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This is a server about games relax and anime.I am very open to suggestions and i hope if you join , you will have a great time.Me and my friend will help you with everything form games to your own discord server.If you are a content creator or you want to be you can advertise here.Much love and have a great time!

This is a growing gaming server

🔥 Many roles
✨ Level roles
👉 Self roles
🚩 Advertise
🎉 Giveaways
🙂 Active owner
🤖 Different bots including dank memer
🎵 Listen to music
🎧 Many voice chats
🎃 Halloween bot
⭐ Anime bot
💎 Perks for nitro boosting
☆ Welcome to LtGaming ☆
A friendly gaming community open to anyone who wishes to meet new people and find new friends to game with!

We Have
- an array of games to choose from and play
- friendly staff who are here to moderate and help
- giveaways
- active members and voice chats

So if you're looking for people to play your favorite games with or to make new groups of gaming pals, LtGaming is the place for you. Enjoy your stay gamers!
Servidor ESPAÑOL de AMONG US con 150 MIEMBROS activos. Características del servidor:

- 15 salas para jugar AmongUs (con chat de texto incluido; que es privado).
- salas de CodMobile
- Salas de FORTNITE
- Salas de Valorant
- Salas de GTA v
- Salas de Free fire
- Salas de Música
- Batallas de gallos
- Tinder
- Transmisiones en Vivo
- Deportes
- Psicologo
- Aquí puedes descargar el juego y aprender a cambiar el idioma.
- Conversar con otros sobre el juego y planificar tus estrategias.
- Divertidos bots para entretenerte en lo que esperas una partida.
- Escuchar música mientras juegas.
- Ver videos
- Memes
- Somos una comunidad activa y amigable, donde juegan 24/7.
WELCOME TO depression land you fucks! this is a small tight-knight group of fucking 12 year olds! Im a little cuck and currently in simp jail for something I didnt so! SO COME on in you fucks!
Willkommen zu unserem Server. Auf unserem Server kannst mit deinen Freunden Zocken was auch immer du willst. Es ist auch möglich neue freunde kennen zu lernen. Ich und meine Moderatoren würden uns freuen wenn du uns besuchen kommst.
Zdravo,pozivamo Vas da se pridruzite diskord serveru The Godfather.Nas community se sastoji od aktivnih clanova i administratora.Stoga ukoliko se odlucite za gaming imate zavidan broj botova i prostora za ne smetano igranje a ukoliko se odlucite za slusanje muzike ili caskanje imamo posebne kanale I za te svrhe.Uzivajte (:
Welcome to Unit! We're a VRChat based discord. A lot of us here a model creators, world creators, or just enthusiasts of hanging out in virtual reality. We host weekly events from movie nights, drinking nights, and games. We're always looking for more friends to spread our joy with. Who you were doesn't matter in a world you can be whatever you want right? We'd love to meet you~!
3mber is a community server full of talkative chaps who love to chat and abuse slow-mode. Join us to have good times and epic fun!
this server is for gaming,anime and memes.we're very funny people we're voice chatting 24/7 and chat aint dead. join and make best friends NOW!
୨୧ ⊹ ⋆ ♡ 𝙷𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚊𝚛 𝟽𝟽 ♡ ⋆ ⊹ ୨୧
₊ ꒰🌙꒱ ⊹・what do we offer? ꒷꒦
╭─ ✦ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ˚ ˳ ⊹
┊ ₊˚๑ ୨୧・relatively new, growing community of people!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ 🌙,, simple & cute layout!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ ୨୧・crazy staff & members!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ 🌙,, music, anime, and gaming, and chill members!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ ୨୧・cute & custom emojis!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ 🌙,, tons of colors & self-roles!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ ୨୧・media & bot channels!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ 🌙,, make friends and socialize!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ ୨୧・chill out, come quack, and come vibe with us!🎀
┊ ₊˚๑ 🌙,, keep nsfw in designated channels please!🎀
╰┈・┈・・🌙⭐️꒱꒱ ┈・┈・┈・✨₊ ˚ ⊹

୨୧ ꒰ server invite link! ꒱ ୨୧
◦・ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶꒷꒦‧₊๑
This is a community ran discord server for everyone!

We have:
• Various chat channels to engage the community
• Voice channels for better team play
• Up to date news about various games
• Events!
• Community specific channels
• Various fun server bots for off time
• Feedback channels to let the devs know anything helpful

Come join us and grow as we help each other become the best!
--[ New Dreams ]--
Nuovo Server FIVEM Roleplay


Vieni a giocare e a fare un buon rp con i tuoi amici
Molti lavori: aci, concessionario, poliziotto, medico e molti altri...!
Discord con sezioni regolamento, bandi, listini prezzi del server, novità e altro
Staff attivo e disponibile per informazioni e aiuto in game/discord
E molto altro...

Esti jucator de AWP?
Cauti un server pe care sa te joci sau antrenezi alaturi de prieteni si alti jucatori?
Tocmai ce s-a deschis un nou server din comunitatea INDUNGI!
POW.INDUNGI.RO va asteapta sa intrati sa va jucati cat e ziua de lunga!
Forumul serverului este :
Serverul este de 128 tickrate/ONLY AWP (dmg de la lame este scos total).
Pentru mai multe detalii va asteptam pe server!
Hello, and welcome! This is a friendly server for the gaming platform Roblox, we play a variety of games! (On Roblox). Looking for somebody to play with? Then this is the perfect place!

We also play games outside the platform Roblox. A great server to have fun and socialize with, join us today!
Dies ist der offizielle deutsche Phasmophobia Community Discord. Hier findest du die größte Mitspieler - Gemeinschaft Deutschlands. Wir bieten umfassenden Support und ein komplett sorglos Paket für unsere Mitglieder an.

Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch! :)
Szukasz servera gdzie chciałbyś z kimś zagrać w robloxa i inne różne gry?
Dobrze trafiłeś
• 😎Jedyny polski server roblox z boostami😎
• 😄Przyjazną atmosferę😄
• 🎁Giveaway'e i turnieje🎁
• 🎶muzykę🎶
• 🤑Darmowe kanały głosowe z konfiguracją🤑
• ♦Ekonomie♠
• 😎Role 4Fun typu Vip😎
• 🤩kanał skille🤩
• 🤗Aktywną administrację🤗
Więc na co czekasz? Wbijaj na nasz server i baw się!
This the a server were u can Buy subs views and likes for extra Cheap

You can also do sub4sub in it to gain more subscribers on your youtube channel