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Master Oogway Master Oogway
Booring but still good in a way
This server need's more life it's kinda sad and dying. There's always the same group of people everyday, to attract some I suggest adding some challenges and custom your'e channels (add emojis, etc.). And adding more staffs that are online on the other continents of the world. Also i love your'e staff they help so much with my research. Hope this helps :)
111 days ago
Alithuse Alithuse
A Wonderful Supportive Community
Lots of learning materials for new people interested in witchcraft and Paganism, friendly and kind team of admins whom are very fair and talkative. Always support available and everyone is valud. All members are very friendly and willing to help each other. It is a pleasure to be a part of this server. I recommend this server as a go to for anyone interested in Paganism and/or witchcraft, whether one yourself or just want to learn about it. They accept everyone so long as you are respectful.
Thank you for having me!
114 days ago
BornToBeeWild BornToBeeWild
Active, good upkeep
The moderators are active and the server is large. There are channels for all of my interests, and many more for those with other interests. There are many users who helped me get comfortable in this server, and were patient when teaching me new things.
254 days ago
minieskimo minieskimo
Such a helpful and home-like server. Makes you feel like you have an important place in the community and everybody is so kind and open. Definitely worth a join.
379 days ago
A stack of books, Sanwch Edition A stack of books, Sanwch Edition
Definitely could be better
So it's a Wiccan server which is trying to advertise as occult when you can severely tell it's not. There's also a strong amount of misinformation and poor research and resources. If you're not looking for witchblr in server form then I don't recommend joining.

The server setup:
Its not bad, maybe a few too many channels that could be combined but nothing to complain about. The roles aren't too bad either.

The faculty team (owners, admin, mods, and mentors):
Bit of a mess, you can obviously tell some just don't care about the server and are snippy with the members. The owners don't really show up much so i don't have an opinion on them.

Main idea of the server:
A mess!!!! They say they're open to all religions and such when they cater primarily to Wicca, and even after rereading the rules many staff don't hold up to them at all making it seem much worse.

Final thoughts:
I personally don't feel like this server has a lot to offer, it's very neo Wicca/witchcraft/paganism in that sense. The people who do seem knowledgeable in some areas don't really talk at all.
383 days ago
bat.chomping.goth bat.chomping.goth
Inclusive and Fun
This server is very inclusive to all types of religions, areas of study, witch type, etc. Members are always there to ask questions to and learn along with you. Really cool server!
530 days ago
Witch of Leviathan Witch of Leviathan
Active Community - Fun People - Lack of Classes
The server is fairly active with tons of people, which are all friendly and very nice. However the class concept as to my knowledge been dropped, as classes hasn't been used in months.
595 days ago
Zer0 Is Everyone's Hero Zer0 Is Everyone's Hero
The beginning was awesome...
Don't get me wrong, I used to love this server and it was extremely great in the beginning! But as time went on it just got stricter, it lost it's fun and it's no longer a coven anymore and more like a library. No one's really connected as it used to be, and the rules are getting more and more intense for my liking. I don't know, it's great for info for grimoires and BOS but if you're trying to find a friendly coven and that cares about each other, this isn't, unfortunately, the place anymore.

Edit: Was kicked and told I could rejoin once I turned 13, as a 13-year-old now (and have been for about 5 months) -- It seems like I got banned for no good reason, perhaps this review? I would've totally been able to change my review to a more positive one. Though it seems like this ban has also stopped me from reaching other witchcraft servers, how disappointing.
639 days ago
Dolly Dolly
Okay in the beginning
Moon Rose was a nice coven for educating others on the craft and getting to know fellow witches in. However, with time the coven has lost it's touch and I unfortunately do not advise using it for learning purposes. For being something sacred it is not at all handled as such, and if you're planning to enter now, I advise you to reconsider.
648 days ago
Witchy Pups Witchy Pups
Lots of good information and everyones super friendly!
MRC is a great place to join if you're looking for a way to learn and get help, or if you're just looking for fellow witches to hang out with! Love this server ^^
693 days ago