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Welcome to The Little Ghibli Club, a cgl server for all ages! Our aesthetic mainly focuses on Studio Ghibli, but cgl fans of all anime/communities are welcome to join! This is a completely sfw server for those who are under the age of 18, and verification is required in order to access any nsfw channels. We're brand new, so we're looking for new friends as well as new partners!
╚═════ °❀•°❁°•❀°═════╝

°❀•°ωнαт ωє нανє тσ σffєя°•❀°

❁•≫ over 60 self-assignable roles as well as color roles, and possibly more to come

❁•≫ a kind welcoming staff here to prevent toxicity and promote kindness

❁•≫ many bots to play with, including pokecord and tatsumaki

❁•≫ looking chats for caregivers and littles who are in the dating scene

❁•≫ nsfw channels for our 18+ members

❁•≫ media channels to share your creative work, such as art, music and writing

❁•≫ a separate lounge aside from the general chat for those who like a slower-paced conversation

❁•≫ levels to track your activity in the server

❁•≫ events such as storytime vc and movie nights, as well as serverwide contests

╔═════ °❀•°❁°•❀°═════╗
Because the server is so new, we ask that you please be patient with us, and let us know if there are any bugs or mistakes. We want to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for you all! See you soon~
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A friendly Discord community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and you can converse with your fellow Welcome to Night Vale fans. Share your artwork, writing, theories, and your deepest conscious, subconscious, and unconscious fears. And ships. This is a Spoiler-Safe server (meaning there are specified spoiler channels) so all are welcome!
this server is dedicated to camila cabello and all her recent accomplishments in her career. this server allows everyone to communicate with each other and have a fun time all around.

founded on 7/1/19 by baylei, chase, and nila.
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Our server is a growing community filled with many people with the intention on being a fun environment. Join and use cool bots and meet our great staff and welcoming friends❤❤
Role play server based off jojo's bizarre adventure parts 1-6 set in 2019 New York and Morioh!
-no canon chars
-Custom stands allowed
-almost all canon stands allowed
-hamon zombies ghosts and cyborgs allowed
-has paisley park a bot specifically for jojo
-active rp community
-spoiler free general chat
-quality meme channels
**__When The Clock Strikes__ - __Lore__**
You are doing your everyday modern life stuff but the next door you open seems to be leading somewhere else. If you try another door it will go to the same place. You can hear a buzz from old lightbulbs coming from within and in your sights you see gears, pipes, and other steampunk like stuff. Once you go in you notice you are in a hallway full of doors which are of many different shapes and sizes even ones that aren't on the walls! When the clock strikes 8 you will feel a surge through your body and next thing you will know you will have been changed by this house into a thing of fantasy which includes powers, changes to the body and more! If you look for an escape to this place you will find non. Will you find the answers through the works of this house of keys or will you try escaping the house into the unknown lands outside of it. Come join us in this steampunk server!

**What You Will Find In This Server**
1. A welcoming staff team who is willing to help you with your character and their developement!
2. A small group of active roleplayers! (New server)
3. Many genres of roleplay in one which all connects to the secret lore which you can discover!
4. Events! Many kind of styles!
5. Organized server which is not too overwhelming and not too underwhelming!

**What Era Is It?** Modern till you enter the door then you enter into a Steampunk Universe!
**What Are The Races?** Human until you go to the house of keys then the possibilities are great!
**Will there be combat?** You can choose to combat if you want but its not a necessity.
**Are there any gods?** No, this is a god free universe!
**Is the world building still progressing?** Yes! The world is still growing and you can help be a part of that!
come join Cha Cha Real Smooth! We are a small sever that hopes to grow. Age range is 14 to 26
We’ve got:
tons of Bots
Good Staff
Non toxic community
Self Roles
And other stuff
(new server so please bear with us)
⤶✗Hey there, Welcome to Strip N Dip✗⤷
This is a super wild server in discord!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

➼Here you’re able to chat and make friends. Maybe finding someone who you can relate to here. We’re all chill and friendly with each other. Pop in with a hello and we’ll greet you back with open arms.

·˚ ༘ ┊͙ *How is our server different?* ┊͙ ༘ ˚·

➼Well we make sure everyone is safe and nothing harmful hurts anyone. We really care about our members so please report to an owner/admin/mod with any issues.

·˚ ༘ ┊͙ *Why should join you join us?* ┊͙ ༘ ˚·

➼I mean, who doesnt want to be around nice people? Our server is friendly and so is our commitment to helping you with whatever you need. We have your back.
Come show who you truly are c; and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed. ₊˚.༄ ೃ
A server where sugar daddies and sugar babies alike can find new partners and chat.
Let your inner self out, one of the best servers for making friends!
Find the e-boy and e-girl of your dreams ;)
The community has dark humor and its got just the right amount of toxicity to it!
Super chill community and very active.
18+ is allowed but servers meant for teenagers
Pedo's will be banned
Welcome to NoVA
We are a group of Gamers here to partake in the competitive community! We usually partake in Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, Rocket League, and Other Games. We are also here for our community to gather around and have fun.

What does NoVA stand for?
Not only Virtual Alliance! To represent we are not only friends Virtually, but realistically we are all here to be friends and enjoy gaming just like any other group.

What games does NoVA currently partake in?
NoVA Partakes in many different games, and we're willing to expand in to more various games! The current games we partake in, you may find in the #roles chat! if you feel we should expand in to a different game, feel free to go to #bot-commands and type '-suggest <suggestion>' ! People will then vote on your suggestion.
This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition one-shot server.
This city is a hot spot for adventurers. Other cities and places send quest notices here to hire brave people to help them out. Jobs as simple as bodyguarding someone and as difficult as saving entire worlds from destruction! We hope you enjoy your stay and find whatever you seek.
Welcome to Flairs of the Hidden, a warrior cats based rp set in a fantasy world of magic!
Live and explore in a wondrous land, make new friends, discover secrets!
Join Thicketclan, Stormclan, Heatherclan, or Shinningclan! Become a great warrior, a wise shaman, or even a powerful leader!
Some features include:
- Fun bots to play with including a shop you can use to buy perks for your character!
- A very lgbtq+ friendly community
- High ranks open!
- Magic powers!
This rp is very new and a work in progress, but we look forward to growing and becoming even greater with you!
This universe has been in a apociliptic state for as long as anyone can remember. The humans scavanged to survive untill the rise of the two main tribes. If you weren't killed by one you joined one. There's still some people who prefer to fend for themselves and their families. These small groups are hunted, never able to stay in one place for long. An allegiance between the two tribes was never made, and the warriors of each are trained to put any member of the other down on sight.

The tribes aren't the only problem here, as safe food and water are hard to come by. Hunting parties are sent out often but game is few. Rations are in high demand.
Minimal age: 16+
Femboy/Trap discord server
We welcome Traps, Femboys, Transgirls, and people who admire them.
Ofc we are open to anyone.
User NSFW channels (including thighs) and giveaways.
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Dreamers █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
The server for the wholesome people!


`-Decently active server.`
`-Very chill, relaxing, and accepting.`
`-The most wholesome server you have ever seen.`
`-Age range anywhere from approx. 13-26.`
`-Regardless of your sexuality, race, or gender, you're accepted here.`
`-Many cool benefits for those who level up!`
`-A good amount of channels.`
`-Music, gaming, memes, anime, event nights~`
`-Just good old chit chat. Lounges and VC both equally active.`
`-People that genuinely care about you and go out of their way.`
`-This is a wholesome friendly server so if you’re feeling lonely or down, you can come here and befriend us!`
From a land with magic now to a world without welcome to Storybrooke Mayor Mills has been waiting for new arrivals for sometime and we hope you enjoy your stay. We don't want any trouble around our beloved town our local residents have been in storybrooke all their life and no where else nothing out of the ordinary.

Hello Dearies you do have a chance to recover your memories of your past life but you must act like you have no idea on what goes on in Storybrooke. Mayor Mills may find ways of dealing with you or find out how you manged to escape her curse or find some way to recover them. Your on your own. Time is short dearie I better be on my way. Let's see if you can fulfil your destiny!

Remember All Magic Comes At A Price Dearies!
Servidor oficial do Zayn RPG - Monte sua guilda e lute contra adversarios
Looking for a fun roleplay server? Want to be a warewolf? Witch? Alien? Any creature? Then this is the server you are looking for if your 16 or older!

We offer roles like, student (for the creatures needing to be taught), professors (teachers), and adults (Just people there). Students go on missions outside to help people using their powers and abilities!
Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 600! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
Welcome to Camp Phantasm! This camp exists as a place for teens who are looking for a getaway for the summer! Come hang out with friends, away from parents, from school, from all the responsibilities of life! Camp is a place for you to truly be free, you're even allowed to explore the town!
What's a better way to make this more fun besides adding a little competition? Everyone joins one of three teams, either Team Andromeda, Team Nebula, or Team Cosmos. Compete against your friends in the occasional challenges for points, to see who wins at the end of the summer!
Interested in joining us for a fun filled summer? ! We'd love to have you here!