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☆veenus flytrap☆
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☆veenus flytrap☆

this is veenus flytrap! a very active primarily danganronpa based hangout server!

what do we have? ☟︎

☔︎︎ - open partnerships!

☔︎︎ - vent channels and a role specifically for helping people out!

☔︎︎ - mudae bot, groovy bot, NotSoBot, MEE6, dyno, yui, and more coming soon!

☔︎︎ - pretty cute emotes

☔︎︎ - channels for many different hobbies!!

☔︎︎ - positive community!!

☔︎︎ - accepting partnerships!

☔︎︎ - a custom bot only in this server!

☔︎︎ - gaming channels!!

☔︎︎ - so much more to come!!

so please, consider joining us and I'll give you a cookie and some warm hugs!!❤
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bastard bastard
great server <3
everyone is super friendly , you'll fit right in the second you join! i recommend this server a ton
37 days ago