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Cowboy Cowboy
Great server so far
I joined a month or two ago and I haven’t personally seen anything done wrong so it’s got my vote
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StevetheradRoach StevetheradRoach
I've been here since the beginning
Of the server and you know it's the pretty fun it was really well put together and everything the communities is okay staff. are decent
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Anloman Anloman
Good server, not so good staff and players.
The server is fun and has a cool idea behind it. Some of the players are chill and fun to hang out with others not so much.
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Skrzydlaty husarz Skrzydlaty husarz
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Bridge Bridge
Incredible but...
TLDR: I've never been a server that went from being so low to become so incredibly good over time, definitely a place to check out and watch!

A large server with lots of activity, cool house systems, and the ability to all but create nearly any character you want with the potential for fantastic plots. Based somewhat on the Game of Throne universe, it's difficult not to love it. I can see a lot of love in this place’s lore and the attention to detail given to world-building. There are plenty of people to plot with and varying degrees of RP experience that could allow a variety of RPers from diverse degrees of RP experience to feel welcome.

Alas, there seems to be a bit off difficult when it comes to communication between staff and members, whether rules are not defined or members refuse to acknowledge staff. Additionally, there seems to be an issue of little to no effort when creating characters (I had my own nearly copy and pasted by another RPer that was still accepted). I suppose lack of control comes with such large servers but here is to hoping it will improve.

Edit: Bumped from 3 stars down to 2 stars for the constant OOC fighting an absolute disregard for logic in almost any way shape or form. There are very few RPs that are good while many more are spoiled by 'memelords', he-said-she-said or other childish nonsense.

Edit: Bumped down to 1 star. I have been a GM/Staff member for a total of 48 hours. Over the course of the time, I have observed toxic staff members leave and come back after less than 3 hours. I've watched the staff team get revamped twice and have been treated horribly for enforcing rules/providing reasonable neutrality while monitoring battles. When informing in the alotted manner those within the server I would be taking an evening off, I was sent the following message ( ) and upon warning the individual, they whined about abuse of power, etc,
etc after refusing to clarify if it was a joke or not. In terms of quality, treatment, discipline, RP opportunity and enjoyment, there is very little be found here unless you are actively rude.

Edit: Things are improving exponentially. It's truly wonderful to see.

Edit: bumped to 3 stars. There has been a lot of improvement, certainly plenty of ups and downs but a lot more improvement in terms of quality for many aspects of RP and OOC.

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FrostBox FrostBox
great job