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Shaggy Satyr Shaggy Satyr
Jesus Christ my EYES!
1. The first thing to hit me when I joined was that this is just another one of those servers that thinks the best way to appeal to users is by giving every OOC channel an obnoxious emoji. Immediately upon joining my vision was assaulted by a list of emoji's. I get that the admins wished to put a lot of work in but there were better methods of catching one's eye. It comes off as... well... obnoxious. Like the staff are trying too hard.

2. Unnecessary channels EVERYWHERE! The first thing I do in any server these days is to read the rules. A sensible first step. The second step is to click the "Hide muted channels" button then going through and muting any channel I never plan to use. I spent... and I kid you not... five minutes muting what wasn't necessary. I tested the "Hide muted channels button" and by toggling it the server doubles in size, that's how needlessly massive this server is.

Listen. I don't mind a ton of RP channels. I just shrink the category and open it when necessary, no harm no foul, an RP server needs a ton of RP channels to add "Variety". But there's quite a few too many. With not but a cursory check, I found a dozen channels that weren't even used. Quite a few to just cram into any server.

It's obvious that this isn't a new issue for the staff team managing this clustermolest. There's a channel at the top just for finding a specific channel. I can't decide if that exists because people don't know about CTRL-K or if it's for mobile users. I can only imagine the hand cramps I'd get from scrolling on my phone if I planned to stay.

Let's see. A channel dedicated to Strikes. First of all, puns are the lowest form of humor and I hate the bowling balls next to this, but that's a personal opinion. A channel for specifically giving people warnings and such makes sense right? Mute it and then ignore it, if you get pinged you know right? But looking in it shows me that it's just a bunch of random staff members getting demoted. Gee I care so much about staff politics.

Sekai seems to be a dead channel. The last message in there is just some dude I don't know that isn't even in this server anymore advertising to me an entirely unrelated server. WHY!? WHY THIS!? YOU HAVE A CHANNEL FOR ADVERTISING YOUR PARTNERS! WHY THIS!?

There's a staff nominations channel AND a staff application channel. For what purpose does there exist a channel, with a noted template, for saying "This other guy should be staff"? Why? So people can thrust responsibility onto other users? There's a reason this channel has never been used in months of it existing.

There are two channels for announcements, as though an entirely different channel needs to exist just to log "Side-Announcements".

There's an emoji submissions channel and the emojis used to represent it are... just... why? Why the silly face emoji? What Emoji Movie crap is this? Poll For Funz seems unnecessary. Great, randomness for the sake of randomness.

3. There's such a meager amount of information. The channels range near the discord limit in numbers, there's annoying emojis everywhere for no conceivable reason other than to add color to this otherwise uninspired server, and yet I'm told surprisingly little and have an annoyingly difficult time getting around. You can spare months to add upwards of 20 rules with an entire paragraph dedicated to each rule, but you can't spare an hour to write better lore that's more than five measly paragraphs?

That's not even touching on the character creation. I can't tell which cannons are taken because they channel for documenting taken cannons is reminiscent of the aftermath of a hurricane hitting a metropolitan area. Where's Shazam? Did the owner name him Billy Batson? Or something else? I can't tell.

Never before have I encountered a character creation section with so many channels and walked away entirely confused and overwhelmed. Genuine cancer in this category. I have a massive computer monitor and yet this one category had such a gratuitous amount of information that it took up my entire screen and yet told me nothing. Like... Seriously... Face claims, voice clips, costumes, and a million other things that would've best been left inside the application sheet itself rather than an entire channel.

4. The meat and potatoes. The RP is bland and stale. I scroll through and only a handful of RPs are longer than three sentences(Which is the stated minimum). Those that are longer than three paragraphs seem to be primarily massive blocks of text with no spacing. On more than half of these, I genuinely can't differentiate dialogue from actions. I understand both types of RP, semi-literate to literate. But what I don't get is why the only two options in this server are to compete in a run-on-sentence-a-thon or to put in so little effort that nobody can truly understand what you're doing.

Jesus... Just why?
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TheAvenger1963 TheAvenger1963
Charlie’s Review
I have previously been in this server, I left due to a problem with the owner. As much as he had his downsides, he also had his ups. It is clear since I have joined back he has improved majorly compared to how he use to be, and I respect him a lot for it. It’s clear he has his server and it’s community’s interests at heart- or at least close to it.
Since joining back it seems to be better. That may be as I have had some time away, but it may be due to an improvement with the staff team or the server in general. It seems more laid back but don’t mistake that for the rules not getting enforced because this server has a reliable strike systems for rule breakers, it has a great staff team and process for what to do in most if not all circumstances.

Enough of out of role play things. It also has a great in character experience, with a range of characters, from canons to ocs, that the players of them characters have a range of literary. The staff like to enforce proper grammar and punctuation.

For short this server is a great place to be if you want both an awesome ooc experience as well as in rp experience.

Thanks for reading,
TheAvenger1963#8759 aka Charlie.
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JS12122004 JS12122004
My Review
Hey everyone, I just want to leave a review for the server. If I could give half stars it would be 4.5 stars.
1)The staff team and members are really great and helpful but I feel like they can be quite strict sometimes.
2)The speed that some people drop characters is crazy. I would suggest maybe they have to keep the character for at least a month to show that they won’t be wasting staff’s time when they review the tryout.
3)Maybe an in server review could work so members can submit reviews in the server so staff can see how they can improve the server. This will allow you to add your own things to the review process rather than what Disboard gives you.

I was staff at a point and it was great being on the staff team. I felt like I helped quite a bit but I lost it for reasons which I accept as it is Gav and Seth’s choice who has staff and who doesn’t. It’ll be a great honour and pleasure to be staff again but obviously I can’t be.

Make sure to check this server out, you won’t regret it. Come and make an OC or a canon and have fun rping in this great server

Jacob 😁
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Ryder Ryder
Server could use work
This server is very much active, and thats one of the positive aspects of it. It has a lot of rooms to roleplay on and the members of it seem to be a lot of fun.

It is though lacking the following
1) Communication: There were a lot of instances where i tried to reach someone for help and nothing happened, i got no reply. I understand that people are busy, but it happened numerous times

2) Canons and OC
There is a HEAVY focus on canons here, and the OC seem to be left away. Sure they do get reviewed but its much later than an OC. An admin told me that its a harder process when it comes to OC, and perhaps that is the case, but a little heads up is always good when you have no reply at all about the progress of your oc.

3) Staff toxicity
Specifically one staff member appears to have some short of anger problems with other members reminding him to "breathe in". I tagged him once in their "suggestions" channel and he got mad at me for tagging him for no reason. The conversations goes as follows:

You might need another person to be looking at character applications, especially the OC

[Said Staff Member]

[Other staff member]
@[Me] sorry for the tag but Duck is in charge of OC creations, they can be looked at by others and approved but Duck has the power to take them back to the drawing board. Be patient for Duck please.

I understand what you are saying, but this is not a complain
its a suggestion
and thats not very good to say mister @[Said Staff Member]

[Said Staff Member]

Deep breaths

Overall the main problem is their bad communication skills, and the way they respond. Other than that, if you want to make a Canon character and want an active server this is probably a good server for you.
SethTheRipper SethTheRipper
Admin response
I understand where your coming from here, but you have to see it from our perspective. We have a lot of people who submit OCs, and we only trust a handful of staff to approve the OCs. It takes some time for a OC to get approved, and so I apologise for that. We are working on it, and have increased the number of staff we have for OC.

OCs tend to, in our experience, be written with overpowered abilities, less weaknesses and shallow backstories. Therefore, we choose to take our time to approve them. I understand that my server may not have been for you, and I hope you enjoyed whatever time you spent.
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G-seus G-seus
Great Place
This is a great server with great staff and great people. It does take a while to get approved sometimes but it's all worth it for the fun of the server.
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Rook Rook
Potential, but Biased, with lack of Quality Control/Rules
I joined a few weeks back, and I have to say, it was a nice place. Sure, the literacy of RP ranges from high quality to a complete lack of grammar and punctuation, but sometimes it's fun to just join a lazy RP.

But they don't care about playing Canon characters anywhere near accurately, at all. Between Barry wanting to beat the crap out of a teenager for being the son of his foe, something that child would have no control over, to Batman taking things at face value, if you're looking for immersion, this isn't the place to be. The staff team is also incredibly biased, holding people they dislike to ridiculous standard while leaving those that are obedient alone. I myself was kicked for calling out a person using meta knowledge. I was proven right by another staff member, but since I dared to speak OOC, they decided I was out.

This place could be great, but under the current staff leadership, I would recommend you look elsewhere.