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the best server out there. unique, fun members! we are friendly and welcoming to all members... but we recommend that you are age 16 or older if you want to join and participate in the community. join us and check out all our cool stuff!
Сервер посвящен ютуб каналу "TECHNO TV" - профессиональный подбор комплектующих для компьютеров, аксессуаров, гаджетов и много всего. Буду рад помочь разобраться новичкам в компьютерном железе, так же подскажу оптимальную конфигурацию ПК для ваших задач. Основные игры в которые тут играют это War Thunder и FIFA 18.
🥀This server is named AIO because it is All In One.🥀
Everything you could possible want combined into one server.

What we have to offer:
>>Active Chats: Many active chats on many different topics.
>>Many Server Emojis: Lots of server emojis both moving and non-moving.
>>Entertainment Contests: and events to unlock certain roles and much more.
>>IRL Channels: Selfies, social media, etc.
>>NSFW: NSFW content in only certain NSFW channels
>> Anime: Some great anime channels for the anime lovers.
>>Very fast growing, the server is brand new and we are getting lots of new people that are joining, and loving it.
>>And much more: With much more coming, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

🍻Joining this server is a great way to meet new people and just honestly have fun, worst comes to worst you don’t like it and leave, but that most likely will not happen.🍻

🥀Feel free to join and meet some new people, and just have some fun. Thanks for reading, hope to see ya in the server!🥀
A fun chill server that welcomes new people 13+ of all kinds
We are an active community of online students. We also accept public, international, charter, and independent study students. We provide tutoring and a friendly community to socialize with. Educators and parents welcome!
We're a small, tight-knit book club who read and discuss books of all genres. Last month we read Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and we've just begun Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory. Our members come from all age groups and backgrounds. If you're interested come drop by and introduce yourself!
✧・゚: * absolute virgins *:・゚✧
hello! welcome to absolute
virgins, a server for you to
socialize with a bunch of
other people! we are fairly
nsfw and have a lot of dumb
conversations about random
shit. we also game together
at times and we have events
such as a server hangout on
stardew valley and such. come
we have:
✧ chill & friendly people
✧ amazing webhooks
✧ wholesome pups
✧ reddit memes
✧ lovely artists
✧ nsfw talk
✧ events
owner notes:
ann - talking in non-caps is
scientifically proven to get
you laid so do it please and
tato - i am sekcy
permanent invite:
We are the New Monarchy. We are a small community looking to create a friendly and an enjoyble enviroment for everyone! This community is to gather and find new friends or just to hang out and have a good conversation with each other.
Community of gamers and streamers
Home of aussies so try and not get offended ;)
For sharing great ideas and inventions with like-minded, friendly individuals in a kind, close community. A server for gamers, streamers, tech geeks and everyone in-between. We sport many chats and a variety of bots for your use and enjoyment. Looking for active members.
An Unfortunate Event is a server that welcomes all people out there. We do lean toward gaming, but we invite all people!

We are a family in here!

Lots of channels to chat in, music to listen to, and even things to catch o-o

Feel free to drop in and invite your mates! We are nice people :3
|──────[Camp Half-Blood: Reborn]──────|

HEY YOU! Yes, you! Are you a fan of Percy Jackson? Do you love making characters, but have nothing to do with them? Are you in need for some fantastic conversation with fellow fans? Then try out CAMP HALF-BLOOD: REBORN!

We have:

▸ A welcoming community, growing stronger with each day! We're all a bunch of friends looking to have fun, and we love new people!

▸ A well-made server with MANY roleplay channels to have fun in!

▸ An active and growing staff team and community that are there to help you with any questions or issues you may have!

▸A list of Greek gods and powers for demigod children that is true to the Percy Jackson books, with a few additions, and more to come!

▸ Any suggestions you may have will be taken into consideration and everyone will be listened to if they have any ideas that would help us as a server!

▸ Unique plots and creative stories that our roleplayers can tell!

▸Ships, combat, Roleplayer FAQ, and so much more!


Permanent Discord Invite -->

▬ The I W C is the home of our beloved
▬ Anime news Server and we are up to date
▬ and also a community for anyone
▬ that is looking for a fun place to hang out!
▬ Enjoy your stay in I W C!
▬ Do not forget to check our
▬ infomation category!
▬ What We Have? ▬

▬ Anime news
▬ Music
▬ Gaming
▬ Manga update
▬ Some meme
▬ International Chat
▬ Anime Pics
In this server, you get to:

1. Advertise your #blox_servers (Discord servers related to ROBLOX), #servers (Just normal Discord Servers), #roblox (ROBLOX Profile, Group, etc.) and #social_media.
2. Partner with us and we'll group your server member count in different categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Premium is only for Subscribers.
3. Just have a nice place to relax and chat with peoples. Join, it's an awesome server for chilling and chatting with some peoples!
4. Answer #polls and choose wisely!
5. Use our specifically-chosen bots, for example, use UnbelievaBoat's currency of our server!

Besides that, you can also:

- Meet ROBLOXians!
- Bond and forge friendships ;)
- Upload some memes
The Vinyl Alley is a server where anyone can listen to and share any music they want! In The Vinyl Alley, there are genre categorized music sharing folders for anyone to use. We also offer custom roles to anyone who asks for them, so you can make yourself feel at home.
General and Social K-pop server for Indonesians.

We are mainly focused Social NSFW content but we have a lot of SFW channels for gaming ect <3
Owner: @Xoey

What we have?
★Active Chat
★NSFW channels for everyone who is 18+
★A good mix of NSFW and SFW channels <3
★RP And ERP channels to fill your desires <3
★Lots of self roles and level roles!
★All kinds of topics to talk with members about
An 18+ server

Active and Rapidly Growing Community
Custom role colors, level roles, and self assignable roles
Music, Game and Economy Bots
Many NSFW Sections, for all kinks!
Art, Photography, Sefies, Memes...and much more
Events & Giveaways
Project HONEY - небольшой Фэнтези РП проект, где можно создать своего персонажа и играть за него. Сервер новенький, поэтому могут быть недороботки, даже много. Сам сервер - просто попытка сделать ванильное фэнтези. Не бойтесь начать отыгрывать за своего персонажа, никто его не осудит и не будет вас призирать. У нас только мир, жвачка и радуга!
A Very Sinful Server Of Pure Lust
Here in this server you'll stumble upon the A-Z Book of Lust (channels) that contain some fetish/kink surprises~
Browse around and learn the new sexual alphabet with us ;)
* pls verify you are 18+ upon joining to enter!
Hands down we have the best and cutest sexually related emojis! If you have nitro I'm sure they'll be useful ;)
We are a fun, interactive, entertaining, artistic and cooperative community.
We play games, draw, play music, chat and more. Everyone here is your friend! If you need help on stuff, someone will help ya out. Just ask :)
( Starting out! ) A small chill English/Japanese server for anyone who wants to make friends, post art, chat about anything, or play games!

❃Custom xp roles
❃Separate role for Japanese speakers/people who would like to learn!
❃No strict rules (except for being a non-nsfw server!)
❃Since we're a relatively new server, we are very open to suggestions as to how you would like to customize it to your tastes!
❃ Although we're still small, everyone is very friendly! Give our server a try, who knows, you might enjoy it here 😄
"May the Gods smile with favor upon you, and may all my efforts not be in vain."

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰
⛦ Welcome to Phantasia Academia ⛦
⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

Established as a safe haven after the War Against Salem in 1693, Phantasia Academia is an academy designed to protect and rear the most promising students supernatural society will ever have the privelege of having amongst their ranks. You, dear student, have been chosen from among your peers as the best of the best your hometown has to offer. Whether you contribute in academics, sports, or the arts, each student at Phantasia Academia has a role to play in the functioning machine that is our dedicated student body. As a warning, we do encourage all of our students to remain on high alert around the more secluded areas of our campus and the town of Wysteria surrounding us. There is a reason we do not peek behind the curtain, even magic has it's demons.

☟We Offer:☟
♢ A magical highscool experience for your ocs.
♢ Rp classes w/ google classrooms and actual personalized report cards.
♢ A dedicated Staff/Head Staff.
♢ Gender neutral housing & bathroom options.
♢ Mysteries to unfold
♢ Narration & Events
♢ Secret Student Societies
♢ A chance to get into the highly specialized Project - A class.

☟We Encourage:☟
♢ Literate RP
♢ Respectful Behaviour
♢ No OP/Godmodding
♢ Creativity

⛦ We Hope To Have You Enroll Soon! ⛦