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Welcome to The Realm of Arceus!
Here we have:
Active, friendly members and staff!
A nice level system with roles and names!
All the fun bots and music bots you need!
Autoroles channel!
Pokecord channels!
Music channels!
A memes channel!
A suggestion channel!
So make sure to join! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Arceus's Realm!
The Official Channel of the YouTuber CragMick, a discord channel for helping people grow like myself. Also if you need gfx if have a graphics designer in my server so make sure you hit him up!
Stygian Wolf is an 18+ gaming group for artist, photographers, crafters, writers, and those who appreciate the arts. Share advice, give feedback and group up to play video games together. Currently looking for like-minded individuals to join us. Art events coming soon with increased art members. Acquiring and fulfilling commissions is allowed.
We are a community designed for New Members, to make friends and meet new people, we support multiple hobbies here from "Anime" to "Car Mechanics"
Welcome "Wolve's Den"

Our server is here to help you, in need.

The server is new. But the server is here to help you find that special someone that you like on this server. Our server is a slow, growing community but still are great.
Any ages are aloud to join. We are a good community just looking for people to help :)
Hope to see you there!
Hello! This is a witchcraft server for any and all! The rules are rather strict but very easy to follow as long as you don't forget the most important role, that there is no tolerance for hate towards any practice or path. If you feel like you can't follow this rule then I don't recommend for you to join. We will be having classes and just note that as of right now this server is still a work in progress but we are always open to suggestions to make the server better.
✯||⟪WELCOME TO⟫||✯
✯||𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉||✯
a community that just started due to the old one getting raided!
Come hang an enjoy what we have to offer!
✯||what 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 has to offer||✯
✯||Help if you ever need it
✯||friendly staff
✯||Anime chat
✯||manga chat!
✯||Lgbt chat
✯Looking for partnership managers!

Strong Community | Economy | Giveaways | Loads of Hentai | Forums | Discussion Boards |
Hentai Folder is the #1 growing Hentai Community. Join us
This is a a server I created for people to come and chill and have a place to calm down. Come stay with us and have fun.
The aim of this server is to preserve a free, open, and intellectual medium for members to discuss their political, philosophical, and religious positions, examine their worldview and to debate the most pressing questions. We hope to add even more features as the server grows larger & are always open to suggestions & love to hear feedback from our members about what they want, what they like & dislike.
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
Hello, and welcome to; The Graveyard!
The Graveyard is a community server that offers many things for it's users to do. Such as hanging out and gaming, having fun in the "game" chats like truth or dare, shit posting memes, showing off artwork, participating in game or movie nights, or even taking part in our main attraction; The massive Roleplay that has it's own leveling and quest system, a lore that is based off of what the community does, a full on shop where people can acquire special items, and the freedom for people to make their character as they please!

Server Features:
- Self assignable role's
- 16+ NSFW channels (18+ posting permissions)
- An ever growing RP that has it's own leveling system and is molded by the community.
- Friendly and helpful staff
- Community events
- And much more that will be coming in the future!
We are a supportive and caring community server with a diverse group of friendly and laid back people. Stop by and hang out with us!

-💬General chats
-📌Self-assignable roles
This server is Role Play server but it is different then most instead of having a vast land this sever has smaller groups. Where you get a group together and rp with different characters. This way it lets everyone do what ever typr of rp they want, from a midlevel adventure to star wars or even things like Hamilton. no matter your interests you can try to start a group to rp in that area.
A fantasy role play server.
Explore a world make up of 6 different and diverse kingdoms, that you can live in and explore. We have different races that you can be including but not limited to, dragons, elves, vampires, and humans.

Here you can be what every you want, from a thief, to a merchant, to a mage, and much much more.

So please join us and remember to have fun.
Join a world of fantasy and adventure.

A land of kingdoms filled with magic of all kinds. There are different factions, races, and magic types for you to have and explore. But be warned some are out to course trouble and the world may not be at peace for much longer.

warning the world dose have darker undertones

We are looking for new members to join in on our rp and have fun, be you a long time rper or new to it everyone is welcome
This is a server for nerds and geeks of all kinds to come and hang out.
be you interested in a grammar nazi, a philosopher, a singer, a gamer, a scientist, or a fan of popular series such as star wars, star trek, harry potter and more you are welcome.

We have many things including
~Places to discuss various topics
~Roles for various popular series (Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, and more)
~The ability to self assign roles
~places to talk to others with like interests
~channels to talk about series or rp in
Here is a fun LGBT+ friendly server for people to just hang out and talk.
we are open to people of all ages and are just a nice place to meet new people, listen to music and have fun. main points of interest

LGBT+ friendly
Rooms for different age ranges
Friendly and active staff
Lots of emojis
Flowers for currency
Places to talk
And more
Come join our community of nerds, come and DM a game or find a game to be a player in.

Online versions of these table top games are open to everyone both new and experienced players. This is a place to meet cool people, share resources about games, play games, and have fun. Don't worry if you have no experience with these types of games there are always people willing to help.

Right now we have games for D&D and deadlands but if you have other table top games I am sure you can start our own.
~JAVS Counseling is a chill server for people with or without mental illnesses, to get along with each other. We welcome everybody, from those with depression to anxiety to erotomania, just don't be a jerk. If you have any questions, dm @KaiserSleeping#5966
🎃JOIN NOW! - Social-Platform Dating Server [15+] 🎃
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond!
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click!
» M E E T O T H E R S - Share the same interests!
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease!
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to play?
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !
Aesthetic Thots is a new and upcoming safe place to meet new friends, thots, and gaming buddies.
Here is a quick summary of what the server is for
♡ BDSM Related talks
♡ Looking for like-minded people
♡ Exploring your kinks
♡ Making friends
♡ Possibly finding someone to date
♡NSFW channels
Here are somethings that are Not welcome here

✗ Making people uncomfortable
✗ Looking for hookups
✗ Posting Gore/Scat
✗ Offensive names
✗ Bullying/Kink shaming
passionate on coffee, real baristas/roasters.
coffee recommendations. etc