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Bienvenue sur le serveur Zelda ocarina of time et majora's mask. Ici vous pourrez poster vos glitchs, bugs sur Zelda ocarina of time et majora's mask que ce soit sur Nintendo 64 ou 3ds/2ds. Vous pourrez aussi parler du jeu si vous avez besoin d'aide ou faire des théories.
Si vous aimez jouer à Zelda ocarina of time et majora's mask ou faire des bugs sur ce jeux, ce serveur est fait pour vous :). Et découvrez les émojis du serveurs :3.
Come join if your a fan of the game Bully or canis canem edit for some people.Or if you like rockstar games in general.
The year is 3045, and the robot invasion is over and it’s time to rebuild the world, even though it won’t be the same but we can try to make it better for the future generations to come. There are some people that want to rebel against the ruler and want to rebuild the world and there are others that are trying to keep it the way it is. But little did they know some big event will change their lives forever.
''••••• ⛏️ Survival Miners ⛏️•••••''

''Welcome to Survival Miners. We are a new Minecraft network. We are currently Looking for staff to make development go faster. The Minecraft server is still under development. We don't have a set release date for BETA testing just yet. We are very close to releasing the server for BETA testing JOIN NOW SO YOU DON'T MISS IT!! ''
Minecrafters - развивающийся ламповый сервер по Minecraft, играем с TLauncher :]
Have you ever wanted to be teleported to another world? Have you ever wanted a fresh new start in life?

Well, this server is exactly what you wanted.

Welcome to "Another World", a fresh new start that YOU want to be apart of. Believe me, you'll love it here, you'll create a character here and you'll roleplay here. Like I said, this server is your fresh new start in another world :D!
Heyheyhey! If you play Roblox, or especially played Pokemon: Brick Bronze, you should totally join this server! Loomian Legacy is a game made by tbradm and Lando6400, and all rights belong to them!
Hello! This is the discord of an uprising pixelmon server that will be releasing into beta soon and I'd like for the community to get larger. With our server, we're going to provide an adventure that you'll never forget with challenges that you can't accomplish until you get online and try. :D
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
Это Унитарная Правовая Демократическая Республика Анантасия. Здесь ты сможешь стать екм угодно: президентом, политиком, гос.служущим-вобщем, кем захочешь!
Wir von German Smash Bros Community sind ein Discord Server im Aufbau. Wir schätzen höflichen Umgang, Sympathie und Teamwork! Hier ist für alle Smash Fans was zu haben ;D! Da wir noch im Aufbau sind, halten sich die Spielerzahlen zurzeit in Grenzen, aber du kannst uns helfen, dies zu ändern! :D
Schau doch vorbei! :3
LG Crow
Welcome to the server of the console community! This server is friendly and allows players to interact with each other to play minecraft or any other game. This is a chill community so don’t take anything offensive, a little toxic.
This server is slowly growing
The Server Is Slowly Developing
Please Read Rules, but it’s barely anything you need to worry about.
U-PvP Network provides many types of Minecraft game modes. Join our game server at 19132.
Join our discord to chat with players, staff and get informed of new events.
We provide unlegit services for GTAV (PC)
◼ Free and frequent drop lobbys
◼ Cheap recovery's
◼ Honest info pages about modding
◼ Frequent Giveaways
◼ Friendly staff & community
◼ and much more...
Take a peek, its free after all ;)

Game Support, boosting the GTA V (PC) experience!
A server for the free browser game Hero Land. A game where you can play as over 100 heroes.
This server holds the title as one of Discord's leading fanmade community forums for the Llama Train Studio's Loomian Legacy, the official sequel of the now cancelled "version", Brick Bronze.

(For more information about the game, please visit the official Llama Train Studio Twitter page:

As you may have already suspected, our server is mostly used for the pleasure of safely mingling with fellow fans of the game as we all assist one another throughout our long and exciting journey as Loomian Trainers through the unpredictable and open region of Roria by supplying mostly prominent trade offers and other in-game assistances. It is also used as a classic Discord server hangout. One full of fun bots and freely hosted giveaway events.

Our server is equipped with the simple and reliable Roblox-Discord bot, RoVer. It holds the duty of keeping all of the server members at a very limited access to our server's public channels until they have verified their personal Roblox accounts. After their accounts are verified, they automatically gain the verified Trainers role and immediately gain permissions to access the server's public channels. Occasionally, we have the server deeply cleaned and along the process we may kick any extra unverified members from our server. Every part of this system is meant to help gurantee that our community is safe and limited from random Discord users. Additionally, it makes the virtual chat-place much more comfortable for all of our members as it helps them to stay mostly on topic of the game.

We are confidently guarded by moderately pronounced rules that are meant to ensure that our community forum remains the #1 most reliable place it's expected to be. Upon joining the server, all members are messaged privately to be reminded to read over the rules for a first time and that they must be careful to avoid certain punishments as more rules can be added according to what must be kept under control as time goes along.

We expect all of our members to get the server's name out into the open to more fans of Loomian Legacy (since the server is mainly a self-reliant fanbase) by giving them all a huge "shove of encouragement"... a little prize for reaching a certain amount of invites. ^^

Hopefully this server interests anyone enough to make them join and contribute to our guild of reliant members and afterwards, possibly leave a supportive review down below!
A roleplaying server based on the famous harry potter server. Join a house and earn house points or be a professor and teach classes.
We are a new LiS discord looking to welcome new and old fans of Life is Strange. I know there are already a few good servers established already, and we appreciate any new users that decide to make this server their LiS home. We are open for suggestions to make this as comfortable, and stress/drama free server as possible.
Join Outward Discord.

Hello adventurers,
We are enthusiastic and share this game server with you.

Outward is an open-world RPG where the cold of the night or an infected wound can be as dangerous as a predator lurking in the dark. Explore the vast world of Aurai, embark on memorable adventures alone or with your friends.
This server is for Ark Survival Evolved on mobile. However we also invite PC and console players to but the focus is mainly on the mobile version as not much attention is drawn to it till now. You dont need a tribe, but if you're in one custom roles are available show what tribes you're in and servers (mobile only).
This is a group for roblox shinobi story, we aim to be growing as a community and as people. Shinobi story is a game with many features and concepts that are strongly based of naruto. Some concepts are non cannon such as sage modes etc. So if you play roblox and would like to join the group feel free to.
Hello there to the people who's reading this I am one of the owners of "KoZak™" And we are a RP(roleplay) server, if your interested we have everything for you or if your new no worries on not knowing how to RP we have stuff that can help you out!
My official tag-
Doggo Man#0143
Thank you for reading and have a good day!
Bonjour, j'ai crée un serveur **" Minecraft - FRANCE "** pour toutes les plateformes
Ensemble, nous essayons de faire une grande communauté de joueurs Français pour profiter un max de ce jeu !

Ici **pas d'incivilité, pas de gamineries, pas d'embrouilles,** je ferais le tris ça sera peut être radical mais il le faut pour garder que les gens respectables.

Je veux une **belle communauté** remplie de gens **cools sympas** des gens comme vous hihi

Dans ce serveur il y a tout ce qu'il faut pour **progresser**, faire tes defis et monter une **équipe** sur Fortnite !

__**Il y en a pour tous les gouts !**__

**1 )** Du Mode Survie
**2 )** Du Mode Créatif
**3 )** Des quiz pour améliorer ta culture générale
**4 )** Des autoroles pour plus de facilité d'accès
**5 )** De la musique pour se divertir
**6 )** Des niveaux personnalisés :
**7 )** Des Giveway

Alors qu'attendez vous ? Rejoindrez & venez vous amuser !