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I server to meet other gamers and try discover new games.
Find others to play your favourite games with and have fun!
⭐ {Welcome to the Corner} ⭐

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
This is the small chill-out server with
channels to explore! 🏞️
Here you can share your pets in the
specific channel for "animals". 🐈🐕
You are capable of sharing your
photos if you wish to in the channel
"photography" 📷
If you're an artist or managed to draw
something interesting, don't be shy to
share your creations in the channel
"art-drawings" ✏️
You can also send your funny memez
in the "meme" channel. 😂😆
Of course you can communicate with
people through the "Voice channels"
that are prepared for usage. 🔊
=And there is plenty more to look into!
**Partnerships are Welcomed** 🤝
⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

-> So don't hesitate to come in. You have abilities to make new gaming groups with people and possibly new Friends. ✨
Заходите на игровой сервер и сервер для музыки[email protected]
Доброго времени суток дорогие друзья!
Приглашаю вас на очень позитивный игровой сервер!
На сервере вы найдёте:
cop - Отзывчивую Администрацию которая ответит на ваши вопросы .

:headphones: - Голосовые каналы в которые вы можете зайти и поговорить с другими участниками сервера.

:star2: - На сервере присутствует роли которые вы можете получить, и они вам дадут некоторые возможности.

:sparkles: - Так же на сервере есть ранги ну или по другому уровни, за эти уровни вы можете получить роли которые также вам дадут некоторые возможности и многое другое вы можете узнать зайдя на наш сервер!

:yum: Кстати на нашем сервере очень ценятся активные люди, так что если ты активный человек тогда тебе на наш сервер и будь как дома)!
Nasty Majesties is meant for everyone! We welcome you all with open arms! We talk about our daily lives as well as the games we play! Mainly it's splatoon or ssbu, but we do NOT discriminate! Please join me and my friends for a great time :)
Добре дошли в този канал играем CsGO Dota2 PuBG Apex Legends и много други, заповядайте !
Artistic is a very developed server, that has many channels and concepts added to it. We have pretty strong raid protection, also we are very active. Now we are opening up admin applications, and depending on how experienced you are- we would love to add you to our staff.
We have many lounges our members can chill in such as Gaming lounge, Roleplaying Lounge and Art Lounge. We are a chill server, but love to host events and so on. We have strong raid protection, so once you pass through it- you'll be allowed into the rest of the server. At first most of the channels will be locked for you until you are verified, and follow the tasks given to you.
Started as a mostly Xenoblade oriented server, now just Nintendo stuff in general. We have a very active Smash community, and hold biweekly tournaments given we have enough people to participate every time, so if you're into Smash consider joining. And we have a growing Monster Hunter community so we would appreciate your membership if you play that too. We have a Xenoblade themed leveling system, and fun bots such as Pokecord. We also have a channel for anime if that's something you'd like to discuss. Or if there's any games that don't fit into any of our currently existing channels (Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Smash, Monster Hunter, Minecraft, and of course Xenoblade) you can talk about them in our "other games" channel. Please consider joining :)
Note: This isn't the most "child friendly" server. The humor can get edgy at times so if that isn't your thing this might not be the server for you.
Server for Fans of Fire-Type Pokémons. Join our guild, lots of bots and fun events.

fire pokemon charizard magma blaze burn pokémon ash glurak charmander charmeleon firestorm storm furry pokemon Typhlosion Scorbunny
Wir sind die deutsche Gaming Community zum zocken und chillen!
Wir freuen uns auf dich! Wir sehen uns im Discord ;)
ShadowRain Terraria Discord server! The Discord server for one of the largest Terraria communities out there. Creative building, free items, PvP and much more!

~ Active server!
~ 750+ members
~ Voice & text channels for gaming, music and more
~ Level-based ranking system
~ Bot games - Pokémon, Trivia etc.
~ Awesome emotes
~ And much more!
nuovo server italiano in cerca di utenti
Small server looking for members and staff
Come and join Yeet the World!
If you like to have fun and get free games come join us!

——— WE HAVE ———

• [] Memes
• [] Gaming LFG
• [] Music Rooms
• [] Leveling roles
• [] Giveaways
• [] Pokecord
• [] Events
• [] Music Bots

Want some free game? They're are free for a small amount of time and it's completely legal!
Then FREE GAMES Temporarily is made for you!
What is it? It's a Discord server made to notify you when a game is free for a small amount of time.
On multiples platforms like Steam, GOG Galaxy, etc.
Warning: Offers are not always there, most of the time they last 48 hours.
Are you interested? Then Join us!
Have fun with your future games.
Hey, would you like to join my server? Here is the invite link: My server is about Player unknown battlegrounds MOBILE! You can have a lot fun, we got music channels. If u stay active, u can get promotion also! We are also a new proud server, join us if you want! You will love it
Welcome to Alley Kats! We are a simple hangout gaming area with our very own mascot! That would be Moni. We do game hosts! Where you set up a game session and get permission to do an announcement to see if anyone wants to pair up to play! The games that are confirmed to host are Smash Bros, Roblox, and Skribbler! Hope you don't die!
A place for aspiring game developers to come together and make something new. Devs can build a team, conceptualize, and (hopefully) make a game ready for publishing. Learn from each other, build your skills, and get a chance to work with others. Who knows, you might end up forming a solid team through the process.
Welcome to Bravo’s Command Post. Here we have daily streams with many games being streamed! We have custom emojis, bots, games, you name it. We have everything you could wish for in a server!
We are a pack of wolves you rank up from pups to sigma wolves. We are a Christian server but we have territories for the Non-Christians(peps who likes to get dirty). We would like you to join our server as this server could contain what you like. We fellow wolves bark but no bite unless you picked with a wrong wolf. The people of this sever would like to make new mates as well or just to expand our own horizons with different kinds of peoples (basically socializing).