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Role play server based off jojo's bizarre adventure parts 1-6 set in 2019 New York and Morioh!
-no canon chars
-Custom stands allowed
-almost all canon stands allowed
-hamon zombies ghosts and cyborgs allowed
-has paisley park a bot specifically for jojo
-active rp community
-spoiler free general chat
-quality meme channels
come join Cha Cha Real Smooth! We are a small sever that hopes to grow. Age range is 14 to 26
We’ve got:
tons of Bots
Good Staff
Non toxic community
Self Roles
And other stuff
(new server so please bear with us)
Welcome to weeb land!!

This is a small anime server based on a taiga theme. I hope you enjoy this server i have created a short while ago. We have very helpful staff and hope you enjoy your stay here!

🍁A taiga themed server
🍁Fun bots to play with
🍁A vent channel if youd like support for anything!!
🍁An LGBT+ friendly server
🍁Monthly events, once we have enough members
🍁A music channel for those music fans
~Thinking of join The Rats of Bnha?~
..Let me give you some reasons why you should..!..

1~ we are a lgbtq+ friendly server accepting of everyone!✨

2~ Our main theme isn’t Roleplay, if you want to just talk to fellow bnha fans or learn how to Roleplay there is always someone to talk to..!

3~ the staff are friendly people and are always open to talk to you!. Don’t be scared now XD

4~ need emotional support? We are here to help with are supportive venting channels!

5~ make ocs and have fun In the rp as long as you follow and read the rules everyone is happy!

6~ fun roleplay channels with easy oc templates and canon characters to pick !

Thank you for reading this long list now...what are you waiting for join!!!
We can’t wait to meet you!💕


Here you will be able to find anything 2D/3D NSFW related. You can choose whatever you want to see in a respectful server. The administrators are active almost all day long, very open to anything and very friendly! We like NSFW stuff as much as you surely do.


You can post pictures whenever you want and search for others. We are still a new server, and we hope that you will have fun.

It has hentai, ecchi, asmr, video games, and even more stuff! Furries are also welcome, and have their own category.

Come join us! 💞


― NSFW Server. (Hentai, porn, etc)
― Active & friendly staff!
― Free to post!
― Self assignable roles!
― A lot of different channels!
― (we're friendly, we swear! Join us!)
Hello we are unordinary
We have active staff

Great arcs




And of course we are constantly adding more channels to make the experience better as well as having multiple people have the same power so you can probably get the power you want so why not join?
A fun anime based discord server for everyone to make new Freinds, I do hope you join and have a lot of fun.

Lots of love, Kiyoko.
Do you ever get lonely? Yes?
Then come meet our nice staff! Friendly users!
Or just come for the +18 area >~<
Whatever your coming for you should definitely join and say hi
New server for weebs or anyone else, be active and just talk and hang out. We have nsfw channels as well as general channels and roles. Our server is still growing but we'd appreciate more members! We don't have many rules, just try to be respectful. <3 (;
Är du svensk?
Gillar du anime och manga?
Är du svårt deprimerad?
Då är detta servern för dig!
The first incidence was in Qing Qing City, an extraordinary child was born who radiated light. After that reports of people with superpowers popped across the globe, no one knew what was causing these quirks. Before long, the supernatural became the totally normal, dreams a reality. The world became a superhuman society, with about 80 percent of the population possessing some uncanny ability. Our streets looked like scenes from comic books as city swirled with chaos and confusion, a new profession dominated our collective consciousness.

It was an age of heroes.

With the rise of superpowers came the explosive increase in criminal activity. While governments were stuck trying to reform laws with quirks in mind, courageous people started performing heroic acts to keep our city safe. Protecting us against villains who abuse their powers for evil. With overwhelming public support, heroes found a place as official peace keepers, overseen by the government. Those who perform the best were paid the most and got all the fame and glory, their careers depended on their ability to stay in the spotlight.

So this is how you will begin your journey into herodom. Where you will learn the ins and outs of being a hero, or maybe even a villain. Ocs and cannons are allowed. So please come and join us.
~•~Welcome to magic academy!~•~
This is a place where your free to be yourself and go on fun adventures!

We have many clubs to choose from and you can be any sort of creature!

have opertunties to meet people on the dorms and over all have a fun time with us as the server grows and continues!~
One day...
The world we deem as reality collides with many of the once thought fictional Shōnen Jump universes, humanity is invaded by the "Venoms", an army of mind-controlled villains lead by mysterious forces. In order to fight back, many heroes are recruited to join the "Jump Force" under the leadership of Director Fujikawa. Many heroes from these "Jump Worlds" are recruited and eventually, there is a breakthrough. With technology from both Earth and many Jump Worlds, Umbras Cubes were created. These allowed normal humans to be gifted with powers originating from the Jump Worlds. Now, go forth and save the world from devastation!
We are a Shōnen Jump inspired crossover rp with elements from Jump Force and J Stars Victory Vs!
What we offer:
An open book for you to go nuts with canon characters!
An active owner!
Being new and with nothing told!
Hopefully some dank memes!
OC open!
Admin Applications open!
LGBTQ Friendly!
Everyone welcome!
Partnerships Welcome!
You find yourself in a strange world of shinobi. There is a very strong saiyan shinobi named Koruten. Like Homura he is one of the people who use the crimson flame. Koruten brought you to the world. He wishes to help and guide you on the path of the shinobi. He expects you to do your own stuff. In the future he will than finally meet every new coming shinobi. There are three rival schools. Hanzo Academy, Gessen Academy, And Hebijo Academy. There is also a team called the crimson squad as well. Some could say Koruten is the one who destroyed Kagura many years ago before even Hanzo was born. Deal with the storyline I am not sure how old Kagura was so I just went with what my mind told me also. Because Koruten is a saiyan there is a tiny bit of DBZ stuff. I hope you like the server. This is a roleplay server based on the world of Senran Kagura after all.
🌸 | 1500+ GIFs and counting! | A mass collection of anime GIFs located here! Upload and share your favorite anime GIFs and be apart of the server growth!
We are hoping this server will became a active server and we hope that everyone here will have fun and to relax you can talk about what ever you want anime - gaming - TV shows anything and we hope you will have fun.
Hello, welcome to the Fruits Basket Café!

A newly created server for fans of the series to come together and talk at their leisure! (Especially for those who might have trouble joining bigger groups)

Perks of joining:
~Friendly owner
~Reaction roles to show support for your favorite characters!
~An RP corner to roleplay with others!

Feel free to join! We're always welcoming new people :3
{Dragon Ball: Forgotten Universes}

You might be Asking Yourself "What Makes this Server different" We are a Growing Community Of People with the same interests, same likes and same desire to please you all with a fun, active server.

Our Server is LGBTQ+ Friendly and We always Welcome You No Matter Race, Ethic Past, Sexuality or Gender.

A very active Helpful Staff Team that is always willing to pitch in and help you with anything you need

A Very Active Roleplay. We Always have some Event or Giveaway going on to help the community come closer as friends and members.



We Will Have Different Games Also Like Simon Says and 20 Questions with the Winner Getting Special Roles!!



A Cool Staff

Awesome Roleplayers

Awesome RP locations

And So Much More!!!

Nearly 400 Different Channels Filled with Possibilities!!!

Literate Roleplays and Major Events that Change the story

Easy to learn Training and Fighting Mechanics

A way to live your dreams in dbz

This is an alternate universe where none of the main characters and characters you once knew have never existed. This is a time where villains have full control over everything. until an unknown number one hero steps up we are in a villain land where the crime rate is up to 40% in all area. But there is hope you, yes you can be the hero everyone is looking for. You can be the hero of the future or the hero now that people need....... Or you could join in the chaos and make life a living hell for the people who love here.
Created 7/7/19, New Server!

Roleplay in the Attack on Titan Universe where your actions can change world.Take on the role as a scout looking to kill or titans or carve out a path for humanity, Guard the walls as a member of the Stationary Guard, Bring order in peace within the walls as an MP, or work your way through the ranks as a Trainee. The possibilities are endless with custom titan shifters being allowed, use your power for good or evil, the roleplay is your playground. We hope you give the server a shot!
Bienvenue sur Rencontre <3 V.1,

Ceci est un Discord communautaire géré est modéré par la Team Nyxyste (Multi-Gaming).

Nous vous proposons :

- Des rencontres amicale & amoureuse
- Du RP avec un Maître de Jeu
- Des soirées gaming en tout genre
- Vous pouvez également partager vos mangas, images, musiques, dessins, films, blague & Citation..
- Pour ce qui veulent s'investir des objectifs personnel sont mit en place. Tentez de gagner votre Nitro Classique 1 mois !

Nous recherchons :

- Un développeur JAVA API Minecraft, pour plusieurs plugin Mini-jeux.
- Un Graphiste (GFX de préfèrence) Logo & bannière(s).
- Des Modérateurs, Modératrices (plus d'infos dans notre salon recrutement).
- Des Animateurs prêt à s'investir et régulièrement disponible le soir.

Nous rejoindre :
Welcome to Waifu Wonderland! A server dedicated to the waifubot and more! Once you become a resident and pick a suit you have full access to wonderland! Many adventures await and we hope to see you there! (Boxes now spawn here!) ~ The Queen of Hearts
A server dedicated to basically any pairing you can think of in RWBY. Even those who are fans of the more controversial ships (Fallen Petals, Enabler, Tauradonna, etc.) are welcome here. This place is meant to be a respectful and calm environment where people can state their opinions and share their love for their favorite ships without fear of judgement.

We allow users to have up to 10 roles for their favorite ships. Please read the rules and enjoy your stay.
A brand new fandom server for Katsuhiro Otomo‘s popular, ground-breaking anime/manga series — Akira.

Here we have:

> No age limit
> Custom emojis
> A safe and friendly community
> Self-appointed character roles
> Voice and Music channels
> etc.

As we are looking to grow, contact @Mumzy #3022 for affiliation or further inquiries!