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Bienvenue sur Le Bateau Pirate !

Nous sommes une communauté sympathique composée de fans d'animes et mangas ! Nous avons des salons pour à peu près tout et de multiples bots amusants ! Accueil chaleureux !
We are a people who like anime, and jojos bizarre adventure. Maybe wait till more people join but stay in please. Mhm bye
Bienvenue chez Kingdom Hearts France.

Vous voulez un serveur cool, sans prise de tête, pour discuter tranquillement de tout ? Ce serveur est fait pour vous.

Nous sommes orientés plutôt vers les animes et les mangas, mais nous avons aussi des salons pour partager des vidéos, des images et des musiques, et parler de films, séries et jeux-vidéos.

Le thème général du serveur est Kingdom Hearts.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer si vous nous rejoignez !
♡~♡ Hai Everyone ! Welcome to my little Dungeon. I'm your favorite Slutty Queen ~♡~♡

We are a modest server of only 400, growing up everyday, but we hope to see you soon !

~♡ Funny and Mature members (18+)
~♡ Share about Animes as the Weeb' you are
~♡ Mantaro as a way to express yourself ( Bite, Slap, Kiss, etc)
~♡ Rank up to become the Hentai Prince or Princess ♡
~♡ Always more than 50 people connected at the same time
~♡ 25 Hentai Channels ( Ahegao, Feet, Furry, Cumshots, Creampie.. AND MOAR )
~♡ Events such a watching anime coming soon
~♡ Improve the Channel with your suggestions !

Extra : ~♡ Listen to your Queen moaning the Dumbest shits ever in Vocals, hihi
Hello! Yes, You looking at this!
Welcome to 百合
We are a Anime/ Manga Server! However, besides talking about anime stuff we are also friendly people who you can openly talk to ^^ We are also a LGBTQ+ Friendly server as you may or may not know, 百合 means Lily or Yuri in Japanese terms! If you love talking come and join :) Even if you're not its fine too! (I've been in your shoes before xD) You won't regret it ;)

We hope you're willing to join us and be part of us!
Hope to see ya there <3
Welcome to Anime Heaven! ★
We’re a community that likes to discuss anime and all kinds of weeb things! If you’re looking for a place to talk, chill out, and have fun, this is the place for you!
We have:
Anime Music Quizzes
Mudae Bot - Collect your waifus!
Events that involve you as the community
Meme channel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lewd channel ;)
And so much more~!
We look foward to seeing you around ^^
In a world where 3000 years have passed since Meliodas dispelled the curse placed on himself and Elizabeth by the demon king and the Supreme Deity, Ban has given up his immortality and dies happily with elaine, King and The Other Sins are able to die happily aswell Merlin being the only trace of the sins has gone awry and dissapered leaving the Nanatsu No Taizai Behind Her. Then the goddess clan engaged another war against the demon clan and they have enticed the other races as well. The seven deadly sins, Ten commandments and the Four Graces must clash once again.
We also provide rp channels that are nostalgic to the orginal series in it's own right
We will do our best to have fun interactive events for the cast
We also will try to make some custom roles, species and channels!
We also have custom groups if you don't want to be grouped with the sins graces and commandments and would like your own groups
this is a rwby discord where you can discuss theories, talk about your favorite ships and just make new friends! we have great staff, and we're always improving our server! there are:
-shipping channels
-theory channels
-discussion channels
-very cool members B)
-cool events hosted every once and a while
-an active community and responsible staff
-other things not related to rwby, like mudae bot and mee6
so join us! become a neotic stan today. <3 uwu
Hey! Are you a fan of fairy tail like us? And do you like rp or just talking with friends? Why don’t you just go ahead and join! You’ll fit right in
A RP Server based on the Manga/ Anime: Yakusoku No Neverland or The Promised Neverland. Create you character and live an amazing story with other orphans in the mysterious Grace Field House.
🌹Epic poke 🌹
💥 yee haw 💥, A Friendly community , active
Server. OoOo

🎤 Fun Voice Channels
💬 Active Chat
🎁 Events and Giveaways

⏫Level roles as you talk
🌀Self Assignable roles
📜Open partnerships

💝Helpful community and Staff
🎧 Music Channels,
Cool Emotes
Pokecord and Pokeverse channels!

This is a roleplay (duh) but instead of getting eaten by demons you get to play as your favorite character such as emma, norman, ray , phil etc. They all go to this very prestigious school named Grace Field Academy for the smartest orphans.

Join us and rp with us! Don't forget to invite your friends as well ;)

You are an orphan in Grace Field. You are sorrounded with loving siblings and a caring mama. You live everyday with them.

But you don’t know who your biological parents are.

You always ask you’re other siblings to write them letters after they get adopted, but you never receive letters.

But despite that you live a happy and satisfying life with your siblings before you go to your foster family. Right...?

||Were looking for active roleplayers!! Join us if your interested to rp! We also have an alternative rp server for canon characters!||
People are nice here!
You can talk about:
->Anime<- ->Games<-
->Thoughts or Feelings<-
Just random ass folks joking around and talking about random shit. Come chill with us some time. 👀
╭══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╮
Anime Sicks
╰══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╯

this is a small community made for talking about your tastes shade art, etc
Here you can find:
-respectful and friendly members
-Color roles
-art sharing and discussion
-Music bots
-And much more to come
In the world of Napra, there are 4 kingdoms, these kingdoms used to be constantly at war. This was extremely troublesome due to the fact the all known living creatures had magic. Even small battles would leave large scars on the land that still exist to this day.

After many years of war people began to grow weary and eventually the wars died down as demons secured the throne. This leads the land into an age of peace. Sadly, peace could only last so long, there were those who were unsatisfied with their ruling. This lead to many more years of war and the dragons eventually coming into power, during this era demons were hunted to near extinction and most of the citizens became poor and unable to afford basic necessities. As this continued people rallied together and with the help of the remaining demons they defeated the dragons once and for all and put the demons back in power.

With the kingdoms no longer at war people were able to focus on honing their trade and making impressive technological advancement. After only a couple hundred years they developed civilizations far more advanced than anyone could imagine. They invented interplanetary travel and colonized multiple other planets. At this point traveling from one planet to another was as simple as driving to work in the morning.
Hello! Feel free to join my friendly pokemon themed server!
Welcome to Jojo's Bizzare Server!

We are a new server dedicated to talk about each Jojo parts and also talk all off topic stuffs too.

- This Server Includes -
~Jojo Polls
~Bot commands
~Each Channel Dedicated to each parts
~Friendly Admins and Mods
~Accepts any kind of humor and conversation (expect those breaking the rules)
~Willing to listen for suggestions.

We Hope to see you here fellow Jojos!
☕ Cafe Le Bliss ☕

- We are merely a community to strive and create diversity, whether it be talking, sharing interests, hobbies or professionals. We want to make you feel as home as possible. All topics range from Anime, Gaming, NSFW and all other sorts of stuff people might appreciate. Lay back, chill and even find your second family, so please enjoy your stay and simply follow the few and fair discord rules so everyone could enjoy the server equally!

More in depth:
- Active and fair staff
- Friendly community and extremely diverse. (America, Europe, Asia etc)
- Variety of channels and topics (even a games section)
- Get notified about free stuff and server giveaways
- Self-Assignable, seasonal and purchasable roles (via in-server coffee system not irl money)
- Optional: Should you feel generous, donating to our paypal grants you irresistible perks! (one time or monthly)
- NSFW content in dedicated channels

We are currently at 2.3k+ members and growing!
Herzlich Willkommen auf dem Server der Anime Corporation!
Wir sind eine entspannte Community die gerne zusammen Animes sieht oder gemeinsam zockt.
Also wenn Ihr jemanden zum quatschen oder Gamen sucht seid ihr bei uns genau richtig.
Am besten ihr schaut vorbei und überzeugt euch einfach selber darum.
Our goal is to help others and be there for people that are in need of Pokemon or a group of people in wild pursuit of pokes. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and catch pokes.

Our Server is Different than any other Pokémon server on discord
What Our Server Offers:

⦿ Custom Server Bots! 👾
⦿ Pokécord and bunch of other Gaming Bots! 🤖
⦿ 20 Gyms and Elite 4 🥊
⦿ Active and Friendly Members! 🥂
⦿ Rapid Giveaways and Fun Events! 🎉
⦿ Leveling System! 🥇
⦿ Custom Community Emojis! 💎
⦿ Custom Rainbow Roles with Custom Font! 🎭
⦿ A Simplified but Unique Ranking Structure with Promotions! 😮
⦿ Fun lotteries that you don’t want to miss 🎫

❏ Server Creator: @ᐯ 乇 ㄒ 尺 ㄖ 乂#1236
❏ Server Owner: @BONAFIDE BOSS#0008
❏ Location: Worldwide 🌎
❏ Channels: 129 Text, 5 Voice, 16 Categories
❏ Verification Level: Medium

Server Member Count
👪Total: 1100+
🤖 Bots: 50

🔗 Invite Link:
🎴 Banners: |

Willkommen auf Midnight Café~

Wir sind ein kleiner Server der nach neuen Members sucht
Der Server ist noch recht frisch , also noch nicht ganz Perfekt. ^^

Wir sind eine nette kleine Gemeindschaft die wir gerne erweitern wollen.

Bei uns gibt es:
» Aktive Mitglieder
» Vorstellungs- und Selfie Channel
» Eine Menge Sprach Kanäle
» Mee6 Levelsystem
» Musikbots
» Schwarzes Humor
» Vieles

Verbesserungen sind immer gerne gesehen und es würde uns freuen, den Server mit deiner Hilfe zu verschönern.
Vielleicht sieht man sich ja bald schon.

Wir freuen uns auf dich ~

- R v l
- Loli