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I dump hentai here. Do not fucking join if you are 1.gonna leave instantly 2. a normie or 3. a furry
A very friendly community/anime/gaming server and other fun channels | Mature 18+ Community. || ♡LVL 3 Boosted & GOOD EMOTES!♡
BNVA: 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒪𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝒮𝒾𝒹𝑒
(Of the coin)
Welcome to Akutō Academy where we boast the best learning environment for aspiring young villains!

We're a Boku no Villain Academia server here to roleplay an academy made for villains.

As a new server we're looking for dedicated roleplayers of all backgrounds! Roleplay in your own style and match to your partner the best you can, that's all that's asked.
What do we offer in this server?

- Optional Tupperbox bot usage
- A small, welcoming, active, and dedicated staff team
- An OC-Only environment (So don't worry about having similar quirks to canon characters)
- Plenty of different channels to rp in
- Teacher spots to be filled by active and dedicated members of our community
- Short and sweet character applications
- A suggestions channel so you can help make our server better!
- A fresh and friendly environment to plop yourself into!

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and check us out to see if this is a good fit for you!

We'll be waiting~

Recordati Sumus
- The Akutō Academy Staff Team
As the name suggests we are a small, mostly anime focused hideout for everyday chats ^^
If you want a small and relaxed discord server with nice people to talk with, our server might be just what you need!
We also have a custom Bot which is currently still beeing worked on so we can include your ideas!
So feel free to join us :3

It’s your time to shine make your custom oc and take down any opponents you face. Jump in on this new action-packed server with interesting topics, quests, missions, and more. Give us a chance show us watcha got we’ll be waiting for you.

- Quests
- Lot’s of still open roles
- Great fighting system
-Great PL and Transformation System
- Chill Admins.
Hey you there! Senpai!
Our sad, slowly growing chat is looking for new members to join! We offer many different chats and voice channels so you'll fit in just right. Your waifu/husbando is waiting :')
Hope Squad, birkaç genç tarafından yönetilen; boş yapmayı seven kişilerin bulunduğu bir sunucudur.

Sizleri de aramızda; animeler, mangalar, oyunlar, diziler vb. hakkında boş yaparken görmekten mutluluk duyarız.
We are a fun Naruto server that holds giveaways whenever we reach a member milestone or a point in the story.We have nice staff, You can talk to us about problems.
Hey, with have a huge community about the Captain Tsubasa Zero : Miracle shot

- Help & Tutorial
- Tier list
- Leaks about the new content incoming
- Streaming

And more

We are waiting of us !!
Hello everyone. This is a Pokemon ERP server where you can play as a Pokemon, human, Fursona, or anything else you can think of. We're a friendly bunch, and we're all working hard to rebuild our community after the old server was deleted unexpectedly. So please give us and our server a chance, and we'll do our best to make you feel welcome in return.
A fun non-snipe waifus spam server for all your waifubot needs. You can claim, trade, spam, battle and much more. There are also many other bots that you can play around with too. Enjpy your time with us!
✩ What is Neko AC?
⠀⠀⠀╰―> Neko AC is a Neko & Amine Community.
⠀⠀⠀╰―> Here you can Share and Talk about Nekos. 𝘯𝘺𝘢~
⠀⠀⠀╰―> We are a friendly and active Community.

✩ What do we have?
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Nekos & Anime stuff
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Self Roles
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Giveaways , Polls and Mini-Events
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Friendly and non-Toxic Chat
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Leveling, Catch System and Currency
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Self Promotion [Server, YT-Channels]
> ⌅ 🌺⠀100 Emotes
> ⌅ 🌺⠀Over 20 Bots!

→⠀ᒍOIᑎ ᑎOᗯ ᗩᑎᗪ GET ᗩ ᑎIᑕE ᗯEᒪᑕOᗰE ᕼᑌG
The year is 2362. The advent of naturally occurring superpowers, eventually named quirks, is now three and a half centuries behind society. In these years, individuals made use of these powers for both selfish and selfless means. Laws were implemented to accommodate the use of quirks, and the profession of heroes was born. In the following years, the profession moved away from its previous noble ideals to a more rigid structure of business and bureaucracy. No longer was having a license enough to perform your work. Heroes needed to be part of an agency and could only work within a certain jurisdiction. The system of agencies started with multiple, run by an assortment of heroes; only for them to merge and law be put in place making the establishment of a new agency a legal nightmare. Aside from the legal issue, the consolidation of these agencies made it nearly impossible for a smaller agency to stay afloat as the larger agencies would receive missions and bounty rewards from the government much more often. Usually, these smaller agencies either failed or their heroes were taken in by a larger one. This leads to the current state of heroism.

Come join us in this budding server! Choose between the two of NYC’s hero agencies or become a villain causing chaos on your own or in your own organization!

The Server makes use of rankings and bounties for the heroes and villains respectively.

For the powers that superheroes and villains ultimately rely on our server makes use of the power system from the series MHA. Though despite this it is not necessary to have watched the series to be able to RP effectively in the server.

With it being based on the show we make use of a bot to randomly generate a quirk from the show for you to potentially make use of for your OC (with some banned due to balance).

With that, we hope you will join this community and begin in the world of heroes and villains we hope to make.
Hop in and have fun in a server with a bunch of degenerate warplanes and ships. This is a roleplay server originating from the Azur Lane community and has adopted a fanbase around aircraft for some reason that I am not going to explain. Join us and help us destroy the evil Sandy cult!
join here we have everything you need

we also have alot of bots even 2 custom programed named
miri and miri 2
We're a group of friends who decided to start our own RP server after seeing the other ones we were apart of fail. We are striving to get a strong plot going that doesn't force everyone to RP and allows them to do other scenarios at the same time.
We are a brand new 18+ BNHA Omegaverse server!

If you are looking for a well established A/B/O Roleplay you've come to the right place. This roleplay not only focuses on the sexual aspects we all know so well, but actually dives deeper into the true root of omegaverse and explores pack dynamics as well as statuses and roles!

>Experienced Administration Team
>Brand new server
>Canon and Original Characters allowed
This is a roleplay server that caters to your basic roleplaying needs. It specializes in anime based roleplay but we are willing to branch out. We take suggestions in our suggestions room. Here is a list of things in our server:
-My Hero Academia roleplay
-Danganronpa roleplay
-Naruto roleplay
-Assassination Classroom
-Hazbin Hotel
-Anne Happy
We plan to add more in the future. We are officially kicking off the roleplay soon in some of them so be sure to join fast so you wont be behind.

Staff consists of an owner, co-owner, and admins. Soon the admins will be broken up into divisions of the server that they control. Our staff will never be mean to you. If you hand us evidence that somebody has broken a rule we will put them on a possible kick. Multiple offenses will result in a ban
Welcome to UA High! Where you can become the worlds next greatest hero! Without even having to watch or read BNHA (we encourage you too though.)
Share a dorm with another member!
We are a slowly growing community, we are (of course) a judgement free zone. We have channels for order hobbies you may have such as, cosplay, art, music, and more!
Suggest more channels and ideas in our suggestions chat! If you ask politely and have a good reason for it, we may even create a few buildings for your oc!
We encourage your creativity when it comes to creating a character!
We are currently waiting for 100 members so we can hold the Sports Festival!
We are also a server promoting server. (basically you can promote your own server)
╔═════════ ∘◦ ୨୧ ◦∘ ══════════╗

[[ •.¸♡ daydream ♡¸.• ]]

daydream is a new, dreamcore themed server
hoping to create a fun, cute and wholesome
community! with many features to offer
listed below, come join our sleepy family!

╚═════════ ∘◦ ୨୧ ◦∘ ══════════╝

⊱ ───────── {.⋅ ୨୧ ⋅.} ───────── ⊰

✯ We Feature:

✯ a safe space for all to make friends and hang out!

✯ activites like unpopular opinions and qotd!

✯ lots of super cute emotes and self roles!

✯ a cutesy and cozy dreamcore theme

✯ a levelling system with rewards!

✯ special exclusive channels for all kinds of people!

✯ support chats and people willing to give advice!

✯ lovely and chill staff eager for suggestions from members!

✯ and so much more!

⊱ ───────── {.⋅ ୨୧ ⋅.} ───────── ⊰
We're just a 3 year old small server that chats about all sorts of things such as everyday topics, games, anime, artwork, and so on. Gacha games such as Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, and Azur Lane are pretty popular here so if you like those, you'll fit right on in!

We have gaming events typically every weekend with tabletop simulator being a favorite.

We also make group images, which are essentially just a bunch of images slapped together on a background, so if you're interested in that feel free to check all of them out on the server!

So feel free to drop on by and take a look!
>>>>Hello and Welcome to our freedom server. We're small (but we can't grow up when members keep joining and leaveing) you can RolePlay in anytime you wan't ,server features are AWSOME!! and many Discover it ;) Feel Free to join and Invite your friends. =>Have Fun.<= <<<<