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Welcome To The Dead By Daylight Community Server! 🙇
If you love playing Dead By Daylight or youre looking to play with new people, then this server is for you! 💀
Meet players of multiple skill levels and consoles, From Rank 20s To Rank 10s To Even Rank 1s and PC to Playstation, you will most certainly find a group of players that you can spend your nights with, trying to escape the trial! 👥
Even if you are just a newbie at Dead By Daylight, we can help you improve and become a better player! 🔝
Whether you are a bloodthirsty killer main🔪, or a witty survivor player🤕, this server will have a group of people for you to play with and interact!

So what are you waiting for? Click that link, and join in the fun! 🍻
We are a small growing community server. We offer looking for more players for a variety of games on pc, xbox, and playstation. We also offer plenty of community channels as well as anime and manga channels. We focus mainly on improving the community experience! We hope that you join and have a great time!
Welcome to All Things Nintendo! This is a general Nintendo server with lots of UNIQUE and AWESOME features! We have lots of awesome bots including a fast food delivery bot, a funny games bot and more! We also recently launched a server exclusive podcast show called All Things Nintendo NOW! that members have a chance to feature in! We also have regular events in Nintendo games and other games too. Join this active 150-member server now and be greeted by amazing and dedicated staff!
Приглашаем всех игроков и стримеров. ТОЛЬКО 18+ Здесь можно поиграть в разные игры с адекватными людьми. (War Thunder и FIFA в приоритете) Правила сервера: - будь адекватным и на позитиве (не выполнение этого правила, перманент БАН)
Just a Minecraft server with a few plugins and has factions. We ask you to please be active though.

Note: Need PC / Java Edition
Hi! Are you looking for a a super cool server with mega awesome members?! Do you like contests, giveaways, movie nights and games?! Well then come check out Gingers clubhouse! We offer a wonderful environment for you to make friends and have fun chatting and playing games.
We have a seasonal section for all kinds of holiday fun,
NSFW channels,
And much more!! Look forward to seeing you! XOXO
Welcome to the Mayonaka Clan! We are a gaming server that focuses mostly on Nintendo Switch games like Smash Ultimate, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, MK8D, and more! We hosts tournaments every two weeks on different games and offer practice to get better at games! We also recruit members to join our clan for different games!


-Memeing and music bots!

-A section for anime and fans!

-An art channel for artists and enthusiasts!

-Friend Code sharing!

-A NSFW section!
Its the Abyss. The final level. The Endgame. Join the Void. We have Mafia & Music UwU
skull Evil Societyskull is a server looking for more active people to join from all regions on this beautiful earth earth_americas

Platform : PlayStation 4 video_game
Branch : Roleplay/PvP/Events

Password Protectedleft_luggage
Base Raidinghammer_pick
Base Buildingspace_invader
Player VS Playerskull_crossbones
• Factionsfingers_crossed
And a whole lot more

If you have any questions feel free to DM me or any admin in the server. Hope to see you guys there!
Gaming Central is a server where all sorts of people are welcome. They're no rules or requirements when being in the server. We have tons of roles and we're looking to gain more people! 1 admin is needed in particular.
Looking for a global, friendly community to make new friends and grow as a player? Look no further than because SnR is the place for you!

What SnR offers:
-5600+ members
-An active community welcoming to all!
-Community events (Art contests, casual events, Mafia nights and etc)
-Free to enter gaming tournaments with cash prizes! (Smash/Pokémon)
-The largest online smash tournaments on all of discord!
-Tutors for Smash Ultimate and schoolwork!
-An academy dedicated to improving your smash skills!

Come join SnR today!

We can't wait to have you aboard!
Welcome to The Chill Zone. This is a very laid back server that allows you to advertise almost anything. There are channels for servers, social media, memes, coin master, and more! We will enjoy having you here.
A server founded a long time ago by a group of friends in Skype, envisioning a community in where players can play a plethora of games together and have fun genuine connections with each other.

We're a small server that has been trying to grow and we're eager to meet new people who'd love to be part of our community and grow along with us into something bigger and better.
KoS Gaming is a fun, safe and great gaming community. It may be small but we hope to grow into a forever growing community that is kind towards everyone who joins. Our primary focuses are Pokecord and Dank memer but if anyone can suggest a good bot we will add it. We listen to our community unlike a lot of servers and enjoy bettering our server. Hope you enjoy your stay!
We are a gaming community and we even have our own lounge so that everyone can meet new people! This communtiy was built from my fan base now its growing!

Alot of bots

Voice Channels for all gamers & non gamers

🙅‍ Make new friends 🙋‍‍

Active staff

We even have our own music channel!

memes & even selfies
♥Thrillzone is a wholesome and toxic environment(don't think about it too hard). We would love it if you came and gamed with us!! Were not that strict, I just kinda want more people to play video games with.♥
A Pokécord server where people can come to chat and chill! We're still new so please give us a try!
Welcome to 🌆 Nevo Gaming Discord 🌆!

We have an active community, 700+ members, nice staff and friendly people to chill with. Join us if you wanna meet new people to play with or just have fun.

+ We are doing weekly Steam or Fortnite item giveaways (no requirements)
+ We are supporting other Youtubers, who wants to advertise for free and get

Currently being the main game, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, we still provide a large variety of games to play with other members like PUBG, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, CS:GO!

Server Features:
👐 | Fast growing and active community (700+Members)
⚜️ | Leveling System for ranking up
🎧 | We are a Content Creator friendly Discord and help you to get views.
Join us, advertise your videos and get some likes or subs
🎲 | Funny Memes Channel
🎉 | Giveaways every week with Steam and Fortnite items (no requirement)
🏆 | Fortnite or Rainbow Six Tournaments with valuable prizes
🎴 | Awesome events like a video montage contest or movie nights
🆚 | Server Leaderboard for best players of any game. Try to compete
against our community!
🌀 | Self assignable gaming roles for special content
😋 | Several bots with funny commands
💩 | Crazy Emojis to use in chat
🍆 | NSFW Server
📰 | Gaming News channel to get latest Infos and Free Game Deals
🎶 | Different voice channels for listening music and chatting with our people
🎬 | Gaming Clip channel to post and share clips of your games with our
Come join in the fun of our PlayStation® Community, fellow gamer! Our server is a PlayStation Classic, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4-harnessing community that reaches out to all Discord Users that are interested in a variety of titles, consoles, and software for the PlayStation® platform!


🎉Community Features 🎊

💬┊Many chatrooms to fit every PS console!
🎨┊Over 95 assignable and obtainable roles!
🔕┊NO Mass Pings!
👋┊Many people to meet and chat with!
👮┊Great Staff Team + Open Apps!
🎉┊Events and Giveaways!
✅┊Easy-to-use report system!
🤝┊Partnership Opportunities!
💭┊Variety of LFG Channels!
📰┊Posts from the Official PS Blog!
💻┊Rich Presence Tips!
💰┊Our own PlayStation® Store Page!
💷┊A community-operated currency system!
📣┊Voice channels and Lobbies!
🚻┊10:5 Male-to-Female Ratio!

The official Discord server of the /r/Splatoon_2 subreddit, a community that welcomes all Splatoon fans! Come and introduce yourself!
A discord community centered around gaming, anime, and chatting. We host gaming lobby events frequently and let the server decide the game we play in events. Our server also contains a leveling system that allows those active in it to accumulate more permissions. We strive to be as fair as possible. Come join the Sanctum!

Owner: LelReaper
Co-Owner: CodePapa
The Lounge is a Hotel based server made simply for building a calm and chill community that socializes, games & has great humor.