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✭ Heyy! Please join dis cursed mess i have created <3 (UNDER 25 ONLY)
✭ It’s just a chill pit in the darkness of hell that we call a server :3
✭ We do cursed fanfic reading sessions which is always fun
✭ Eee i will be your friend :3
✭ We got art, cosplay, roleplay, one word story, mudae, pizza and more >:3
✭ Have a good day <3
The Debate Sanctuary is a great server with lots of things to do. From debating anime such as Naruto to just relaxing and chilling with others.

We regularly host tournaments such as games like Brawhalla to debate tourneys, often with prizes on offer and these include both new and experienced debaters. From Shounen to Slice of Life, there's regular anime and manga talk from various types of genre.

And if you're not into all that, you'll always find someone in VC just to relax and chat to.
~Girls und Panzer Polska~
Więc co możesz znaleść na tym serwerze?
- Część poświęconą Roleplay!
- Kanały o dyskusji!
- Nowy system bitwew międzyszkolnych!
- Miłą administrację!
- Możliwość rozmowy z rekonstruktorami!
- Kanały poświęcone WT, WoT, WoWs, WoTB, na których zawsze znajdziecie graczy chętnych do gry!

Na serwerze występuję też eventy, gdzie uczestnicy mogą rywalizować ze sobą w takich jak:
- Hide and Seek
- Bitwy Historyczne
- Bitwy Treningowe
- Bitwy GuP
Welcome to Rize of Phoenix, an RP server that takes place in an original setting where the athleticism, drama, and the combat and sport behind professional wrestling is real and legitimate, unlike real life.

In this setting, professional wrestling is a real combat sport, albeit still a very over-the-top one, and there are many different promotions vying for the attention of the public. One such promotion is, of a sort, brand new, the remnants of a previous company that went bankrupt, seeking their second lot in life as a promoter. This group will seek to rise from the ashes, with talent it payed for the training of itself, under a new name: PHOENIX.


We are a brand new RP server trying to get our numbers up! What we have an original world lore constructed for this setting, and we have ten (10) races to make OCs out of; all humanoid, including both humans and non-humans. We are looking for literate roleplayers who can be courteous and can easily work with each other, and are looking to just have fun RPing out competitions of physical strength, endurance, technique, and agility!

If this seems like an RP server you want to be a part of, swing on by and take a quick peek! And most importantly, have fun!
Just a bunch of weebs in a room sharing good animes, Mangas, and hentai together. The nsfw channel that will be for whoever dares to go inside.

(Please be 13 or older )
we also have movie nights every wed picked by our fellow sever people

Though this sever is small but growing hopefully find new people to join and make new friends or more..

Really nice staff and active members of the sever. Also open for suggestions to make the sever better!

Have some fun with other people that share the same interest as you, very friendly staff and people though beware don’t disrespect the anime gods :3
AnimeHQ ist ein Discord Server für:
- Anime Liebhaber/innen,
- Cosplayer/innen
- Zeichner/innen
- Gamer/innen
- Streamer und YouTuber/innen
- generell Menschen, welche einfach gerne Neue Leute kennen lernen und Spaß haben möchten.
Are you a fan of KonoSuba? We welcome you to the KonoSuba Club! Here, everything is about Konosuba!
The year is 847, in a world where Marley has still not deployed the Warriors to attack Paradis Island, meaning that the walls have not been broken down by the Armoured and Colossal Titans. The people of Paradis are unaware of the existence of the Titans, and it is unknown as to which Titans Marley has control of.
The three regiments you could join are: The Survey Corps, The Stationary Guard and the Military Police Brigade.
- We have a mature, helpful and approachable admin team to oversee the server.
- OCs are open to everybody!
- Canon bloodlines like Reiss, Jeager or the Asian clan are available! Ackerman OCs are also available under specific conditions.
- Semi-Literate Roleplay, with room for character development. This is a comfortable environment to try out new RP styles.
- Channels are categorized, with ample locations for effective RP.
- Titan shifters, as well as an activity-based ranking system, are up for grabs too!
Welcome to aurora♡

~ we offer self roles!

~ colors roles!

~ emojis!

~ an active staff!

~exclusive anime night for the whole community!

~fun events!

we are still very small but we would love to grow with your help!
we are also server boosted!!! ♡
Welcome to UA highschool!
This is a My hero academia OC Role-Play!
In our server, we provide wonderful opportunities for all.

- We have countless chats that are multi-purpose.

- You can choose from lots of roles to fit your character, there's bound to be a role for you.

- You can roleplay with your friends, fight, hang in the city, and even make your own character!

Join our server today to explore our wondrous perks. We hope to see you enrolling soon!
Join the RFA!
We have some awesome members of Mint Eye and the RFA who would love to talk and meet you! We vibe to music, have events, do game nights, call, and other things! If you want to talk with people who like Mystic Messenger or interact with some of the characters outside of the app then this server is for you! We are all very nice and welcoming and we’re usually always chill and active! We’d love to have you as a guest!
Welcome to the latest session of sburb! Join us as we throw our favorite characters into the world of homestuck! Mostly text based roleplaying for the moment but will eventually have para-lit sections as we move on the game.
A fun server with anime and manga (and hentai but only if you choose to by getting the role) We have some pretty cool bots and we allow anyone into the server ^^

♡━━━━ᴜ ᴋ ɪ ʏ ᴏ━━━━━♡
come and join us as we grow and develop! weebs and cultured members to game and chat too, as well as a range of bots to utilise. aesthetic layout and comfortable vibe!!

»»———— 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕨𝕖 𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣 ————-««
// anime events (such as anime night)!!

// gamers and gaming!!

// helpful weebs, new and veterans!!

// epic growing community!!

// egirls and eboys!! ~

join us as we grow as a server and meet many friendly people to get to know

• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ •

This server is the official server for our very own Ramen bot!
Ramen bot is an anime card bot very similar to the recently shut down Waifubot.

You can find info on it at !
You can also find us on !

We opened just over a month ago and are ever so close to 1,000,000 users! Come join the fun!

Come join the fun! :)
Hey! hello there ,first of all thank you for looking through so many servers. Well for that effort you get a reward! Free entry to our little animu hideout! Everyone is welcome we are English - Japanese server! こんにちはの皆様!私たちは多言語アニメグループです! 楽しい機能がたくさん! 面白いボットのようなチャットの多くはでチャットし、より多くの!We mostly talk about animu but there are plenty other chats u can explore! We also have big variety of fun interactive bots! We hope you will make a pit stop on your journey and come to animu hideout!
Hello! Weebs X Gamers is a server which unites both Weebs and Games.
You can :

Chill and talk to the great community
Listen to some music
Use the variety of voice chats that suits your mood
Use the fun bots that are inside such as Dank Memer, Mafia, AniGame, Chiaki,Yggdrasil
We do GIVEAWAYS for stuff like currency for bots, cards for AniGame + more
(Discord Nitro Giveaway at 300 members)
We have an AniGame clan that you might want to join called "The Last Encore" The requirements are said in the server so join the server if you are interested.
It would be appreciated if you can stop by or boost our server (There are special perks if you do boost it)!
❀ ➳ ➤【𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕟 ℍ𝕚𝕘𝕙!】
This is a server based on the popular Webtoon series unOrdinary. We are a new server hoping for new members! Here in Wellston High, we have the following,
❀ ➳Mudae
❀ ➳Userphone
❀ ➳Dank Memer
❀ ➳Friendly Staff
❀ ➳Tatsumaki exp system
❀ ➳unOrdinary emotes
Please join! We love to meet new people and will be decently active.
【We are not a roleplay server.】
Bem-vindo ao Animes University!, um servidor livre de toxidade e com muitas pessoas legais para conversar, temos eventos todas semanas com prêmios e diversas outras coisas, venha se divertir conosco!
This server is for anime and manga lovers. Feel free to talk about anything and make new friends in here!

This server is a work in progress but we will try our best to make it better. We are lgbtq+ friendly and we try to avoid toxic people and gatekeepers and keep peace in this server.

🌸LGBTQ+ friendly
🌸Fun bots
🌸Music area
🌸Reaction roles
🌸Color roles
And more we also accept suggestions to make our server better
🎀 Cosplayer Wonderland 🎀
We're an up-and-coming server for cosplayers to hang out, get advice, and make friends!
What we offer:
➼ Completely SFW environment for cosplayers of all ages (13+) and experience levels
➼ Cosplay mentoring channel for beginners to seek advice
➼ Voice channels to meet other cosplayers and chat together
➼ A variety of fun bots to play with
➼ Hobby channels for your other interests
➼ Active and involved staff
➼ Cute emojis and roles
➼ A variety of cosplay channels including duet requests, makeup, sharing your photos, and WIPs
Ola somos um server novo,
o intuito desse server é apenas fazer amizade e conhecer pessoas novas, bom é isso espero que se divertam

o servidor ainda ta em desenvolvimento em breve colocarei mais coisas
༄The spaceship does not
always go forward, it orbits around.༄

To join the RFA or Mint Eye is your choice. Will you step into our magical world of stories and discover things you've never dreamed of?

Welcome to the Mystic☻Messenger discord server!

A server running since February 9th, 2020 with a bustling and welcoming community.

In this server, you can claim a VIP canon character, or roleplay as that character in a separate roleplay channel even if the role is taken! Although we do offer roleplays, that is not the main focus of this server, and there are many other things you can do.

You can book members of the RFA/ Mint Eye for a private chatroom between you and them, or with other characters too.

With an aesthetically pleasing interface, you can claim fun roles to define yourself from the rest of the members.

You can express and show your talents in the: art, cosplay, writing, gaming, edits, photography, zepeto, YTTD, and more channels.

We are currently looking for backup canon characters and partnerships, so check in with us if this seems like something you would like to do.

Other features include:
-Level one server boost perks
-Active and supportive community
-OOC chats
-Server navigation&help channel
-Headcanon, self-promo, memes, pets, music, writing, cosplay, and selfie channels
-Character auditions
-Character-auditions-not-required roleplay chats
-Spam-specific channel

✰ Please consider stepping in for a cup of tea, and maybe stay a while! for now, farewell. ✰
❏❜ ⋮ ⌒⌒ You've been invited to Michiyo Restaurant!!

˚₊‧ଘ(๑•̀ᴗ•̀)◞ ˊˎ- Michiyo Restaurant・꒱꒱˚⋆

We are a Sfw server
Restaurant Themed server
Server shop And Self roles!