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we the the gamers join us to be a gamer with us too and have fun <3 byeeeee and sub to my yt if u want DTheGamer with the green hair byeeee
Hello, we have a nice Fortnite Trading/Selling Discord, and we have a Minecraft hacked Client, you can join.
Account Drops: Friday.
Giveway: Wednesday.

Have Fun! :)
Welcome to Swift’s Domain. 😊

▪️We are a small community, filled with gamers and chill people.

▪️We are very a welcoming server and respect everyone

🔹You must be 13 years old or older to join
🔹Follow the rule

🔹Have a good time

Thanks for checking out Swift’s Domain.
This is an 13-18 age limit server. You can make friends here and meet new people! You can even erp/rp! (Not in DM's) But just have fun in this server and make friends/lovers and crushes!
In this server you can earn💰robux by inviting other roblox users that use discord! 100% legit ask someone who has “Got Robux” role. Giveaways and invite rewards! 😀
server clan dalam mobile games last day on earth (ldoe)
pemain baru /semua orang mari lihat2 dan tanya2 buat info lebih lanjut :))
Share and discuss your favorite games, anime, streams, and digital art. Everyone is welcome to join us! We have Karaoke nights too!
Welcome to Outcasts, home of the untouchables.

»»----☠ We are a small community, trying to grow with active members.


»»----☠ We offer many self roles, with more to come


»»----☠ We have a positive staff team along with great members.


»»----☠ We are trying to grow our server so you should definitely join!
Server I'm tryna get people in just for chatting, making friends, playing etc...
Welcome to the Dokkan Dealers, this is a chat server where everyone is welcome.

We have many different bots you can interact with and a section dedicated to trading accounts safely in Dokkan Battle

We wish everyone a fun time and Welcome to the server!!
We are the 41st elite and we strive to be the best battalion in all of the republic, come join us we’re open for all players of battlefront 2. We play SWBF2 but we play tons of other games together with each other! We are Xbox only group
- Every Monster in the MH series to roleplay as!
- Areas from just about every game to explore!
- Elder Dragon Balancing system
- A friendly community
- Monster Hunter strategy discussion
- **shrine of chonk**
- Fun Bots!
- Questing system for currency!
0Music and Voice channels!

**Join Monster Hunter Planet Today!**
Welcome to Seattle!
Under new Management!!

We are a Growing White Wolf Play by Post TTRPG Server Using the Classic World of Darkness settings
We are a Player Driven game with Occasional ST ran Plot line's
We want to include new players into this amazing universe!
We are also looking for new staff members on our ST team and accepting applications right now!
We would love to have you join us in the most Dark adventure

Right now we Have Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf 20th anniversary edition.

We :
Are LGBT friendly
Are Meme friendly
Hold workshops
new player friendly
We pretty much are a wild card you can do pretty much anything on this server and we are open to new ideas just don’t do anything wacky and your good
A small and friendly server for people from all kinds of backgrounds to come together and talk about our shared hobby, games (and also other stuff like music, movies, TV, or animals)! Come along and say hello, and invite your friends!
Hey there gamers! Do you like to play video games? Well this is the server for you! Here you can make friends and have fun! You may even find some friends to play with you! We're fairly tiny, so I hope you check us out and help us grow! In return we'll guarantee you a good time!

Rise Gamers!
Bonjour/Bonsoir à tous et à toute !

Ce serveur viens d’ouvrir ses portes aux publics, entrez tous et jouons ensemble !

- Des rôles vous seront attribuer pour avoir quelques recoins du serveur
- Des quizz par un bot ( toute les 20 minutes )
- De la bonne humeur, de la folie et plein d'autres.
- Recrutement de deux Helpers ( ON )

Et encore bien d'autre sois le/la bienvenue sur notre serveur. :D
A Channel Where You Can Stay Take A Long Breath And Start Chatting With Friendly Community

❯ In Chill-Zone We Offer You A Friendly Community

❯ Friendly And Matured Staff Members

❯ Gaming Stuff

❯ Memes Stuff

❯ Voice Stuff/Music Bots

❯ Partnerships

❯ Self-Roles
We're a gaming discord server (primarily Minecraft) with a lot of funny people! We also have a VERY trusted staff team. You could apply for staff in our application channel if you want to be a part of our team. You could even advertise your youtube, twitch, or discord server if you'd like too. Ask me or our staff any questions regarding the server. Thank you!
Welcome to Tokyo's Alleyway!

We are an all ages SFW gaming/dating community that is just starting out fresh and looking for some fellow gamers and people to join our community.

We have:

Active and Friendly Staff
Many Discord Games and Media Options.
Fun interactive bots like Dank memer and EPIC RPG
Music Bots
LGBT+ Friendly
Active VCs
A rank system bot called Amari.

We are looking forward to you joining us and give us a chance. We promise that you won't be disappointed!

P.S It's not solely a dating server.

Welcome to Poké Mastérs! We are a fun community of people who love memes, and have a lot of pokemon! We are very welcoming, and have great moderation! I hope to see you there!