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Игровой сервер, которого тебе так не хватало. Здесь ты можешь приятно провести время, найти компанию для совместного прохождения любимых игр, обсудить последние интересующие тебя темы или поиграть с неугомонными ботами.
Нас пока еще мало, но у нас есть Чай, печеньки и, похоже, восстающий культ Джигурды (только тссс, о последнем никому ни слова /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\✧ )
Заходи, присаживайся, располагайся!))
И да, мы любим Dead by Daylight...
Venez dans un serveur chill pour créer des games et vocal sur Among Us !
Nous accueillons tous les français pour faire des games tout au long de la journée.
Un système de niveau est implémenté dans le serveur.
Une équipe de modérateurs seront là pour vous aidez dans tous les problèmes liés à la communauté.
Un guide et des réglages conseillés/mini-game sont disponible pour des games amusantes !
Ave! You have arrived at Libertas Invicta, a discord server based on our ancient Roman themed alliance. Libertas Invicta is a latin phrase meaning Liberty Unconquered.You have found the hub for several clans in multiple games. There exists optional subsections available for more competitive gaming and for more serious raids etc. Here we offer the usual bells and whistles including periodic events and regular modest giveaways as well as the opportunity to gain access to VIP channels. Our voice chat friend group on this server is not too toxic and welcoming to new people. Please feel free to join a chat and say hi
Welcome To Sanyo Windmill! This is a discord server owned by me and my friend Falcon! We are just looking to make someone's day with a cool and awesome server for all ages to enjoy!

This server is more aimed to teens, so please keep cursing to a minimum!
Un server para hablar, usar bots, relajarse con musica, postear memes pero sobretodo perder la vida en videojuegos B)

Slangs colombianos presentes, estamos iniciando asi que estamos abiertos a moderadores y sugerencias.
A friendly server where Dark Deception fans can come here and chill! :D
You can come to self promote anything! As long you are level 10, as long as it isn’t against rules.
This is the discord server of the minecraft server
ip is: TheLands.Live
version 1.8.9
java, kitpvp, bedwars, survival and events!
Discord сервер чтобы чилить и играть в игры, такие как CS:GO, Valorant, GTA5, и многие другие. Так же можно создать свой клан и пригласить своих друзей чтобы хорошо проводить свое время вместе с друзьями.

➥Nette & aktive Leute
➥ Abwechslungsreiche chats
➥ Möglichkeit auf eine Partnerschaft → für mehr Infos anschreiben: CaptainTschulia#5281
➥ Viele Bots
➥ Ein Levelsystem
➥ Self roles

✼ Wir freunden uns sehr wenn du joinst ✼
Her i Hygge
Er der plads til alle.
Om du er gamer, eller bare vil med ind for at hygge dig!
Alle er velkomne!
Du får chancen for at møde nye mennesker, og måske endda få nye venner!
Vi passer på hinanden og holder sammen som Fællesskab.
Der vil højst sandsynligt altid være nogen du kan spille med.
Og vores talekanaler er ofte i brug!
Vi vil også afholde bla. CS:GO turneringer. PS Vi har 15 boost på server

Vi håber du vil joine vores fællesskab!
Bootyclap! Is a DayZ server with one of the largest growing communities due to its high modability including spawn bags with food etc, fully working modded areas, unique island bridges and much more.

Join Bootyclap today and clap some ass!
Pls Join the server We Have. Fun. Trading, Giveaway Even if it is new server Pls Just Join And Fun in the server
I heard your looking for a chill server? You came to the right place-
The Turtle duck is a chill community server for everyone!
We are all very friendly and supportive!

We vary in different topics such as memes, games, etc-
We also have questions and facts of the day you can participate in!
The server includes-
* Organized channels so no confusion.
* It's an active server too!
* A very Friendly community!
* Friendly and active staff to help you!
* Cool people to talk with!
* Promos and partnerships too!
* Games and game chats!!

And soo much more!! too many to list
We'd appreciate if you join our friendly, gaming, cool and chill server!
You wont miss out in all the good jokes and memes!
Welcome to Midnight Palace!

This server has plenty of channels with different options.

A bunch of self roles.

10 bots.

Friendly staff.

Games played nightly.
Ciao, ti va di entrare e condividere il server? E' gratis! In questo server potrai giocare ad Among Us con altri italiani, e molte altre cose. Troverai:
-💬Una chat solo per Among Us, dove potrai chiedere cose inerenti al gioco
-📢Molti canali vocali per giocare con altri ad Among Us
-Una chat per parlare con gli altri utenti di qualsiasi cosa
-📢💬Un canale vocale e una chat solo per la musica
dei canali pubblici per parlare con altra gente e giocare a tutti i giochi.
Ti aspettiamo!
Hey na!
Wir sind ThatEvil! Ein Professionelles Team von Fortnite Spielern im Bereich Battle Royale und Rette die Welt! Wir helfen jedem gerne aus. Außerdem haben wir einen MSK-Carry squad!
Wir hosten einmal die Woche Custom Tournaments!
Unser Professionelles E-Sports Team für Battle Royale besteht aus den besten der besten. Du kannst dich gerne gegen sie Beweisen und dir einen Platz sichern. Dich erwarten earnings!
League of Adult Gamers is an inclusive but mature space where adult gamers can talk about anything gaming & board game related. We also have off topic channels (sports, fitness, food etc) to appeal to a variety of interests.
Servidor de Among Us Argentina y toda latinoamerica. Mods activos para banear gente molesta y que no cumpla las reglas. Ya fueron creados varios canales de voz para que el tema de capacidad no sea un problema y si es necesario se pueden crear mas. Gente copada y con ganas de divertirse!!!