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Pokémon Palace is the #1 Server to be in! We are a Pokémon based server that has almost everything. We have active members, great staff, amazing spawn rates, constant giveaways, active gyms, etc!
What are you waiting for? Come and join!!
Hi everyone, make sure to join DRAGONS SERVER to enjoy awsome services like mm,taxies,free ssd helping,giveawys
also we have awsome combination between save the world and battle royale make sure to try it out and we are hiring staff right now.
A chill server for all people. Come along if you want to play games, talk about anime, or love yourselves a good ol' sosig.
General server, come talk about whatever, rules are pretty loose.
CKS-Gaming has been around since 2004, our current main games are Battlefield V, Apex Legends, The Division 2 & Anthem. We run weekly events for BFV currently and are on the lookout for gamers who want to have a laugh communicate and enjoy playing the games we support. Feel free to drop by our discord - its quite unique with Dynamic and Custom voice channels.
18+ and Mic required.
Multi-gaming community. We host our own roleplay DayZ server and we play other games like Escape From Tarkov, Ark, Arma 3, VR Gaming, and more.
Hey Guys👋,
if you need help to grow on Twitch, Youtube or other Social media platforms join our Discord Server📈🤗
We warmly welcome all nations🥰

What can you do on our discord?
✅F4F, L4L & H4H
✅Promote your channels & Social media platforms
✅Chill, Chat and have fun ❤️
✅Find new mates for games
✅Find new streamer to watch
✅Join our Host-Giveaways at paytv50 on Twitch to win a Host with ~60 viewers every 20 min.

Together you grow fastest📈
I am glad to welcome you soon 😍
Hey! Welcome to the official Jakester261 discord! This is a discord made by the twitch streamer Jakester261. Join here to chill and have a good time. Make sure to follow all the rules.
Primarily a place to hang out, make friends and make general chit chat TheOhMightyServer also welcomes gamers from all platforms. Go and introduce yourself!
This server is a casual hangout for gamers to just chill between (or during) games.
We do a lot of stuff such as:



►Eat food

►Talk to each other

And most importantly

►Play games!

So why not join now?
(Server still in W.I.P so what you see now is not the finished product)
Bienvenue sur le serveur des Barbabouins ! Après une longue pause entre Twitch et Mixer, me revoilà, et cette fois avec un serveur dédié, vous pouvez rejoindre même sans suivre la chaine, il reste malgré tout un serveur communautaire, vous pourrez donc faire des rencontres et discuter des sujets qui vous plaisent !
Game Room is a server for socializing, engaging, making new connections, having fun, and learning new things. We offer development channels and have staff online 24/7 to assist in any way possible. We believe that we can make discord a friendly, open and easy to communicate space, and we're starting here.
Do you want to find people to play games with? We have an active community of gamers for all sorts of genres.
Do you want to laugh at memes with your friends? We have over 15 channels specifically for fun communication.
Do you want to be a better gamer this year? We have skill development channels to help you grow and evolve as a gamer.
Interested? Then come join Game Room, a server that welcomes you with open arms.
Come join ♛Sʜɪᴏʀɪ Pʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ♕! We're a gaming/anime community for everyone who enjoys these sorts of things and find mates that have similar interests to you. We are a kind and friendly server and your chance to make your mark on the server by just being active and having a good time!
This is the Best roleplay for Red dead 2! Not only do we have a economy, but we have a glitch that allows us to get into private sessions to Ignore griefers. There's so much to this with our progression system join up to find out so much more.
We're a chill server full of gamers and memes

-Game discussions
-Make friends loser
-YouTube Community
GC CLAN is a clan server that mainly plays fortnite and apex legends. We love to meet new ppl and we warmly welcome you to our server.
Welcome to our Gaming Community we do a lot of stuff like gaming channel art,music, and more. mostly few of our people play closers and we growing and I want you guys to try us out
We are the Scalie Gamers, Brand New server wanting to start fresh, I hope you have fun here as we chat and hangout, hopefully play some games together!
Un espace de détente où règne une atmosphère gaming. Retrouvez ici la liste des meilleurs serveurs de jeux vidéo Français. Venez demander votre rôle avec un salon privé vous permettant de représenter votre team et avoir un accès personnalisé pour discuter et jouer avec vos amis en toute tranquillité.
Hello and welcome!
We are a server meant for Splatoon and general gamers alike. We are brand new and would love to have you on the server! Enjoy the events, emotes, bots, and friendly people we have to offer!
Please, enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Fear!! Here is a gaming community for all platforms and all play styles!! Server includes..

-Apply Section
-Squads/Duos Voice Chats
Come by to say hi!! And have a good time!!