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Me3e Me3e
Progressive server!
I found it to be one of the best servers I'm in. They are very wonderful people who can educate anyone on esoteric matters. It's a very expansive community as well. My favorite part about this server is that you can join the NSFW channel without showing ID.
3 days ago
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Immortal Cholesterol Immortal Cholesterol
Nothing can compare
An excellent community that's endlessly growing until discord breaks! There are many people here to learn from. A great entry point for anyone looking to learn about spirituality of any kind.

Save the world!
121 days ago
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Trust Trust
The place you are looking for!
This is the only server of this kind you can find! There is no better, there is nothing that compares. It covers every area, has a wide community with people of many interpretations and views!

I have never seen such a well formed community anywhere else in my lifetime. I am very happy to have found this server and I'm sure most other people who come feel the same way.
121 days ago
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SpaceCow SpaceCow
Love this place 💜
It's a very laid-back place and it's super informative for starters and of those who like light workings. It's the only spiritual server that makes me feel grounded, balanced, and at peace with myself, and comfortable.
121 days ago
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Zenny Zenny
Best Spiritual Server on Discord
I've been practicing meditations and assisting groups for over ten years now. I found this server about a year ago and I have to say that Storm & his team are a great group of teachers and guides for spirit-based ideology, debate, and outet for new experiences that will 100% improve your life.
I was skeptical at first, being well-practiced in different concepts with ascension methods but over time, they proved to me that they knew their stuff.
(edit) - There's a group of bots leaving intentional negative reviews with no merit. Disregard these bots.

I recommend this server for Everyone.
121 days ago
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ShadowSoul ShadowSoul
Great Experience
I joined the server two weeks ago and my life has improved in subtle, but many various ways. They helped guide me to find local meditation groups and it's all going uphill now! I was in a bad place, but I happen to stumble upon this place and it's great.
There are a lot of channels on the server, but I feel like the dedication to learn is part of ascension itself and I recommend this server for everyone interested in spiritual insight.
121 days ago
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danielpbarron danielpbarron
Very strange place.
Way too many channels; they have weird characters in their names. I'm not sure what the point of this chat even is.
243 days ago
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Sloan Sloan
A Spiritually Focused Server Run By Well-Meaning People
Hello. We are looking to grow the server in Light and Love. Although it still has a way to go, we are seeking to uplift this server into a place of ever greater peace and harmony. One that promotes freedom of thought and acceptance of varying perspectives on spirituality. Though it can be a tricky balance, it is nevertheless what we are striving to achieve.
325 days ago
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Elshara Silverheart Elshara Silverheart
A Growing Community
I have been watching on the sidelines for awhile, and have come to the conclusion that this place is here to stay.
Light Warriors Platform, has gone through several name changes over the course of its time online. I've watched each one develop and blossom into the next with seamless transition and hope for the future.
I've seen many people get enjoyment out of using the Discord server responsibly, and with the intended subject matter in mind.
I've seen people work out disagreements respectfully, and many new faces come to say hello.
I've seen people ask for help, and receive it without delay.
I've seen this place advertised on the net, two. It's been one such place that even personal friends of mine in the light warrior culture have recommended to me, people who aren't familiar with Discord or its other servers. this tells me, Light Warriors Platform has a dedicated team of experts on the subject matter, ready to encourage others to grow and shine a positive light where ever they can.
Light Warriors Platform is about growth. Ultimately, we're here to discover spirit. and that, is why I joined. If people are joining to try to under mind this concept, they will only be seen to be a disruption by moderators, who try to overcome such doubts.
Every server on the net has a fair percentage of people who hate how it is run. And yet you do not see these same people, leading by example. It is a growing trend online, that trolling for the sake of getting away with having an opinion, leads to someone being seen to know much, when they know very little. It is a trend carried over through politics and stressful situations that leads a lack of knowledge, and a fear of that which is deconstructive to the main objective, as of yet to be fully realized.
Should I see someone with a concern who tried to explain and grow who they are, be removed from the community, I have previously and I will again stand up for that person. I may be well known to some people, but to others, I am a name. and the face this name wears, is thoughtful, kind and determined to call others who use the energy of love home, as both friends and fellows in the craft of 5d consciousness.
It matters to me, that people remember why we are here. And so, with this feedback in mind, being a participant of this server has given me reflection on how it is managed. I have made suggestions over the course of its lifetime to the creator to improve on what I see not working out for it, which have been taken into account because we wish the same thing to happen. growth of people in their own empowerment, with love and light as guiding forces in all of our lives.
Light Warriors Platform delivers on this promise to provide a platform for this type of dialog to occur. In no way, shape or form have I seen someone remain in a role of leadership, determined to under mind this ideal for very long. an hour at most, before being returned to the recesses of other Discord communities. As is what should happen to disruptions and trolls alike. It is important not to get caught up in the paranoia a reputation can bring. I do not label this revised review 5/5 lightly, as since my previous review 4/5, things have definitely improved. I have seen first hand, how we can work together to suggest further improvements. I've seen this server get boosted because of this feedback, so it is clearly working. Over 1000 people can't be mistaken, as such an, active, membership, would require dedicated supporters for this cause alone. something I my self am, despite the fact I rarely use Discord proper as an app for much else.
Whatever 3d activities you fear, yes they can be addressed. But in no way do I consider the admins of the server push overs. For they often complain about such things, and as a light warrior, I remind them that people may do what they will. and if something bothers them, to only have them be silenced if their concern is out of context to that which they genuinely appear to find bothersome. You cannot rely on the word of people who use trust as their only argument to say something is truly bad. You have to rely on feeling, experience and intuition, which is something all light warriors experience daily. Based on this reason alone, and not having talked to such individuals myself, I therefore conclude there is no cause for alarm. As I can back this statement up with the phrase, if you lead by example, you become that which you desire most.
I desire love, peace and enlightenment, so that is what I shall embody and support as if it were a living feeling inside me which I am learning to use like a tool. Appearance means the world to those who seek for it. Seek for who you wish to be, and that which you desire shall find its way in your hands to lead, should you will it into being. Love cures all voids left behind by fear and the acceptance of it as a lacking force of knowledge and substance in the lives we lead here. So if you notice that you are resorting to the 3d alone to solve a problem, instead of verifying a 5d experience, it is possible you have yet to awaken your soul memories. Or, perhaps, you want someone to converse with to know more. Confidence is backed by experience, only if foresight fails us, which is when and where we make new decisions or update existing ones we are involved with in life.
My empowerment says, trust is given as it is seen. Use not one member as a founding point of origin or contact, but the people whom you desire to talk with the most on equal levels of understanding to make a mutual investment (spiritually) to help you along your journey. Let the path guide you to know who you truly are in each moment, to become the difference you desire to make. And to remember, we are not alone in the active creation and resolution of things we know must be right, baced by purpose, reason and future.
Well Done Perfect Storm for providing a platform in which we can communicate with open heart, mind and spirit as one. together, we thrive! Welcome home all multidimensional beings.
329 days ago
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Grandpa Bob Grandpa Bob
Mindless Cult Indeed
>(This is Reply To Perfect Victus Reply)< "thats all he allways say he accuses everyone who can think for them selfs to be trolls observe his reply to every bad review and se the fact that this dude is dangerous crazy lunatic highly advice not to join this discord not even to try and se for u self"This is Mindless Cult indeed the dude who wrote bad review is right i experienced it my self they cannot take facts even tho they have debate channel if you say truth to them they just straight up block u and pple who are friends with mods can easyly make a mod for no reason mute u. Also Lightning
#9427 that was one of the mods who is corrupt im sure there is more since this IS a cult so Chuck
#6746 and another dude in the server named Överstepräst and few other members they hate and look down upon everything that is not magic or witchcraft so the advertising is fake saying "everyone welcome" none welcome lmao if your not mindless sheep, not to mention all the good reviews are fake assually they are made because higher people commanded it so it is extremly cultish discord stay away stay far away - Yours Truly Unbiased Critic
Perfect Storm X Perfect Storm X
Admin response
Deceivers, internet trolls and disinfo-agents attempting to suppress light/truth articles and publications, content and demoralize the community spirit, and distributed in the server with twisted fabrications, stirring drama and causing trouble. They got nothing better to do with their lives.

It is an organized attack taking place in general planetwide against lightworkers and people working for the liberation of Gaia and humaity. Before giving in to any deliberate defamation and disinformation of anything in general, please check in with us first and see for yourself what is true and what is false- as any genuine and integer truthseeker would. These people wish to turn others off instantly not giving them a chance to investigate. Clarity and deeper research is their worst enemy. They are not at peace with themselves, they are victims and broken souls generally.
330 days ago
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Perfectus.Invictus.X Perfectus.Invictus.X
Great server, let me give the explanation on the people leaving false bad reviews:
This servers great, we have people attacking it and giving off false reviews, here's my commentary on the situation:

I want to expose the dangerous nature of 'Knight', previously 'Stardream'! This person suffers severe mental problem and constantly seems to want drama of any variety as long as it gives him attention. He thrives on acting like the accuser where people see him as some type of leader with power. He has expressed several times that life is unbearable to him and he feels very suicidal, he hates his family and suffers major depression and anxiety along with having autism.

I recently discovered he has sanpaku eyes as well which has always been a known sign of danger and instability and other mental health issues. He is hellbent on accusing people as myself and my friend Perfect Storm of wrongdoing but it's ironic how it came to this. At first he was sent as some type of spy by Santita (Queen Wasp) to seduce Perfect Storm and become a moderator to destroy his LW platform. Upon attempting to do this he then instead fell in love with Perfect Storm and didn't want to fulfill the evil plans sought after by Santita, he felt it was better he left the server because he still wanted to stay loyal to Santita - but then learning Santita was using his (Santita's) own "trans" identity to attack others for incorrect pronounce when he's been known to identify as genderfliuid for years caused a shorter bout of questions - in where Stardream lost all respect for Santita and went back to Perfect Storm and trash talked Santita on numerous occasions. Eisen became more of an active topic at this point in time and Knight, Stardream at this time felt so devastated that Perfect Storm wouldn't return the feelings of (fake) "love" he had for him that he decided to lose his mind due to his mental illnesses and full on attack Storm and try to harm his server and slander and trash talk him to all extents, pleading for him to love him just to delete the conversation afterwards. Perfect Storm
rejected Stardream and asked just what is wrong with him when he just decided to accuse him of being Eisen.

At this point Knight was so upset that he couldn't get the reaction he wanted form perfect Storm that his mental illnesses kicked in on full overdrive, he tried turning people against Storm, and succeeded too, he took the Eisen game to the next level, claiming Perfect Storm is proven Eisen and telling people to abandon ship. Later when things cooled down a bit he then instead started claiming that I was Eisen, also proven for a fact. Because I claimed an account irrelevant to Eisen was my alt?? Which by the way I never claimed and there's no evidence of such - and even if I claimed - a claim is a claim, not a fact. Then later he's back at it again, writing false reviews, telling people to do the same - using an alt too! Hypocrite, trying to claim Storm and I use alts and then he's busted using alts himself. He's claiming now both Storm and I are Eisen and that it is a shared account.

This pathetic character, Knight, is a severely mentally ill person who hates his life, lives with unbearable anxiety and depression and suicidal tendencies, and hates some family members. He is extremely manipulative, extremely toxic and seems VERY capable of getting his way. His sanpaku eyes too, on top of this reveals a threat to be avoided. I hope he can receive the mental help he needs and make some type of recovery, maybe even develop normal eyes.
340 days ago
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Albert aka Sadienix Albert aka Sadienix
Best Place to Say-Dee
Love this server! Top quality hub for spiritual exponential and discovery. For friend or not a chat to be remembered!
340 days ago
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AngelicGuidance AngelicGuidance
A Great Server for discussion of Spirituality, Ascension, and Esoteric ideas
A lot of bad actors have been leaving negative reviews, as well as attacking and spamming our subreddit /r/LightWarriorAscension/

Ascension is still a fringe and rarely discussed topic, and this is a great place to discuss it.

I hope everyone enjoys their stay!
343 days ago
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Ophiel Ophiel
Eye opening and awe-inspiring
Don't listen to the negative reviews. We are actually good people. All of us want to make a honest difference. Ive learned so much from them about myself and others. For that They have my respect and support. :smile:
345 days ago
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Lumen_X_Astreus_Logos Lumen_X_Astreus_Logos
The place where actual personal ascensions Can take place and magical psychedelic journeys Can happen
I fulfill the responsibility role called "Cosmic Engineer" on here, a very apt title for the nature of my work, which is mostly metaphysical. I contribute my transcendental findings, psychic tools and art (poetry and digital silk art mostly) in bigger packages, collabs as well as solo productions.

I am not a cheesy person when I mention terms like magic,- magic is more about science with a deep atmosphere that one can relate to. I am a practical person like many other like-minded ones on here who question the very core of "reality" as independent-minded seekers and I admire them for it.

What people learn here is not something to forget, it is truly learnt and incorporated, and can be applied anywhere in this multiverse, because it aims at Unity (is key of mutual empowerment and spiritual growth) and an all-embracing and all-encompassing Cosmic Church , not a product of separation like the bulk of the umbrella term earth-sciences or earth-religions are.
345 days ago
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༺Orr༻ ༺Orr༻
A refreshing place to be. And to shed some light on those reviews...
I am so disappointed by the downright stupid war the users appearing on this review page have engaged themselves in.

I'd like to clear up a few things. Having your personal drama with a server owner does not warrant a campaign to bring down the server as a whole. People come to this server of their own accord. They are given invites, and from there on it is their own choice whether they join or not. This place is a home where users of spiritual interests can come in to make themselves comfortable alongside other people, One is allowed to share their own experiences, thoughts, knowledge if they wish to do so. But what you believe in is entirely your choice, what you choose to learn is entirely your choice, it is not an absolute need to share the same views as your brethren.

What you have against one person within this server, moderator or not, doesn't need to be brought into the hands of everyone else that chose to be there. It is not their responsibility. It's not the server's job to convey a message for you. If you are just not pleased by the idea of this place, you are much welcome to leave if you wish to do so. What happens outside of this server is entirely your responsibility, not the server's. It is a rule I'm sure many discord servers have. Do not bring issues you have with the Queen of England to a meeting table with Justin Trudeau; This is how stupid this whole war sounds.
Perfect Storm X Perfect Storm X
Admin response
Indeed, do not let personal issues and envy get in the way and cloud one's judgement. It only makes the perpetrators look childish in front of everyone corroding others views on them. We willingly assist anyone of any origin or past with a wide spectrum of subjects areas fields and topics ,we do not hold grudges at those who may have violated others but are striving to learn from their ways and mistakes. Toxicity can be beaten, if you let the better You emerge and shed the old skin to set yourself free from the old dross and baggage. There are ways to facilitate this process and we are aware of /invented some of them.

Thank you, Orr, for shedding light on an objective perspective.
345 days ago
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Winged Magic Horse Winged Magic Horse
A Truly Spiritual Platform That Ventures Where No Man Has Before
It ventures to the 5th dimension and mixing it with the 6th and 7th for crystallizing transcendental information through celestial gates. But what makes it different, it also stays there! Whenever I am connected, I feel that it is out of this world, swimming among the stars. It is a blissful and uplifting feeling.

I've traveled across over a dozen different esoteric Discord servers, but this one is by far the most sophisticated. I inform myself daily about the best resources and updates on ascension news, it fulfills all my needs. It has esoteric and astronomical bots too for those interested.

It is a home for all-kins in here and out there. Ascenders of various origins unite harmoniously in this place. It is a good example of how a variety of souls from many universes can not only get along well but cooperate for the planet. Namaste, may the light be unshakeably strong in you! :star:
Perfect Storm X Perfect Storm X
Admin response
Thank you Winged for confirming that we are headed in the right direction, it is exactly what the server experience is meant to be.
345 days ago
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Schrödinger's Knight Schrödinger's Knight
Extremely cultic, please avoid at all costs
Edit 1: (in response to Orr’s review)
There was no war on this review page. By making a review solely to discredit another review, you are causing the war. It is also quite upsetting how staff members of this server message members to take down negative reviews, and try to manipulate them into doing so, and giving the server owner a chance. There is nothing wrong with leaving a review on a server to share how the staff are toxic, because that is in fact information members may want to know before they join the server. It is not only personal drama, as the Eisen drama was a huge problem in the server, as was the image sharing and Sadiecat videos. Yes, members may choose if they want to join or not, but they should be able to get an accurate picture of what they’re getting themselves into, and that includes positive and negative elements. Calling truthful reviews “enemies of the light” is ridiculous. The other review only included things that happened in or relating to the server. What’s stupid is trying to silence opposing viewpoints that are important for people to read, since we do have the freedom of speech. No one tried to force anyone to leave, and simply shared their opinion of the server and its happenings, which is the purpose of reviews. If you like it there, then feel free to stay, but everyone doesn’t agree with that and will leave reviews that express their beliefs.

Edit 2: (in response to Perfect.Invictus.X’s review) The staff of this server’s insistence to silence other viewpoints is another sign of a cult, also as you can see, they have used alts for reviewing, and even made pointless comments about how my eyes look. They even called me an enemy of the light for presenting an opposing perspective.

This server has serious issues. The owner, Perfect Storm X, is known for making alt accounts to harass people with, including former staff who left the server. He is very passive aggressive, and employs gaslighting tactics to convince people to rejoin. Eventually, if they refuse to, he’ll insult them, call their groups cults, and often threaten them. His friend Cholesterol is also very awful. He saves photographs of people, and spreads them around, usually photoshopped, for defamatory purposes. Storm and Cholesterol were also involved in harassing many occult communities with a persona called Eisen, who they used to raid servers. They also made impersonation accounts of other users to harass them. And they have a Youtube channel called Sadiecat Inc, that they use for spreading videos of people, without consent. Also, I have found the energy in this server to feel really strange and bad. I would not recommend joining this discord server. It’s a borderline cult, and many of the staff members who have been there a while seem to be brainwashed or willfully blind to the misconduct of the owner and his friend.
Perfect Storm X Perfect Storm X
Admin response
Deceivers, internet trolls and disinfo-agents attempting to suppress light/truth articles and publications, content and demoralize the community spirit, and distributed in the server with twisted fabrications, stirring drama and causing trouble. They got nothing better to do with their lives.

It is an organized attack taking place in general planetwide against lightworkers and people working for the liberation of Gaia and humaity. Before giving in to any deliberate defamation and disinformation of anything in general, please check in with us first and see for yourself what is true and what is false- as any genuine and integer truthseeker would. These people wish to turn others off instantly not giving them a chance to investigate. Clarity and deeper research is their worst enemy. They are not at peace with themselves, they are victims and broken souls generally.
345 days ago