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American Civil War II takes place in an alternate history. The branching point of our history begins on October 26, 2001, when then-President George W. Bush signed into act the Vanguard Act, which essentially gave federal investigative agencies (such as the FBI, NSA, and the DEA) carte blanche when they were combating “terrorists.” Federal agents were given the authority to surveill freely as long as they could claim that the subject of their investigation was suspected of being a terrorist. Officially, terrorists were defined as “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” Internally, these agencies were allowed to investigate anyone who could influence the population, including journalists, celebrities, politicians, and ordinary citizens.
Welcome To Roblox Hangout!😁 We have a very friendly community and staff. We are currently a small community but growing everyday! Come join and make some friends to play some games with!

-Interactive bots
- Friendly community😋
- 24/7 Staff❄️
- Auto Roles❄️
- The more your active the more you level up!❄️
- Find people to play games with!❄️
- Chill music channel❄️
- Hiring staff!👮‍♂️
This is a pokecord catching server, welcome mini mimikyu’s!
Hello There,
Join our new Roleplay server.
METRA HUMANS RP is a sci-fi High School roleplay server for roleplayers to meet, interact together,roleplay together Plus you can:
▶Create a custom character
▶Create a storyline for your character.
▶Realtime Chat Roleplays!
▶Neat chat credits and role customization!
And much more...

A completely fresh new sci-fi & School rp server!
New features added weekly/monthly.

Join the Discord Server & roleplay with new people!
A server primarily dedicated to spreading the love of LEGO games! Alongside this, we do gaming events for other games like HOI4 and Minecraft.
Do you love Kirby? Come join for some Kurb channels
Once, many seasons ago, there were five Clans: SparrowClan, BirchClan, DarkClan, SnowClan, and MoonClan. They lived in war and fought for every piece of prey and every paw step of territory. So, the founders of the Clans, Sparrowstar, Birchstar, Darkstar, Snowstar, and Moonstar, made a pact. They swore that they would only fight if they needed to. Now, decades after, Twolegs came, capturing and selling the Clan cats. MoonClan was the first to die. The other Clan cats grew afraid. DarkClan closed its borders, BirchClan urged that they should leave the territories. SparrowClan and SnowClan started fighting back. What path will you take in these dangerous times?
If you see anyone with powers beyond the human body please report them to the P.C.F. and they will deal with it.

-Welcome to the P.C.F-
The roleplay server for people who like having powers,
or want to be a criminal and lead attacks,
or just want to rp with some nice people
Elder Scrolls Warriors is a gaming community server on Discord that is dedicated to the Elder Scrolls series From their first game Arena to Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda Gaming Studios has gained many fans. This community is where we can talk about the games and just chat. You don’t have to be a fan of the games to join; however, I recommend you now a basic knowledge of the games. If you want to chat with people who love the Elder Scrolls series or just chat with other gamers, this server is for you. We accept members every day!
In the land of Chrysanthemum (cry/San/ theh/ mum), Yggdrasil, the world tree stands strong. In three levels: Muspelheim, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim. Between each plane is a hub world called Path Verden and they are all connected by portals. The Queen, a powerful tyrant threatens these planes. Going through each realm on quests, dungeons, and a final boss fight grants you badges that lead you to the next realm. You, must rise through the ranks as an adventurer with the help of others or by yourself, defeat the Queen and restore order to the realms. With classic and new inspiration straight from Dungeons and dragons, the experience is grand and expanding, join the fight and become a legend.
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
We have pokecord users and gym to prove yourselves. We even use arcade games for those who dont like action
We have war robots and battle royal channels
Welcome to the official xEmity Discord channel. Immediate updates on when I upload, friendly staff and fun community.
Hope you join :)
This is a safe server! It is still small but hopefully it will grow. This server is for Animal Jam players and artists.
This is a fun roleplay server that would like to fit the player's needs. We currently have an opening for admins in the server. This is somewhat like dnd but it technically isn't we try to make it more simple for everyone to enjoy. With that hope you will join us!
This is a save the world community looking to help you on your journey
Welcome to join an growing Military-Styled roleplay server! To join the server, you have to be +18. We are looking for new active members to join the server!

Our server includes:

-Different factions
-Helpful and friendly staff
-NSFW and SFW roleplay.

Currently also looking for trustworthy faction moderators.
Ouverture du serveur français sur Kingdom Hearts ! Le thème principal est KH mais c'est aussi pour parler d'animes et mangas !

TOUT NOUVEAU SERVEUR ! Venez nombreux les amiiiiiis ! Pour l'instant on est encore très peu !
Dear Lord or Lady,
You are Cordially invited to the amazing Fantasy Roleplay “World of Marin!”
Adventure is to be had!

If you're looking for a literate and fresh RP, this one is definitely for you. We request that you create your own OC for this roleplay.

Although it is easy to join, you need to create a bio for your character! A faceclaim, while not strictly needed, is recommended. Interested in learning more? There are many sources to find information! World of Marin has been around for a few years, and we boast a variety of outlets to help you get your bearings. We also have a Lore Room, and although most of the information there isn’t to your ability to Roleplay with us, it’ll certainly help you get a feel for the chat!

You might have recognized us from Chatzy. We are relatively new to discord, but are hosting the same world.

We can't wait to see you.

As always, enjoy!

Hello! this is one of the new until dawn servers here to roleplay. This is oc-friendly and you could become a wendigo or be one of the teens! see you at the blackwood mountain!
Hey guys, DragonMC is currently a Skyblock server where you guys can come and hang out. The server is still under maintenance but release is coming soon!! We also have paypal INVITE REWARDS!! That's right. By inviting people you guys can earn Money via PayPal!!
This is a Anime rpg roleplay server so if you join have fun!
Le RP Braillards de Jerall est un serveur roleplay naissant tournant autour de l'univers des Elder Scrolls.

Se déroulant en 4E207, 6 ans après les événements du légendaire The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, vous pourrez découvrir un serveur RP bien géré, avec une communauté très agréable et accueillante.

Vous pourrez choisir créer votre personnage de A à Z ! Votre classe, votre caractère.

Vous pourrez voyager dans toutes les contrées de Tamriel, sans limites, et même au delà : Akavir, Pyandonée, ou même un plan d'Oblivion !

Toute votre imagination sera sollicitée, vous pourrez sans problème créer votre propre arc narratif ! Votre histoire !

Le RP est très libre, on vous laissera quasiment faire ce que vous voulez, tant que c'est bien fait, et on peut aussi faire des entorses au canon pour quelques détails, ce n'est pas problématique. Et même si vous ne voulez pas participer, vous pouvez sans problème venir en spectateur !