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A nice, relaxing place to hang out, vent, send memes, and of course, play and discuss games. A welcoming community where you can easily make friends!

-text and voice channels specific to games (Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, GTA, etc). Open to suggestions!
-debate channel
-vent channel
-locked nsfw channel
-and much more!

Join and help make this quiet, former community server into a popular gaming hub!
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Invite Link:
Welcome to AveroidGaming!

We are a gaming community who's goal is to help streamers, content creators and gamers make the most out of their gaming experience. You are able to advertise and share your content with others!

We have room for all gamers and support lots of games, such as;

+ Roblox
+ Fortnite
+ Call of duty
+ Gta
+ Five M
+ Battle royale games
+ Minecraft
+ League of Legends
+ and MORE!!!

Be sure to join our kind and friendly community today!
Come join our server if you would like free vehicles, scripts, eup, lots more to offer come check it out!
Hi there I am Deakstok, I Stream daily during the week. I have my own discord for getting in touch with my community I started. I play a very large group of games as well. I love hearing from people and cheering others up! I Stream on Mixer and loving it.
zapraszam na serwer, miła administracja, próbujemy rozwinąć, każda gra akceptowalna, nie trzeba też grać w żadne gry! Po prostu zapraszam!
We are a social and gaming server! As we continue to grow, more games will be added. Please keep in mind things will be "peaceful" until we grow more.
How to train your dragon server!!!! We would love to have you fun helpful community waiting for YOU just join and have fun that’s all I ask!!!😃😃😃

>We are a role play community
>no jerks or bully’s
>we everyone
>must know what httyd is

(This server is based on when the dragons went to the hidden world but after a while they started coming out of the hidden world and coming back to New Berk!!! Hiccup is still chief btw)
| We also rp How to train your dragon race to the edge |
Foxy HD Server: The best Nintendo Switch and Mobile gaming community!

- New uploads and live streams every week!
- Level up by participating in chat!
- Fortnite (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch & Mobile);
- Promote your YouTube, Twitch Channel and/ or Discord Server;
- Dank Memes 😏;
- Item shop, Weekly Challenges and Patch Notes!
- Giveaways;
Serwer discord zawiera:
- Boty utrzymujące kanały tekstowe w porządku.
- Boty muzyczne, aby słuchać muzyki ze znajomymi.
- Administracje odpowiadającą na wszelkie prośby, problemy.
- Jasny regulamin
- Możliwość wyboru płci.
- Konkursy, giveaway'e.
- I wiele więcej!
Statystyki Discorda:
Link zaproszeniowy:

Serwer discord dotyczy serwera Minecraft:
Z działkami, miastami oraz ekonomią! Dołącz już teraz!
Wersja: 1.15.2
Adres IP:
Strona WWW:
The Discord of TheItzAidan has support rooms for his FiveM tutorials on YouTube, rooms to talk about the latest in professional wrestling, channels for gaming, etc!
This server is just a chill server which is about socializing with other people, gaming with them and having fun! Mostly a CS:GO server but it's for every gaming community! You get to meet new people and become friends with them and play games with them! There will be at times a movie night(if I have a chance lol) and if you wanna host it, then msg the server if they want to join you! Also, I'll be adding a new theme which is game night, so like cards against humanity and other fun games! Also CS:GO, Minecraft, Rainbow 6 and other game competitions and contests! Choose your own roles through the self role selection! So come join the server and have a quality time with us!
We are a group that focus on bringing gamers together.
We have mini-game Bots, such as... Pokecord, Nadeko, and unbeliveaboat.
Also we have EXP giveaways so you can rise your rank in the server fast, also economy coin giveaways.
I hope you join and have a fun time!
Labyrinth RP is an gaming community with Ark, DayZ, and arma 3 servers including fivem a Role-playing server on Five M, created for the player and around the community, We have a dedicated team of staff always available and ready to help in anyway possible to make the Role playing experience fun and fair. We are a Serious Role playing server, white listed, based in America for 18+.
Our server is full of hidden secrets and activity s with white-listed job roles, and always recruiting, mechanics, police, ems.
Здесь сидят игроки с которыми можно пообщаться и найти команду для совместной игры. #csgo
Wir sind ein kleiner aber feiner Deutscher Server.
Zocken alles was wir bekommen können und bei Thema Anime wollen wir Gar nicht anfangen.
Würden uns freuen wenn du kommen würdest LG. TimeWG.
Hello, nous somme un serveur axé csgo mais qui comment le multi gaming pour rassemblé des coomu , nous avions stoppé le projet mais AUJOURD HUI 28/03/2020 Nous repartons avec de la Hype et nous cherchons du sang neuf pour le serveur , nous recrutons également des modérateurs fin , tout est expliquer sur discord alors ramene toi ;)

Нас довольно, мало но у нас круто! У нас отзывчивая администрация, добрые админы и куча интересных дел. Например, вы сможете послушать музыку или поиграть в игры прямо на сервере. Присоединяйся, всем будем рады!
Hi all! Our goal is to create a place where you can make friends, play games, and hang out. We want our members to be active and feel involved in the server. We love meeting new people and having more friends to game with. Join us today!

Nous sommes fiers de vous inviter sur notre serveur : Gamers Room

Tel que son nom l’indique, Gamers Room est originellement un serveur gaming, cependant depuis ses un an d’existence beaucoup de choses ont changées. Ensemble nous avons créé une communauté unique composée de joueurs, d’artistes, de développeurs et même de créateurs de contenu tels que des streamers.

Nous avons une communauté en constante expansion, et le serveur est régulièrement mis à jour.

Alors vous vous demanderez peut être quels sont les critères pour pouvoir rejoindre le serveur ?
Et bien bonne nouvelle, tout le monde est le bienvenue ici peut importe ton âge, ton sexe, ou bien même ta nationalité, le plus important sur Gamers Room c’est l’amitié et la convivialité

Cependant tout membre néfaste par son comportement sera banni, après tout personne n’aime le chaos, ou des insultes dans son salon vocal ou textuel

Sur Gamers Room nous encourageons la diversité, donc n’aillez crainte de partager votre art, votre skill, ou bien même votre contenu même si vous être un débutant, après tout nous avons tous commencé quelque part.

Votre avis compte beaucoup pour nous et nous sommes toujours à votre écoute, la tyrannie du staff n’existe pas ici ! Et si vous avez besoin d’aide pour vous améliorer sur un jeu, en montage, ou en technique nous, la communauté serons là pour vous aider quand nous le pouvons !

En tout cas je souhaiterai vous remercier pour le temps que vous nous avez accordé en lisant notre invitation

À bientôt sur Gamers Room

Le Staff de Gamers Room.
random meme server, we got popcorn, soda, chips, takis, talk about anything really, just chill vibes, we’re looking for new members!

feel free to join my community server if you want snack squad
Welcome to the PairsOfTwoSocks Twitch community discord! We are a warm and welcoming server looking for new active members to brighten up the place! Shitposting and art sharing is welcome!! Please read rules to gain access.<3