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Growing server.
-High chance to get staff
-Welcoming staff
- Trying to grow
Welcome to The Hive! A small Gaming/Technology Community looking to grow! We hope you decide to become a member of The Hive!

We are constantly striving to be a place that people can call "home". We want you to have the best experience here, so join The Hive, and make sure to show others and most importantly HAVE FUN!

On this server YOU can expect:
Free games available on steam
Links to huuuge giveaways
Bot credits giveaways
Advertise channel
Channels with notifications of new films/streams of following channels
Blob emotes to use if you have nitro
Fun Voice Channels
Active Chat
Level Ranks as you talk
Self-assignable Roles
Open partnerships
Helpful community and Staff
Open Staff Applications
Music Channels
Pokecord and Pokeverse channels! As well as many other fun bots to play with!**
Join Link
Come join us in Cakepire to make good friends, play games together, and more~ We even have our very own YouTuber and server bot, MEE6 roles, and bots, including Pokécord and WaifuBot!
Come and Have fun with other Rainbow Six: Siege fans, and many other games. Do challenges, advance in ranks, and have fun.
We have youtubers and streamers in this discord and we like to socialise and talk to new people so come down to this cool gaming community and meet new gamers!
We are a german / english Gaming network aiming to have a nice community with an active playerbase. We also like Anime & Memes!
Wenn ihr glaubt bereits alles zu kennen, schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei. Wir beweisen euch das Gegenteil:

• 2 Musikbots.

• Rangsystem das von unseren hart arbeitenden Admins in schweißtreibender Arbeit mühsam eingeführt wurde.

• TTT Server für männliche Rivalitäten.

• Übersichtlich sinnlose Channel-Aufteilung.

Ihr glaubt mir nicht? Überzeugt euch selbst!
just a fun server i guess
Auritex is a Gaming market where you can buy, sell, or trade any account you would like, from any game.
Русский сервер с возможностью внесения своей лепты в прогресс сервера.
Приятное общение между администраторами и обычными пользователями
Баланс между ролями и регулярные награды за проявление активности
Russian server with the ability to contribute to the progress of the server.
Pleasant communication between administrators and ordinary users
Balance between roles and regular rewards for being active

A discord server full of Fortnite traders and sellers. The owner himself is an OG account seller.
Buy rare and OG skins FOR CHEAP from owner
Trade or sell your account!
Friendly trading community!
No scamming!
Trusted Staff and Middlemen
This is a discord server made up of Splatoon fans.

Stop by our server to chat about Splatoon or general topics, post memes, play with other Splatoon players, etc.
Hello! Here we have a wide variety of:
We are growing fast so be sure to join while it's still small to get a personal role!
A discord server full of Fortnite traders and sellers. The owner himself is an OG account seller.
Buy rare and OG skins FOR CHEAP from owner
Trade or sell your account!
Friendly trading community!
No scamming!
Trusted Staff and Middlemen
Growing gaming community, with a spirit of good fun while performing at our best.

Social cafe is a laid back community with active VC with a dedicated minecraft server that we all play on (More servers coming soon), Roles/ Gaming/ Movie Nights/ Gaming nights/ Karaoke Nights/ Partnerships/ Patreon/ Join to find out more.
Old server sadly got deleted, the one that we had 10K but, we didn't give up so now u are trying to grow it again :)
A switch server for players of every variety! Still really knew, so keep that in mind.

We currently support the following games.

Super Smash Bros.
Splatoon 2
Mario Kart 9 DELUXE
Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu and Let's go Eevee.

Hope you enjoy your stay!
Ein deutscher Discord Server mit ca. 1200 Mitgliedern.
Der Server ist Multi-Gaming aber im Fokus auf Dota 2.
¿Do you have GB of porn / hentai / yaoi / yuri / lewd / memes? And do not know where to publish it? Join this server, all content is allowed.

New server in growth.
We are mostly Splatoon 2 but we are making changes to add more games, we have of course splatoon 2 channels and mario kart 8 deluxe, we plan to add more games that is up in the light. If we dont have something you like or you have something you would like to see happen in the server then you can leave a suggestion on the thing you want
Hey Leute ;)
Wir sind der Entity_White Discord Server!
Wir sind eine Deutsche Gaming Community. Wir sind genauso wie ihr begeisterte Gamer, deswegen haben wir für euch den perfekten Server! Unter *ZWEI* Musikbots haben wir auch ein Rangsystem, Gaming Sparchchannels für viele Spiele und regelmäßige Events!

Ebenfalls besitzen wir einen YouTube/Twitch Rang, für die Leute die sich in der Öffentlichkeit Zuhause fühlen.

Wir sind sehr Partnerfreundlich!
Das heißt wir schließen gerne auch mit euren Servern eine Partnerschaft ab.

Jetzt aber rauf auf den Server, das ganze schreiben tut weh!
We are a pokecord playing community with other bots like wolfia to keep us company. We host regular giveaways and we have invite rewards. We have a working gym system and are hold many events! We also have friendly staff and a active community! Join us today!
welcome to my (NEW) server , the old one has been banned :( in my server you can find FORTNITE CHEATS SEASON 8 and SPOOFERS , APEX LEGENDS CHEATS , CSGO CHEATS , PUBG CHEATS and much more . :)
join us . THIS IS A NEW SERVER . I wish you all a very nice time in my server . <3