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puppila puppila
What an amazing server. Everyone is so friendly and the characters are so cool and there are lots of ways to make your character(s) unique. There is an option for erp but there's no pressure and plenty of people don't do it. The staff is friendly and kind. And everyone is so patient like omg. I've been having some personal struggles and as long as I maintained an open line of communication with my partner, it was okay. This is truly a wonderful server and I urge everyone to give it a chance 💞💞💞
11 days ago
DanTheHighwayman DanTheHighwayman
Chill place, Great people, Overall an Interesting experience
Alright, so first off this place is great! The people here are friendly, the rules are obvious but fair, and roleplaying her in an interesting setting is fun. I love the ideas people have thought up and embraced to create awesome stories. The best part about this server is how there is always something going on here and there is never a dull moment here. There are special events going on and you can even ask for a roulette if you want to randomise your roleplay partner.

I'll be honest I do have a personal nitpick here, but its nothing major. There are a few cases where it'll take awhile to get a response during roleplay. but this is because the peeps here have lives to live, families to take care of and jobs. But despite that I've been enjoying my time here and there alot of wholesome moments. I reccomend joining here.
58 days ago
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cariad cariad
This is a pretty good and advanced server that has a great community who seem to reallybe close with one another. There is an ID check at the door so you know you are RPing with people who are of age right off the bat. That really shows with the quality of people in the server.
111 days ago
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A cute snek A cute snek
Excellent Server, such an original title.
I'm still in the server at the time of writing this and have been there for over a year. There are rules in place to keep the server in tip-top condition. Namely, the age rule and literacy rule. People who join and get all the way in the server will find an amazing group of caring people who can belt out AMAZING stories when they get in the right gear.
115 days ago
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Miss Maree Miss Maree
Welcoming members, a safe environment and staff that actually care? What more could a person ask for. I've only been a part of this server for a few months but in those short few months I've made some amazing friends. Through this server I've finally been able to let my creativity show and that means a lot to me.
224 days ago
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Lith Lith
Everyone except the owner is great
I had been a member for a little while. The community itself is great, with lots of great writers. There are an awful lot of rooms, and you get scolded if you mess up. It can be confusing at first, but then you can have fun with it. The rules seem arbitrary, however, and seem to apply arbitrarily. I wouldn't say the community is AS friendly towards females as it is towards males. There is some jealousy and clique-like mentality. The owner will block you from being able to see general chat if she feels like she is entitled to. Quoting Jim from The Office, "This is the smallest amount of power I've ever seen go to someone's head."

If you're a male or a female who isn't the slightest bit flirty and don't mind someone trying to compete with you no matter what you do, however, it's a great place! The writing standards are definitely good. I appreciated that part of the server.
249 days ago
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gingerbeans gingerbeans
A good server for those experienced in RP.
This is my home away from home. Nothing but adults and excellent literate role play.

Lots of members, a vast majority of whom are fairly active.

Kind and well versed staff.

Plenty of room to rp.

Required ID check at the door, so you know you're playing only with adults.

RP roulette so you always can get partnered if you're shy!

So many channels outside of RP to chat and talk to other members.

All members are mature and are full of helpful advice.

Earn badges that make even idle chat interesting. Everything from only talking in gifs for 24 hours, to being a huge chicken!

Mostly american users, so there are dead times (typically between 2 am and 7 am CST)

Number of character limit can affect how much one can role play, especially if you get paired with inactive users.

Have to go through google to view a document to look at characters, a lot of which don't have photos attached to them.
Despite it being well organized, it has had users that are no longer a part of the server still on it. (Given its current length of over 190 pages, it takes a long while to load on slower connections.)

Have to go through mods to make any change to your character. Depending on who you're talking to, it could take a few hours to make even the slightest change. Want to make your character like a certain hobby? Gotta go through a mod. Want to age your character a little? Gotta go through a mod. Want to add a new photo of your character? Gotta go through a mod. Not that the mods aren't cool people to talk to, because they are fantastic and helpful, it would just be nice to not have to bother them with such menial tasks like that.

Easy 5 stars, as not only are the cons absolutely negligible to how awesome the community is, the people here are just so welcoming.
249 days ago
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NotAdam NotAdam
This is by far the best RP servers I have been a part of, for once, it’s literate only so as a writer you will love it in here! The administration is very open to character submission and you will for sure find a match. There are multiple channels and events, even as a slice of life type of RP it is very structured and you can create your own story.

Give Aurora Springs a chance, it has it all and you won’t regret it!
256 days ago
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Occultus Occultus
Such a nice and welcoming community of mature and helpful people. Amazing and wonderful staff, creative and engaging role-play events and conversations. It feels more like a small family than just a role-play server :)
262 days ago
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Bacconn Bacconn
This server is full of absolutely amazing and funny people. The RP is top notch. Couldn’t ask for a more fun place to be myself.
272 days ago
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Alis Alis
Friendly, literate RP
Ive been a member of this group for about five months now and I can say that it is my favorite RP group I have joined. The rules keep things fair and consistent. The writing quality is high, and the community is fun and super friendly.

This is a great group of people. 10/10 would recommend
279 days ago
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Dr3ws0ph Dr3ws0ph
People that care
After being here at least half a year, I can say I am happy for being here. The type of people that are in the server and that run the server are honestly some of the best people I've met. Just don't join if you can't take a joke and joke back with others, lol.
287 days ago
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No - One - Important No - One - Important
A family
I've had a pretty long hiatus from this server for personal reasons. But I can tell you without a doubt you won't find a more friendly, down-to-earth and overall caring group of people.

All the mods are super patient if you mess up, helpfully explaining the rules and guiding you along the path to creating your own crazy stories. Best part for me is you don't feel pressured. Everyone has a life outside of the server and responding isn't absolutely mandatory.

Overall, 10/10. ♥️
290 days ago
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fuckyougoatman fuckyougoatman
In love!
I just joined this server about a week ago and they made me feel like one of the group already! I love that they’re chill when it comes to certain things (like giving you time to reply since we all have lives), and they’re open to helping with anything! I definitely suggest you give this place a try. I have yet to find anything I dislike about this place!
413 days ago
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The Boring Hard Boiled Core The Boring Hard Boiled Core
top notch all around group.
10/10 really good at making you feel like you've got a supportive and constructive family of talented writers to roleplay with would recommend to all other roleplayers I know.
416 days ago
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TechSupport TechSupport
Awful rule set
"Rule 8. If you wanna roleplay with someone again, you have to have roleplayed with two different people in the server first! Remember kids: Sharing is Caring!"

That's right. If you want to RP with someone, it is mandatory that you rp with atleast two other people first. They force you to RP with new people before you can do it with someone you actually like.

At the time of making this review there are only 60 or so people. In other words finding two new people to RP with everytime isn't easy.

Besides that it's OKish. Missing some basic stuff but that's a minor issue.
416 days ago
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That1Gamer141 That1Gamer141
Aurora Springs: My Review
i won't let this review be a long one, but I'll say this: This is one of the best Servers I have ever joined. The Community is a great group of People that I have had the pleasure of getting to know, and establishing some great friendships with as well. I know that this is a Roleplay group and in that regard, the group certainly tries to cater alot to it's members to give them alot to work with. If your not always gonna roleplay, you can always unwind and just chat or use some of the fun Bots to help pass the time. Overall I have a great experience with this Server and encourage others to do the same.
558 days ago