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Anime and Manga 11
A NEW Art and NSFW Art sharing server that allows all artists to share their art with one another for critique and praise. All styles and mediums welcome!

Discord Server:

This server allows artists to share their art, promote themselves, chat with one another, share memes, share music, share manga, etc.
19 minutes ago
Community 36
Are you an individual with a sense of humor but not too keen about the over saturation of anime in every server? We have dark humor, gaming roles, D&D, music, nsfw stuff (in its own section) and of course, memes.
We are a new server with the potential to grow into something awesome through the input of its users!
Welcome to Der Phönix!
20 minutes ago
Other 49
Komm zu uns in Chally´s. Viele Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten wie z.B. das Levelsystem, die Themen- und Feed-Kanäle, die Spielebots und der Serverladen. Veröffentliche deine Musik- und Spiele-Liveübertragungen, DeviantArt-, Fur Affinity- und pixiv-Seiten. Gestalte den Server mit. Serverpartnerschaft möglich. (Deutsch, DE, German, GER)
21 minutes ago
Community 45
HomoHut is a server for gay and bisexual people who like anime, porn gaming, and other forms of entertainment. Must be 18+ to join
21 minutes ago
Community 19
Join the community where you meet all sorts of people with different interests. With monthly themes, events and other stuff that you can suggest. You will be welcomed and enjoy while you're there, tq. :D
22 minutes ago
An exclusive entertainment venue; open to those who value good ambiance, friendly communities, and a relaxing style of pulling you in to want to stay. The Midnight Afterparty was crafted for the purpose of bringing these type of qualities to everyone and making them want to be here. To keep people engaged when they want to, laid back if they prefer a lounge, company for when nothing is going on for you. We have music playing when you want to hear it, we have extremely active conversations about almost any legal topic imaginable, and we host events that vary from a simple question of the night, to karaoke, to gaming tournaments. We are a community that has built a society upon the grounds of simply letting you, be you. With 2000 members within the month, we only have room to grow and all we ask is you help us on our way to create a better party for everyone to lose themselves in.
22 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 16
UA Academy (BNHA Roleplaying Discord)

Hello! I have recently started up a BNHA Roleplaying Discord, and am looking for members and staff. In this Discord, you can Roleplay as your own OC and become a Student(Hero or Support), Teacher, Hero or Villain. We have made it as user-friendly as possible, so it is easy to sign up and create your character and won't have to worry about complicated setup. This makes it so you can have a carefree roleplaying experience. Our friendly staff team will be more than happy to help with any queries you have, and you can look forwards to an action-packed time including loads of carefully planned events, such as the sports festival and battle simulations. On top of that, we use a highly sophisticated money system where you can earn your wages using !work, purchase items using !shop and blow your money with !blackjack.
22 minutes ago
We are a brand new discord server dedicated to providing a fun time and community experience for the furry discord community. We have a level up role system for cool perks and rewards, a global leaderboards, awesome staff, a place for you to advertise your Twitch/YouTube/Mixer and much more! See you there!
23 minutes ago
Wir sind eine Community die Streamer, Zuschauer, Gamer als auch anderweitige "Content-Creator" untereinander vernetzen wollen. Wachstum, Interaktion als auch Kommunikation auf diesen Server ist unser Ziel! Jeder einzelne kann dazu beitragen.
25 minutes ago
we're a group of people who like to play games, joke, and hangout, we also play DnD on occasion
25 minutes ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
26 minutes ago
All Games 45
Central Gaming is a Discord server for all, we accept anyone and
everyone, the point of our discord is to help everyone communicate
with friends, you can play many different games and join our different
channels so you can talk with your friends, we look forward to seeing you!
26 minutes ago
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, vore, etc.
27 minutes ago
We are a friendly server, come over and join us!
27 minutes ago
[16+] A chill community that has a variety of different people in here. From music fans to gamers to anime fans, we have it all. Memes/Giveaways/Movie Nights/Ranks/Casino/Gaming Sessions. Come and check us out!
27 minutes ago
Music 4
We are a brand new K-Pop community offering a place to meet new people and talk to other fans about your favorite groups while aiming to prevent fan wars of any kind! It doesn't matter what age you are and what groups you stan, we'd love you to join
28 minutes ago
Community 5623
A meme server with special people. Everyone is welcome!
29 minutes ago
Ten years have passed since the end of The Legend of Korra. Republic City and the new Airbenders are figuring out their place in the World. Create your own character and roleplay with us in Republic City and in all the Avatar The Last Airbender locations you've grown up loving!

Come chat with us about nerdy/anime/gaming things! (LGBTQ+ Friendly)
29 minutes ago
Community 19
Newly made meme server. Come join for lots of memes, fun, ranks, bots, nsfw and more.
29 minutes ago
All Games 349

Blue Gaming is a gaming community in which you can find other players to play games with and have conversations with them in voice channels or text channels.
29 minutes ago
Stratia is a Pokemon Roleplay server based on the Hoenn region, however we plan to extend to other regions such as Alola.
With many areas and things possible, come join us!
Our lore has grown to be a rather unique system, including Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and two community-made main teams in our server lore.
Our server is still looking to expand and improve!

We are in great need of staff and city leaders!

Invite :
Director : Simul#3840
30 minutes ago
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
30 minutes ago
Not only are we a hentai group, we are a community. We thrive to cure depression with cartoon pornography for all! We have channels to fit all your hentai and porn needs, but in grave need of collaborators to fill them. We have a level system that can land you mod, and an active community of friendly chatters. Come chat and have fun, or have your way with our ... /content/.
31 minutes ago
Community 34
Hexilicious mainly focuses on the friendly members and its community. Its a place where you can go to chill, talk about anything and post whatever you want in general! If you have a suggestion for how to make the server better for everyone and make it fun, we'll be listening to every word. We're a very friendly and well maintained community and I hope you enjoy the server and are happy with your stay.

Interested? Here is what we have to offer!

[!] Action bots, music bots, and ranking
[!] Game and movie nights every Friday
[!] Full of welcoming and friendly users
[!] A variety of text and voice channels
[!] A clean and organized environment
[!] Gaming, anime, art/gfx & more
[!] Active & hardworking staff
[!] Epic and funny commands
[!] Amazing levelling system
[!] Over 30+ roles
[!] Game Nights
[!] Roleplaying

33 minutes ago