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Takže hledá někdo fajne místo s dalšími Pokefanoušky? Jestli ano jsi na správném místě! Máme tu dokonce i gym challenge

We are a discord server that most of us are into anime and gaming so it is a gaming/anime server we got other types of topics too but mainly anime and gaming and tbh idk wtf to put in this shit hope yall join peace
||Nara Clan||

We are the Nara Clan in Shinobi Life 2 Open Community. We go by the name of Yami Clan.

The Open Community is a RP mode community for the RPG part of the game. It is an alternative to Close Community’s Story Mode.

We might seem weak as the Nara clan, but Trust me we are not. We are probably the most challenging clan in wars due to our 4-way stun.
We are also part of Getsugakure(Moon Village) where we partner up with Senju, Hoshigaki and Gold Sand. This our infinite stun squad.

As a clan we do not have much to do but we organize activities:
~Scroll Giveaways
~Side activities (War scrimmage, Hunt)

To be ranked Genin+, you must join our village.

We are welcoming you to The Yami(Nara) Clan.
♡ A server for Nintendo Switch games, primarily for Smash Ultimate.

We include:
♡ Giveaways
♡ Tournaments
♡ Movie Nights
♡ Partnerships
♡ Crew Battles
♡ Daily Questions

Join us! ♡
Detta är en svensk gaming server för er som gillar gaming. Vi spelar lite allt möjligt. Det finns bland annat det här:
-Chill m.m.
Vi gör också olika event och giveaways!
Basically the server is all about interaction with the African continent. People have taken Africa for granted by assumptions and Discord Africa is here to correct that. We have talent, culture and love shared by everyone in the group. If you looking for diversity Discord Africa is you choice.
We are the biggest multi anarchy server group in minecraft.
We play 2b2t 9b9t, 0b0t and more....

Join us now and become famous
Tired of not having enough Kirby & Dedede related Content in your life? Well the Dedede’s Dream Land Server is the place for you!
-3,700+ Server Members
-Smash, Minecraft, TF2, Among Us & Many More Game Events along with Movie Nights
-Tons of Kirby & Nintendo fans
-The Place to Submit any Kirby Related Funnies for the twitter and insta (all suggestions are highly appreciated!)
-Many Contests and Community Events
-Pro-Kirby HQ
-LGBTQ+ Positive Community (all are welcome) : )
-Active Convos & Vcs
-Gang roles for fans of Kirby, D3, MK, B. Dee, Marx, & Escargoon
-Cool and Creative roles in #dededelicious-roles made to fit your personality
- Many supportive people and staff to talk to about anything
Join Dededes Dream Land!
GGW is a server which provides friendly staff, a chill community, and gaming nights! As a matchmaking gaming server, it’s for people to come and find new friends to play video games with as well as talk about their interests in the various chats. Multiple voice calls are available for players to talk and have fun while gaming together.

What we have:
- Active chats
- Non-toxic community
- A self-promotion channel
- Giveaways
- Dank Memer Premium
- Organized and clean channels and roles

So what are you waiting for? Hop into GGW for some fun! Everyone and anyone is welcomed to join.
Cascade's Domain, a social space for viewers of Twitch and gamers alike.
We have numerous things, including:
--> Hanging out in our numerous voice channels.
--> Showing off anything you find interesting in a positive, inviting way!
--> Engage with other Community members however often you like.
--> Give yourself roles for games to find other Community Members playing games you're interested in! See #joinable-ranks for more information!
--> Listen to music with your friends.

We don't do Partnerships.
⚡Welcome to TinkerMC⚡
⚠️Server IP:** TinkerMC .com
♻️Store: We are a 1.16 Java Survival Server. You may join and play regular survival, but with other people and a couple plugins to spice up gameplay experience!
Level up and become the best - buy in-game ranks and get access to better permissions and test your luck on a crate. Simply open a rankup GUI using the command /rankup

💎Grief prevention
Claim blocks - right click the opposite corners of an area with a golden shovel to claim it and to ensure no unwanted players can build or destroy anything on your land

Simply run the command /jobs join to open a GUI and select a job of your choice by right clicking and get paid in-game money

💎Player Shops
Choose multiple ways to get paid for selling items or buying from other player shops. You have the choice of Auction House sell your own items with /ah sell (hold the item you want to sell in your hand), or browse and purchase stuff from others with /ah. Open your own chest shops by shift+left clicking a chest, or getting access to all player shops with /shops. Otherwise teleporting to other players shops

💎Random TP
Run the command /rtp to randomly teleport to somewhere on the map and start your adventure. Can only use every 24 hours

Test your luck with our custom crates around spawn. Simply grab a key either from the store or from ranking up (other ways to come in the future), and right click the chest to get a random reward

💎Player Warps
Setup a Player Warp so players can teleport to your place (whether that’s a house or a shop). Simply open a GUI with /pwarp or /pwarp help for extra info if needed

‼️We have “NO” Admin shops and “NO” Kits
⚠️Server IP: TinkerMC .com
2017'de Pixelcanvas ile başladığımız serüvene çeşitli oyunlar ve güzel bir sohbet ortamı ile devam ediyoruz. Zaman geçirebileceğiniz, eğlenebileceğiniz, başkalarıyla bilgi alışverişi yapabileceğiniz onlarca kanala ve güzel botlara sahibiz. Ayrıca sıklıkla çekilişler yapıp Discord Nitro, Steam cüzdan kodu vb. hediyeler veriyoruz. Sizleri de aramızda görmek isteriz.
so we here in the server support each other we play among us and more games we add new mods everyday you can be one if anything you dont like here just call one of the mods we will do our best to change that we also joke around the point of this server is to make new friends.
We mod on Console & PC.
We have been working on GTA Service for 2 years with an great reputation!
Also we have more than 100 Satisfied customers by our service! Join now!
Γεια σου ταξιδιώτη τα κατάφερες έφτασες στο στόχο σου, μέσα από αυτόν το Server θα βρεις μια μοναδική πύλη μεταφοράς για τον νέο σου κόσμο. Συγχαρητήρια..!!!

• Εντός του Server μας (Discord) προσφέρουμε πλούσια ενημέρωση γύρω από τα Games και τον κόσμο της τεχνολογίας και φυσικά δεν θα μπορούσαμε να παραλείψουμε την πλήρη οργάνωση και την συχνή αναβάθμιση του για την καλύτερη καινοτομία & λειτουργικότητα του.

• H κοινότητά μας είναι ένα ήσυχο διαδικτυακό "GAMING" μέρος χάρη στην βοήθεια των "Antispam" μας και της ομαδικής προσπάθειας της Διαχειριστικής ομάδας αλλά και των προγραμματιστών μας. Τα τελευταία στατιστικά μας δείχνουν 0% spam, 0% mention-spam, και 0% invites, δεν δείχνουμε καμία ευαισθησία και δεν ανεχόμαστε τους Toxic, Spamers, & Τrolls, θέλουμε ησυχία και ευχάριστη παρέα Gaming, γι’ αυτό και διατηρούμε τον σεβασμό των κανονισμών και κατ' επέκταση τον σεβασμό μεταξύ των μελών του.

Σας περιμένουμε για GG...
Welcome to our server! We are a community full of gamer girls supporting other gamer girls. We are full of love and open arms! We hope we can take you with us on our path to further reach more gamer girls! We want you on our team. Make sure to read our rules so you can play!

Our goal here at GGH is to have a supportive community for girls who game. We want to show that we can be just as good as everyone else and we want to help empower others!

And don't worry, If you aren't a girl, that is okay! You should still come and join us!
Hello everybody! In this server we focus on speedrunning and doing speedrun races. We mainly focus on sm64 but all games are excepted. If you want a small community of people and friends to talk to and play games this is your place
This server is to just hang out with friends and have fun! No nsfw aloud but there’s lots of chats to play games and other stuff. Have fun in this epic server! Also looking for NFA Minecraft accounts so I can play minecraft for the first time on pc! (Java) Also the last 4 times I have tried some accounts, ALL lasted not even one day so please help me!
♡ Welcoming & friendly staff/community
♡ All console players welcomed
♡ This is a small but mighty server :P
♡ casual & competitive
Serveur Discord concerné sur tout les plateformes de jeux , vous êtes nouveau ou nouvelle sur Discord ? Rejoignez-nous !
Nous te guiderons et t'expliquerons tout les savoir de Discord et quoi de mieux que de connaître des nouveaux amis en IG ,Parfait pour débuter !
Rejoignez nous !!
Un serveur pour tout public et Mixte 100% Francophone