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We are a PS3 discord server that does bike ride outs in the name of DB RELL
Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for the political community Politicord!
----🌟 The Fornite Marketplace 🌟----
🔥Friendly Staff🔥
🔊Personal Shops🔊
📢Public Market📢
🤖Good Bots🤖
Welcome to Cat Café! A relatively new server with self assignable roles, voice chats and gaming channels for new friends who like gaming and off course cats!
We are also looking for new staff to help out!
We are mainly a gaming server and occasionally play games together (Overwatch, Rocket League, Apex Legends etc.)
We have people from all over the world on different platforms so you are most likely to find a friend to game with!
We looking forward to seeing you soon!
Welcome to Paciion - Fortnite Sell and Trading wave

Chat with people al around the world

Get FREE Fortnite Accounts for inviting others

Fortnite Account drops

Friendly and Active Server

🛒 UnKnown - Market 🛒

💰 Sell
💲 Buy
✅ Verified market / sellers
🏆 Invite Rewards

👉 👈
-на нашем сервере вы можете общаться, заводить новые знакомства и конечно же вместе играть.Тут мы пытаемся выдержать шуточную атмосферу СССР. Если хотите пообщаться или поиграть обязательно заходите.
Welcoming community for mostly Fortnite Save the world(Trading.) But does include an Apex and Borderlands chat too!
Herzlich willkommen auf dem Animal Crossing Village Discord - Server. 🌱
Hier sind alle Animal Crossing Spieler, aber auch Anhänger anderer Nintendo Spiele und diversen Spielebetreibern, jederzeit willkommen.
Werde Teil der Community und hilf ihr zu wachsen. :)

Wir bieten:
🍃Brandaktuelle Nintendo News
🍃Wöchentliche Verlosungen
🍃Täglich hohe Rübenpreise
🍃Exklusive Level-Rollen
🍃Serverinterne Emojis
🍃Austauschmöglichkeiten verschiedener Spielebetreiber
🍃und vieles mehr

Auch du kannst dich am Server beteiligen!
🍀Du hast Ideen zur Verbesserung des Servers? Schreib gern bei #anregungen was verändert werden könnte. Auch Verlosungswünsche können dort geäußert werden.
🍀Du hilfst gern anderen Usern, weil du ein erfahrener Spieler bist? Kein Problem! Die Praktikanten-Rolle wird noch immer vergeben. Voraussetzungen kannst du bei #schwarzes-brett nachlesen.

Heya, Are You Looking For New People Meet?
Well Look Farther With Pawz's hideout! (me)

We Have:
.A Great Staff Team

Gaming Nights

Movie Nights On Thursday's Or Friday's

Fun Bots

And Much More

What We Don't Like:
Toxic People



And pokiok

+Join Us Today!+
CKS-Gaming has been around since 2004, our current main games are Battlefield V, Apex Legends, The Division 2 & Anthem. We run weekly events for BFV currently and are on the lookout for gamers who want to have a laugh communicate and enjoy playing the games we support. Feel free to drop by our discord - its quite unique with Dynamic and Custom voice channels.
18+ and Mic required.
Typowy serwer discord, gdzie znajdziesz masę ludzi o różnych zainteresowaniach i ciekawych osobowościach! Łaczą nas głównie gry, ale też masa innych pierdół...

Znajdziesz u nas:
- Dobrą zabawę
- Otwartych do niemal wszystkich tematów ludzi
- Organizowane wspólne gierki
- Miłą atmosferę
- Aktywność
- Rynek

Na pewno nie znajdziesz u nas;
spiętych, niemiłych, spoconych przemądrzalców.

Więc nie bądź wstydzioch i wbijaj do nas śmiało!

Hello there!
As you clicked this post, I must have caught your interest, so let me explain a little about our gaming community called, “Pusheen”.
The server has been around for over a year now, and focuses on building social connections and friendships.
We don’t care if you are a top tier player or new, it’s all about being nice to each other and gaining some friends in the process.
We have lots of fun on the discord and from time to time we even host movie nights, tournaments or even casual games.
We wish to create a community where everyone can bond and create friendships, so we usually have around a few hundred active members, rather than thousands.

We are a community open for all games, but our major games right now is; League of Legends, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight and Rocket League. Everyone is welcome to join and we got rooms for all the different game genres!

When you join the server, you have to fill out a very short application. You will be guided on how to do it once you join.You don’t have to share any personal information, it's simply because we wanna bond with our new members too!

We prefer that you are 18+, and you need to be respectful and friendly!
Ein deutscher Discord Server mit ca. 1300 Mitgliedern.
Der Server ist Multi-Gaming aber im Fokus auf Dota 2.
This is the Awesome Squad. You can chill and hang out here. We have bots, games and great people! We don't actually have many rules and we have trusty admins. Come chill in voice channels where you can chat, game, and do whatever you want. Basically join this server to meet all of the awesome people. We are also looking to do events in the future!
Dynasty is a very developed server, that has many channels and concepts added to it. We have pretty strong raid protection, also we are pretty active.
We have many lounges our members can chill in such as Gaming lounge, and Art Lounge. We are a chill server, but love to host events and so on. We have strong raid protection, so once you pass through it- you'll be allowed into the rest of the server. At first most of the channels will be locked for you until you are verified, and follow the tasks given to you.
A nice comunity Gaming server, come here make some friends to play your favorite games with

We offer
-Self roles
-lot of dedicated channels
-nice staff
we hope you have a nice stay, be friendly and have a good time

this is a real gaming server so you gotta play games tho

ow and there are some art channals to.
join the best server
I would like to present to you our new Discord server. We are looking forward to an active community, with nice staff members. We have lots of bots for moderation and fun, also, we provide our members with special channels used for advertising. We do giveaways every time we reach the members' goal, join if you feel lucky!
▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼

▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮
✔Final Fantasy

▷Mobile 📱
✔Battle Bay
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

*Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

《 》


《 <> 》
《 <> 》
《 <> 》

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone


Owner: @Okage#4342
Internal Gaming is a community of gamers who are looking to find purpose in gaming. We build lasting friendships and relations and aim to take you back to the social atmosphere of local co-op and lan parties. We seek to do this by hosting community events (some listed below) and games outside of just league. We plan on running tournaments, hosting/recording coaching lessons and creating team based contests that will lead to rewards. If you would like to learn more about us, come join the discord and check out our “about” page listed in the “Learn more” folder.

Just to quickly share, here are some activities we do :
Karaoke nights
Anime/Movie viewing parties
Live streams and giveaways
Party games (Jack Box, Cards against humanities)
Discord bot games (Currently only pokemon)

Another part of what Internal Gaming is about, is investing in each other. By this I mean we support our fellow streamers. In our community we have a level system from a commonly used to to help measure activity in the discord. Upon reaching level ten (can be reached in 3-7 days if you are active) you will receive the “Content Creator” which will give you access to a channel to promote your own channel when you go live. However, we understand that often, that is not enough. So what we do to help, is that every week we use a randomizer to randomly select two members with the “Content Creator” to be specially listed in our featured streamers section. They will also be allowed to @everyone once a day for the week to help get attention for their stream. We also occasionally have paid commission based position open for different projects. In time to come, we may even offer regular partner positions to pay content creators to help create content for Internal Gaming.

As we all know, anything worth wild takes times and effort. As of right now, we are still in are beginning stages and will need help to make it all come together. As of right now, the best way to help is to join the community and play with us. If you are like me, and believe I.G can be something huge and are looking to be more involved, go visit our “learn more” channel to see how else you can support or join the team. We are currently looking to recruit moderators and admins

This has been Internal Malice from Internal Gaming, and I thank you for your time.