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A server to chill out in. We've got stuff for gaming, shitposting, art, and a (dedicated!) musicbot.
A community of people doing anything from gaming, to artists, to writers, and everything in between, you will surely find someone or something here for you to enjoy! If you want to find a fun, easygoing place to find a few friends, hang out and have fun, come check us out! We are currently seeking active, helpful Mods, regardless of experience, if you are willing to learn.
Aye, wanna play games with people. Felling lonely chap? Wanna have more fun and talk and play? Well, here is your chance, join now for games, giveaways, and FUN. What are YOU waiting for lad.
Salut à toi !
Le serveur FAME™ viens tout juste d'ouvrir !
Je te propose donc de le rejoindre, dessus tu pourras
discuter à propos de tes passions ;
jouer à des jeux avec d'autres personnes ;
faire des belles rencontres ;
participier à de multiples events organisés par le Staff ;
proposer des améliorations pour le serveur !

Merci à toi d'avoir lu, n'hésite pas à rejoindre si l'envie te prends
Le lien :
[Looking for helpers] [Looking for partners]

EPIC GAMERS WELCOME! If you love to play Games this is the server for you. We play Fortnite, League Of Legends, Minecraft, and More! Come and Join The Empire Today!
*splatoon chat
*other stuff
The Hall is a community based server centred around providing a fun and relaxed environment for its users. We offer our custom made bots with fun, competitive features, regular events, giveaways and much more.
wir sind ein Minecraft server noch klein aber wir werden noch groß schaut gerne mal vorbei
Join this server if you want to have fun or to date OOoo maybe you will get a girl Frein or a boy Freinn OOOoOOoO Mm but whatever we have everything you would want just join and see for urself and leave something in suggestions if you want something added Ill be happy to see u there if you join ill like Do something COoL
Hi, we all like to have fun and post dank memes. If you like that come join!
just a fun server, where you can play and talk with others
Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Getting sick of waiting for nintendo to fix their communication problem with online? Nintendo is going to use phones for voice chat. Might as well just use discord and have a bit more freedom! (we are hiring mods!)
Welcome to The Darkened Path's Official Fallout 76 Sub-Server!

In this sub-server you will find channels for Xbox, Playstation, and PC! However, you will only see the channels based on the platform YOU play on! Just make sure to assign yourself a role though. You will be able to post videos, pictures, memes, and really anything you want in our media sharing channel! Not only that, you can meet new survivors to team up with or go against on your journey to rebuild the hearts and minds of Americans and America itself!

Join us today! Adventure is out there!
╠════════ Welcome to the DarkArmy ════════╣

We are a gaming server looking for chill/ nontoxic community. We have cool bots that you can interact with and voip temp channels join and let’s get to gaming!

╠═════════════ We'll be providing... ═════════════╣
● Friendly users
● Music bots 🎶
● Self-assign roles
● Gaming channel 🎮
● Spam Safe 🚫
● Idiot safe 🚷
╠══════ We'd hope to see you guys joining our community, assuming you're interested. ══════╣

╠══════════ ══════════
Welcome to LaniiVille
Its a server where you can be silly
Play games with each other
Host art contests
Post Memes everyday
Enjoy LaniiVille!~
This is a server to play games and meet new friends, we have many bots and friendly admins to help you out on your journey.
this is a server that just started inhope u join and we are a happy community till now
Bored? Lonely? Then maybe the Epic Department is for you! The epic Department is a BRAND NEW sever made for people to join to: Find people to game with! Make new friends! Movie time and more! We hope you come join us sometime!
Welcome To Spicy!
This discord consists of games such as CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG etc.
Make Sure To Come Join Us For A Great Time!
well hi guys about dating gamers it's a place where you could find only nice , cool , & friendly people the server is clean without toxic also free roles & free ranks Enjoy <3 love & peace
Welcome Everyone , free ranks , free roles , Support a friendly & nice community , Luca Loves you
Friendly/No hate community for League of Legends. A great place to meet new people and make new friends and a fast growing community.
Poro Paradise is a League of Legends based discord server. Our main purpose is to help build friendships with a little competition/fun events while on/off the rifts of league of legends.

Poro Paradise also strives to be clean and organized. To make sure we accomplish this we have planned out and scheduled events such as Custom 5v5 Inhouses, Movie Nights, and more. As for bot optimization.. Not only do we include your standard bots for music.. We also have league bots for builds, counters, and updates on new patches!

Poro Paradise is looking for active and friendly individuals!

- We do not discriminate against rank/everyone is welcomed!
- The community is very friendly and higher ranks typically will give tips to help you improve!

We just hit 1000 members and are constantly growing!

*What do we do Offer?

Organized Weekly Custom Inhouses (Mon,Wed,Fri)
Organized Movie Nights - Every Saturday!
Draft Pick, Solo/Duo Queue, 5v5 Flex
LFG Organization for ease of use finding a duo partner
League of Legends Bots to enhance your LoL experience
Pokecord (If you're a pokemon fan)
Steam Group - PubG/Deceit/BlackSquad/RocketLeague (Fun break time from league)
Giveaways for reaching milestones including RP Giveaways/Steam Codes.
Fun Anime/Gif bots for an enhanced experience
Anime Nights
Movie Nights

*Features coming soon!

Tournaments - COMING SOON
Improved Coaching Category within the server - COMING SOON
Scribblio Nights - COMING SOON
Karaoke Nights - COMING SOON

Join Today!
Find people to play your favorite game with on this server. A polite team and good moderation will offer you a nice stay!
Fur and Games is a new furry gaming server that welcome all types of furries looking for players of other games. Feel free to join just to chat or to find some friends. This server has a custom coded bot with custom modules for the server and are looking for new members to join us!