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Immortal Cyan Immortal Cyan
Fun and Literate Server
Zen University has an incredible progression system which rewards writers for *gasp* writing and making an effort to improve their character. This is probably my favorite part of the server. The writers are also very literate, making for a supremely attractive RP experience.
329 days ago
NyxieKitsune NyxieKitsune
It’s good enough.
It’s a nice enough server.

I’m just sorry to say that I’m too dumb to understand it.

Might try to someday, though.
echo echo
Admin response
Thanks for trying, next time try asking for assistance if you're not good at navigating the server, everyone will happily assist you.

401 days ago
2 2
Toko™ Toko™
Server good. Help me be literate. I write better. I need to fill in the rest my characters so here.

Good server yes.
449 days ago
1 1
goopaDoop goopaDoop
Super nice community
I am not the most active in the server but honestly, I really like this server, it has some cool people and staff and a lot of channels I can feel happy to speak in.
482 days ago
2 1
Plague Plague
Simply amazing.
This server is the largest, most complex, and serious RP I have ever seen in my life. It is a bit intimidating when you first join the server, but as long as you read everything carefully, you'll be good to go. The staff and players are super helpful and friendly, but also have that jokingly mean side to them which I love.

The RP itself is actually rather tame. There is no stress and you can take as long as you need to respond to someone. Also, you can have multiple scenes going on at once with one character, which completely negates an RP lock. The logic behind this would just be that those scenes taking place at the same time happened later or earlier in the RP day.
505 days ago
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Yatagarasu Yatagarasu
Even when my writer rank was under what I expected, the community far surpassed my expectations. They even let me get a role above my supposed writing rank ^^

Anyway, wholly recommend for a fun and interesting writing experience.
505 days ago
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Shirin Shirin
Having a blast so far
I have yet to see a creator be so committed to deliver a storytelling experience in discord RP form as Nullheart, and he's backed by a dedicated and creative playerbase whom has been nothing but welcoming to me and my noobness in regards to discord RP ~ I am one of the more less active RP'ers on the server, but the community is large enough for you to find someone to write scenes with and can match your pace. However, as it is a mature server, the tone can be very harsh and may not be the easiest place to navigate socially since most interactions there are obviously text-based - just keep in mind most things are said in jest, even though slurs gets thrown left and right at times (Ahem, maybe my Europoor brain just don't get that American slang is what I am saying).

With the right people, this RP is perfect for long-term commitment, especially if you like stat-based roleplays.
507 days ago
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WizBoy WizBoy
Very good community.
The guidelines and rules are logical and make sense, that keeps people from overpowering themselves, which makes it fun for me, at least. I don't want your Naruto ripoff doing the unforgivable Nin-shitsu at me in freshmen year.
Anyway, yeah, good community, ethical rules, good structure.
511 days ago
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Unova blast Unova blast
Quite the place for memories
I joined Zen University around 8 months ago and left for life problems. Then I come back to ZU, the community is much larger and the actual system was a piece of cake to go through. So I don't see why anyone would dislike this place, it has a good character in itself. The community is a little rude, but it is all in good fun. Love the server to bits.
516 days ago
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Akuji Akuji
Honestly, a superb server. The lore and events are nearly outmatched. Joining may seem a tad bit difficult at first, however, all you needed to do is ask. Staff are very friendly, and the community's fun to hang out with. It provides their members an endless amount of creativity for their characters, their ability list, and much more. In my 2 years of roleplaying, I've never found a server this impressive.
517 days ago
8 7
Suntaaria Suntaaria
roleplay is ok but the server is toxic
The role play and story is well set up, with a decent rating system for writers; However the server staff and base community is toxic; the owner and staff rather than enforcing discord TOS and the rules, act in inappropriate ways. often in public chats where children ages 11+ are present and participating. Half the mods are constantly making sexual innuendos, and even when warned against it they continue. Staff, owners and management are often disrespectful and insulting to new members; If you are a woman in this chat you will be constantly sexualized and called a thot, but don't have an issue with it, 'it's just a meme.'
They have the worst, but most hilarious excuses to treat people the way they do. If you don't pay for the server patreon, you will likely experience discrimination. The community is divided and the chat is toxic; it takes days to get fully set up in chat, but by that time I was already sick of the community; the adult server owner is "best friends" with a thirteen year old and yet the whole community constantly bashes the kid. If the community wasn't so toxic, and discord TOS wasn't broken under the rug so many times, this would be a great server! Sadly, that isn't the case.
518 days ago
5 3
Dev Dev
Nice server
I haven't really Rped ever and this server is amazing. It blew my expectations right out of the water. I highly recommend you check it out
528 days ago
8 4
Blade Salvex Blade Salvex
Terrible server, the staff and regular day to day people are treated like shit.
The admin is a total asshat and even blackmailed a friend of mine. The staff can't stand up for themselves half the time and take the shit he gives. My friend, Mira left the server when she was a head staff member and closest friend to the admin because of his constant abuse. It's not a good server to be in and if you think everyone is friendly and happy you're sadly mistaken. The roleplay is the only thing good on the server if you can withstand the god awful staff management and find a good partner. Just stay out of the admin's bad side and you're solid, if you're lucky. Overall there are better servers out there with better people, this server is the bottom of the barrel.
528 days ago
3 3
Devilish Latte Dutchess Devilish Latte Dutchess
Honestly amazing
Many RP communities are shoddy and horrid, this is not one of them. It's very structured and genuinely enjoyable.
554 days ago
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Nineteen Seventy Six Nineteen Seventy Six
Great ass server.
Dude, this server let me be my dinosaur headed OC. Community is great and rp is in-depth. I couldn't ask for a better server.
558 days ago
3 3
kere kere
Good RP Community
This server has quite arguably the best communities in any RP server I've been in, and I personally believe that this is one of the primary reasons that there's a serious feeling of, if you will, "togetherness" in actions that happen in the mainline portion of the RP.
There's planning tactics while in events, people who can help others in making their characters, the staff team is actually really interactive, the system never judges your character's actions outside of life-or-death situations... there's too much that I can list off that this server has. Speaking of which, there *are* life and death situations in the server, which makes for an extremely intuitive role-playing experience, and instead of running into danger blindly, you can plan out your course of actions. There's people who can help with any issues you need resolved, people who are able to talk to you on a daily, hell, even people who mess around at times. And the role-playing experience gets better than that. It might be an ascended high-school RP, sure, but it's the amount of experiences that any character can achieve that really makes this server shine.

Plus, I like my mom. qwq
558 days ago
2 3
Cirno™ Cirno™
Cirno Approves
If you like to roleplay but can't handle people one-liners then this server is for you! I remember back when I used to one line, but in a couple of months I got better and now I can post paragraphs like hotcakes!

Seriously this server is amazing and I can't wait for what's in store as the story goes on
558 days ago
2 3
Flame Flame
Nice Server breh
Upon joining the server for the first time I was greeted by friendly community who welcomes their new members just like their everyday routine.

The systems were complicated to understand at first but I can see a LOT of thought was put into this. Not just average but a CRAP TON, AS BIG AS A UNIVERSE I WOULD SAY!!! Everything just looks awfully good as there were detailed information of each category you can chose.

Not only the abilities were awesome but the better thing is the writer ranks systems that were applied in this server. I started off with just one star and the longer I've been there I can actually get more tips from the staff teams and higher ranks. To you it may seem typical but to me it's a good way to improve your writing in a really fun way.

Of course, the servers will not be perfect if it has a good friendly community chatting around like everyday. Its really fun but most of the time they love to mess around, like every general chat's content. There's only one word I would describe it, Funny.

There's a lot I can tell but I just don't know how to express it, or I'm just lazy to type much so xD. Well in conclusion I would say this server has the honor to receive my first review done on Disboard. As such, I am more than happy to see this server grow with both quantity and quality at the same time.

Keep up the good work .3.
561 days ago
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Rebound Fralaxy Rebound Fralaxy
Incredibly crafted server makes for a stellar experience
Zen University is the combination of a fully fleshed out server, and a great community to compliment.

On one end, the server has an actual lore. One that, on its surface, seems like your typical roleplay lore. But it's also incredibly detailed and presents the setting of the server in a way no other server i've been on has.
The stats system comes across as confusing at first. But help is always around if it does throw you in for a loop. Once you get it, the system is really cool. It rewards active usage, but isn't absurd in how committed you have to be in it. An hour or so of your time a day (probably even less honestly) is all that's needed to see yourself making strides in terms of level on the server.

It also rewards doing more than xp grinding. Zen actually rewards and encourages social interactions, with things like Mastery Points, and quests that force you to do more than just solo things

On the other, the community on Zen is really nice, a simple enough statement, but one that doesn't quite describe the server. But an example I could give would be how the server approaches roleplay itself. Quality of writing is something the server focuses on. If you're like me, and struggle with writing out high quality posts, the server is still a place for you. A lot of the active members are willing to donate some time to helping you improve on your work, and some of the suggestions I've gotten have helped me to improve immensely.

Easily a 5 star, and I'd suggest the server to anyone who is looking for a well thought out, creatively structured experience
563 days ago
2 3
Hmmmm Hmmmm
Pretty friggen good
It's pretty easy to tell how much went into making this server. The plot, the imagery, and the music surrounding it all ooze with effort. Echo is unnaturally creative as if that aspect that aspect from when he was a kid never left like it does for most people. If you are looking for an extremely comprehensive RP with people who really have a passion for creative writing, then you've come to the right place!
566 days ago
2 3
Seraphim Seraphim
Extremely detailed!
Every stat plays a role in what is possible for your character to do! It was a tad difficult but overall a good experience with lots of nice people to help. I'm excited to continue participating in this Discord for as long as I can!
572 days ago
2 3
Fatha_Time Fatha_Time
Extremely addictive!
I loaded up in the server, thinking this would be your regular one liner RP.. but I was entirely wrong! The plot is highly thought out, The players are helpful and nice! Also you are rated from how good you are in your own RP! If you are looking for a fun interesting RP this is your place!!!
573 days ago
3 3
⋆Ⓐ⋆Ⓘ⋆Ⓡ⋆Ⓐ⋆ ⋆Ⓐ⋆Ⓘ⋆Ⓡ⋆Ⓐ⋆
Positive Community
The community is quite welcoming and open to new members. And also the rp and lore is great. :D
573 days ago
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bee bee
Never saw it coming
I was really bored and then decided to join in. Can't believe that everyone is so welcoming and nice! Really helpful and friendly staff. Loads of cool lore in the blog too, really best to check it right at the source.
573 days ago