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Growing Gaming Community, Various Bots, Ranks n' Rewards, Chill/Chat/Play WITH OTHER GAMERS!
This is THE best debate server on Discord, hands down, you can fuck my sister. As long as you don't advocate for the wholesale extermination of entire peoples (go do that in some other server you weirdo), this is literally the only server on Discord worth being on. Don't be a mental midget.
Fun place to meet new friends, find new game partners.
Hello, Welcome to TeamGar Community this server is based off of alot a games come join we do tons of giveaways.
Come join have fun chat with friends! play games such as roblox and soon minecraft with me! and more!
Wenn ihr glaubt bereits alles zu kennen, schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei. Wir beweisen euch das Gegenteil:

• 2 Musikbots.

• Rangsystem das von unseren hart arbeitenden Admins in schweißtreibender Arbeit mühsam eingeführt wurde.

• TTT Server für männliche Rivalitäten.

• Übersichtlich sinnlose Channel-Aufteilung.

Ihr glaubt mir nicht? Überzeugt euch selbst!
Discord Server Made For Gaming! All Platforms Are Welcome!!!
◈───◈ Electric Gaming Community◈───◈
The Electric Gaming Community is welcome to everyone, whether you play games,watch tv shows and movies or you simply just want to chat and have fun.
We have:
❋3700+ Members! (raided at 8k)
❋Daily pokecord,pubg,steam key and giftcard giveaways!
❋30k+ messages every 24hrs!
❋Tournaments and Leagues with CASH PRIZES!
Our server consists of: Pokemon,Pubg,Fortnite,DA2,ROS,Realm Royale,Minecraft and Roblox players, anime watchers, manga readers, netflix enthusiasts, fun bots to play with and much more!
SO what are you waiting for?
Join the Electric Gaming Server NOW!!!!
Du suchst einen Server bei dem du für jedes Spiel einen Kameraden findest?

Dann komm doch auf Discosia!
Wir haben einen gut strukturierten Multigaming Server wo jeder mit jedem spielen kann, und bei Events mitmachen darf.
Big community with over 2500 members and growing steadily daily. Join to meet friends join in on community fun or conversation. Find players to team up with.
We are a server that is a branch off another server! You may join at any time we will have members from all platforms!
New Pokemon server!
New members welcomed
Come and join! theres tons of bots and we all love to make new friends!
Hope you all enjoy!
Welcome to The Hub. Here you can roleplay as any video-game character in video-game history. From Pac-Man to Kratos, here you can let your imagination run wild as you role-play as some of the best and coolest characters in video-games!
TF2.PUBG.FORTNITE These are just some of the games you can find on our server. we have a selection of games you can play with other gamers at anytime. this is why you should join us. we are about to hit 40 members so join quick we are doing a giveaway at 40
Devenez membre du serveur Nintendo Weeks !

-Des événements toutes les semaines (sauf première du mois)
-Une communauté sympathique qui aime Nintendo
-Des distributions, des débats pour rendre le serveur un peu plus actif
-Nous tournons autour des licences : Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Zelda, Yokai Watch, Fire Emblem

N'attendez plus et rejoignez Nintendo Weeks !
👌 ★Engaging Community★ 👌
🤖 ★Fun Bots★ 🤖
🤔 ★Voice & Text Channels for Different Topics (Ex. Games, News, Education, etc.)★ 🤔
🛡️ Security (Active & Attentive Mods) 🛡️
🧠 Unique and Special Nitro Emotes 🧠
Allover, a server open to everyone 😄
Permanente Invite Link: 👇
Hello there! We are a young community of animal crossing players who live around the world, hence the name. Meet new friends and have fun!
There is no NSFW material whatsoever, because I am not 18. I hope that's not a deal breaker... But we hope to see you soon!

Important to note: Drama Queens and mean people will be kicked out.
Hi! Welcome to our gaming server. This server is mainly focused on walkthrough/guide and help center for games. But mainly Breath of the wild and Zelda games. But we also do feature:

-New updates🎉

-New people🎉

-Social servers and many other types🎉

-New fun and interesting channels🎉

-Click roles🎉

-Meet new people🎉

^were open to all type of games!

And much more! Come join to see🎉
We are an active community base for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, Fallout 76, FFXIV, For Honor, and many other online ps4 games. We are only accepting ps4 users, so no others need enter, unless you are a FFXIV pc player.
We have public events, giveaways, and more, so come on down and stay a while!
(We are lgbt friendly!)
(Must be 17+)
a server to have fun, just to enjoy yourself, play games, socialize, all that stuff. we are all up for criticism, and hope to make it worth your time.
gaming server jam packed with other things like memes, rome exclussive rooms, game nights and more!
Hi welcome to the SafeZone!
This a very brand new server.
This is a friendly community i want to make as non toxic as possible.
hop in enjoy some company for all your gaming or whatever needs you may have! you wont regret it!
Come join Dragon's Conjure to take part in multiple future tournaments, meet players of all different games! Visit many of our partner discords for extraordinary experiences!

The staff are always looking for new partnerships to get involved. Come enjoy our optional bots to play with friends, or show them who's boss. This includes Pokecord, Chess, and League of Nations!

Please come to make yourself at home or stay for the soon-to-come announcements for future tournaments!
TheFutureRealm is a server where we are all a family of gamers, we play games together, we get each other free games and also we do giveaways for each other! Make sure to join today to become family and be able to get a lot of free games!