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This is a server where you can create your own story, where you update the plot with your own choices.
We have recently started and are looking for new members and will be doing giveaways for roles such as one-eyed and kakuja.
Feel free to stop by and create a character, no need to rush, be creative.
1 minutes ago
A server to discuss, show off, and trade One Piece merchandise, as well as discuss One Piece in general!
2 minutes ago
A server created for Vinsmoke fans! We hope to create a friendly and welcoming environment where people can discuss the Vinsmokes, One Piece in general, or anything really.
2 minutes ago
»»—— ★彡 Weeb Café 彡★ ——««

Hiya~! ★ We're a small community full of anime/manga lovers
The admins are nice and we love meeting people!!


We have~

★ A gaming channel!
★ Memes!
★ Art channels!
★ Fun bots!


We hope you join and will promise lots of fun!!

3 minutes ago
The Most active Geek community from Pakistan. We specialize in all the Geek Culture from Pakistan. News sources covering all the Geek Culture in Pakistan. Our Members are active and welcoming. Fun Games and Anime nights are held every day. A ranking system keeps the leveling fun and Pokemon! Yes, Pokemon. Join the most Active and engaged Pakistani Geek Discord for the fun.
6 minutes ago
Naruto's Darkest Hour -
Welcome to Naruto's Darkest Hour, a Discord Based Naruto RPG! The RPG takes placed in a Naruto Alternate Universe, with an apocalypse style setting where all the shinobi of the land band together to fight back agains the encroaching darkness! Come, be any kind of shinobi you can dream of! Come with friends, make teams and fight ferocious enemies! Or perhaps fighting isn't your style? Maybe you would prefer to be a healer? Or a legendary blacksmith? Anything is possible in Naruto's Darkest Hour! Come explore an entire new world, where even the smallest butterfly can have an enormous effect! And the only limit is your imagination!

Naruto's Darkest Hour Offers The Following:

Naruto Roleplay, with an ever growing server.
A Naruto RPG System, with Stats and much more!
In depth content, that is constantly evolving.
A PvE environment, where you can test your creativity against the various monsters of this new world!
Mature, dedicated staff who will do their best to help you be the best ninja you can be!
A system where we strive to balance the world so everyone feels relevant!
Creativity is encouraged!

Come discover your Nindo!
6 minutes ago
A friendly, inclusive server where you can discuss and chat about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and make new friends!
8 minutes ago
200+ member anime/gaming/chill server. Want a place to chat with an intriguing stranger? Philosophize on life? Engage with an active group? Come and join!
8 minutes ago
Hi! I'm Lumin and a person let me advertise they're server, this server is called Otaku's Lounge, it's mainly for anime, but there's other genres like, gaming, music, memes, and etc!

-This server is still in construction but it will be done over the time!
-There's roles, tatsumaki, and other bots
-If you joined before 200 members you'll get Early Otaku which is a role that will help you in the future, like chat rooms and etc.
-We have some active members but, they don't talk so when we have lots of people hopefully you talk
-There are some voice chat rooms and there is a lot.
-You can make new friends, and also advertise your server in this server will give you a role Partners!

If you need any help please ping me! My user is @lumin

Hopefully, you join this server, Bye!
11 minutes ago
hello ♡ its still a small server but everyone's very friendly and welcoming ^_^ we host karaoke nights, movie nights and game nights. feel free to join ♡
13 minutes ago
A well-developed Naruto roleplay server, where members can create their own characters, and start a new journey of their own, obtaining great powers, such as the tailed beasts and the three great dojutsu. You may also create custom clans, Kekkei Genkais, Jutsus, and more. This is a semi-serious server, meaning you must be adept at RP, grammatical, and literate in English. The server lore is evolved by the players- your actions, your words, and your deeds... shape the world itself. How will you leave your mark?
This server is quite new, only being released to the public on June 30th. Those who join earlier are much more likely to receive special benefits such as becoming a jinchuriki, an anbu member, or even becoming one of the five great Kage! This is due to it being a cap system, with first come, first serve. Join now, and begin forging your legend!

(Note: This server requires you to have a good grip of the english language. Furthermore, if you plan on joining, it is suggested that you are a rather serious and literate RPer. We do not accept sub-par roleplayers.)
14 minutes ago
This is the dopest litest RICK AND COMMUNITY in this dimension. We welcome all Rick and Morty fans and enthusiasts from across the galaxy. This community has no bias towards any age, race, religion or sexuality we welcome @everyone who shares a love for Rick and Morty. This is a non-toxic environment where everybody is equal. Please read our rules in the #school-of-mortys. Enjoy yourself, have fun and don't forget to invite your friends to our beautiful community.
15 minutes ago
Une communauté multi-gaming composée de fans d’animés et de jeux en tout genre. Si vous cherchez un discord pour simplement taper la discute, rencontrer des gens, jouer à des jeux, parler d'animés ou de sujet divers nos portes sont ouvertes.
15 minutes ago
Only join if you're going to be online!! We do not accept nonactive members, sorry!!
16 minutes ago
Grimoire Heart came out as victorious after the Great War. All others were destroyed, including the famous Fairy Tail guild. During the final stages of war, both guild masters unleashed their law. However, Grimoire Heart's guild master was stronger and faster, invoking his own first. The purple light covered the battlefield as the guild was erased.
5 years passed and Grimoire Heart went out searching for Fairy Heart. After several months of searching, they came across the legendary lacrima. Waiting inside was Mavis Vermillion's lifeless body, waiting to be released. The guild unleashed a fury of magic attacks, successfully shattering the lacrima. A large burst of light engulfed the entire guild, erasing them from existence.
Many millennia later these guilds were forgotten. The only memory of them were inside the brains of special people, wielding great knowledge of the past. The great continent of Fiore's fate rested in their hands. These people grouped together and formed the new Magic Council. Their first proclamation was to recreate the guilds and carry on this legacy for future generations.
Prophecy foretells of a future filled with great violence and death between these newly formed guilds. Originally, the guilds were filled with inner harmony and peace, as the Magic Council intended. These guilds formed the Protection Alliance of Fiore. However, along with the recreation of the light guilds, the dark guilds also regrouped. Fiore had come in a full circle. Things reverted back to the way they were before the Great War.
Only time can answer pleas. Only the future can reveal answers. Only you can decide your path... Will you be fight for Fiore? Or will your arrogance takeover?
19 minutes ago
Une communauté conviviale pour les fans d'anime, de jeux vidéo, de musique et bien plus encore! Événements, musique, classements et plus à venir!
21 minutes ago
A server for everything you love!
Anime, Manga, Music, Video Games and More! All with a cafe style theme to it, so you can relax and hang out with your friends and make new ones while you're at it.

Welcome to The Otaku Cafe!
25 minutes ago
Hello! We have many features and hope you join! Elite Day Care is a place where u can come rant, chill, and just talk and have fun! (join if ur a weeb lmao)

✧channel of motivational daily reminders where i post everyday!
✧sfw and also nsfw
✧includes yaoi, yuri, games, and memes, and more!
✧fun bots, and a leveling system
✧self assignable roles (reaction roles)
✧roleplay channel

✧come and join!✧
34 minutes ago
«-------- :comet:**Welcome to Anime & Manga Masters**:comet: ---------»

**» Our Server is an Anime & Manga Community Discord.**

**» Check out some of our unique features! :point_down::skin-tone-1:**

«-------- :sparkles:**FEATURES**:sparkles: ---------»

:shield: High Moderation
:tv: Anime Club
:books: Manga Club
:family: 400+ Members
:gift: Giveaways
:microphone: Karaoke Nights
:popcorn: Movie Nights
:video_game: Gaming Nights
:robot: Bots to play with
:star2: Leveling Up System
:reminder_ribbon: Partnerships
:sparkling_heart: Friendly Staff/Open for Staff
:sweat_drops: NSFW channels for you naughty people

«-------- :sparkles:**INFORMATION**:sparkles: ---------»

:link: Discord Invite:

:link: Facebook Page:

:link: Steam Group:

:frame_photo: Banner:
35 minutes ago
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Come join us!
35 minutes ago
Host of Waifu Wars <3 A daily rotating competition where you can vote for your favourite Waifu! Active members are able to receive rewards~

Waifu Wars
Friendly and Well Maintained Community
Global Emotes
Future Server Only Giveaways
NSFW Channels
37 minutes ago
Welcome to Trixia High! Trixia is a prestigious boarding school, where normal kids have to work their asses off to get into. From the outside, the school looks pretty normal. You have the dorms, the classes, the cafeteria, the library... Well, you have everything this type of school needs. But nothing is as it seems... Some of the people in this school have special abilities, and it is designed to teach such people. WOAH MAMA!
39 minutes ago
🌇Welcome to Musutafu, home to the prestigious UA Academy!

♠️ We have weekly events on the server that help to keep the story interesting. ♠️

♠️ The story is starting off from scratch at the UA Entrance Exams! ♠️

♠️ We have a music bot, too! ♠️

♠️ We're currently hiring staff, so if you want to - you can apply! ♠️

♠️ Wide range of places to explore and roleplay in! ♠️

♠️ You can choose between making a canon character or an OC ( for now ) ♠️
40 minutes ago
Welcome to Chiron academy! The staff and students are excited to have you, and we want to see you flourish as heroes. Explore the grounds, fight, train, hang out, travel the outside cities. Set in a futuristic 2018, where big conflict is on the rise.
40 minutes ago