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Bebsi the Merp Bebsi the Merp
TBH I've been on this server a while and sometimes it's really good. Other times it's kinda bad. It's not the rpers faults. It's the staff's most of the time. Some of them come off as temperamental, others lazy and sometimes their decisions are completely to satisfy themselves. Example: Political powers have been banned for a long time. However a few weeks ago they started having presidential campaigns. But only the staff are allowed to participate. And the only two candidates are owned by the same guy.

The server has felt like it's been in a rut for a long time. I proposed bi-weekly events a long time ago and despite everyone being on board, including the owner, it's never happened.

They have a "Suggestions" and a "Story Suggestions" channel that go unchecked by the staff the majority of the time. And when they do it's usually to shut your idea down.

If you want a fairly relaxed rp... I guess come here? I can't promise you joining will be a smooth transition but I can say once you're here I'll do my best to help ya out.
113 days ago