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Hey Leute ;)
Wir sind der Entity_White Discord Server!
Wir sind eine Deutsche Gaming Community. Wir sind genauso wie ihr begeisterte Gamer, deswegen haben wir für euch den perfekten Server! Unter *ZWEI* Musikbots haben wir auch ein Rangsystem, Gaming Sparchchannels für viele Spiele und regelmäßige Events!

Ebenfalls besitzen wir einen YouTube/Twitch Rang, für die Leute die sich in der Öffentlichkeit Zuhause fühlen.

Wir sind sehr Partnerfreundlich!
Das heißt wir schließen gerne auch mit euren Servern eine Partnerschaft ab.

Jetzt aber rauf auf den Server, das ganze schreiben tut weh!
We are a pokecord playing community with other bots like wolfia to keep us company. We host regular giveaways and we have invite rewards. We have a working gym system and are hold many events! We also have friendly staff and a active community! Join us today!
welcome to my (NEW) server , the old one has been banned :( in my server you can find FORTNITE CHEATS SEASON 8 and SPOOFERS , APEX LEGENDS CHEATS , CSGO CHEATS , PUBG CHEATS and much more . :)
join us . THIS IS A NEW SERVER . I wish you all a very nice time in my server . <3
If you're a gamer, but like you're also a slut, bo ydo we have the server for you. 18+ only though.
• Introduction:
Global Community for PRO Gamers (G.C.P.G.) officially born on 13/09/2017 as a group, precisely for gamers. Each of you, professional or not in the videogame world, but united by the passion of videogames in general, is invited to join the official server:
• Server's bureaucratically organization:
- Multilanguage support. ✔️
- Organized giveaways. ✔️
- Discord servers' owners,YouTubers and Twitch streamers cooperation. ✔️
Gametester Community gibt seit 2001. Steam-Kurator und mehr.
Besucht uns:
Gewinnspiele (Steam Key Gifts), Events, Spiele-Empfehlungen, Film-Empfehlungen uvm.
A newly made server that will expand in the future and adding a new game by time, join and enjoy your time!
Wir sind ein deutscher Server und bieten Unterhaltung und Austausch über alle möglichen Themen und Dinge. Verbring deine Zeit vor dem Handy nicht nur mit Singleplayer Spielen sondern treffe deine Freunde online auf dem Server.
Für Personen die gerne ihre Spiele aufnehmen und hochladen haben wir einen separaten Bereich.
Ihr könnt auch mit uns eine Partnerschaft schließen wenn ihr wollt.
Schreibt uns einfach an
Besuch uns doch einfach selber und bilde dir eine Meinung.
Welcome to the official ✨Fabulous✨discord! Here you can discuss all content as you wish, Anime, Steven Universe, Smash bros, Memes, anything goes! If you need anything from the mods, please ask for us by @ ✨Empress✨, @ Admiral, @ Commander, @ Captain, or @ Moderator
You can see what each channel is for in the channel description at the top of the window. And don’t forget suggestions are welcome!


- No personal attacks or harassment. If you are just joking, that's fine, but do remember the Golden Rules: Racism/sexism/anyisms will not be tolerated.
- No spamming in the voice or text channels.
- Keep drama in dms.
- Do not post NSFW content of any kind in any other channel other than Specified NSFW ones.
- (For admins or other high-ranks) Abuse of power is not tolerated. In order to become an admin you have to show skills of responsibility, know your main tasks in the server, and wait for an application to be released.
-If you would like to join the steven universe channel head to # assignable-roles and press @💠DA💠 (Diamond authority). Doing so will give you that role and give you access to the Channel.
-A Smash ultimate bot is under production here! And a role system is being set up.
-If you do not want to see anything nsfw related ask an admin or go to # assignable-roles and press “no nsfw” the role @Priests will be given to you (note you will lose access to the nsfw channels with this role).





AlphaInfernus is a server based on gaming, we have a great community and I am sure you will enjoy in the server. The server is new but has already become so stable. We have kewl bots to play with, nice members to talk with, great staff to assist, and many creative channels. See you in the server then.
- Музыкальный боты.
- Русскоязычное и не только сообщество для всех кто хочет поиграть или общаться.
- Хорошая администрация. - Возможность предложить идею для роли или улучшение сервера.
Hi guys! Join the new community: Anthem! You can find new friends,or relax, and find people to game with.
Wir sind eine große deutschsprachige Gaming Community, die oft zusammen spielt. Dank unseres innovativem Bot können wir Spiele zuteilen indem ihr diese in eurem Status anzeigen lässt. Täglich sind mehrere Nutzer im Voicechannel und Chataktivität ist vorhanden! Wir sind Teil des Multicord-Servernetzwerkes!
Come join my ANIMALJAM Discord Chat group:

Animaljam-trade is usually the most active because people mostly come here for trades. Players always make their own giveaways so come join! We had tons of spikes, den betas, etc. given away. Tons. There are also text channels where you can talk about other games like chickensmoothie, transformice, flight rising, etc. There's much more, come join and check it out!
Hi, and welcome to the official NoobGamer server.

This server is filled with a lot of retards, including myself. Retarded or not, we have a lot of fun conversations that go from serious to weird in no time (trust me on this). Oh and also, you probably get a weird nickname based on your actions... enjoy!
Nintendo event oriented server! Weekly and monthly events! Fun, chill environment! Very large and active server with over 2800 members!
Just a small growing community wanting to socialise and play games together. Looking for new faces to join the fun. We take pride in keeping an active, somewhat moderated chat, with friendly staff. Join now! :)
This server is primarily for the Demonetized and Dangerous Youtube and Twitch channel. However, even if you have no interest in the channels, feel free to join.
Hello and welcome to the [Anime Nation], the serious anime discord where we discuss anime. We have a range of activities including giveaways, events, there are also prizes to be won. Join us, and have the best time! We look forward to meeting you!
Wanna meet new people? We are all happy, sad, depressed lil humans, go and chill with us! -There are alot of German guys, but the main language is eng. so dw


we have:

- multiple voice-chats
- e-girls :D
- awesome mods!
- seperated channels