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Pewdsypi Pewdsypi
Very Epic Server
The staff was super nice and so where the people i think this might be my server that im gonna be on all the time
110 days ago
Princess Erroneous Princess Erroneous
Fun server
Met very nice people and made many strong friendships while winning a few events.
111 days ago
Nothing_Useful Nothing_Useful
Yes, this is filler until i have 80 characters to post. I don’t have time for a story so just know that yes. that is all, thank you.
112 days ago
P1nk P1nk
Its Pretty Good!
I do work there and i think it’s pretty good, problems are being worked out and fixed daily and people are loving the server. We find stuff to fix a lot and it is kinda enjoyable well to me at least and the server looks good yet it does have problems sometimes. like not dealing with a situation that just happened moving on with it letting a lot of people suffer from it and then they deal with it last second i feel like that should be fixed and i feel like there could be new things added like another server shop or updated server shop where you can host giveaways with dankbot. I would also like to see more tournaments and teams being brought back!
112 days ago
DarkFalconRS DarkFalconRS
Best Server! (Addressing the hate comments)
Alright, referring to Baby Moon's review. She scammed me. Yes, I have to agree that I was not answering because I was busy, and I'm terribly sorry for that, but she thought I had already paid for it. Every time I host a sponsored giveaway, I notify them where we should trade. When I was on and she was on, she surprisingly asked me to refund her money, which she didn't send me. I almost fell for it, as soon as I realized the only messages she's sent were those trade messages to refund the money. I told her that I would do it tomorrow, meaning that I would ask for the money tomorrow. She waited after 5 days and DMed me, thinking that I'd forgotten that I did not take the money from her. I was surprised that she wanted a refund, despite us both being on, almost got scammed. Again, I'm not showing any disrespect to her, but it is just a false accusation. Also, we have greatly reduced the number of channels and bots to make it look more organized! :D Just join and check us out! If you don't like our server, you can leave.
112 days ago
Sonoma Sonoma
Gross and unusable
22 bots and 40 channels with so much title flare they roll off the sidebar and become unreadable

absolute mess, avoid at all costs
229 days ago
Rhys Rhys
I love this server. Its a great field for catching pokemon, and eeveeryone is friendly. I reccomend this if you like catching pokemon while making friends.
272 days ago
aikum svai aikum svai
Don't Bother Paying For Stuff
The owner will just steal 40k from you and never respond. I tried buying a sponsored giveaway and they never posted it. Not worth your time. 0/5 if I could.

EDIT: The owner has accused me of scamming when I tried to get paid back for my purchase. I've been banned for scamming even though I paid.
314 days ago
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Dragun Dragun
This is a really funn and mostly non-rule based server, and I love it! I am allowed to do whatever I can with my pokemon in any of the servers besides the gyms, which practically means you could get a badge from these gyms. Like I said, it tackles Pokécord straight on, and I love it! Thank you, Dark! <3
575 days ago