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Štrētçhër Štrētçhër
Fairly good !
This server is good ! Friendly people, friendly admin,and they accept all kind of character you can imagine ! I was somewhat shy at the beginning but now it's ok !
Only have some problem with some horny f*cker,but the server is still great anyway
This server is good,you should join it
I will choose this server
🔥Xavier🔥 🔥Xavier🔥
Amazing Server
MishMash Roleplay is an awesome roleplay server, whether your a serious or just a casual roleplayer, you can have fun roleplaying in this amazing server! You can also do Cross-over RP, which is where you are able to take a character from your favorite video game and use him/her!! I really suggest you join this server, amazing roleplayer!! :DD
Fluddulation Fluddulation
Full of Potential
Being the owner of the server, I could easily just give my own server a five-star score and call it a day, but I will admit that the server isn't perfect. The main issue is that certain areas of the server are unbalanced in activity and that the server is still far too small to achieve many of its prestigious goals.

That being said, the server more than makes up for it in one of the most fun and interesting gimmicks in any RP server. The server doesn't require Members to be involved in all 3 categories and is extremely flexible for people of all experience. The rules aren't strict but are very much existent to keep the place from becoming a horrendous and unmanaged trash hole and the locations offer so much RP potential, its stunning.

I created the server because I couldn't find a server that fit my needs, but it ended up blossoming into something so much more greater that only continues to get better and better. No server is truly perfect, but this is filled with so much potential that, if fulfilled, can bring it to near perfection.
Kenny_Loaf Kenny_Loaf
Good places for all types of rping!
Special places for serious, casual, and even crossover. A fun and active leader and admin. Many many rooms to rp, it's great!
erin_the_wolf_thing erin_the_wolf_thing
On the small side but worth a shot.
I've been in many rp servers now, and hands down, this is the best one yet. As other reviews have stated, the people here are some of the best you could find. The roleplay part of the server is active consistaly with many different types of roleplayers and writing styles. When joining, selecting roles is not difficult and the rules are relaxed as far as I'm concerned. One big plus is that the owner is active and engages with the server as a whole.
Poppy and friends! (aka ocs) Poppy and friends! (aka ocs)
I love it
it is an amazing sever with so many people, you get to create whatever oc you desire, you get to play in three sections, crossover rp, serious rp, and casual rp and so many other cool stuff!
Glory Glory
The server is more then fantastic. Nice community and the roleplay is fun and engaging. I would recommend it to people who are used to roleplay and new people!
mch mch
Friendly and welcoming!
I only just joined today, but with the help of staff and other roleplayers, I was on my feet and ready to get started almost immediately! The concept of the multi-styled rping in this server is intriguing and caters to all roleplayers! Very cool. Would recommend to all my roleplaying buddies.
lub.glubs lub.glubs
They’re the nicest people
So, I’ve only been on the server for 2 days, but I feel at home here more than my other servers. In other servers, I feel left out, but they seem to include everybody, and it just seems like a home. They help you when you feel unsure of what to do. Just now, they spent almost 45 minutes helping me design a character when I didn’t know how to and was feeling unsure on how to go about it. All in all, I love this server, and I love the people in it. We’re all one big happy family and I feel like I’m part of it. Thanks MishMash :)
Spirit The Pyschotic Mess Spirit The Pyschotic Mess
MishMash Roleplay!
In all honesty, I think this server is going great! Its wonderful to come into the server everyday and be welcome with open arms. Literally, one of the best servers ive ever been in and i hope for all that join the server will enjoy it as well. And i dont know how this review works, but if the owner can see this, ahem, fludd, i just want you to know that i appreciate being a part of the server and helping out. Thank youuu.
Le Neko Boi Le Neko Boi
Only The Best
This server is amazing. The quality, the leniency, the people... all spot on. I'd recommend to both new and experiences roleplayers!
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HunterCowen HunterCowen
On this server the owner says he is not a dictator... But he does not listen to people. I know many server owners are like this but this server owner says that his goal is to not be like this. The owner tries his best but over the past month over six people left the server because of him. At first i was confused, but then the owner had an a poll. People voted for the opposite of what he wanted. So he went to the debate channel to make people argue with him. I said a few of my points but then the owner said my points were not valid and shut me down. He did not even try to listen to my opinion. It was very hurtful so i left the server. I know the owner may not be trying to come out this way. But it is just very hard to deal with him.