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Xuanteratops Xuanteratops
I find that the redline server iz a active and friendly server for everyone, so this is a postive review, but honestly its a cool and nice server with multible branches.

One of the Best
Duck Gun
Big Chief Cheetah Big Chief Cheetah
It's a'ight.
Yo yo yo, this place is gnarly. It's got some real bodacious art galleries with lots of bangin' activity from the dudes and dudettes. If ya gotta show off or appreciate this sorta thing, motor on down to this sweet café. The peeps are radical, righteous and the art is totally tubular.
4/5 stars because the walls ain't purple, they're red.
Also it doesn't have the appropriate acommodation for fast land mammals, which is totally not cool.

Edit: Purple walls are now a thing. It has a purple room. Now 5/5 stars.
Ms. Waterbottle Ms. Waterbottle
Quiet Delicious
Dear whom is concern,

The RedLine Café is an marvelous and prodigious work of art. The meaning of red line is to act with the pursuit of critiquing and giving constructed feedback to help assist one's talent. The location of which is that of an café is amazing as well, for it is the theme of a café! Yet, the café theme does not throw you off, it instead persuades you to read every little detail this discord has to offer.

Do not be afraid of the fear of socializing, not a single soul has been removed or purged for inactivity. I for one, have been one of the most inactive users. I, Ms. Waterbottle, am very familiar with the fear of Not Safe For Work. Luckily, the RedLine Café has no NSFW servers, and has instead partnered with its sister discord server, the Waterbottle, Inc. for not safe for work content!

Please do come join us in our virtual home to the fascinating discord called, the RedLine Café. You will not regret it.

Your lady,
Ms. Waterbottle

P.S. Please read the rules, only then will you receive permission to enter. It is quiet the easy read too.
Mute D. Art Mute D. Art
Art and Socialization. Neat.
It has art. I like art. It shows art. I can promote art.

You must read the rules first, but after that you get full access to the server.
Everything is categorized neatly and the symbols help you know where you are. The text bubble lets you know you can type in that channel. Without it, you can not type.

The owner Welcomed me. Nice guy. Would probably draw sometime with them.

Join to draw, or socialize. I'm shy, so I don't talk. But it is fun to read people's conversations.

-Mute D. Art
DarkSnytax DarkSnytax
My mistake is not coming here earlier. Everyone is very chill and cool. Artwork is amazing and the community is awesome.
AdditionHam AdditionHam
Because why not
I have been around since the beginning, so do not tell me the deep magic that is this server any of you witches reading this, I was there when it was written.

This server has gone through multiple changes in the span of it being alive these past 2-3 years. Dread has put tons of effort into this literally sometimes even staying into the far hours of the night to work on it. This server is here with the intention of bringing artists and creators alike together and the community is all around friendly (except 7hot, but ignore him. jk)

If you wanna chill here, it's a pretty rad place.
SaikoJei SaikoJei
Friendly Staff and Members!
This server has a majority of friendly people and it's really interesting for a Art server because so far this server is the most i like overall the art servers im in :)
The critiques and inspirations are very nice hehe

sorry for lmao english
Amazing server
Joined a few months back, I wasn't very active at the time but after a while, I came to love this server. The owner is an amazing person and all the members are friendly. Overall the server is just amazing and has helped me a lot with my art.
Ebony Ebony
so far so good!
iv just joins and the first thing i see if the owner msging me witch is quite new to me as any other server iv been on the owner just leaves the admins/mods or a staff member to deal with the newbie its quite nice to say the least. ill be exploreing more on the server but i wouldent be suprised if i dont really talk much but if you get on the topic of anime and or a game then i moslikly will not shut up XD.
ZimpsE ZimpsE
This server has a good staff team as well as friendly people to meet so looking for some friends go here
Volcanoes are bad Volcanoes are bad
Very active server
This server is very active an has events running from time to time, game nights and more
•Blake• •Blake•
One of the best servers i've ever joined :3
I legitimately love this server so much. The people in there are some of the most welcoming and inclusive people ever. I'll probably stay on it for awhile because it's one of the most active server's im on also!
Troggbot Troggbot
Felt very welcomed by everyone the moment I joined
The people in the server are very nice and welcoming and the staff is excellent!
⛧ Baphomet Goat ⛧ ⛧ Baphomet Goat ⛧
So sweet and kind
This server is so kind and everything is well organized! Feels like a cafe!
Oliver Nathan Oliver Nathan
a cozy server
friendly and active staff, supporting and laid back community, help and constructive criticism on your art are given when needed and requested, it is a wholesome experience and has a very homely feel to it, contest are also held from times to times with interesting prizes. 5/5 highly recommends c:
Server of the year.
We approve.
[SRT] PandaNerd1337 [SRT] PandaNerd1337
Awesome place to hang out!
I really like the community of the RedLine Café, the Staff is awesome, very helpful and ready to joke with. It's a hole lot of fun to chat with the members, staff and the awesome owner himself or just watching conversations is fun too. The Server has allot of channels, but it's still easy to find your favorite ones. The categories are looking clean and their names are fitting to there porpuse. You can find awesome events every day or two, they are a mostly funny, but when it comes to art-events I am just looking and reviewing the submissions, Now that the server hit 250 members (!) the owner and staff-team are stting up an art-collab wich will be fun to look at, because nearly every artist will be able to work at it.
The server is fitted out with bots, a points and perk system and an auto-role system wich all together works fine. It's nice to see people getting rewarded for their efforts and skills.

And well as a resumé I can only say; if you're interested in art, chatting or both, come join the RedLine Café!
Pemeralis Pemeralis
Fantastic Place To Hang Out
This server is a great place to hang out at anytime anyone else is on, however most users are operating on CTZ. I enjoy 8eing on here all the time, and use it as my main server. It comes equipped with a few other su8 servers like a Minecraft server and an anime server. Everyone here is very respectful and accepting. I have never had issues with feeling uncomforta8le with the things people have done when following the rules. Overall this a great place to spend your time.
Dintay Dintay
Friendly, fab, and fun server
My time here so far has been really fun! Active community, friendly people, friendly staff, and BOY do I enjoy the points/rewards system.

A lot of care and effort has been poured into this server, and you can see that in the number of events/contests that are run regularly. This server's community has been great about having discussions around art and critique, around supporting each other in artistic endeavors, as well as just regularly hanging out and playing mini-games together.

Not only is it active, but it's very welcoming as well! We love seeing new faces around, and it's really easy to jump right in and share your stuff or join into conversations. If you're looking for a community that's just full of nice people that motivates and supports each other re: art, I've certainly found it in this server and would recommend it wholeheartedly.
Shreude Shreude
More than your usual cafe—
—and you will enjoy it. Eventually.
Pro's: The members are supportive, friendly, kind, flexible and accommodating, is there any adjective I forgot to describe this server? Oh yeah, GREAT is one of them. They implement their rules seriously and reasonably. I've joined more than 15 art servers and I can tell you that this is one of the hands-on crew I've met so far. Not to mention, the amount of good vibes the people present in this server is 👌👌👌

Con's: Timezone/s. So if you're not in the CTZ, please expect a slow confirmation process. If you hate waiting/very impatient, please take note of this one.

Overall, it's a growing, well-put [and safe] server and I definitely recommend it for those who want to make art / game friends [friends in general] or friends who wanna hangout via Voice Chat.
L1nk L1nk
Great Community!
This server is very active in contests, activities, and people. The point system is fun to partake in due to buyable rewards within the Café. Everyone is friendly and the server is kept clean of spam and trolls thanks to the easy to follow rules system. I have had a great a time here and will expect to keep my positive opinion about the café in the future!
DreadisDead DreadisDead
Owner Review
My Staff is on top of personal welcomes! We don't use bots for welcoming messages, and we have a very friendly community that enjoys the hospitality! We also have a very organized systems in our server and NEVER use @everyone. We have Plenty of great artists and members who appreciate the store! The Server is Café themed to give a more homely feeling. Please join and Enjoy your stay @ The RedLine Café! B)