partnership ( Just dm the owner or the mods)
Hello Everyone! Looking for yet another place to spend your time on discord? Love DDLC? Well I've got a place for you!

Drumroll please

This server has something for everyone, Poem sharing, Art making, Music composing, and much more!

We hope you enjoy your stay
"To be honest, we'd be pissed if you just came for the cupcakes"

Hello! This is a fan based server on Tokyo Ghoul, the anime, we have some rp channels and a few bots like: pokecord, IdleRPG, etc.

We have roles for you to freely choose! Just ask Alex (『Crazy~Alex』#4532) or Zeek (~Crazy-Zeek~#9620), but these are for the tokyo ghoul roles! There is also custom ones for you to choose!

In this server, you can meet friends, chat and all sorts! It's up to you and the people around you!

Welcome to a brand new BNHA roleplay server! Roleplay as one of your OCs or a canon character in the top hero academy, U.A High School! Will you be a new upstart hero, a stern teacher or a ruthless villain?

This server offers:
• The ability to roleplay canon characters.
• The ability to roleplay pro-heroes, teachers and villains.
• The ability to roleplay as your very own OC
• A simple OC template.
• Semi-literate or literate roleplay.
• Friendly staff.
• Reaction bot to give yourself roles!
• Personalised role colours!
• A total of a 4 Character limit.
• The whole of U.A, a city and other places you can roleplay in!

We're a group of literate roleplayers in terms of grammar and vocabulary who want to have a good time roleplaying!
We can also aid you so that you're able to RP in standard English.
Join us and have fun enrolling into U.A High!
This server is a Japanese/Anime themed server! We talk about a lot of things here like anime, gaming, etc. (The topic isn't just anime 24/7.) We would like to have you here and help us make this a home for everyone! So, maybe join and invite your friends? ~
This is a server to make art easier to commission for those who don't have much money even as low as $1! This is also a place to get art advice, show your work to others, get along, make friends, and get life advice as well. This server is always up to taking suggestions on how to make it better for you. (THIS SERVER WILL NOT BE TAKING OTHER SELLERS TO POST HERE, I WILL BE THE ONLY ONE THIS IS JUST FOR THOSE BUYING, LEARNING, OR HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS) (Children under 18 will also be banned from the nsfw art chatroom)
Hi! Welcome to BunBun!!♡
◦This is a server with full of cute bunny emojis, we have over 80 emojis of cute bunnies!♡♡
◦You must have nitro in order to use these emojis outside the server!
This is a fun server for everyone to enjoy, we want everyone to make friends chat and do whatever. We have many things to offer but if we don't have it then we will work to add it. So please join our amazing server
Zapraszamy na Bułkilandię, serwer okołoanimcowy, choć piszemy o wszystkim i o niczym. Mamy ogarniętą społeczność, otwartą na nowych członków. W przeciwieństwie do większości innych tego typu serwerów u nas możesz podyskutować o chińskich bajkach w szerszej perspektywie (sezon i nie tylko) choć dyskutujemy też o sprawach natury wszelakiej.
We are a server dedicated to anime and all anime related things. Over here we have all sorts of discussions regarding various anime, different characters, animation and so on. If you make art or write creative stuff then you are welcomed to join and share it with others. We also have gaming related discussion.
This Server Is Based On My YT Channel!
~Self Roles
~Self Promo
~Updates On My YT