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Henrietta Henrietta
underage members
this server Breaks multiple parts of discord TOS.
First, there are members who are under 13, and the owner knows it, second, members under 18 are having ERP sessions, which is sexualisation of minors, also against Discord TOS.
Do not join this server, unless you want to risk your account getting banned as I've reported this server.
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milklight milklight
An great fucking server
This server is actually like, amazing. Unlike all the oThEr reviews, I’VE been apart of this server for almost a year now. Everyone’s nice and can actually take a joke. People are constantly craving roleplay and it’s pretty active. Lots of roleplay channels to choose from. Lots of ocs to roleplay with. Staff are nice and funny. Rarely get pings (except for roleplay request, that always has a mention). Overall, just an amazing server. 10/10 would recommend and I say this with 100% honesty. Yuh
milklight milklight
Admin response
also don’t mind my spelling mistakes I’m a fucking idiot
Skelly Skelly
Join join!
I make very happy honk honk sounds when I'm in the server!!
Thats why you should join as well i make bread!

Well then see you there
Honk Honk!
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ℂ𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕝𝔹𝕒𝕝𝕕𝕨𝕚𝕟 ℂ𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕝𝔹𝕒𝕝𝕕𝕨𝕚𝕟
Amazing server!
This server has amazing admin, and the people are very kind! The owner is online almost every day, and roleplays with those who want to rp. It's a very active server, and NSFW things are kept to a minimum. Everyone should join this server if they are looking for a high school rp, with hints of fantasy in modern life.
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SPOOKY Little 주먹밥 SPOOKY Little 주먹밥
Actually Pretty Good

[ For anyone who is reading this join yourself and see how it is after you read this ]

While I was here reading the rest of the reviews I saw how much hate there was however I really like this server and no I am not one of the mods like someone else stated that only mods and admins give good reviews. I like this servers as a member, if you talk to the people there they are really nice and very easy going.
They have tons of channels role play in or just hangout . I find this server in all a 4 star because I believe it can keep growing and I have hope that it can become greater.
I know how hard it is to fun a server so great job!
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Marlene Elliott Marlene Elliott
Would Not Recommend
To start off my review, I would like to draw your attention to how only the staffs in the server are the ones who's giving the server a five star review. And everyone else, the members, are giving it a one star.

"If you would like to do a NSFW scene, either move into the DMs or contact a staff member to make the channel NSFW. If the channel doesn't have an NSFW tag, then you can't do le frick frack." - Acacia Academy Rewritten, Rules Channel

Yet they allow members to be inappropriate during general discussion channel. Also in a sense discriminatory. Here's proof link.
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Doggy Doggy
Bad Server
The announcement channel is filled with unnecessary spam pictures and useless pings. I inquired about the partnership and haven't heard back given the usual 24 hour period. Here's proof of partnership inquiry.
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Emilia~chan Emilia~chan
Head admin outed *themself* for being under 13, and the account age was 1.5 years old. Owner and other staff defended them, and proceeded to ban me when outed.
... I really don't need to say anything more about this. This is just... downright despicable. The guy literally admitted to it in a public channel. It's not like I had to go digging for this crap. They *openly* admitted to this.

Suggestion: I have none for you. I shouldn't have to give you one. You're in violation of Community Guidelines. My best hope for you is that you do as you agreed to when you made your account. But at this point, I have nothing to say to despicable behavior like this.

EDITED - Jan. 18th 2020
•Cheshire• •Cheshire•
Admin response
15 minutes is a bit of a stretch, besides if you had read the introduction from the bot you would understand that without an OC, you would not be able to view or interact with 60+ roleplay channels.

Also you seem to have gone on a tangent about something you obviously picked from a hat whilst blindfolded so I guess I should state that you could've put some effort into your review- maybe by not pasting the same exact thing you put in our server suggestions before hastily leaving without a response. Might I add, like a coward.

Our members are free to rp how they wish and if you can't accept that, then I am ecstatic that you are no longer in the server :)

The fact that you decided to try and belittle our server instead of educating us and trying to help is laughable.

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gorianssj100 gorianssj100
Amazing server
This server is amazing, it has amazing friendly staff with amazing people that encourage you to do things and even create events for you, honestly 10/10 would recommend. Also I hope y'all understand that the moderators act on the action of certain people, if you treat people or the mods bad expect consequences in return, though there are more gentle mods some mods are more strict and take their jobs seriously to try and make it fun for everyone. I love it
Eat Your Broccoli Eat Your Broccoli
Horrible moderators, and unnecessary pings.
There are many moderators/administrators that either ignore you, don't show up, or try to manipulate you because they have power and you don't. I've been kicked and banned over 3 times now because of a moderator that got mad at me for being straight (heterosexual). I've gotten my privileges to openly use the server many times, and the moderators just take it away from you. The pings in this server are almost useless, though they don't bother me, they seem to bother others. I wouldn't suggest joining this place, because nothing happens to act against these problems.
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•Cheshire• •Cheshire•
Biased af, but it's a great server sksksksk
This review should be 6 stars m8...(at this moment I realized the review needs 80 characters so im going to waffle for a couple characters, okay? Okay.) The fitness gram pacer test is a multi stage
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MrTinfoil MrTinfoil
Bad Server - Bad Staff - Random Pings
Soooo, I recently left this server. I left because overnight, the owners had spammed @everyone and also because the owners were allowing unlimited OC's to Admins. The staff aren't at all helpful and will allow op characters. I do not suggest joining.