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A promising place where everyone is welcome who can be respectful to each other, we love pokemon and we hope you too love them too XD
You can join your favourite clan and battle each other and have fun!! 💟
You can also have pokemon showdown battle over here^^



This is a server for the official Vibing Exports you tube channel.Stay in this server if you want call of duty mobile talk, meet new friends, and see new videos before everybody else.We have, certain give away's, promotions, and special ranks for each and every one of you!
Birbirlerine son derece saygılı ve herkesin tartışmadan hem fikir olabildiği bir oyun sunucusu arıyorsanız kesinlikle YANLIŞ adrestesiniz

Fakat fikir ayrılıklarına rağmen bir arada kalabilen ve he türlü farkı oyun deneyimine açık insanlarla tanışmak istiyorsanız sanırım size birşeyler sunabiliriz
This is a server for gamers like-Minecraft,Among Us etc please join us.. .
➶✦This is a server where we mostly play games, such as Minecraft, Among us, and other games too, and it's also here to make friends➶✦
welcome to our server! here we will mostly just chill around in this welcoming community :) we have many bots (and counting) for fun, of course all suggestions for new bots, channels, etc should go in #suggestions, every now and then we will have game nights, based on jackbox, uno, cards against humanity,, etc. We hope you have a wonderful time while staying in this server, if you have any questions don't be afraid to contact one of our moderators or me, through ping or dm :) thank you for entering our server. As you enter please make sure to read #rules and tell us about yourself in #introductions so we can get to know you more :].
Welcome to The Bois!

I am doggo, the Owner of The Bois. We are a small bedrock minecraft realm that will include more in the future. It is currently season 1 (which ends october 1st) and we are really looking foward to more people joining us!
Introducing, The Bot Farm!
#1 Premium Dank Memer/Bot Server!

» Dank Memer Premium! (Fast Cooldowns!)
» Weekly NITRO Contests!
» 15+ Heists per day! (6mil+ Heisted this week!)
» Heist / Rob Disabled in server (Join a Heist Event)
» Daily Giveaways! (10mil+ per week)
» Alternate Pokecord bots
» Growing list of Heist/Rob server links
» 20+ Fun Bots
» Active Community Chats
» Much More!
👋 Ein Server für Alles und Jeden😊
👋 Starke Audio Qualität🔊


💬🎮✨ Ganz gleich, ob es nur zum Plaudern oder zum Zocken. Alle Spiele sind hier vertreten - Warzone, LoL, CSGO, Valorant, FIFA und viele mehr. Habt einfach Spaß, respektiert euch gegenseitig und seid aktiv!

🤖🎶🐢 Viele verschiedene Bots (Musik, Leveling, etc.), viele verschiedene Emotes!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💑❤️ Join the Community!
Welcome to the Beacon. This is an exciting community in which we all interact with one another. In this server, the main attraction is the Amazing Youtuber, "Beacon of Nick". So come join us on our adventures together, as we play a variety of games.
Heya friend..!
I’m the co-owner who hosted this :)
We have plenty of bots and some staff

Things we include
•Good categories
•tons of channels
•some regular everyday Fnaf memes
Hope you enjoy !
(Reminder this is a work in progress
So please don’t force us to the limit..)
Welcome to That Gaming Spot, we are a group of people from all over the world and from all walks of life, brought together by our love for Gaming. When I say Gaming we mean all different types of games everything from Magic the Gathering to Red Dead to World of Warcraft and CODM
Welcome to the Two Time Champions! This is a server where you can find people who want to play games, or just talk if your not down to play a game at the moment.
🔴We are a Roblox based rewarding server, all of our rewards are listed below!🔴
🎉Robux, and Islands giveaways!🎉
🎊Multiple drops for Robux, and coins every day!🎊
🛒Public Marketplace to sell and trade🛒
🎁Robux, NL, and Islands rewards🎁
🎁Invite rewards, level rewards, and boost rewards🎁
🔢Counting rewards!🔢
🔆6900 members and growing!🔆
💜150 Robux and 500m coins just for boosting💜
Somos una comunidad sana y activa!!
Tenemos distintas categorias de salas para jugar a distintos juegos y un apartado de comunidad dónde puedes autopromocionarte, ver canales dónde enseñamos a ganar dinero, juegos gratis. etc
If you are looking for a consistent group of people to play with, this is the server for you. There are also gonna be regular giveaways at each milestone. Just follow the rules and have fun making friends in the server:)
Hey ! Bienvenue sur le serveur d'un petit youtubeur nommé DarkTornado

N'hésitez pas à rejoindre notre serveur pour que vous puisez passer du bon temps, pour vous tapez des barres, pour venir jouer avec vos potes en vocales, pour faire votre pub, et pour découvrir de tout nouveau rôles inédit !
Dans ce serveur tout le monde à le droit de donner son avais qu'il soit positif ou négatif.
Nous avons plusieurs salon :
📌Un générale
📌Un sondage
📌Un salon pour des memes
📌Des salon vocaux Brawl Stars
📌Des salon vocaux fortnite
📌Des salon pour venir faire t'a pub

Alors qu'attendez-vous ?
Rejoignez on vous acceptes comme vous êtes.
゚。 Spooky ୨🌟୧‧˚
 ゚・。・゚ Salut,te invit pe serverul nostru!!!
♦️ Info server ♦️
⸙͎ → Multi membrii.
⸙͎ → Staff responsabil.
⸙͎ → Activitate.
⸙͎ → Server ul este facut pentru a comunica si a cunoaste persoane noi
⸙͎ → Giveaways
⸙͎ → Server bine configurat ✔
♦️ Va asteptam ♦️
Link →
Hello!We are inviting you to join our server!
Do you like gambling?Do you love fishing?
Or you want to build a taco shack?We have all discord games here!