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`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! Currently under development. The school will focus on the various "dere" types, including Tsunderes, Yanderes and Kuuderes! Team up with your fellow deres, and fight for supremacy!`

----------------------------------------————-Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of the different dere types. However, dere's acknowledge their types and wear them proudly, essentially like school teams. Picture Harry Potter and how people are sorted into competing classes based on their personality traits. The reason for this is is that at the end of the year, only ONE dere class will graduate, all the others are forced to lie back. Staff members support their classes, and each dere class has a professor that basically takes the reigns.

Surprise RP events every night! Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! Dere territory battles will commence soon as well! The whole SCHOOL can be up for grabs, and each area can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
4 minutes ago
Friendly Community with a large emphasis on free speech.
4 minutes ago
A cool and fun Overwatch RP server!
Most canon characters are available but OCs are welcome as well!
4 minutes ago
Welcome to Moiscord! We're a constantly growing Community Server with a very active chat. There's no strict rules so the chat often gets pretty funny. We have a big gaming section, an arts section, music bot, in-built Discord minigames, anime section, a nsfw section and custom server emojis!
4 minutes ago
Just an EPIC server with EPIC gamers. Cant get any more EPIC than EPIC
4 minutes ago
The only server for talking about Automatic Music Intruments. We've only launched so we're quite new. If you love mechanical music, or self playing instruments, then join the mechanical music convention!
4 minutes ago
Come here for some memes and the community and discussion. We have a good mod system and nsfw.
4 minutes ago
Dab is a server for making new friends. Whether you are a gamer, or just want to talk we would be glad to have you.
4 minutes ago
Dirty talk, over 10k members with lots of events, active VCs, fun, gaming, females, nudes, anime, ecchi, hentai, lust, porn, politics and more! You can also date and hookup with THAT one person ;)
4 minutes ago
You're welcome to come join me. We're a friendly community and we welcome everyone! [We have support] and we're lgbtq+ friendly. You will feel loved here... I promise. This is also a growing server. It would be cool if you could help :) we have other things besides emo shit. Like really, check it out. We're here to help so don't be shy. We have events and active voice channels. This isn't a dating server but you could always find someone you love in here, it has happened before so maybe give it a chance. There are also optional nsfw channels. Come on in! :^)
4 minutes ago
18+ The biggest and first Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Also home of the Chronic CAST Livestream!
4 minutes ago
Hypixel Community Discord (Unofficial)! CURRENTLY HOLDING INVITE GIVEAWAY! ($50+) Help & Support for all Hypixel/Minecraft needs. Hypixel based text & voice channels. Custom Hypixel based ranks, Hypixel Staff, invite rewards, shoutouts, leveling rewards and much more!
5 minutes ago
Brand new server based around the bot Pokécord! We host Pokémon giveaways and much more! Feel free to join!
5 minutes ago
//hello there you scrolling through the disboard. We are BADLANDSᴴᴰ, a growing community who mainly focuses in aesthetics, art, music, games and sports, here you'll find gamers, geeks, artist and other people, do you like memes? we got em? you like NSFW? got that as well, we also post sport highlights and other stuff so here come on in and be part of the group.
5 minutes ago
☠ Heave away me boys! ☠

This server is dedicated for the times when pirates and mythical creatures ran the seas! Nothing needs to be completely historically accurate, we try to keep things loose and easy going. Create a sailor, a pirate, or a mythical creature, whatever you'd like.

☠ multiple channel locations to explore
☠ fandom and historical characters any welcome
☠ literate members
☠ helpful members who are willing to give ideas and pointers

We have a few rules, mostly to be considerate of others in the server. If you have any questions at all, we are all very encouraging and enjoy discussions daily. If you're looking for a relaxed, fun server with plenty of nautical nonsense, this be your place!

Weigh hey, roll and go, mates!
5 minutes ago
The Hurricane is a Fictional Platoon within the 16th Infantry Regiment (New York's Own). The Leader of this Platoon is 2nd Lieutenant Haldor Havard (Played by the server owner.)

We will be starting December 20th, 1941 in Fort Devens, the RP will begin with training and bootcamp, after which will come the Departure for England to partake in Operation Torch.

This server is a World War 2 RP, that being said, fair warning in advance, females will have limited roles, mostly in the medical field, however, you show a lot in training then you may get lucky!
5 minutes ago
A new Star Wars RP server in the First Order era, note this is a WIP we have a template and some rp channels, More will be added, we are also in need of admins, join today!
5 minutes ago
A country simulation server pretty much were you run your country your way (note only real countries allowed but colonies are counted as nations) come and join us!
5 minutes ago
Blindfold is a all around support server!
-Venting Channels!
-Support Group access!
-Friendly Staff :D
-Casual Hangout
5 minutes ago
Discord's largest politics server for right-wing discussion with over 11,500 users. Join for active debates, AMAs, shitposting, and general discussion.
6 minutes ago
Create the life you’ve always wanted. Join this server and explore a city full of possibilities.

Guide your characters through life, developing a career, finding love and pursuing dreams and desires.

Create your individual dream home - a house, mansion, apartment or even treehouse. It’s up to you.

We host:
- Movie Nights
- Game Nights
almost weekly! Suggestions are always welcome.

We accept anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a noob or pro at roleplaying. We all started somewhere.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!
6 minutes ago
Hai! Welcome to Everdale High! This RP server is great...i hope....boop.

Here You Can
* Roleplay!
*Make Characters!
*View And Submit Memes!
*Drink ~~Bleach~~ Milk!

I Hope You enjoy Everdale High!

~AstroNot, Purple & Wyboi
6 minutes ago