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On the day calamity Ganon was sealed away, Hyrule too, was sealed, and died, in a way. This rose the kingdom of New Hyrule: established by the princess turned queen; there is much to do and see in this imaging of what Hyrule would look like after the events of Breath of the wild. Create an Oc, and explore the kingdom in all of its greatness, or play as one of the many important characters such as, the champions, the royal guard, or even the regrouped Yiga clan! Participate in event that’s outcome is entirely decided by players, form a guild so your name is forever known across the land, and hunt down wanted players for a chance to earn a sweet prize!

Anything is possible in New Hyrule!
In a continent where skirmishes from wars that are waged daily are common and countries either make or break their economies on war; travelers, adventurers, and merchants alike all try to live their lives through these hard times of turmoil. Illicia is a medieval fantasy roleplay server based on the continent of Izhor, Izhor has six countries on it’s borders with one being underwater and another on a small island not far from the mainland, the four mainland countries all have different terrain from the thick forests and mountains from the north, to freezing dark areas on the east, a paradise on the south, and never ending plains that separates it all where the war is running rampart. How would you: an adventurer, traveler, merchant, priest, or farmer live your life on Izhor? And how would you be remembered by those who mean a lot to you?

¬ERP-free. ERP is to be kept at DMs.

¬A new and developing server with experienced staff.

¬Friendly and always expanding lore with exciting geography that highlights every race.

¬Race submissions are allowed.

¬A long thought about combat system.

¬Welcoming to new Rp-ers and experienced ones.
A server for the free browser game Hero Land. A game where you can play as over 100 heroes.
Hey, you!
I see you're looking for a cool and awesome LiS server to join right?
Well, i wanna welcome you to the VORTEX CLUB!

We are a Life is Strange server with 150+ members. We usually talk about LiS of course. Ya know BtS (no not the kpop group) but Before the Storm. And of course LiS 2! We talk about each season of Life is Strange and discuss about your favorite characters, soundtracks, the wildest theories for LiS 2 and much more!

We also have a regular schedule with activities for everyone to take part in. Moreover we have a leveling system and the more active you are, the better your role will be. Additionally we also have lots of bots that you can play with for your entertainment.

We support everyone in our community and the LGBT part is very important to us. So feel free to chat with all of us!
👋Welcome to the Cities of Solstice! This is a BRAND NEW, kingdom based roleplay, where you can roleplay as an oc with special powers! You can join factions, become a literal god, make a character in one of the five classes, and much more!
There are three factions to choose from- the kind Maroliam, the vicious Skarak, and the lustrous capital of Solstice!

The factions lived together in harmony, trading and combating each other to sharpen their swords and gain experience.
But there was once a fourth faction, who dominated the cities of Solstice with an iron fist. But a strange force had swept the city, wiping out the dominating faction in a wave of uncontrollable fire.
The city of Solstice quickly snatched power at their downfall, using their great numbers to seal the force away for thousands of years.
But still, the force stirrs. Roused. Hungry for vengeance.

🌟What we Offer🌟
-Lots of different roles and unique powers to roleplay as!🔱
-Organized roleplay channels and active role players!✅
-A friendly, non-toxic environment, who will be there to support you!
-Rich and extensive lore!📖
-Many fun bots to play with, and a future currency system!📀
-And so much more!💕
We’re excited to see you here!
Welcome to Pasta Pirates! We're a group of pirates that specialize in ruining a skeletons day. We're pretty laid back, but looking for active members. We take on skull forts, ghost ships, megalodons, and we run Tall Tales. Come join our family and sail the seas with us!
Hey terraria players! There is a new server for terraria called terraria noobs. We are a server about playing terraria and mainly helping out newer players. If you are a newer player, there are tips available and if you have trouble with something (In the server,) you can contact any staff members and they will take care of it.
Welcome to A Magi's Will!

This is a anime game studio based off of the show Magi!

This is a non toxic anime community.

We have many fun stuff here such as:

:confetti_ball: Custom clothes!
:confetti_ball: Custom Weapons!
:confetti_ball: Magic
:confetti_ball: Human & Mages

And so much more!

Join the link below to get started!
Ark Nomads :
We are a new group of people who play on pvp servers and who like to play with very few people and wanna stay low profile .We build small but in several places. We will have certain people to do certain things so if ur good at something and wanna specialize in that feel free . We will do raids and such but to an extent. So if ur a chill person whos looking for a small group of people to play with pm me for a discord invite.

Looking for server
looking for active players
Looking for fun people
must have a mic
not to serious , just trying to have fun
A save the world trading server thays gonna become the most famous server you dont wanna be missed on all the everyday giveaways do you join now and become a member of Diamond Trading
Server para jugar minecraft mientras esperamos a Gumih y Kohai que se perdieron en la cordillera de los andes y tienen mucho frio.
AstralClan is both the home and the resting place of the Intuitive and Intelligible Warriors.Their leader, CavernStar is a kind and fair leader who takes all matters into consideration. AstralClan's unique warriors really define what it means to have a family. With Warriors that are as energetic as kits, to Warriors as wise as the Great Oak, AstralClan is full of skillful cats who are goal-driven and proud to be a part of the future.

You're free to Choose to be a Kit Apprentice Warrior Elder
The Warrior life not for you? We gotcha covered. You're free to Choose to be: a Rouge, Loner, or a Kittypet. The best part: They all have territory to reside in peacefully... OR TAKE OVER FORCEFULLY!!

-Fair and caring Administration (unless you're Thor)
-Very open to suggestions and ways to improve the server and storylines
-Automatic role assigning
-Leveling roles
-Your favorite storytelling guide Dyno
-Fun bots
-Music bots
-Life Advice
- And the Infamous Blackpaw
Welcome to the TWD: Chronicles, a canon RP server. In this server we're set in a separate universe which includes all the canon TWDG characters dead and alive. In our version, we're picking up the stories that these survivors hand and expanding upon them as if none of them died. You will be able to take a role in being any TWDG character you like as long as the spot is open and even customize them to a degree. Feel free to use your own age as well as some distinctive qualities while remaining true to the characters. Our goal here is to see what alternate stories we could make with the main cast of the TWDG and have some fun along the way seeing what relationships can blossom. Feel free to experiment with plots as well as settlements and other areas as the RP is based on a fluid system. We hope you enjoy your time here and have fun making friends and surviving in the cruel corpse roamed world.
We aren't inexperienced when it comes to running game servers. We have 10 years of experience, developers, staff, designers and are currently waiting for more info on the game.

Our network will include some popular game modes including a never before seen game mode that will be announced soon!

Unique Server Features:
- Frequent giveaways
- Server events
- Active and helpful community
A pokecord server where you can hang out with people Maybe if your bored you can take on a gym. If you have no pokemon to fight leave one at the daycare. Use bot commands with dank memer if your waiting for pokemon spawns. Listen to music and relax
.•✯ Yoshi’s Paradise ✯•.

✯ Yoshi’s paradise is place for all Yoshi fans! Whether you’ve played all the games or none at all you are welcome here! This is a server based on making friends and discussing Nintendo games, mainly Yoshi but anything Nintendo is also accepted!

We have:

✯ Self-assign roles and coloured roles!
✯ Music and Voice Chat channels!
✯ Generally conversation along with more specific Nintendo and Yoshi channels!
✯ Friendly people and helpful staff!
✯ Along with much more left to be added!
We are a server that has a nice community that is always ready to play games and just talk. We have a leveling system that you can gain roles from. We also have a bunch of bots!
Minecraft non-op prison server in development with unique plugins and builds with active staff and a friendly community
Bienvenue dans le monde d'Olunys, un monde médiéval fantastique basé sur les animes comme Dan Machi, Log Horizon ou encore SAO, pas d’arme à feu ou sabre laser hélas mais un univers remplit d’aventures et d’intrigues des plus passionnantes.
🔆Join the Ohana Expedition Society!🔆

We are a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon roleplaying server that's starting back up after years of roleplaying on Google Plus. We accept all kinds of roleplayers, new or old! Join now to live as a Pokemon, create your own story, and explore a dangerous world.

We offer:
• A friendly and safe community to be yourself in
• Active roleplayers and staff members
• Story arcs and expeditions
• A leveling system with amazing rewards
• Several different discussion channels to get to know people

...and more! Join today!