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This is THE best debate server on Discord, hands down, you can fuck my sister. As long as you don't advocate for the wholesale extermination of entire peoples (go do that in some other server you weirdo), this is literally the only server on Discord worth being on. Don't be a mental midget.
Hi ! this a Gaming community Made For Gamers !
if u a gamer hope in !
- Gaming Server
- NSFW Room
and we will add more !
Apura Studios is a game development group for creating rust, roblox and minecraft servers. We are currently creating a rust 1000x server.
Welcome to Anastasia Highschool, you have been invited to this school because you have discovered your magic ability. Wether it be fire, temporal, or any kind of magic youve been invited here to train your skill and advance forward. At this school you should find that there will be many other like you, who have been born with a different ability. Work with them, but be prepared to battle them in competitions. We hope you accept our invite to this school

Long ago the land of the dead had a war, many souls had died twice over and were sent off to heaven or hell, after the war was over the highest gods being angry at the lower stupidity, they sent their souls into the land of the living, the first humans being born with magics, they then soon opened schools to teach others what theyve found on the magics they use and how to fight with them, Anastasia High being of the best schools in the world that teach magic, they have many people in it so they use dorms to keep the students there. Some people many years later had then been born without powers, so they used the Weapons of Astoundment, weapons made at the beginning of the living world that could not be used by magic users. The weapons seem to have their own soul as they choose who gets to wield them as a fighter, if a person is rejected then they are never able to wield that weapon again and must find another. This is your story, how will you live through it?

these are the general rules for the server:
1. Keep swearing as minimum as possible, the same goes for when rping too.
2. Please respect peoples choices on what they like, don't like and what they do
3. This server is lgbtq+ friendly so don't disrespect the community
4. No racism allowed. Everyone here is human, skin tones, body shapes, eye shapes, etc. don't define us and what we are so please be nice to everyone
5. Inviting others is allowed
6. Be active! We love a busy and thriving server, and it makes it so much fun for others
7. Only message where you know you can message. Just common sense is all it really is
8. In the Rp Info and Server Info categories, please do not message and type in them unless you are either submitting a character, sorting out a problem with a character or you are Admin or mod
9. If you join in with an alt account please inform either me or a staff member
10. Our warning system:
-1 warning = a basic warning and just informing you you've done something wrong
-2 warnings = 30 min mute
-3 warnings = 1 hr mute
-4 warnings = 1 day mute
-5 warnings = kick
-6 warings = ban because you haven't learnt
11. Don't talk back or try to bribe/guilt trip/persuade staff or trial staff for you to have things the way you want it.
That is all for now, please check regularly as there may be updates
Thank you
This is a server for people who like to sing. We hold auditions regularly and we help you to improve your singing!
Nederlandse server voor en door internethelden.
Join vooral als je geen zwak hart hebt, flikker.
A fitness social platform, dedicated in helping motivate members with their goals. Also, provides help, advice and insightful information about diet plans, gym schedule, workout routine and much more.

Members and staff give great advice to everyone. You can ask questions and help others. They take time to help you. Sometimes events are organised to help you eat healthier for example.

By joining this server you'll be part of a health and fitness related discord, where you can discuss with out people with minds a like or otherwise. You can also seek help and advice, while receiving advice

Members are also welcome to discuss in a social format about fitness or non-fitness or health related subjects. There's a solitude section dedicated to helping you display your musical, artist, logical and creative skills. You can also use it to show your progression as you improve with these things.

A new server looking for help. We are a fitness community dedicated to motivating and helping each other grow in our journey to physical, mental success, mental health, gym, fitness, sports, actives
Welcome to Homra. A bar set in the world of K Project. Come say hello, meet new people and see where it takes you from there. We have NSFW channels! These can be accessed by verifying with us. It's still very much a fresh server so now is the best time to get some suggestions to us, hopefully we can provide the best service for ya.

Hello there! Welcome to Team Shadow! We're a very active Pokécord server that connects all people from all around the world to play Pokécord and chat!

We have the toughest gyms around and the highest rewards for beating them all! 100,000 Credits for beating all of our gyms and 1 MILLION CREDITS for beating our Elite Four! Come to Team Shadow and see if you have what it takes!

We have Tournaments, Teams, Giveaways, Custom and Color Roles, Events, Auctions, Great Staff, Meme and Art Chats and more!

Our aim is sharing & helping & having fun! We look forward to seeing you in Team Shadow!
Hey! Are you a fan of fairy tail like us? And do you like rp or just talking with friends? Why don’t you just go ahead and join! You’ll fit right in
DC Legacy is a DC Next Generation Roleplay. It follows heroes and villains as they interact wit the DC landscape. The RP is divided into a bunch of subplots that wind and weave into each other. You can feel free to join into any or just rp in our general world hub. The plots are listed below and are subject to change:
Seraph Society: This follows a covert team of heroes as they defeat various villains and take down criminal organizations out of the public eye.
Teen Titans 2.0: Seraph Society got too dangerous for it's trainees and new heros have started to rise and what better way to get them ready for the heroing world than with a team. The Teen Titans
Green Lantern Savior Saga: Metas were sold off all over the galaxy and earths lanterns need to get them back. Come join our space faring crew on their villain of the week style adventures.
A server with custom lore completely built from the ground-up, this server takes place in the year of 2055. The Earth has suffered massive geological changes, and the infrastructures from before 2045 have all collapsed. Worse yet, creatures known as Metallum have crawled their way out of the ground, and threaten humanity... Yet humanity still hangs on, despite the threats of the Metallum, exposure, and from themselves.

What you can expect to find on this server:
* A small but active community of people.
* A world built completely from the ground up, with deep lore.
* Relative freedom to create your own story.
* A team of staff that puts the wants of the community first.
* Stats to use.
* Characters are easy to make and keep track of with the use of a bot.
* Rules enforced for an enjoyable and high-quality roleplay experience.
* Eight races with their own unique cultures.
Come join the Wizard101 Community Discord server!

Benefits from joining this server:
- Free giveaways.
- Questing help.
- Trading.
- Staff applications.
- Friendly community.
- Fast growing server.
- Obtain roles, easily.
- Talk with others.
- Participate in server events.

We hope to see you soon!

-Thomas (Server Creator)
🇵 🇭 🇮 🇱 🇴 🇸 🇴 🇵 🇭 🇮 🇦

🔔 | Philosophia is a server for both intellectual and casual discourse from a range of topics. It's home to the number #1 politics community on Discord and is the #1 Philosophy server on Discord. We always seek to improve the server.

🎭 | Rank systems and ideological roles of all types!
👋 | Sound and active community each day!
📆 | Events weekly!
🚨 | Fair moderation and rules to keep a healthy community!
⭐ | Guest speakers and verified users!
🏛️ | Server communities for specific discourse!**

📌 Join and apply for membership today!

• Owner: SamüeL#6248
Boy X boy roleplay finder! You can find your perfect roleplay partner on this server. Contains NSFW category as well so you are not limited to clean roleplays. Come to the channel and see by yourself!
La communauté GOD existe depuis plus de 10 ans et si toi aussi tu cherches des personnes tranquilles et correctes, tu es le bienvenue dans notre communauté.
Nous recherchons des joueurs multigaming : LOL, RL, ROE, Civilization, Brawlhala, APEX, Alchemist Code, Skribblio, Master of the Grid, y a même du uno ou du skribblio....
¤(¸.✭☆´¯) ¤¤ (¯´☆✭.¸)¤ Nᴀᴜɢʜᴛʏ Nᴇʀᴅꜱ ¤(¸.✭☆´¯) ¤¤ (¯´☆✭.¸)¤

We are an 18+ server for everyone. We are based around gaming and bdsm. We have plenty of sfw channels along side nsfw channels. We have a place for all different gaming from tabletop to consoles of all types. In our nsfw channels we have channels for personal pictures and talks about various bdsm topics. We will also have vc and different types of events such as cah and

☆✭ 18+ server (verification to see nsfw channels)
☆✭ Voice Chats
☆✭ Game nights
☆✭ All sorts of gaming talk
☆✭ NSFW channels
☆✭ Comic book talk
☆✭ Anime talk and cosplay channels
A RP Server based on the Manga/ Anime: Yakusoku No Neverland or The Promised Neverland. Create you character and live an amazing story with other orphans in the mysterious Grace Field House.
Welcome to Two Hearts! We are a community based server with plenty of active members. We have plenty of self roles to get and an active staff team. Our server includes:
Selfies Channel
Venting Channel
Anime Channel
Memes Channel
And many more!

We have music and moderation boys along with promotions weekly and special role giveaways at server landmarks!

Become part of the community at Two Hearts here:
This is The Furry Getaway
A relatively new server, designed to be a safe place for all furries, people of the LGBTQ+ community, or anyone else that wants to join, and get away from the troubles of life, and the real world.
The server is quite small now, but we rely on YOU to make the decision to join, and help us grow.
Run by a kind and responsible staff team, we've got many things to offer!

-Level roles with MEE6-

-Custom self-assignable roles-

-Other fun bots-

-NSFW channel, for those that are 18+-

-A server casino/economy system through Tatsumaki-

-Upcoming events, once the server gains more members-
And much much more!
Come check us out!
🌹Epic poke 🌹
💥 yee haw 💥, A Friendly community , active
Server. OoOo

🎤 Fun Voice Channels
💬 Active Chat
🎁 Events and Giveaways

⏫Level roles as you talk
🌀Self Assignable roles
📜Open partnerships

💝Helpful community and Staff
🎧 Music Channels,
Cool Emotes
Pokecord and Pokeverse channels!

a growing community, welcoming everyone and anyone.

this is mostly a hangout with friendly staff and members
a nontoxic server just wanting to socialize with new people ♡^▽^♡