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Mega Pound City-Superhero ERP
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Mega Pound City-Superhero ERP

It all started 5 years ago, on November 5th 2015, a new spark was lit. The first Trigger. Since that day, a small percentage of people have started developing abilities beyond what is humanly possible, in response to stimuli that made their hearts beat and adrenaline rush. There seems no rhyme or reason, as those it occurs for are completely random, as well what shape their powers may take.

In the last year, a group of civic minded Triggers decided to form an organization to prove that they can work with law enforcement to protect humanity, and not be something to be feared. This organization, the Trigger Lawkeepers Collective has gathered many Triggers to protect Mega Pound City and prove that Triggers can be a symbol of justice.

Of course, there are those who do not want Triggers to be accepted as law enforcement, and drive them to the shadows. An organisation of criminally minded Triggers known as the Dark Trigger Family are moving to control Mega Pound City for their own nefarious uses.

Which of these two groups will have their way with Mega Pound City? Or will there be a third group, the independent neutrals who refuse to join either organization or even the civilians who make their homes here, who will determine the destiny of Mega Pound City?
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