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Grandpa Bob Grandpa Bob
Toxic and Hostile Owner and Staff Members
Reply to owners reply) A: i have not disrespected anyone as you blatantly lie and B: "we try make server as friendly to anyone as possible" well my evidence of screanshots compilement will gravely disagree with you my boi so ye. if you ready to express how sorry you are for behaving the way you did feel free to dm me it with an ELABORATED and TRUTHFULL apology, untill then i give you great advice by saying that further lying in "admin reply" chat of disboard is a hopeless and futile action simply because i have screanshotted everything from start to finish both in ur server and even in our dms with you so ye its futile :] also nice "apology" you disrespectfull swine ↓↓↓

it all started with that i got warn that said "your server invite is invalid" i simply addressed the mod that warned me and normally said "your wrong my invite link is invalid" the mod proceed to tell me that it was from the earlier posts, and i was saying pls provide me proof where it is simply because i know that my invite links can not be invalid because i have not changed them for past one year, so i knew he was speaking foolishness and abusing his power from the start but i humored him and further you can se how it all went in the screanshots down below ↓↓↓
further down you can se me and owners DM conversation where he acted like a complete asshat as well ↓↓↓
The Last Part is Proof that i got warned in that server for this thing that i said ↓↓↓

as you can se in this screanshots completely disrespectful, hostile and unproffesional behaviour from all 2 mods and plus owner, i absolutly do not reccomend joining this server for the simple fact that its got power abusing and disrespectfull staff members but also for the fact that the server is dying daily a lot of pple are leaving, simply because of this reason that is mentioned
-yours truly Truthbringers
DananaBanana DananaBanana
Admin response
Wow, you make a big deal out of a warn, we try to make our server as good as possible, we punish you without a reason its your right to adress us on that but i didnt have any proof for my staff or for you, in that case i trust my staff because I know I can trust them.
Then you start calling us out for being hostile and offensive.
In this server we try to make a nice environment where everyone is happy.
This also includes our staff members who need to be respected.
If you dont listen to them you get punished.
Just like everywhere you don't disrespect the people with a higher rank then you, because in this server the staff is.
180 days ago
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Organized but Needy
This server is well set up but requires too much out of a new server for any form of partnership (75+ and you must be the owner to do so) Now while most might not see this as a problem it's hard for partnership control people such as myself. Being that I am in no way the owner but it's my job to gather more people. They should change the amount required to as little as 25 people to partner.
DananaBanana DananaBanana
Admin response
Hi, i'm gonna make sure one of the requirements is owner OR partnership manager, 75+ is to make sure we don't get too small servers too partner with us.
My server does have 1K members so that's why.
426 days ago