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Inu Playground!
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Inu Playground!

Inu Playground is a small but lively – and continuously growing – E/RP server.

We offer a lot of customisation in terms of character creation; pretty much limitless as long as you describe them well.

**Please note that while the server isn't completed, it is functional and good looking.*

We're open to all kinks and also offer custom roles to people who are active.

We also offer:
•> 100 Emoji,
•> Custom Rooms,
•> Good Staff,
•> Level Up Rewards,
•> Moderation,
•> **Hentai**
•> Boosting Perks,
•> Lots and lots of headpats,
…and more!

Don't forget to pat Arianne in the server, and we hope you have a wonderful stay in the Inu Playground!

Use code "IRSQU" in verification.
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