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Juno Juno
I've been doing rp for a while now since it's pretty fun to organize a story with others. Unless you dislike abilities and fantasy rp, I highly suggest it. There's a place for everyone whether you're a beginner or highly literate writer, a group of people who at your skill level. An issue I have when I join servers is I do not feel welcomed or involved immediately. When you first create your character you can immediately go on a quest if you want or make a group with others. It's like a game except you have much more options than if you were npcs or automated responses.
136 days ago
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||*put a cool name here*🐁|| ||*put a cool name here*🐁||
i have been in discord roleplay for quite a while and have passed through many many manyyyyy servers meeting every time a different problem. Sometimes it was a straight up porn website with the word "roleplay" stuck into the name. Sometimes there was a toxic community, other times it was dead, other times the admins were dead. Other major problems i met was not having the possibility to be involved in the actual story of the world: most of the time that was put in the hands of the elders and admins. In WOA people have been able to destroy entire channels as theyre first act as well as have an impact on the overall story. Another huge thing is the continuity: whilst in other servers you start with skills and have no way whatsoever to improve and get stronger in this server being active and roleplay actually matters. Completing quests will give you an advantage over other players and no newby will be able to get in and kick your ass on his first day. Another cool thing is the freedom that you have irp: you dont need permission to do anything (ptk, exc) and the restrictions come only in irp things (for example the thing stopping you from destroying a village isnt a annoying admin but guards and other players).
166 days ago